International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 13, Number 01  (2018)  






An Intelligent Robust Fuzzy Temperature Control of a Thermoelectric Cooler
pp. 1-7
M. S. Mohamed, M. G. Hassan and Ayman A. Aly

Influence of Viscosity on the Shape of an Air Taylor Bubble in a Stagnant Liquid under Laminar Condition in Falling Film Region
pp. 8-13
Saran Salakij and Boonchai Lertnuwat456

A Comparative Analysis of Diesel Engine Fuelled with Diesel Fuel and Methyl Ester of Waste Cooking Oil
pp. 14-20
Mohamed F. Al-dawody and Khaled A. Al-Farhany

Optimized Method for Sine and Cosine Hardware Implementation Generator, using CORDIC Algorithm
pp. 21-29
A. Ait Madi and A. Addaim

Experimental and Numerical Hydrodynamic Analysis of a Planing Hull Pleasure Boat
pp. 30-39
Filippo Cucinotta and Felice Sfravara

Mathematical Analysis of SVPWM for Inverter fed DTC of Induction motor Drive
pp. 47-52
V. Raveendra Reddy and V.C. Veera Reddy

Investigation of Hardness by Experimental and Simulation Studies on Al-12.5% Si Piston Alloys Reinforced by Cu Powder
pp. 53-58
Mohammed Azam Ali, V Vasudeva Rao and B Balu Naik

Health care System: Stream Machine Learning Classifier for features Prediction in Diabetes Therapy
pp. 59-65
D.Ramana kumar and S.Krishnamohan Rao

Concrete and Steel Strengths Effect on Deep Beams with Reinforced Struts
pp. 66-73
Khattab Saleem Abdul-Razzaq, Sarah F. Jebur and Abbas H. Mohammed

Speed Control of Induction Motor Drive Using Artificial Neural Networks- Levenberg-Marquardt Backpropogation Algorithm
pp. 80-85
V. Raveendra Reddy, V.C. Veera Reddy and V.Chandra Jagan Mohan

Self-Adaptive Differential Evolution based Localization of Sensors in Wireless Sensor Network
pp. 86-90
S.R. Sujatha and M. Siddappa

Facility Location Problems in the Presence of Mixed Forbidden Regions
pp. 91-97
M. Anil Prakash, K.V.L. Raju and V Ramachandra Raju

Detection, Classification and Localization of Faults of Transmission Lines using Wavelet Transform and Neural Network
pp. 98-106
Nilish.S.Wani, R. P. Singh and Milind. U. Nemade

Security Attacks and Energy Efficiency in Wireless Sensor Networks: A Survey
pp. 107-112
Anil S Naik and R. Murugan

BER Performance Evaluation of 2X2, 3X3 and 4X4 Uncoded and Coded Space Time Block Coded (STBC) MIMO System Concatenated with MPSK in Rayleigh Channel
pp. 113-117
Madhavi H. Belsare and Pradeep B. Mane

Design of a Compact Dual Band Patch Antenna with Enhanced Bandwidth on Modified Ground Plane
pp. 118-122
Anitha P, A.S R Reddy and M N Giri Prasad

Experimental Analysis of a Square Duct Solar Air Heater with Radiation Reflectors
pp. 123-130
Raktimjyoti Parashar, Saksham Pandey, Vishesh Hasija and K. Vasudeva Karanth

An Automated MapReduce Framework for Crime Classification of News Articles Using MongoDB
pp. 131-136
K.Santhiya and V.Bhuvaneswari

Production of Heavy Fuel Oil Fly Ash (HFO)-based Geopolymers for Passive Cooling Systems
pp. 137-143
Mazen Alshaaer, Tarek Fahmy, Mohammed Shqair and Juma’a Al-Kafawein

Comparative Study of MLH and SAM Classification Techniques using Multispectral Data of EO-1 Satellite
pp. 144-149
Arpita Baronia, Sujan Singh Niranjan, Jyoti Sarup and P.K.Jain

Active and Reactive Power Control of Single Phase Transformerless Grid Connected Inverter for Distributed Generation System
pp. 150-157
Beena V, Jayaraju M and Sebin Davis K

