International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 13, Number 10 (2018)  





Removal of Oil and Grease from Wastewater by using Natural Adsorbent
pp. 7246-7248
P.Sasirekha, A.K.Balaji, H.Amarnath and A.L.Balasubramaniyan

Feature Classification and Outlier Detection to Increased Accuracy in Intrusion Detection System
pp. 7249-7255
Nachiket Sainis, Durgesh Srivastava and Rajeshwar Singh

On Improving the k-means Algorithm to Classify Unclassified Patterns
pp. 7256-7260
Mohamed M. Rizk and Safar Mohamed Safar Alghamdi

Modeling and Simulation of the Polymer Behavior Filed by Nano Particles Using Artificial Neural Network
pp. 7261-7266
A. A. Alshennawy, Ageel F. Alogla and Ayman A. Aly

Analysis of Non-Linear Behaviour through Signal Segmentation
pp. 7267-7272
Miguel Salvador Gómez-Díaz, David Asael Gutiérrez-Hernández, Manuel Ornelas-Rodriguez, Victor Zamudio and Luis Ernesto Mancilla-Espinosa

Technological Surveillance and Technology Life Cycle Analysis –Application in Food Drying
pp. 7273-7288
Samuel Yepes G, Mariana Martínez, Samuel Restrepo L, Juan C. Palacio, Andrés F Ríos and Jhon W. Zartha

Sustainable Construction - Durability of Crushed Brick Waste Aggregate Concrete in Cold Regions Susceptible to Frost
pp. 7289-7297
T. Kibriya

Structure Topology Optimization of Internal Combustion Engine Connecting Rode Using Finite Element Analysis
pp. 7298-7304
Mahmoud Helal, Ageel Alogla, Kh. Abdel-Aziz, N. Foudaa and Elsayed Fathallahc

Thermosensitive Hydrogels with Nanofillers Incorporated to Use in Food Packaging Applications
pp. 7305-7308
Liliana Polo-Corrales, Jaime E Ramirez-Vick and Elvis Judith Hernandez-Ramos

A Review of Geotechnical Problems Facing Solar Based Renewable Energy Facilities in Frost Affected Regions of North America
pp. 7309-7316
Tahir. Kibriya

Effect of Coconut Oil Acid Component on Material Durability and Corrosion in Fuel Supply System of Diesel Engines
pp. 7317-7322
Xuan Nam Chu

Speed Up Improvement of Parallel Image Layers Generation Constructed By Edge Detection Using Message Passing Interface
pp. 7323-7332
Alaa Ismail Elnashar

Rehabilitation Techniques to Address Frost Effects on Pile Foundations of Solar Power Generation Facilities in North America
pp. 7333-7339
Tahir Kibriya

Eco-efficiency model implemented in Higher Education institutions; case study for Politécnico Colombo Andino in Bogotá D.C., Colombia
pp. 7340-7343
Robinson Pacheco García and Jully F. Ortiz Zambrano

Systemic Modeling of Informal Housing Marketing in Bogotá D.C. through Systems Dynamics
pp. 7344-7347
Robinson Pacheco García and Jully F. Ortiz Zambrano

Evaluation of Noise Insulation Performance for Void Deck Slab System which Combines Deck Plates with a Voided Slab System
pp. 7348-7359
In-Kwan Paik and Seunguk Na

Privacy Monitoring and Restriction Algorithm
pp. 7360-7363
Abhind A, Harmeet Kaur Bawa, Sagar and Shilpa Gupta

Robust classification of Multi Class brain Tumor in MRI images using Hybrid Descriptor and Pair of RBF Kernel – SVM
pp. 7364-7377
S.Ganesh and A. Jayachandran

Performance Analysis of various Routing Protocols in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks
pp. 7378-7382
Geetika Dhand and S.S.Tyagi

IOT Color Based Object Sorting Machine
pp. 7383-7387
Himanshu Patel, Riya Joy, Selin Macwan and Hardik Modi

Increase Security of Data With Respect to Both Confidentiality and Integrity over Cloud
pp. 7388-7391
Rubal Deep Gill, Neha Kapur and Harpreet Singh Gill

Stereo Vision Based Image Maching on 3D Using Multi Curve Fitting Algorithm
pp. 7392-7405
Balakrishnan and V. Kavitha

A Detailed Study of Security and Privacy Concerns in Big Data
pp. 7406-7411
Palak Mittal, Mansi Sharma and Prateek Jain

