International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 13, Number 11 (2018)





Capacity Building Needs of Lecturers in E-Teaching for Effective Delivery of Computer and Electrical/Electronic Technology Courses in Tertiary Institutions in Southwestern, Nigeria
pp. 8736-8750
Jimoh Bakare, B.I. Onah and G.K.O. Okereke

A Comparative Study of the Efficient Data Mining Algorithm for Forecasting Least Prices in Oman Fish Markets
pp. 8751-8758
Amal Al-Muqrashi and Arockiasamy Soosaimanickam

Utilizing DOE and GA to Improve the Bending Strength of an Open Cross-Section under a Weight Limit
pp. 8759-8765
D.S. Shin and E.S. Jeon

A Mapreduce Computing Base Fuzzy Classifier Extraction for No-SQL Data Classification
pp. 8766-8773
Raghuram Bhukya and Jayadev Gyani

Biometric Finger Vein based Bank Security System Using ARDUINO and GSM Technology
pp. 8774-8777
L.Jegan Antony Marcilin, V.Balamurugan and A.Vijayaiyyappan

Single Stage Controlling of BLDC Motor Drive by using Proportional Resonant Controller
pp. 8778-8782
Rutuja S. Chowkule and Swapnil Namekar

Transient Analysis of M[X1],M[X2]/G1,G2/1 retrial queueing system with priority services, Collisions, Orbital Search,Working Breakdown, Start up/Close down time, Feedback, modified Bernoulli vacation and Balking
pp. 8783–8795
G. Ayyappan and J. Udayageetha

Analysis of an M[X]/G(a, b)/1 queueing system with three phases of service, Bernoulli l-optional vacation, delay time to repair, setup time, state dependent arrival
pp. 8796–8812
G. Ayyappan and R. Supraja

Generalized Jaccard Similarity Based Multilevel Threshold Affinity Propagated Clustering For Big Data Analytics
pp. 8813-8823
Maheswari K and Ramakrishnan M

Simulation of an Air-Cooled LiBr/H2O Absorption Chiller under South Algerian Climate Conditions
pp. 8824-8830
Asma ROUKBI, Belkacem DRAOUI and Antonio LECUONA

Thermal and Visible Video Fusion Using Curvelet Transform
pp. 8831-8836
X. Blessy Theresa and K. Madheswari

Calculation of Energy Levels and Transition Probabilities for 44-48 Ti Even – Even Isotopes
Omar Ahmed Muaffaq, Faissal Gazi Hammody, Ali Hayder Redha Al-Dulaimi and Wafaa Abdulsattar Shatti

Study on Fatigue Strength of Pack Carburizing Steel SS400 with Alternative Carburizer Media of Pomacea Canalikulata Lamarck Shell Powder
pp. 8844-8849
Sujita, Rudy Soenoko, Eko Siswanto and Teguh Dwi Widodo

An Implementation of Automatic Clothing Pattern and Color Recognition for Visually Impaired People
pp. 8850-8855
Suresh Kumar R

Driver Behavior Detection Techniques: A survey
pp. 8856-8861
Sarah Kadhim Alluhaibi, Munaf S. Najim Al-Din and Aiman Moyaid

Flood Fill Algorithm Dividing Matrices for Robotic Path Planning
pp. 8862-8870
Julián Esteban Herrera Benavides, Daniel Eduardo Espitia Corredor, Robinson Jimenez Moreno and Rubén Dario Hernández

Analysis of Friction Systems on Shafts for Engineering Applications
pp. 8871-8881
Julián Esteban Herrera Benavides, Daniel Eduardo Espitia Corredor, Robinson Jimenez Moreno, Rubén Dario Hernández and David Herrera Alfonso

Analysis of Human Retinal Images for Retinoblastoma using White Top Hat Transform
pp. 8882-8888
S. Sadhana and R. Mallika

Calculation of Shrinkage of Sand Cast Aluminium Alloys
pp. 8889-8893
Samavedam Santhi

Simulation based Solar PV System: A Cost-Effective Study
pp. 8894-8898
Krishan Kumar, M. A. Ansari, Vinaya Rana and Royal Singh

An experimental investigation during Electro Chemical Discharge Machining of e-glass fibre reinforced polymer composite
pp. 8899-8906
Gaurav Saini, Alakesh Manna and Amanpreet Singh Sethi

