International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 13, Number 12 (2018)





Methodologies to Reduce Defects in Ceramic Products industries: Application of Continuous Improvement Processes
pp. 10146-10149
Sagar Patel and Mohammad Israr

Experimental Study: The Influence of Shaft Slope on Rotation of the Three-Bladed Archimedes Screw Turbine
pp. 10150-10154
Tineke Saroinsong, Alfred Noufie Mekel, Adelbert Thomas and Rudy Soenoko

Improved Design of a Wheeled Hybrid Mobile Robot, Modeling and Co-Simulation
pp. 10155-10163
Farah Salem, Alsaba Michel and Aldayoub Ziad

Smart Farming using Internet of Things
pp. 10164-10168
Rathinkumar. H. Kothiya, Karan L. Patel and Hardik S. Jayswal

Evaluation Model Based on Artificial Neural Networks for the use and Appropriation of Information and Communication Technologies in Higher Education Teachers
pp. 10169-10174
Javier Vargas, María Consuelo Moreno and Lauren Isaza

General Study on Polynomials Associated With Humbert Polynomials
pp. 10175-10180
Kaur Singh Dhounsi

Performance of Series Compensator with UPQC in Power System
pp. 10181-10185
S.Sankar and D.Moorthy

Condition Based monitoring system using IoT
pp. 10186-10190
Karan Muvvala, Ashwin Nair, Amol Mangrulkar, Harsh Mistry and Sanaul Mukadam

Detection of Skin Cancer Using ABCD Features
pp. 10191-10195
N.DurgaRao and G.Sudhavani

Ontology Development and Keyword Count Using Research Proposal Selection Frequency Distribution Algorithm
pp. 10196-10201
M. Balamurugan and E. Iyswarya

Characterization of e-homomorphism of Semi Graphs
pp. 10202-10204
Paras D Uchat and Maitri Sutaria

Effect of the quality factor on the distribution frequency - time of the otoacoustic emissions
pp. 10205-10214
Adnan AL-Maamury

Finite Element Modeling and Analysis of Aged Timber Trusses located in Northern Italy
pp. 10215-10219
Claudio Carino and Fabio Carli

Dimensionality Reduction of Image Features using an Autoencoder
pp. 10220-10226
Mercy Rajaselvi Beaulah P.and Manjula D.

Multi-layer Systems to secure Software Component as a Service (SCaaS)
pp. 10227-10233
Mahmoud M. El-Khouly, Rola Motawie and Maged Hussien Wafy

Highly Conductive PEDOT: PSS Flexible Film with Secondary Doping and Spray Pyrolysis Method
pp. 10234-10239
Fadhil Muhammad Tarmidzi and Setia Budi Sasongko

Engine Sound Analyzer Using Fast Fourier Transform and Application for Motorcycle Engines
pp. 10240-10242
Alvin Kosasih, Hadi Sutanto and Djoko Setyanto

Modified Drawer Compacted Sand filter using Mineral sand
pp. 10243-10245
Subair.V, Ihzana.N, Anjali.M, Ihsan Saleem K.K, Risiyas E.K and Vyshak. P

Invariant Feature Representation in Indian Sign Language for Variant Illumination and Posture
pp. 10246-10255
Sarita D. Deshpande and Yashwant V. Joshi

Review of Mobile Security Problems and Defensive Methods
pp. 10256-10259
PMD Nagarjun and Shaik Shakeel Ahamad

Adsorption of Alizarine Red-S Dye from Aqueous Solution by Cane Sugar Bagasse: Resolution of Isotherm, Kinetic and Thermodynamics
pp. 10260-10267
M.Karthika and M.Vasuki

Protocols in Mobile Cognitive Wireless Sensor Networks: A Survey
pp. 10268-10275
Mohammed Nazeer and Garimella Rama Murthy

Process Identification for Dismantling of Commercial Lens Assembly and Feasibility Study towards Earth Observation
pp. 10276-10280
Shah Maulik, Patel Axat, Patel Ketan and Prajapati Chetan

Smart Parking System Based on Internet of Things
pp. 10281-10285
Poonam Mangwani

Deadline Aware Multi-Objective Dragonfly Optimization Technique for Scheduling Jobs in Multi-Cluster Environment
pp. 10286-10292
Deepanshi Nanda and Amit Chhabra

An Optimized Approach to Achieve Energy Efficiency and Reliability Using Distance Aware Checkpointing Approach
pp. 10293-10297
Harpreet Kaur and Kamaljeet Kaur

Development of Mathematical Model to Predict Weld Bead Geometry and Parameters Optimization for Pulsed MIG Welding Using Statistical Design of Experiments
pp. 10298-10309
Yerriswamy Wooluru, Swamy D R and Jagadish Rangaswamy

Design of Solar Evacuated Tube Collector for Low Intensity Thermal Energy
pp. 10310-10315
Shadab Ahmad and Shah Alam