Study on the Strength Characteristics of Concrete by Partial Replacement of Cement with Fly Ash and Addition of Sodium Silicate
pp. 7412-7415
R.Karthika and S.Senthil Selvan

Use of Experimental Designs to Evaluate the Influence of Ziziphus Leaves Extracts as a Corrosion Inhibitor for Mild Steel in (3.5 M) NaCl
pp. 7416-7423
Maher T. Al-Shamkhani and Adnan A. Ateik

A Study on Factors Influencing the Medium Net worth Truck Operators Investment in Retirement Savings Plan with Special Reference to New Delhi
pp. 7424-7428
S.P.Krishna Kumar and V.Nagajothi

A Study on Pattern of Investment Behaviour of Select Medium Net worth Truck Operators in Indias Transport Industry
pp. 7429-7432
S.P.Krishna Kumar and V.Nagajothi

A Study on General Investment Behaviour of Medium Net worth Truck Operators as an Investors
pp. 7433-7438
S.P.Krishna Kumar and V.Nagajothi

A Study on Medium Net worth Truck Operators Investment Avenues of Savings Plan with Special Reference to New Delhi
pp. 7439-7447
S.P. Krishna Kumar and V.Nagajothi

Experimental study on the mechanical properties of light weight Fly ash coarse aggregate with addition of Sodium Silicate
pp. 7448-7454
Roshan Peter and Sivakamasundari.S

Milling of Polymer Matrix Composites: A Review

pp. 7455-7465
Priyansh Patel, Vijay Chaudhary, Kundan Patel and Piyush Gohil

Hybrid of the Fuzzy C Means and the Thresholding Method to Segment the Image in Identification of Cotton Bug
pp. 7466-7471
K.V. Joshi and D. D. Shah

A Genetic Algorithm to Find the Minimum Cost Paths Tree with Bandwidth Constraint in the Computer Networks
pp. 7472-7476
A. Younes, Usama A. Badawi, T. H. Farag, Fahad A. Alghamdi and A. Ben Salah

Experimental Investigation and Effective Medium Approximation of Thermal Conductivity of Water Based Exfoliated Graphene Nanofluids
pp. 7477-7487
A. Arifutzzaman, A. F. Ismail, I. I. Yaacob, A. A. Khan and M. Z. Alam

Apache Spark and Hadoop Based Big Data Processing System for Clinical Research
pp. 7488-7492
Sreekanth Rallapalli and Gondkar R R

An Effective Cure Clustering Algorithm in Education Data Mining Techniques to Valuate Student’s Performance
pp. 7493-7498
Manjula.V. and A. N. Nandakumar

A Review: Palmprint Recognition Process and Techniques
pp. 7499-7507
Mouad M.H.Ali, Vivke H. Mahale, Pravin L.Yannawar and Ashok T. Gaikwad

Modeling of Determination of Effective Stress of Soil
pp. 7508-7515
Huong Thi Thanh Ngo and Binh Thai Pham

Genetic Based Optimal Location of STATCOM Compensator
pp. 7516-7521
Naseer M. Yasin and Haider A. Talib

Characterization of Voltage Rise Issue due to Distributed Solar PV Penetration
pp. 7522-7528
Abdullah T. Alshaikh, Thamer Alquthami and Sreerama Kumar R.

Predictive Capability Evaluation of RSM and ANN in Modeling and Optimization of Biodiesel Production from Palm (Elaeisguineensis) Oil
pp. 7529-7540
Dang Nguyen Thoai, Chakrit Tongurai, Kulchanat Prasertsit and Anil Kumar

Developing and Implementing WEB-based Online Destination Information Management System for Tourism
pp. 7541-7550
Hala Almaimoni, Njoud Altuwaijri, Fatima Asiry, Safa Aldossary, Mutasem Alsmadi, Ibrahim Al-Marashdeh, Usama A Badawi, Muneerah Alshabanah And Daniah Alrajhi

Influence of Time Duration between Successive Earthquakes on the Nonlinear Response of SDOF Structure
pp. 7551-7563
Hussam K. Risan and Mustafa A. Kadim

Metaheuristic Algorithms for Verification based on Biometric Features
pp. 7564-7569
Mohamed A. El-Sayed and M. A. Elsafty

A New Edge Detection Method for Digital Images based on Interval Arithmetic and Fuzzy Logic
pp. 7570-7575
Hassan B. M. El-Owny and Yasser A. Nada