A Braille Transliteration on Tamil Vowels and Consonants Text Image
pp. 8907-8912
G.Gayathri Devi

An Optimized Approach of Routing Enhancement Using Hybrid ABC and Cuckoo Search and Analysed by FFNN
pp. 8913-8921
Mandeep Kaur and Balwinder Singh Sohi

Temperature Projections from GCMs Using Quantile Remapping Method
pp. 8922-8924
K. Shashikanth, Rajsekhar Reddy and M. Anjaneya Prasad

Indian Summer Monsoon Rainfall Extremes Projections using Block Maxima Approach under Climate Change
pp. 8925-8928
K Shashikanth and M Prashanthi

Development of Soil Plug in Pipe Pile: A Review
pp. 8929-8935
Aparna Verma and S.M. Ali Jawaid

An Efficient Privacy Preservation Frame Work for Big Data using IRSA
pp. 8936-8940
Johny Antony P and Antony Selvadoss Thanamani

Technique for Conversion of Text Document into Grade 2 Braille Script
pp. 8941-8946
G.Gayathri Devi

Effect of dopant Concentration and Heat Treatment on Morphological and Dielectric Properties of Rare Earth Substituted Strontium Hexaferrite Nanoparticles
pp. 8947-8953
Shivani Malhotra, Mansi Chitkara, Inderjeet Singh Sandhu and Sanjeev Kumar

Load Balancing Algorithm for Resource Management in Cloud Data Center
pp. 8954-8958
V.Umesh and B.G. Prasanthi

Labor Accidents in the Civil Works Sector Colombian Caribbean Context
pp. 8959-8963
E.A. Bedoya-Marrugo, D.D. Sierra- Calderon, C.A. Severiche-Sierra, A.C. Arnedo-Herrera, I.C. Osorio-Giraldo, E.A. Espinosa-Fuentes and A.L. Guzman Marrugo

Technological Proposal to Establish the Relation between the Postural Angle and CoP in Static Balance
pp. 8964-8970
Anjhelo Ramírez-Suarez, Lely Luengas and Esperanza Camargo

Application of Kumaraswamy Extreme Values Distributions to Earthquake Magnitudes in Iraq and Conterminous Regions
pp. 8971-8980
Jamal N. Al Abbasi, Hussam K. Risan and Israa Abdulameer Resen

Handwritten Urdu Characters Recognition Using Multilayer Perceptron
pp. 8981-8984
Mohd Jameel and Sanjay Kumar

Biodiversity of Arthropods from Algerian Palm Groves Ecosystem (Ghardaïa-Algeria)
pp. 8995-8990

Proficient Design Space Exploration of ZYNQ SoC using VIVADO Design Suite: Custom Design of High Performance AXI Interface for High speed data transfer between PL and DDR Memory using Hardware-Software Co-Design
pp. 8991-8997
Rikin J Nayak and Jaiminkumar B Chavda

Solving Complexity and Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling Problem in Aircraft Heavy Maintenance
pp. 8998-9004
Kusol Pimapunsri and Darawan Weeranant

Energy and Exergy Analysis of a Hybrid Refrigeration System
pp. 9005-9010
Naushad A. Ansari, Akhilesh Arora, Samsher and Manjunath K

Experimental Study of Thermoelectric Module Utilization as Water Heater
pp. 9011-9013
Tri Ayodha Ajiwiguna, Dian Suryani Wulandari and Mukhammad Ramdlan Kirom

Design of Framework for an Effective Intrusion Detection System
pp. 9014-9025
Nahier Aldhafferi

Analysis of Different Software Quality Assurances and Software Metrics in Implemented Applications
pp. 9026-9033
Ch. Subba Rao, I Ramesh Babu and Chinta Anuradha

A New Secure and Computational Efficient Multicast Key Distribution for Wireless Networks
pp. 9034-9041
B. Srinivasa Rao and P.Premchand

AspenPlusTM model of stack cell reactor for the conversion of CO2 and H2S to CH2O2
pp. 9042-9052
Jonathan C. Mbah, Rekisha A. Pootoon and Chengeto Kazuva

Effect of Change of Acidic Condition (pH) and Test Duration on Hydrogen Induced Cracking of Flat Rolled Steels
pp. 9053-9059
Goutam Ghosh, Paul Rostron, Rajnish Garg and Ashoutosh Panday

Assessing the Impact of the Modelling on The Operational Risk Profile of Banks
pp. 9060-9082
Saâd Benbachir and Mohamed Habachi