Classification and Mapping of Land Use Land Cover change in Kanyakumari district with Remote Sensing and GIS techniques
pp. 158-166
S.L.Senthil Lekha and S. S. Kumar

Performance Study and Mathematical Model of Aerospace Geared Rotary Actuators

pp. 167-174

Alessandro Bertucci, Giovanni Jacazio and Massimo Sorli

The Impact of Dynamic Scaling on Energy Consumption at Node Level in Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 175-188
Rajan Sharma and Balwinder Singh Sohi

A Sender Initiated Dynamic and Decentralized Load Balancing algorithm for Computational Grid Environment Using Variable CPU Usage
pp. 189-194
R. C. Dharmik and S. R. Sathe

An Innovative Counting Sort Algorithm for Negative Numbers
pp. 195-201
Siddharth Srivastava, Umesh Chandra Jaiswal and Shachi Mall

Survey: Machine Translation for Indian Language
pp. 202-209
Shachi Mall and Umesh Chandra Jaiswal

A Comparative Performance Analysis for loss Minimization of Induction Motor Drive Based on Soft Computing Techniques
pp. 210-225
Keerti Rai, S B L Seksena and A N Thakur

Invariants for detecting changes in a system of linear processes
pp. 226–232
Sung Myung

Energy Efficient Routing Strategy for Automated Irrigation
pp. 233-237
Ashwini.S and Deepa.V. Jose

Prediction of Hotspot Location in a Power Transformer Considering Stray Losses using FEM
pp. 238-244
J. Mahesh Yadav and A. Srinivasula Reddy

Development of Iron Doped Manganese oxide (Mn2-xFexO3) Catalysts for Soot Oxidation Applications
pp. 245-251
Satya Deepika Neelapala, Abhishek Shetty, Gaurav Gaggar, Rajat Mall and Harshini Dasari

Object Tracking using Orthogonal Learning Particle Swarm Optimization (OLPSO)
pp. 252-261
Madhavi Gajula and A. Jhansi Rani

Design and Analysis of Adjustable Constant Current Source with Multi Frequency for Measurement of Bioelectrical Impedance
pp. 262-267
Charu Pawar, Munna Khan and J.P. Saini

A Survey on Key management Schemes in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
pp. 268-272
Pooja Singh and Nasib Singh Gill


Masking Based Demosaicking for Image Enhancement Using Plenoptic Camera

pp. 273-276

Hyunji Cho and Hoon Yoo

Compositional Feature Subset Based Ranking System (CFBRS) for Learning to Rank with User Feedback
pp. 277-290
Mohd Wazih Ahmad, M.N.Doja and Tanvir Ahmad

Improved Region of Interest (I-ROI) Based Segmentation for Contrast Enhancement in Satellite Images
pp. 291-297
S. Maheshwari and P. Krishna Priya

A Defect Tolerance Scheme for Nanoscale Crossbar Memory
pp. 298-303
Yoon-Hwa Choi


Counterfeit Bill Detection Algorithm using Deep Learning

pp. 304-310

Soo-Hyeon Lee and Hae-Yeoun Lee

A Method to Improve Exergtic Efficiency of Power Plant Cycle by Heat Pipes
pp. 311-317
T. Mallikharjuna Rao and S.S. Rao

Lung Cancer Prediction using Feed Forward Back Propagation Neural Networks with Optimal Features
pp. 318-325
S. Senthil and B. Ayshwarya


Stage-Discharge Relationship Modeling Using Data Mining Techniques in an Arid Region

pp. 326-336

Ali H. Al-Aboodi, Husham T. Ibrahim and Wisam S. Al-Rekabi

Energy Efficient Clustering for Lifetime Maximization and Routing in WSN
pp. 337-343
K. Johny Elma and S. Meenakshi

Implementing the Imprint in Robot by Calculating Probabilities
pp. 344-349
Rodolfo Romero Herrera, Manuel Mejía Perales and Francisco Gallegos Funes

Hypertension Heart Disease Heart Rate Time Series Classification using Reshape Detrended Fluctuation Analysis
pp. 350-357
Rifki Wijaya, Tati Latifah Erawati Rajab, Ary Setijadi Prihatmanto and Richard Karel Willem Mengko

Design of Robust Chattering free Integral Sliding Mode Controller for Dual Input Buck Boost Converter
pp. 358-365
Lisy E.R., M. Nandakumar, Anasraj R. and Ramesh Kumar P.