An Algorithm for Semantic based Automated Functional Testing on Web
pp. 10316-10326
Deepali Sharma and Sanjay Kumar Malik

An Algorithm for Merging Two Ontologies: A Case Study
pp. 10327-10338
Swati Negi and Sanjay Kumar Malik

A Short Review on the Language Identification Systems of Social Media Post
pp. 10339-10342
Priyadarshini Lamabam

Essential Knowledge and Skills Required by Rural Farmers in Making Cell Phones Effective for Boosting Agricultural Production in Enugu State, Nigeria
pp. 10343-10354
F.M. Onu, Jimoh Bakare, F.O. Ifeanyieze, Clara Nwankwo, Onah Fredrick, Lilian Ekenta & Ezebuiro Felicia

Why Assess the Risk-Related Behavior and Pro-Social Behavior in Children Ages 4 to 6 Years?
pp. 10355-10357
Rosalba Molina Huertas, Edilberto Fernández Santos and Laura Paola Fernández

CNC Milling Portable PM 1035
pp. 10358-10364
Ernest, Hadi Sutanto and Djoko Setyanto

Experimental Investigation of Friction Stir Welding on AA 5052 H32
pp. 10365-10371
Anant Kumar Gupta and Sunil Kumar Yadav

Evolution of Thermal Expansion due to Anharmonic Potential
pp. 10372-10375
Adnan Jaradat, Abdalla Obeidat, Maen Gharaibeh, Khaled Aledealat, Khitam Khasawinah, Mohammad Qaseer and Akram A. Rousan

Exergetic Evaluation of a Rankine Cycle with Regeneration: Effect of Turbine Inlet Temperature and Source Temperature
pp. 10376-10380
Leonardo Arrieta Mondragón, Guillermo Valencia Ochoa and Carlos Acevedo Peñaloza

Product Detection System for Home Refrigerators implemented though a Region-based Convolutional Neural Network
pp. 10381-10388
César Giovany Pachón, Javier Orlando Pinzón and Robinson Jimenez Moreno

Operations in Fuzzy Labeling Graph through Matching and Complete Matching
pp. 10389-10393
S. Yahya Mohamad and S.Suganthi

Weighted Multi-Objective Cluster Based Honey Bee Foraging Load Balanced Routing in Mobile Ad Hoc Network
pp. 10394-10405
C.Daniel Nesa Kumar and V. Saravanan

Efficient MPPT of PV Cell & Wind for Internet of Things
Rupali K. Vibhute and R.S.Desai

Use of CNNs for follower mobile agents with safe distance
Paula C. Useche Murillo, Robinson Jiménez Moreno and Javier O. Pinzón Arenas

Data Recovery by Fountain Codes in IoT Networks
pp. 10419-10423
G.Aishwarya and V.Latha

Sustainable Construction – Performance of Concrete containing Building Demolition Waste in Concrete
pp. 10424-10434
T. Kibriya

Inventory Policies for Deteriorating Items under Stock-Dependent Demand with Variable Holding Cost
pp. 10435-10448
Nita H. Shah and Monika K. Naik

Scheduling Parallel Jobs with Deadline and Makespan Constraints using Multi-Objective Monarch Butterfly Algorithm
pp. 10449-10457
Simrat pal kaur and Amit Chhabra

An Optimized Algorithm: Maxchild on Workflow Scheduling
pp. 10458-10461
Rakesh Kumar and Kamaljeet Kaur

Effects of operating Parameters on Recovery of non-floatable Coal by Column flotation
pp. 10462-10469
K.Prasad Babu, K.S.K Rao Patnaik and R.Shyam Sunder

Reliability Optimization Using Peer to Peer Checkpointing through Dynamic Request and Requirement Aware Mechanism
pp. 10470-10477
Gagan Amrit Kaur and Kamaljeet Kaur

Shortest Path Problems Using Complete Partitions
pp. 10478-10481
P. Geetha and A.Gnanam

An Analytical Review of Multi-objective Optimal Power Flow Techniques
pp. 10482-10499
Abhishek Jain, Soniya Lalwani and Mahendra Lalwani

Anti-Theft Security System for the Money Transfer Vehicles between Banks
pp. 10500-10503
Mohammad Najim Abdalla, Hassan Awheed Jeiad and Mays Sattar Jabbar

Teaching and Learning of Mathematics through Technology at Senior Secondary School
pp. 10504-10511
L.P. Lalduhawma

Effect of the Sulfonation in a Proton Exchange Membrane from n-Butyl Acrylate/Styrene Modified with Fe2O3 for Fuel Cells
pp. 10512-10516
Alvaro Realpe Jimenez, Johan Muñoz Carbal, Sandy Chico Marín, María Acevedo Morantes and Dina Mendoza Beltran

Using Artificial Neural Network Technique to Save Energy Consumption in HVAC Systems
pp. 10517-10524
Amal El Berry and Haya Alaskr

Optimization of Availability of Towel Manufacturing System: A Case Study
pp. 10525-10534
Mukesh Kumar, Vineet Kumar Singla and Vikas Modgil