Three-Factor Authentication for Fortified Login to Ensure Privacy Preservation and Improved Security
pp. 7576-7579
C. Lakshmi Devasena

The Shortest-Path Broadcast Problem
pp. 7580-7584
A. Younes, Usama A. Badawi, T. H. Farag, A. Ben Salah and Fahad. A. Alghamdi

Evaluation of the Performance of a Voltage and Current Measuring Device
pp. 7585-7591
Marco Latorre-González, Sneider Vanegas-Varón and Cesar Hernandez

An Improvement of Joint Ordering Policy of Multiproduct Inventory Problem with Partial Joint Ordering
pp. 7592-7597
Intira Nakunthod

Exploration of the Use of Solar Thermal Energy for Faecal Sludge Drying
pp. 7598-7603
Tendayi R Mugauri and Freddie Inambao

An Easily Made, Low-Cost, Bone Equivalent Material Used in Phantom Construction of Computed Tomography
pp. 7604-7609
Ahmad Rafiq Mohammad Abu Arrah, Arif Faisal and Dwi Cahyani Ratna Sari

New Quadrature Method using Least Squire Interpolation Polynomials
pp. 7610-7615
Mahesh Chalpuri and J Sucharitha

Effect of Double Defect Layer on the Localized Modes in Chalcogenide Photonic Crystal Multilayers Structure
pp. 7616-7620
Rajpal Singh and Anami Bhargava

Prediction of General High School Exam Result Level Using Multilayer Perceptron Neural Networks
pp. 7621-7630
Mohammed Awad and Ahmed Ewais

The Effect of Recycled Coarse Aggregate and Industrial Wastes on the Compressive Strength at Normal and Elevated Temperatures
pp. 7631-7638
I. A. Sharaky, M. Alwetaishi and U. H. Issa

Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment in Construction Industry
pp. 7639-7667
Devdatt P Purohit, N A Siddiqui, Abhishek Nandan and Bikarama P Yadav

Analysis of Multiplication Noise in N+NP Avalanche Photodiode
pp. 7668–7672
Tarik Baldawi and Ashraf Abuelhaija

Advanced Non Chemical Water Treatment Process for TDS Reduction in Cooling Tower – Specific Study on Calcium, Magnesium & Sulphates
pp. 7673-7679
K.Naveena Latha, P.Ram Reddy and D.V. Ravi Shankar

Employment and Explore the Willing For Utilizing E-Learning Platform (Moodle) By Engineering College Students at the University of Thi-Qar in Iraq
pp. 7680-7685
Satar Habib Mnaathr, Abdullh Saiwan Majli and Abdul Gaffer S.M.

A Hardware implementation of I9-Level Inverter with D-STATCOM Capability for Distributed Energy Systems
pp. 7686-7691
P. Avirajamanjula and K. Radhika

Structural and optical properties of Nd3+- doped lead borosilicate glasses for broadband laser amplification
pp. 7692-7700
M. Reddi Babu, A. Mohan Babu and L. Rama Moorthy

Software Agent for E-mail Spam Filtering
pp. 7701-7703
Laith R. Flaih and Mohammed Hussein Shukur

Compact Slot Loaded Dipole Antenna For Intracranial Hemorrhage Detection
pp. 7704-7710
Bharathi. B, Bhuwaneshwari. K, Carmel vicy. G, Chithra. A and Ramesh. S

A Fuzzy-Logic Based Clustering Algorithm in WSN to Extend Network Lifetime
pp. 7711-7718
Gaurav Srikar and Reshmi TR

Adaptive Street Light Controlling For Smart Cities
pp. 7719-7723
H.N. Lokhande and S.D. Markande

Design and Implementation of Image Processing Techniques for Plant Disease Detection
pp. 7724-7758
Hardik Modi, Niyati Trivedi, Prachi Soni and Himanshu Patel

pp. 7759-7764
Ritika Maini

Environmental Impacts of Natural Dyeing Process Using Pomegranate Peel Extract as a Dye
pp. 7765-7771
M.Anandhan and T.Prabaharan

Thermodynamic Performance Evaluation of SOFC Based Simple Gas Turbine cycle
pp. 7772-7778
Anoop Kumar Shukla, Sandeep Gupta, Shivam Pratap Singh, Meeta Sharma and Gopal Nandan