Numerical Solution for the time-fractional Fokker-Planck equation Using Fractional Power Series Method and The shifted Chebyshev polynomials of the third kind
pp. 366-374
A.M.S. Mahdy and G.M.A. Marai


The Era of Expeditious NanoRAM-Based Computers (Enhancement of Operating System Performance in Nanotechnology Environment)
pp. 375-384
Mona Nabil ElGohary, Hala Abdel-Galil, Wessam ElBehaidy and Mostafa-Sami M. Mostafa


Design of Robust H∞ Controller for a Realistic PMDC Motor with GA Based Performance Optimization
pp. 385-393
Prasanth Venkatareddy and Subhash Kulkarni

Software Defect Prediction using Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System
pp. 394-397
Satya Srinivas Maddipati, G Pradeepini and A Yesubabu

Line-Adaptive Color Transforms for Lossless Frame Memory Compression
pp. 398-402
Joungeun Bae and Hoon Yoo

A LabView Monitored Smart Solar Lighting System for the Streets and Highways in Oman
pp. 403-410
Manaf Zghaibeh, Omer F. Khan, Amina Kashoobv, Zainab Albalushi and Noof Albalushi

Effect of Overlapping Ratio, Blade Shape Factor, and Blade Arc Angle to modified Rotor Savonius performances
pp. 411-416
Ida Bagus Alit, Ida Ayu Sri Andyani and Mirmanto

Impact Resistance of Sustainable Oil Palm Shell Light Weight Rubbercrete Reinforced with Wire Mesh

pp. 417-425
Agusril Syamsir, Zakaria Che Muda, Salmia Beddu, Nur Liyana Kamal, Daud Mohamad,Vivi Anggraini and Stefan Ulrich Grün

Assessment of the Correlation between the Quality of Building Materials and Strength of Concrete Members in the Building
pp. 426-433
Ogunde Ayodeji Olubunmi, Egbanubi Kehinde Comfort, Ameh John Oko and Joshua Opeyemi

A Proposed Design of Traffic Congestion Prediction Using Ultrasonic Sensors
pp. 434-441
Moch Agung Prasetyo, Roswan Latuconsina and Tito Waluyo Purboyo

Implementation of Secure Steganography on Jpeg Image Using LSB Method
pp. 442-448
Danny Adiyan Z., Tito Waluyo Purboyo and Ratna Astuti Nugrahaeni

Cotton Texture Segmentation Based On Image Texture Analysis Using Gray Level Co-occurrence Matrix (GLCM) And Euclidean Distance
pp. 449-455
Farell Dwi Aferi, Tito Waluyo Purboyo and Randy Erfa Saputra

Energy Efficient and Reliable MAC Protocol for Intra-cluster Communication in Application Specific Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 471-475
S. Lavanya and S. Prakasam

A Survey Paper of Distributed Denial-of-Service Attack in Software Defined Networking (SDN)
pp. 476-482
Andry Putra Fajar and Tito Waluyo Purboyo

A Survey Paper on Botnet Attacks and Defenses in Software Defined Networking
pp. 483-489
Rahmadani Hadianto and Tito Waluyo Purboyo

Source Camera Identification using Image Features
pp. 490-504
A. Jeyalakshmi and D. Ramya Chitra

Effect of Operating Parameter on H2/CO2 Gas Separation using Electrochemical Cell
pp. 505-510
Fung Yun Ru, Nurul Noramelya Zulkefli, Nur Yusra Mt Yusuf and Mohd Shahbudin Masdar

Numerical Analysis of Vertical Motion Control of a Floating Structure with a Two-Body Interaction
pp. 511-519
Min-Jae Shin, Weoncheol Koo and Sung-Jae Kim

Energy Density Feature Extraction using Different Wavelets for Emotion Detection
pp. 520-527
Mangala Gowri S.G. and Cyril Prasanna Raj P.