Outliers Detection in Multiple Circular Regression Models via DFBETAc Statistic
pp. 9083-9090
Najla Ahmed Alkasadi, Ali H. M. Abuzaid, Safwati Ibrahim and Mohd Irwan Yusoff

Wavelets As Minimizers Of Uncertainty From The Kinematical Group
pp. 9091–9102
Ashok Kumar Singh and Hemant Bhate

Fuzzy Transform for Low-contrast Image Enhancement
pp. 9103–9108
Reshmalakshmi C., Sasikumar M and Shiny G

Detection of dynamic and overlapping communities in social networks
pp. 9109-9122
Adel Mahfoudh, Hedia Zardi and Mohamed Amine Haddar

Hardware Implementation of Advanced Control Scheme of Unified Power Quality Conditioner with Sliding Mode Approach
pp. 9123-9126
P.Sivakumar and B. Kunjithapatham

Compensation of Voltage Sags and Swells by using Dynamic Voltage Restorer (DVR) and Active Power Filter
pp. 9127-9130
R. Abirami and G.Kirthika

Implementation of Decentralized Dynamic Power Sharing Strategy for Hybrid Energy Storage System in Autonomous DC Micro Grid
pp. 9131-9136
P. Avirajamanjula, S. Palaniyappa and S.Ezhilarasan

Simulation and Experimental Implementation of Single Phase Active Power Filters for Improving Power Quality
pp. 9137-9144
N.Karthik and M. Surya Kalavathi

Ureolytic Bacteria Effect Analysis for Mechanical properties Enhancement of Cement Mortar
pp. 9145-9153
Mansi Aggarwal and Manish Pandey

Study the Thermal Effect on Low Cost Lithium ions Battery
pp. 9154-9158
Md. Mizanur Rahman, Mohd. Jamrye Bin Jamanun, Alvin Tung Kwong Choong and Melvin Gan Jet Hong

Design of a New Low Power and Area Efficient Hardened Flip-Flop Based on Dynamic Logic
pp. 9159-9166
K. Joginaidu, R.Prasanna Laxmi, B. Sai Deepthi, B.Raja Phanindhra, M.Tarun Kumar and N.P.C.Varma

Design and Implementation of High Speed Arithmetic Processor
pp. 9167-9171
Safaa S. Omran and Ahmed K. Abdul-abbas

Determination of the Hinge Position on Joint-type Seatback Frame considering Hybrid Ⅲ Human Body Model
pp. 9172-9177
Yeong Jo Ju and Euy Sik Jeon

Design of an Energy Harvesting System for a Sailboat
pp. 9178-9187
Franco Salvatore, Bonfanti Mauro, Bracco Giovanni, Dafnakis Panagiotis, Sirigu Sergej Antonello and Mattiazzo Giuliana

Dynamic Solar Energy Transmittance for Water Flow Glazing in Residential Buildings
pp. 9188-9193
Fernando Del Ama Gonzalo, Belen Moreno and Juan A. Hernandez

Implementation of Fusion Technique with Modified Booth Recoder
pp. 9194-9197
Balamurugan.V, Jegan Antony Marcilin.L and VijayaIyyappan. A

Analyzing and Implementing an Online Metro Reservation System
pp. 9198-9206
Nora Alsubaie, Nashwa Althaqafi, Eman Alradwan, Fatima Al-Hazza, Mutasem Alsmadi, Ibrahim Al-Marashdeh, Usama A Badawi, Muneerah Alshabanah, Daniah Alrajhi, Sanaa Alsmadi and Mohammed Tayfour

Methods and Techniques in Studies Related to the Delphi Method, Innovation Strategy, and Innovation Management Models
pp. 9207-9214
Jhon W. Zartha, Juan M. Montes, Elva E. Vargas, Juan C. Palacio, Raúl Hernández and José L. Hoyos

A Review on Vehicle Tracking and Accident Detection System using Accelerometer
pp. 9215-9217

Energy Aware WSN Transmission and Network Lifetime Improvement using Particle Swarm based Distance Error Optimization
pp. 9218-9227
Manoj Challa, M .Damodar Reddy and P.Venkata Subba Reddy

Generalized semi regular closed sets in bitopological spaces
pp. 9228-9236
Osama Tantawy, H.M.Abo-Donia, Heba Ibrahem and Rawaa Alghanem

In-situ Measurement of Airborne Sound Insulation at Music Studio
pp. 9237-9240
Rizqi Naridha, M.S. Prawirasasra and Suprayogi

Tensile Stress Analysis of Steering Knuckle of an Automobile under Static Load
pp. 9241-9244
Raut Nikhil and Dharashivkar N. S.