The Use of Light Weight Aggregates for Precast Concrete Structural Members
pp. 7779-7787
J. Durga Chaitanya Kumar and E. Arunakanthi

Numerical Investigation of Laser Welding Process in Dual Clutch Transmission System
pp. 7788-7796
H. Amit Awghade and R. Harish

Handwritten Assamese Character Recognition using Texture and Diagonal Orientation features with Artificial Neural Network
pp. 7797-7805
Rubul Kumar Bania and RuhUllah khan

IOT Based Circuit Breaker Monitoring & Control
pp. 7806-7810
Abhijit Das, K. Kalimuthu and S.S. Biswas

Analysis of Machine Learning Based Scene Classification Algorithms and Quantitative Evaluation
pp. 7811-7819
Himanshu Patel and Hiren Mewada

Intuitionistic fuzzy
γ generalized closed mappings
pp. 7820-7828
Prema S and Jayanthi D

WordNet in Malaylam language for Cricket domain
pp. 7829-7834
Sreedhi Deleep Kumar, Reshma E U, Sunitha C and Amal Ganesh

Wartortle - A Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Suite for Data Analysis and Reporting
pp. 7835-7841
M.A. Shanti and K.Saravanan

‘NeuroG’: An Adaptive Neuro-Engine for ‘Dynamic Space-Junk Removal’ Mission
pp. 7842-7847
Vijay A. Kanade

Performance Analysis of Improved Threshold based Adaptive Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio
pp. 7848-7852
Sivagurunathan.M, Swetha.S, Uma Maheswari.V, Vishnu Prasad.S.A and Chitra.S.

Non-Invasive Haemoglobin Estimation through Embedded Technology on Mobile Application
pp. 7853-7856
Tatiparti Padma and Pinjala Jahnavi

Fast and Accurate Parts of Speech Tagging for Kannada-Telugu Pair
pp. 7857-7867
Chandramma and Piyush Kumar Pareek

Development of Gas Leakage Monitoring and Localization System in Pipelines using LabVIEW
pp. 7868-7873
Anjali. M

The Correlation of P53 Expression and Trombospondin-1, and the Expression Difference of Trombospondin-1 Stadium III and IV on the Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma WHO Type 3
pp. 7874-7881
Made Setiamika, Edi Widjajanto, Aris Widodo, Pudji Rahayu and Hutami Laksmi Dewi

Modeling and Simulation of 1.5MW Wind Turbine
pp. 7882-7888
Mohammed A. Ibrahim, Fawaz S. Abdullah and Bashar M. Salih

An Educational Rudder Sizing Algorithm for Utilization in Aircraft Design Software
pp. 7889-7894
Omran Al-Shamma, Rashid Ali and Haitham S. Hasan

Hybrid Bio-inspired Approach for Feature Subset Selection
pp. 7895-7902
Badra Khellat-kihel and Mohamed Benyettou

An Ensemble based Extreme Learning Machine for Cardiovascular Disease Prediction
pp. 7903-7912
R. Subha, K. Anandakumar and A. Bharathi

Development of Seismic Data Acquisition Based on MEMS Accelerometer MMA7361L
pp. 7926-7931
Amalia C. Nur'aidha, Didik R. Santoso and Sukir Maryanto

Estimation of Thermal Conductivity of Nanofluids Using Theoretical Correlations
pp. 7932-7936
R.A. Arul Raja and J. Sunil

Performance Evaluation for High Speed Vehicle in VANET
pp. 7937-7941
Mohammed Hasan Alwan and Khairun N.Ramli

Practical Considerations for Controller Selection in Residential Energy Management Systems: A Review
pp. 7942-7949
Wilhelm A. Bisschoff, Immanuel N. Jiya and Rupert Gouws

Estimation of Thermo-Physical Properties of Nanofluids using Theoretical Correlations
pp. 7950-7953
R.A. Arul Raja, J. Sunil and R. Maheswaran

Influencing of Clay and Binder Content on Compression Strength of Soft Soil Stabilized by Geopolymer Based Fly Ash
pp. 7954-7958
Son Hoang Trinh and Quynh Anh Thi Bui

A Real Time Implementation of Novel Reactive Power Compensation using D-STATCOM
pp. 7959-7962
D.Kalidas and R. Elangovan

A Hardware Implementation of I5-Level Inverter with D-STATCOM Capability for Distributed Energy Systems
pp. 7963-7969
K. Muraliraj and B. Kunchthapatham