Efficient Test Scenario Construction for a Wheel Speed Sensor
pp. 528-533
Dong K. Kim and Sang C. Park

Analysis of Security of Selected Crisis Management Information System
pp. 534-538
Katerina Vichova, Roman Jasek and Martin Hromada

Term Expansion and Powerlabel Set for Multi-Label Hierarchical on Short Document Classification
pp. 539-544
Zaid Farooq Salih and Sabrina Tiun

An Analytical Study on Fractional Partial Differential Equations by Laplace Transform Operator Method
pp. 545-549
S.K.Elagan, M. Sayed and M.Higazy

Forecasting the Price of Field Latex in the Area of Southeast Coast of Thailand Using the ARIMA Model
pp. 550-556
Chalakorn Udomraksasakul and Vichai Rungreunganun

Unified Advanced Model of Effective Moment of Inertia of Reinforced Concrete Members
pp. 557-563
Haider K. Ammash, Sadjad A. Hemzah and Munaf A. Al-Ramahee

Optimization Model in Subcontractors Assignment in Jordan
pp. 564-575
Shereen Yahya Abunada and Ibrahim Abed Mohammed

Design and Development of Fixable Clamping for Milling Machine Based on Machining Performance
pp. 576-581
N Ab Wahab, Muhammad Haris Bin Abdul Rani, Abd Khahar bin Nordin, Nor Fauzi bin Nordin, Mohd Azimin bin Ibrahim, M.F. Basar and Hambali Bin Boejang

Design New control System for Brushless DC motor Using SVPWM
pp. 582-589
Farazdaq Rafeeq Yasien and Roaa Abbas mahmood

Classifying Copyrighted Designs through Convolutional Neural Networks
pp. 590-597
Hye-Jin Kim and Yong-Hyuk Kim

Feature Transformation by Feedforward Neural Network for Semisupervised Classification
pp. 598-605
Gouchol Pok

Gas Hydrates Production in the Arctic Zone: Ecological Aspects
pp. 606-611
Zyrin Viacheslav and Ilinova Alina

Mathematical Model for Frost Heaving Normal Force Calculation
pp. 612-616
Evgeniy V. Markov, Sergey A. Pulnikov and Yuri S. Sysoev

Development of Automatic Filing System with Falsification Prevention Functionality
pp. 617-623
Sujin Hur, Baekhun Lee, Bonghun Choi, Jaeyoung Jung, Ginyung Lee, Hyoungwoo Lee and Jonghun Kang

Principles and Criteria for Evaluating the Sustainability of Leading Development Projects for Priority Definition
pp. 624-633
Sahar S. Abdelaziz Gado and Mohamed Mohammed Abdel Aal AlBarmalji

Analysis of Effect of Spatial Domain Steganography Technique on DCT Domain using Statistical Features for Digital Images
pp. 634-640
Govind R. Suryawanshi and Suresh N. Mali

Balanced and Energy Efficient Multipath Routing With Robust Transmission in Mobile ADHOC Network
pp. 641-646
N. Suresh and J. Thirumaran

Significance of Split Ring Resonator to Design Multiband Operation by Coupling with Monopole
pp. 647-650
K. V. A etra, A.P. Dhande and K C B Rao

Wellness tourism: What motivates tourists to participate?
pp. 651-661
Demet Tuzunkan


Factors Determinants of Innovation in the Metal-Mechanical Pymes of Cartagena de Indias (Colombia)

pp 662-665

Yunellis Burgos-Pereira, Elvira Gómez-Vergel, Elias Bedoya-Marrugo and Carlos Severiche-Sierra


Effects of Different Injection Timings on the Performance and Emission Characteristics of the Direct-Injection Compressed Natural Gas Engine
pp. 666-672
Saheed Wasiu, Shaharin Sulaiman, Rashid Abdul Aziz and Shaqil Azhar