Combined Effects on Unsteady MHD Convective flow of Rotating Viscous Fluid through a Porous Medium over a Moving Vertical Plate
pp. 9245-9259
B.V.Swarnalathamma, M. Veera Krishna and J.Prakash

Design and Development of Self-Sustainable Solar Energy Operated PV Assisted Sun Tracking Mechanism for Parabolic Trough Collector
pp. 9260-9266
Jignesh G. Vaghasia and Jayesh K. Ratnadhariya

Application of 3D Printing For Building Prototype Model of Osmania University Arts College – A Case Study
pp. 9267-9272
L.Siva Rama Krishna, Aravind Reddy.G, Bhaskar Sudhakanth.V and Sriram Venkatesh

LIFI for Medical care using Visible Light Communication
pp. 9273-9276
Arunapriya V, Praveen Kumar S and Kalimuthu K

Decision Support Predictive Model for Prognosis of Diabetes using SMOTE and Decision Tree
pp. 9277-9282
Shuja Mirza, Sonu Mittal and Majid Zaman

Influence of multipass welding procedures and thermal aging conditions on the impact toughness of AISI 316 austenitic stainless steel butt welded joints
pp. 9283-9287
Ranjit Singh and Sukhwinder Singh Jolly

A Probabily Secure WiFi Based Health Monitoring System through Assymetric Cryptography (RSA) Using Embedded Applications
pp. 9288-9293
G.Pandit Samuel, Ch.D.Naidu, M.V.Kishore and N.Aditya Sundar

Enhancement of Lifetime Ratio in Wireless Sensor Network Using Genetic Algorithm
pp. 9294-9300
Rashmi M and Rekha K.R and Nataraj K. R

Integrated Hybrid Intelligent System Approach for Vehicle Damage Prediction
pp. 9301-9309
S.Sridevi and P. Venkata Subba Reddy

Android News App
pp. 9310-9315
Brijesh Joshi and Nehal Patel

High Performance Concrete - Design & Testing of 85MPa
pp. 9316-9319
Tahir. Kibriya

Detection Of Electronic Card Failures Using The Analog Signature Analysis Technique
pp. 9320-9327
Diego A. Cabrera M. and Robinson Jiménez M

Makespan Minimization in Flexible Manufacturing System using Genetic Algorithm
pp. 9328-9334
Abhishek Yadav and S. C. Jayswal

Modeling and optimization of EDM Process Parameters on Machining of Inconel 686 using RSM
pp. 9335-9344
Shivam Kumar Singh and S. C. Jayswal

Technological Proposal for Measuring Electric Parameters in Households
pp. 9345-9352
Marco Latorre-González, Sneider Vanegas-Varon and Cesar Hernández

Gas-Liquid Hydrodynamics Simulation using CFD in a Helical Ribbon Impeller Applied for Non-Newtonian Fluids
pp. 9353-9359
L. Niño, M. Peñuela and G.R. Gelves

New Results on k-Heronian Mean Labeling
pp. 9360-9363
Tamilselvi M and Akilandeswari K

Study on Different Cluster Validity Indices
pp. 9364-9376
Shyam Kumar K and Raju G

A Comparative Study on Machining Performance of wet EDM, Near Dry EDM and Powder Mixed Near Dry EDM
pp. 9378-9381
Nimo Singh Khundrakpam, Gurinder Singh Brar and Dharmpal Deepak

Virtual Object of Learning for Driving Through Virtual Reality with Development of Peripherals and Glasses for Virtual Reality
pp. 9382-9386
Manuel García, Javier Varga and Lauren Isaza

Alumini Association Portal
pp. 9387-9390
R.Divya, A.Thamarai Selvi, Prabha Susy Mathew and N.Keerthika

Survey on Students Academic Performance Prediction Techniques
pp. 9391-9393
Aswini S Prasad, Remya P.S, Aswathi S and Silpa VM

Taguchi Parameter Design for MIG Welding of Al-65032 Alloy in as Weld Condition
pp. 9394-9402
P.Prabhakar Reddy, P.V.R.Ravindra Reddy, A.A.Sriramkrishna and N.V.Srinivasulu