A Dynamic Voltage Restorer System by Modified Z-Source Inverter to Mitigate Voltage Sag
pp. 7970-7976
N. Nantha Gopal and S. Jaya Abirami

Dropout Acts as Auxiliary Exploration
pp. 7977-7982
Tegg Taekyong Sung, Daeyeol Kim, Soo Jun Park and Chae-Bong Sohn

Hardware Implementation of Inverter-Interfaced Distributed Generation Units for Harmonic Current Filtering in Micro Grid
pp. 7983-7988
M.Singaravelu and D.Hariharan

English to Bodo Machine Transliteration System for Statistical Machine Translation
pp. 7989-7997
Saiful Islam and Bipul Syam Purkayastha

Effect of Combustion Chamber Geometry on Performance and Combustion Characteristics of Hydrogen Enriched Diesel Engine
pp. 7998-8004
U.S. Jyothi and K. Vijaya Kumar Reddy

Analyzing, Designing and Implementing a Web-Based Auction online System
pp. 8005-8013
Razan Aldaej, Latifa Alfowzan, Reem Alhashem, Mutasem K. Alsmadi, Ibrahim Al-Marashdeh, Usama A Badawi, Muneerah Alshabanah, Daniah Alrajhi and Mohammed Tayfour

Variational Autoencoder Coupled with Deep Generative Neural Network for the Identification of Handwritten Digits
pp. 8014-8017
Pallavi Saha, Sreeloy Kumar Das and Sourav Nandy

Exact Outage Performance of NOMA Networks Under Impact of Interference Among Users
pp. 8018-8021
Ngoc-Long Nguyen, Si-Phu Le, Hong-Nhu Nguyen, Dinh-Thuan Do, Jaroslav Zdralek and Miroslav Voznak

Smart Bus Transportation System for Fast Arrival Time to the Girls Campus at Taif University
pp. 8022-8025
Fawaz Assery, Masoud Alajmy and Yasser Albagory

Processing Medical Images Based on Text and Content
pp. 8026-8034
Nasibeh Esmaeilishahmirzadi

Solving Vehicle Routing Problem for Maintaining and Repairing Medical Equipment Using Differential Evolution Algorithm: A Case Study in Ubon Ratchathani Public Health Office
pp. 8035-8045
Raknoi Akararungruangkul, Peerawat Chokanat, Rapeepan Pitakaso, Kanokwan Supakdee and Kanchana Sethanan

Reinforced Cement Mortar for Rehabilitation of Damaged Masonry Structures
pp. 8046-8050
T. Kibriya

Spectral Prediction: Approaches in Cognitive Radio Networks
pp. 8051-8063
Luis Miguel Tuberquia-David, Laura Cruz and Cesar Hernández

Proactive Spectral Handoff Based on Markov Chains
pp. 8064-8074
Diego Giral, Cesar Hernández and David Aguilar

Conceptual Model for Proficient Automated Attendance System based on Face Recognition and Gender Classification using Haar-Cascade, LBPH Algorithm along with LDA Model
pp. 8075-8080
Kritika Shrivastava, Shweta Manda, P.S. Chavan, T.B. Patil and S.T. Sawant-Patil

Antioxidant and Catalytic Activity of Effective Curcumin Based Copper Complexes of 2-aminobenzothiazole Derivatives
pp. 8081-8089
G. Boomadevi Janaki and X. Joseph Raj

A Systematic Review of Automation in Handwritten Character Recognition
pp. 8090-8099
Madhuri Maheshwari, Deepesh Namdev and Saurabh Maheshwari

Construction of a Dynamic Finite Element Model for Vibration Analysis of Reticulate Systems
pp. 8100-8108
Emmanuel E.T. OLODO, Olivier A. PASSOLI and Villevo ADANHOUNME

Advanced Wavelet Transform Techniques for ECG Feature Extraction
pp. 8109-8115
R.S.Deshpande and S.M.Walke

An Interactive Intuitionistic Fuzzy Non-Linear Fractional Programming Problem
pp. 8116-8125
Azza H. Amer

Human Recognition using Voice Print in LabVIEW
pp. 8126-8130
S.Selva Nidhyananthan, K.Muthugeetha and V.Vallimayil

Implementation of Additive and Divisive Clustering based Unit Commitment Employing Particle Swarm Optimization
pp. 8131-8139
G.VenkataSubba Reddy, V.Ganesh and C.Srinivasa Rao