Performance Characteristics of the Direct Injection Compression Ignition Engine Fuelled by Water in Diesel Emulsion (Wide)
pp. 673-676
Saheed Wasiu, Rashid Abdul Aziz and Fariddil Atrash

Brake Specific Energy Consumption (BSEC) and Emission Characteristics of the Direct Injection Spark Ignition Engine Fuelled by Hydrogen Enriched Compressed Natural Gas at Various Air- Fuel Ratios
pp. 677-683
Saheed Wasiu, Rashid Abdul Aziz and Puteri Megat

Performance and Emission Characteristics of the Direct Injection Spark Ignition Engine Fuelled by Compressed Natural Gas
pp. 684-690
Saheed Wasiu, Shaharin Sulaiman, Rashid Abdul Aziz and Ilyas Zarin

Effects of Pressure Boost on the Performance Characteristics of the Direct Injection Spark Ignition Engine Fuelled by Gasoline at Various Throttle Positions
pp. 691-696
Saheed Wasiu, Rashid Abdul Aziz and Hanif Akmal

Chemical Indices of Water Quality in the Zarqa River-Jordan: Concentrations of Major Cations and Water Suitability for Irrigation
pp. 697-706
Alsharifa Hind Mohammad, Mahmoud Mohammad Abualhaija and Maisa’a Wasif Shammout

Effects of Actual Exhaust Gas Recirculation of the Direct Injection Spark Ignition Engine Fuelled by Compressed Natural Gas at Partial Injection Timing
pp. 707-713
Saheed Wasiu, Rashid Abdul Aziz and Khairul Faiz

Engine Performance Characteristics Fuelled By In-Situ Mixing of Small Amount of Hydrogen and Compressed Natural Gas at Various Relative Air-Fuel Ratios
pp. 714-719
Saheed Wasiu, Rashid Abdul Aziz and Muazam Ghozali

Performance Characteristics of the Direct Injection Compression Ignition Engine Fuelled By Biodiesel
pp. 720-726
Saheed Wasiu, Rashid Abdul Aziz, Syafie Ramlan and Norhisham Mohamed

Combustion Characteristics of Spark Ignition Engine Fuelled by Compressed Natural Gas in a Direct Injection Compressed Natural Gas Engine
pp. 727-731
Saheed Wasiu, Rashid Abdul Aziz and Afiq Dahlan

Estimating the Behavior of Ferrocement Strengthened RC Columns Using Artificial Neural Networks
pp. 732-736
Fareed Hameed Majeed

Analytic Solution for Hollow Microneedles Assisted Transdermal Drug Delivery Model
pp. 737-742
Siti Madhihah Abd Malik, Ilyani Abdullah and Shalela Mohd Mahali

Comparative Study of Bio-Cellulose from Acetobacter Xylinum 0416 and Commercial Hard Gelatine Capsule
pp. 743-748
Nur Syafiqah Binti Kamarudin, Norliza Abd. Rahman, Sahaid Mohd. Kalil and Siti Kartom Kamarudin

Detecting Unauthorized RFID Tag Carrier for Secure Access Control to a Smart Building
pp. 749-760
Ahmed Raad Al-Sudani, Wanlei Zhou, Bo Liu, Ahmed Almansoori and Mengmeng Yang

A State of the Art Review on Reactive Powder Concrete Slabs
pp. 761-768
Adel A. Al- Azzawi and Radhwan Abdulsattar

RFID Materials for the logistic Information
pp. 769-772
Sang Young Lee

Correlation between Perception of the Physical Environment and Park Use
pp. 773-782
Woo Sung Lee

Analysis of Particle Movement and Partial Discharge in OFAF Power Transformers Using Computational Fluid Dynamics
pp. 783-790
N.Vasantha Gowri, M.Ramalinga Raju and B.P.Singh

An Efficient Citrus Canker Detection Method based on Contrast Limited Adaptive Histogram Equalization Enhancement
pp. 809-815
Shoby Sunny and M. P. Indra Gandhi







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