EEAAFIT: Enhanced Efficiency of Apriori Approach for Frequent Itemset Techniques
pp. 9403-9406
Ramalingam Sugumara and M. AppasAli

A Bipartite Graph based Data Placement Technique for Cloud based Storage Area Network
pp. 9407-9412
Shabeen Taj G A and G.Mahadevan

pp. 9413–9419
P. Anuradha Kameswari and B. Ravitheja

Efficient Execution of Aggregate Queries on Big Data
pp. 9420-9427
Malatesh. S. Havanur and Y.S. Kumarswamy

Numerical Modelling of Heat Transfer for The First Kind Boundary Condition in the Pulsating Laminar Flow at the Initial Hydrodynamic Section in the Flat Channel
pp. 9428-9432
M.S. Purdin

Investigating the Effect of Head Movement during Running and Its Results in Record Time Using Computer Vision
pp. 9433-9436
Mohammad Almasi

Simulation of 3-Phase 2- Stator Induction Motor Using MATLAB Platform
pp. 9437-9441
Pallavi R.Burande and A.R.Soman

Impact of Urban Activities on Water Quality
pp. 9442-9449
CHAIB Oualid, MAISSOUR Abdellah, El OUALI ALAMI Abdelhakim, El ARABI Ilham and OUMOKHTAR bouchra

Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Frames with Different Beam-column Joints Types
pp. 9450-9456
Aamer Najim Abbas, Saif Khudhair Ali and Waleed Awad Waryoosh

Code Quality Measurement and Automatic Bug Triage Using Data Reduction Techniques
pp. 9457-9459
D.kiranmayi, K.Nasaramma, M.Bangaru.Lakshmi and G.Prasanna Priya

Development of Binary Mixtures of Palmitic Acid, Stearic Acid and Acetamide for Heat Storage in Solar Dryers
pp. 9460-9467
Anand Jain, Atul Sharma and Anil Kumar

A Secure E-Voting System Using RSA and Md5 Algorithms Using Random Number Generators
pp. 9468-9473
N.Aditya Sundar, M.V.Kishore and Ch.Suresh

Implementing Fuzzy Technique to Expert System - A Case Study on Salt Analysis
pp. 9474-9479
Kriti Asija and Harkiran Kaur

Electroflocculation System Based on Power Electronics that Contributes to the Treatment of Contaminated Water
pp. 9480-9484
Javier Vargas, Fabian Ramirez and Jairo Hernandez

Performance Analysis of web Application deployment on cloud using M/M/S/K Queueing model
pp. 9485-9492
N.Neelima, B.Basaveswar Rao, K.Gangadhara Rao and K.Chandan

Effect of Oxygenated DEE Additive to Ethanol and Diesel Blend in the Context of Performance and Emissions Characteristics of CI Engine
pp. 9493-9499
K. R. Patil

Different Configurations of Photonic Crystal Power Splitters for PIC’s - A Review
pp. 9500-9508
Poonam Jindal and Harsimran Jit Kaur

Comparative study of efficiency of Solar, Ambient noise and Wind energy for Hybrid Car
pp. 9509-9512
Rajesh Kumar, Rinku Sharma, Deependra Pratap Singh and Santosh Kumar Awasthi

Digital Control Process Automation in Temperature Reactor System
pp. 9513-9524
C. C. Udeze, V. C. Chijindu, F. N. Ugwoke and K. C. Okafor

PAPR Reduction in OFDM Using Hybrid Genetic and Tone Injection Algorithm’s
pp. 9525-9539
Shaik Rasool Saheb and K. Krishna Murthy

Adaptive Lexicons based Opinion Mining for Market Drift Analysis in Social Big Data Platform
pp. 9540-9548
Bhuvaneswari A, Arul Shalini A, Aishwarya G and Valliyammai C

New approach of intelligent technique to Optimize Maximum power point tracking with PID controller by using the algorithm of fuzzy inference system
pp. 9549-9552
Adnan Adhab K. Al-saeedi, Nidaa Ghalib Ali and Muhanad Jabar Yaser

Novel Collaborative Intrusion Detection System (Ids) Method Based On Cloudlet Mesh
pp. 9553-9557
Divyavani G and Dileep Kumar Reddy P

A Significant Research Framework on Goal Oriented Requirement Engineering
pp. 9558-9564
Jameela Bano, L. S. S. Reddy and Hedi Khammari