Comparative Study on Currently Available WordNets
pp. 8140-8145
Sreedhi Deleep Kumar, Sunitha C, Reshma E U and Amal Ganesh

Secure Storage of Images in cloud using Dual Public Key Cryptography and Blocker Protocol
pp. 8146-8150
S.Libi Farrell and J.Arokia Renjith

Efficient Management of Server Platforms to Meet Customer Requirement by Using IMPI and FRU Techniques
pp. 8165-8178
S.Shivaprasad, M. Sadanandam, A. Saranya and K. Raghu

Optimized Multi Scale Image Fusion Technique Using Discrete Wavelet Transform and Particle Swarm Optimization for Colour Multi Focus Images
pp. 8179-8186
Sharmadha Senthil Nathan, ShivaniKanmani, Shruthi Kumar and Madheswari Kanmani

Survey on Digital Age- Smarter Cradle System for Enhanced Parenting
pp. 8187-8193
Sharmadha Senthil Nathan, ShivaniKanmani, Shruthi Kumar and Madheswari Kanmani

Noise Removal Using Histogram Equalized Based Contrast Masking For Image Quality Assessment
pp. 8194-8199
Balakrishnan Natarajan and T.R. Ramesh

Heat Transfer on MHD Rotating non-Newtonian Fluid Flow through Parallel Plate Porous Channel
pp. 8200-8204
B.Lakshmanna and S.Venkateswarlu

Fuzzy Formal Concept Analysis for Identification of Weak and Strong Conjunction Relationships in Imprecision and Uncertainty Data
pp. 8215-8222
Ch. Neelima and S.S.V.N Sarma

Improvement of Leach Routing Algorithm Based on the Use of Game Theory and Centralized Adjustment Mechanism
pp. 8223-8231

Melanoma Segmentation in Dermatoscopic Images by Methods in the Space Domain
pp. 8232-8238
B. Luna-Benoso, J.C. Martínez-Perales and J. Córtes -Galicia

An Approach of Transient Stability Analysis for Multimachine Based on Artificial Neural Network
pp. 8239-8245
Majli Nema Hawas

Low Cost Computing Using Open source Technologies like KVM and Virtualization
pp. 8246-8248
B. S. Sonawane, R. R. Deshmukh, S. D. Waghmare and Pushpendra Chavan

Detoxification of Arsenic and Chromium through Chelators and enzymes: an In-silico approach
pp. 8249-8271
Poonam, Neema Tufchi, Devvret, Kumud Pant, Anju Rani and Manu Pant

Implementation of Low Power, Signal Avilability, Network Coverage, Less Latency, Efficient Bandwidth 5G Technology Communication System
pp. 8272-8277
Owk. Srinivasulu and P. Rajesh Kumar

Optimizing the Topology and Learning Parameters of Hierarchical RBF Neural Networks Using Genetic Algorithms
pp. 8278-8285
Mohammed Awad

Development of Internet of Things Platform for Decisions Making in Precision Agriculture Models
pp. 8286-8294
Andrés Arévalo-Parra, Norberto Novoa-Torres and Carlos Riapira-Chico

Control System by Voice for Autonomous Displacement of Blind People
pp. 8295-8302
Andres Campo, Gustavo Ramirez and Cesar Hernández

Solar Cells and Global Warming Reduction
pp. 8303-8310
Ukoba, O. Kingsley and Inambao, L. Freddie

Use of Management Tools for the Development of Technological Innovation Processes in Organizations
pp. 8311-8314
Edwar Jacinto G., Holman Montiel A. and Fernando Martínez S.

Comparison on AF/DF for Device-To-Device NOMA Networks
pp. 8315-8320
Huu-Phuc Dang, Minh-Sang V. Nguyen and Dinh-Thuan Do

Influence of Exhaust Gas Recirculation and Emission Characteristics of a Diesel Engine Using Pyrolyzed Waste Plastic Biodiesel and Blends
pp. 8321-8335
Semakula Maroa and Freddie Inambao

Investigation of the Viscosity and Stability of Green Nanofluids from Coconut Fibre Carbon Nanoparticles: Effect of Temperature and Mass Fraction
pp. 8336-8342
Gloria A Adewumi, Professor Freddie Inambao, Mohsen Sharifpurb and Josua P Meyer

Fixed point results in J-cone metric space over Banach algebra
pp. 8343–8350
Jerolina Fernandez, Kalpana Saxena and Geeta Modi