Optimization of production scheduling with RC-Filter approach: A case study
pp. 9565-9573
M. Alzidani, T. M., Dao

Technological Proposal for Controlling a Residential Lighting System
pp. 9579-9587
Lenin Coca and Cesar Hernández

Application of Sumudu Decomposition Method to Solve Nonlinear System Fredholm and Volterra Integrodifferential Equations
pp. 9588-9595
Y. A. Amer, A. M. S. Mahdy and H. A. R. Namoos

Experinmental Determination and Optimization of Hard Turned Austempered Ductile Iron (ADI) With AL-TI-N Coated Carbide Insert
pp. 9596-9600
Rajesh S, Veerapandian R, Madhan Kumar S, Hari Krishnan M and Vignesh T

Design and Fabrication of A Multi-Purpose, Portable and Foldable Ladder
pp. 9601-9606
Rajat Srivastava, Amit Kumar Shukla, Kunwar Mangalesh B. Singh, Ram Ashish Pal and Jeeoot Singh

Resource Augmentation for Mobile Devices in Mobile Cloud Computing Environments: A Review
pp. 9607-9615
Jitender Kumar and Amita Malik

Heat transfer in a Second order Fluid over a Continuous Stretching Surface subject to Transverse Magnetic Field
pp. 9616-9626
Dr. V. Dhanalaxmi

Krill Herd based Optimization for Job Shop Scheduling Problems (JSSP) to Minimize Make Span Time
pp. 9627-9636
Vineet Kumar, OmPal Singh and Radhey Shyam Mishra

Fault-Aware Advance Reservation Scheduling in Heterogeneous Computing Systems
pp. 9637-9645
Harmanpreet Kaur and Amit Chhabra

Clustering by Enhancing Co-occurrence Frequency
pp. 9646-9650
Rathinasabapathy R

Does Gender Influence Investor Behavior in the Secondary Equity Market?
pp. 9651-9662
Renu Isidore. R and P.Christie

Single Source Inverter for Domestic Application
pp. 9663-9667
G.Sivagovind and P.Avirajamanjula

Power Factor Correcction Using LED Deriver Based Converter
pp. 9668-9673
D.Gurumoorthy and P.Avirajamanjula

Interval-Valued Intuitionistic Fuzzy Ideal Extensions in Semiring
pp. 9674-9679
K.R.Balasubramanian and V.Raja

CMOS Active Inductor: A Technical Review
Dhara P Patel and Shruti Oza

An Energy Efficient Data Placement Technique for Cloud based Storage Area Network
pp. 9686-9691
Shabeen Taj G A and G.Mahadevan

Effect of Negative Poisson’s Ratio on the Deformation of an Elastic Half-Space due to Point Heat Source and Center of Dilatation
pp. 9692-9700
Renu Muwal and Kuldip Singh

Modeling of Fabricated NiO/TiO2 P-N Heterojunction Solar Cells
pp. 9701-9705
Ukoba, O.K and Inambao F.L

Performance and Emissions of Compression Ignition Engines Fuelled with Waste Cooking Oil Methyl Ester – A Critical Review
pp. 9706-9723
Awogbemi, O, Inambao, F. and Onuh E.I

Clustering Based Topology Control Protocol for Data Delivery in Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 9724-9729
Konda.Hari Krishna, Y. Suresh Babu and Tapas Kumar

Long Term Generic Planning Framework For Interconnection a PV Plant with the Grid
pp. 9730-9740
Moathe A. ALjohani and Thamer Alquthami

Extraction and Physicochemical Characterization of Oil Based on Seeds of Parinari pachyphylla Rusby
pp. 9741-9745
J.J. Lafont-Mendoza, J.D. Guzmán-Daguer, C.A. Severiche-Sierra, J. Jaimes-Morales and Y.A. Marrugo-Ligardo

Reduction of Power Quality Issues in Micro-Grid Using Fuzzy Logic Based DVR
pp. 9746-9751
Thaha.H.S and T.Ruban Deva Prakash

A Study on the Tax Net Operating Loss Carry-forward and The Value of Firms Belonging to Large Business Groups
pp. 9752-9757
Yeyoung Moon

Automated Software Testing Framework for Web Applications
pp. 9758-9767
Milad Hanna, Amal Elsayed Aboutabl and Mostafa-Sami M. Mostafa

Application Study of Pottery Clay Adhesive on Structure Enclosure for Water Proof and Pressurization Condition
pp. 9768-9771
M.S.Vijaykumar and R.Saravanan

Hall effects on MHD Flow through Porous Medium in a Rotating Parallel Plate Channel
pp. 9772-9789
G. Padma and S.V.Suneetha

Influence of Pressure Head and Sand Fineness on Filling Ability of US A356
pp. 9790-9793
Samavedam Santhi

Integrated Approach to Cloud Security: IACS
pp. 9794-9801
Vimmi Pandey and Mridula Dube

Network Connectivity Analysis of VANET using Fuzzy Logic Controller
pp. 9802-9806
Poonam Rathore and Laxmi Shrivastava

A Novel Image Segmentation Approach for Brain Tumor Detection Using Dual Clustering Approach
pp. 9807-9810
E.Mohan, A.Annamalai Giri and S.V.Aswin Kumer

High Resolution Satellite Image Enhancement Using Discrete Wavelet Transform
pp. 9811-9815
R.Sivakumar and E. Mohan

Crop Yield Prediction of Wheat Using Fuzzy C Means Clustering and Neural Network.
pp. 9816-9821
Akanksha Verma, Aman Jatain and Shalini Bajaj

Flow and Heat Transfer in a Viscoelastic Fluid over a non-isothermal Stretching Sheet with viscous dissipation and Internal Heat Generation
pp. 9822-9830
V. Dhanalaxmi

An Analytical, Lagrange’s Interpolation Technique for the USE in the Analysis of a 4-Bar Mechanism Coupler Curve Equation
pp. 9831-9834
Khalid Nafees

Detection and Removal of XSS Vulnerabilities with the Help of Genetic Algorithm
pp. 9835-9842
Jyotiraditya Tripathi, Bhawana Gautam and Satwinder Singh

Road Traffic Prediction Using KNN and Optimized Multilayer Perceptron
pp. 9843-9847
Sabrina and Amit Chhabra

Deformation of a Layered Poroelastic Half-Space Subjected to Fluid Extraction
pp. 9848-9857
Amit Kumar, Kuldip Singh and Mukesh Kumar Sharma

Experimental investigationonCaCl2.6H2O for subcooling behavior and its correction for low temperature thermal energy storage
pp. 9858-9867
Hari Kumar Singh and D Buddhi

A Simplified Method for Short Circuit Calculations in LV Radial Networks
pp. 9868-9870
Hani Obeid

Application of Thermoelectric Module as Heater for Eggs Incubator System
pp. 9871-9873
Tri Ayodha Ajiwiguna, Indah Khairunnisa and Suprayogi

A Secure Coding Approach For Prevention of SQL Injection Attacks
pp. 9874-9880
Bhawana Gautam, Jyotiraditya Tripathi and Satwinder Singh

A Comprehensive Review of Soft Computing Techniques
pp. 9881-9886
Gurbakash Phonsa and Kapil Kumar Bansal

Structural Analysis of Automotive Chassis, Design Modification and Optimization
pp. 9887-9892
Rohan Y Garud, Shahid C Tamboli and Anand Pandey

Displacement and Stress Analysis in Shear Deformable Thick Plate
pp. 9893-9908
Onyeka F. C., Okafor, F. O. and Onah, H.N.

Automated Histopathological Diagnosis of Pediatric Medulloblastoma – A Review Study
pp. 9909-9915
Daisy Das, Lipi B. Mahanta, Basanta Kr. Baishya, Inamul Haque and Shabnam Ahmed

Design and Implementation of Information Security using Neural Network Architecture
pp. 9916-9923
Kushal Karmakar, Soumik Kundu and Soumya Paul

Hybrid PTS-Clipping Scheme for PAPR Reduction in MIMO-OFDM Systems
pp. 9924-9928
Beena A O, Sakuntala S Pillai and N. Vijayakumar