A natural topology on the tensor power of real groups
pp. 8351–8356
Sung Myung

Protein Profiling and Antioxident Enzyme Activity of Cadmium and Lead Tolerant Kocuria sp. BRI 36
pp. 8357-8363
Anuradha Mulik, Jinal Bhola and Rama Bhadekar

Substation-centric Impedance-based Fault Location for Multi-Terminal Electric Distribution Networks
pp. 8364-8371
Surender Kumar Yellagoud and Purnachandra Rao Talluri

Automated Virtual Car Simulation using Deep Reinforcement (Q) Learning
pp. 8372-8376
Sandipan Basak, Satyaki Mukherjee, Soumallya Boral and Indraneel Brahma

Design Fabrication and Dynamic Characteristics of PEM Fuel Cell
pp. 8377-8381
T.Sasikumar, G.Nagaraju and B.Mullai Sudaroli

An Improved Maximum Likelihood Localization Approach for Mobile Nodes in Wireless Sensor Networks using RSSI Technique
pp. 8382-8389
Sudhakar K. N and Dinesh K Anvekar

A Survey on Data Storage Security Issues in Cloud Computing
pp. 8390-8406
Mrinal Kanti Sarkar and Sanjay Kumar

Medicine Information Mobile Application Using Tablet Image Anaysis Using Android Studio
pp. 8407-8412
M.Sakthiumamaheswari, Parimala Suresh Congovi and Madheswari Kanmani

Experimental Investigation of Wind Loads on Multi Span Pitched Roof Buildings
pp. 8413-8425

Investigation on Pyrolysis of Plastic Waste to Fuel Oil
pp. 8426-8430
R.Saravana Sathiya Prabhahar and M.Anandhan

A Novel Approach Using Fuzzy Sets for Detection of Vulnerability and Imprecision in Software Estimation and Particle Swarm Optimization for Tuning Parameters
pp. 8431-8435
Siva Suryanarayana Ch. and Satya Prakash Singh

Profit and Reliability Analysis of a Ceramic Tile Production System Considering Various Subsystem Failures
pp. 8436-8446
Reena and Rajeev Kumar

Thin Rubber Sheet Drying Curve Characteristics of Fresh Natural Rubber Latex
pp. 8447-8454
P. Naphona and S. Wiriyasarta, N. Naphon

Electronic Certificates to Avoid Fake and Tampered Academic Documents
pp. 8455-8456
Manohar Koli

Novel Intelligent Energy Management System for Residential PV Systems in Non-feed-in Tariff Countries
pp. 8457-8466
Wilhelm A. Bisschoff, Immanuel N. Jiya and Rupert Gouws

Modelling Urban Expansion in the Greater Cairo Metropolitan Region
pp. 8467-8481
Taher Osman and Moustafa Monir

A Software Tool to Detect Race and Deadlock Conditions Caused by Leakage in Speed-Independent Circuits
pp. 8482-8485
Abdullah Baz

Properties of Fiber Cement Boards for Building Partitions
pp. 8486-8489
Agamveer Singh, Jaspreet Singh and Shaurya Ajay

Effect of High Frequency Power Supplies on the Electrostatic Precipitator Collection Efficiency as Compared to Conventional Transformer Rectifiers
pp. 8490-8506
Gerald Chauke and Rupert Gouws

SmartDot – Location Based Attendance
pp. 8507-8510
Aria, Urvi Verma and Simran Swamy

Hydrodynamic Force Calculation over an Axisymmetric AUV with Constant Ocean Currents at Large Range of Angles of Attack
pp. 8511-8517
Aguirre F., Vargas S. and Tornero J.

Exponential intuitionistic fuzzy entropy measure based image edge detection.
pp. 8518-8524
Abdulmajeed Alsufyania and Hassan Badry M. El-Owny

Torque Ripple minimization of Switched Reluctance Motor using Pole Embrace and Pole Configuration Methods
pp. 8525-8529
A Veera Reddy and B Mahesh Kumar

Efficient Method for Cell Size Control and Deformation of Unstructured Quadrilateral Grid System
pp. 8530-8534
Byoungsoo Kim

Renewable Energy Thermoelectric Module Air Conditioning System – Design Factors: A Review
pp. 8535-8545
Rupert Gouws