Optimization based Neural Network for face Recognition

pp. 9929-9935

Pradip Panchal and Hiren Mewada


A New Application of G’/G-Expansion Method for Travelling Wave Solutions of Fractional PDEs

pp. 9936-9942

Chandrali Baishya and R. Rangarajan


Load Flow & Short Circuit Analysis of 132/33/11KV Substation using ETAP

pp. 9943-9952

Bhagyashri Patil and Swapnil Namekar


Modelling of Surface Assimilation of Water in Load Lock Vacuum System

pp. 9953-9956

Talam Satyanarayana, Rambabu Busi and G. Anusha


A Survival Study on Different Aerial Image Classification Techniques

pp. 9957-9964

A.Gokila Vani and V. Saravanan


Green Computing to Reduce the Harmful Impact of Technology on the Earth

pp. 9965-9968

S.Kayathri, S.Girija and S.Meena


Synchronous Buck Converter Modeling and Design of Hysteresis Band Based Sliding Mode Controller

pp. 9969-9977

R.Thamaraiselvi and J.Baskaran


Performance Evaluation of a Sensorless Induction Motor Drive using PI Based MRAS
pp. 9978-9981
N.V.Uma Maheswari and L. Jessi Sahaya Shanthi

Design and Development of Blower Impeller by Reverse Engineering for Noise Reduction using CFD
pp. 9982-9987
Vinayak R. Naik and Vikas B. Magdum

FPGA Implementation of Reversible Vedic Multiplier
pp. 9988-9998
Gowthami P and R. V. S. Satyanarayana

A Study on Bessel Wavelet Transform
pp. 9999-10004
B.N.Tripathi, C.P.Pandey and Rakesh Mohan

Detecting Software Bad Smells from Software Design Patterns using Machine Learning Algorithms
pp. 10005-10010
Akashdeep Kaur and Satwinder Singh

Development of an Electronic System for the Control, Monitoring and Follow-up of Patients with Neurodegenerative Diseases through Biomedical Signal Processing
pp. 10011-10026
Olguer Sebastian Morales V., Robinson Jiménez Moreno and Javier Orlando Pinzón Arenas

Effect of Oxy-Hydrogen Addition in Gasoline on Engine Performance, Combustion Characteristics and Combustion Process at Different CR and IA
pp. 10038-10047
Milind S. Yadav and Suresh M. Sawant

Double-Blind Key-Attribute Based Encryption Algorithm for Personalized Privacy-Preserving of Distributed Data Mining
pp. 10048-10057
S.Urmela and M.Nandhini

Fuzzy Intelligent Controller for the MPPT of a Photovoltaic Module in comparison with Perturb and Observe algorithm
pp. 10058-10062
B. Amarnath Naidu, S. Anil Kumar and M. Siva Sathya Narayana

Cooling Performance Analysis and Improvement in the Cooling Sytem of SAE-Supra Vehicle
pp. 10063-10068
Ram Bilas Prasad, Navendu Singh, Rahul Singh, Shubham Sahai and Avanish Kumar Singh

Performance Comparison of Model Based Test-Suite Optimization Using Evolutionary Algorithms and Greedy Heuristic Algorithm
pp. 10069-10081
Mettu Sumender Roy and G Samuel Vara Prasada Rao

Design of Dual band Slotted Microstrip Patch Antenna for Wi-Fi & Wi-Max Application
pp. 10082-10093
Prasanna Paga, H.C.Nagaraj and T.S.Rukmini

An Efficient Deadline Constrained Job Scheduling Using Spider Monkey Optimization
pp. 10094-10104
Amanpreet Kaur and Amit Chhabra

Removal of Safranin O dye from synthetic wastewater by Activated Carbon prepared from Tamarind seeds
pp. 10105-10107
Kosha Shah and Amit Parmar

Critical Factors Which are Affecting the Success of Construction Project in Gwalior Division , India"
pp. 10108-10114
Harsh Singh Ranawat, G.Bhadoriya and M.K Trivedi

Brackish water aquaculture development and its impacts on agriculture land: A case study on coastal blocks of Purba Medinipur district, West Bengal, India using multi-temporal Satellite data and GIS Techniques
pp. 10115-10123
Atanu Ojha and Abhisek Chakrabarty

A Novel Application of Rule Induction Algorithm for Parametric interpretation of Satellite On-orbit performance
pp. 10124-10128
S.A.Kannan and T.Devi

Modeling Study of the Particulate Matter in Lima with the WRF-Chem Model: Case Study of April 2016
pp. 10129-10141
Odón. R. Sánchez-Ccoyllo, Carol. G. Ordoñez-Aquino, Ángel G. Muñoz, Alan Llacza, María Fátima Andrade, Yang Liu, Warren Reátegui-Romero and Guy Brasseur

pp. 10142–10145
Hari Shankar and Neha Mathur





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