Performance investigation of Savonius Turbine with New Blade Shape: Experimental and Numerical study
pp. 8546-8560
Youssef Kassem, Hüseyin Çamur, Abdulmajid A. Bahroun, Osama A. M.Abughnida & Abdelrahman Alghazali

Support Vector Machine Based Approaches For Real Time Automatic Speaker Recognition System
pp. 8561-8567
Satyanand Singh

Subjective Preference of Reverberation Time in Various Listening Level for Gamelan Degung Sunda Using Psychoacoustic Test
pp. 8568-8571
M. S. Prawirasasra, Novariani and Suprayogi

Design and Analysis of Braking System for ISIE ESVC
pp. 8572-8576
Kush Soni, Gaurang Vara, Ishit Sheth and Harshil Patel

Eliminating the Hazardous Elements from E-Waste by Electrolysis
pp. 8577-8582
K. Maheswaran and T. Prabaharan

A Frequency Reconfigurable Antenna loaded with H-shaped Radiators for WLAN/WiMAX Applications
pp. 8583-8587
Imran Khan, Geetha D, Sudhindra K.R, Tanweer Ali and R.C. Biradar

Comparative Study of Computational Material Models
pp. 8588-8595
Poosala Tejasri and Arthesh Basak

Design Improvement of the Premium Efficiency Induction Motor for Higher Efficiency & Cost Reduction
pp. 8596-8600
Mayur K. Nehete and Sulabha U. Kulkarni

Weakly Integer Additive Set Indexers of Cartesian Product of Graphs
pp. 8601-8605
Seema Mehra and Neelam Kumari

The Impact of Color’s Power on Health and Performance in the Interior Spaces
pp. 8606-8612
Shaikha Abdulla and Dina Howeidy FHEA-IA

Installation and Knowledge Transfer Process Factors of Solar Energy Production for Northern Communities in Thailand
pp. 8613-8620
Prungsak Uttaphut

Gene Optimized Association Rule Generation Based Integral Derivative Gradient Boost Classification for Disease Diagnosis
pp. 8621-8633
Sasirekha D and Punitha A

A Key Supervision Procedure for Cloud Data and File Safety
pp. 8634-8643
Suraj Eswaran, P.S Rohit Babu and P.Renuka Devi

Absorbers for Automobile Pollutants and their on-Line Monitoring
pp. 8644-8647
K. V. Ramana, S. Akhileswar Reddy, V. Surendra Babu and A. Umasankara Srinivasu

Design and Analysis of E, L & U-slotted Patch Antenna for Multiband Operation
pp. 8648-8653
Kavita Rani and Shivani Malhotra

A Finite Element Modeling on Hepatocellular Carcinoma Radiofrequency Ablation
pp. 8654-8658
Kainat Yasmeen and Nitin Saluja

Effect of Etching Solution on Nuclear Track Detector CR-39
pp. 8659-8663
Ahmed Abed Ibrahim and Wathab HazimYousif

Diagnosis of DCM and HCM Heart Diseases Using Neural Network Function
pp. 8664-8668
J. Jenifa Sharon and L.Jani Anbarasi

Improving Productivity in Saudi Arabian Construction Projects: An Analysis based on Lean Techniques
pp. 8669-8678
Usama H. Issa and I.M. Salama

High Strength Self Compacting Concrete with Blended Cement containing Agricultural Waste
pp. 8679-8683
Tahir Kibriya

Strength and Hydraulic Conductivity of Cement and By - Product Cementitious Materials Improved Soil
pp. 8684-8694
Samuel Jonah Abbey, Samson Ngambi, Adegoke Omotayo Olubanwo and Francis Kofi Tetteh

Sustainable Construction – Investigations on Use of Waste Limestone Dust as Filler in High Performance Concrete
pp. 8695-8699
T. Kibriya

Improving Cogeneration in Sugar Factories by Superheated Steam Drying of Bagasse
pp. 8700-8707
Somchart Chantasiriwan and Sarocha Charoenvai

Modeling and Solving of Multi-Product Inventory Lot-Sizing with Supplier Selection under Quantity Discounts
pp. 8708-8713
Nattapat Kanchanaruangrong and Chirawat Woarawichai

Green Diesel, Renewable Energy and Waste Cooking Oil: The Potential for Synergy
pp. 8714-8727
Onuh E.I., Inambao F. and Awogbemi O.

Review on Iris Recognition Research Directions- A Brief Study
pp. 8728-8735
Suleiman Salihu Jauro and Raghav Yadav




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