Bipolar Fuzzy Planar Graphs
pp. 10535-10538
S. Yahya Mohamed and N.Subashin

Effective Thinning Algorithm for Recognition of Hand Written Devnagri Compound Characters Using Neural Network
pp. 10539-10550
Prashant Yawalkar and M. U. Kharat

Fabrication and Optimization of Machining Parameters on Al 2024-Gr-B4C Hybrid MMCS during Machining Process
pp. 10551-10558
K. Sunil Ratna Kumar, Ch. Ratnam, B.V.Subrahmanyam and A. Srinivasa Rao

Effect of CuO Nanoparticles on Antimicrobial Activity Prepared by Sol-Gel Method
pp. 10559-10562
Wisam M. Mohammed, Tahseen H. Mubark and Raad M. S. Al-Haddad

Abdomen and Oblique Twister Machine
pp. 10563-10572
Vipul Kumar Sharma

pp. 10573-10579
R. Panduranga Rao, V.S. Kumar and B. Nagesawara Rao

Realization of NOMA Scheme using Interleaved Division Multiple Access for 5G
pp. 10580-10587
S. Syed Ameer Abbas and S. Priyadarsini

Briquettes Made with Mixtures of Salak Seed (Salacca zalacca) Charcoal and Coconut Shell Charcoal and the Potential as an Alternative Energy Source
pp. 10588-10592
Anny G. Lukas, John Z. Lombok and I Dewe K. Anom

Pyrolisis of Salak Seed (Salacca zallaca) and Toxicity Test of Its Liquid Smoke to the Mortality of Artemia salina Leach Larvae
pp. 10593-10597
Lentji Wagania, I Dewe K. Anom and Ardi Kapahang

Correlation between Camshaft Overlap Degree and Power, Torque and Fuel Consumption on 150 CC Four Stroke One Cylinder Otto Engine
pp. 10598-10603
Bhirowo Wihardanto, Wegie Ruslan and Djoko Setyanto

Passenger Flow Analysis in Metro Network Using Machine Learning Technique
pp. 10604-10606
Raparthi abhinay, Thanishya yella and Devakunchari R

On the Development of Efficient Undercoat for Depositing Copper on Magnesium Alloy AZ80A
pp. 10607-10610
D. Peter Pushpanathana, N. Alagumurthib and S. Pradeep Devaneyanc

Role of Panellists Variation in Determining Odour Hedonic Scale
pp. 10611-10617
Ruth Kartika, Arief Sabdo Yuwono and Chusnul Arif

k-Super Harmonic Mean Labeling of Some H-GRAPHS
pp. 10618-10622
M. Tamilselvi and N. Revathi

Development of Mobile Application for Laundry Services Using Android Studio
pp. 10623-10626
Akanksha Gupta, Debendra Kumar Panda and Mayank Pande

Stereographic l – Axial Half Logistic Distribution
pp. 10627-10634
Sreekanth, Y. Phani, S.V.S.Girija and A.V. Dattatreya Rao

Investigating Metastasis Based on CT-Scan Tumor Edge Detection
pp. 10641-10646
Chethan K S and Nataraj K R

Educational Management with Technology Support
pp. 10647-10650
Roberto M. Passailaigue and Vivian Estrada

Implementation of McNemar’s Teston the Cellular Operator Company in the Comparative Hypotheses Test for Two Correled Samples
pp. 10651-10657
Georgina Maria Tinungki

Study of Effect of Process Parameters of Welding during TIG welding of AA 7075 and its optimization
pp. 10658-10663
Harmish Bhatt

A light weight clustering mechanism for WSAN
pp. 10664–10671
Jyoti Bhola, Surender Soni and Jagadeesh Kakarla

Influence of Guided Particle Swarm Optimization in Automatic Music Emotion Recognition: A Comparative Study Using Different ANN Architectures
pp. 10672-10676
Nurlaila Rosli and Nordiana Rajaee

New Subclass of Univalent Functions Defined By Using Generalized Al-Oboudi Differential Operator
pp. 10677-10680
M.Thirucheran and T.Stalin

Design and Performance of Sustainable concrete
pp. 10681-10686
M. Sneha and RM. Senthamarai

Error Rate Performance of OFDMA and MIMO Technology Over Rayleigh Fading Channel in 4G Networks
pp. 10687-10689
D.Lalitha Kumari and M.N.Giri Prasad

Design and Performance Analysis of a Dual Band Micro-Strip Patch Antenna with CPW-FED Wireless Communication
pp. 10690-10695
Rahul Tiwari, Laxman Yogi, Ashish Bagwari and Vivek Singh Kushwah

Application of Nanopillars-TiO2 Thin Films in the Photocatalytic Degradation of Methyl Parathion from Aqueous Solution
pp. 10696-10701
C. Lalhriatpuia, Thanhmingliana and K. Vanlaldinpuia

A Security for MANET Interruption Recognition & Preclusion approaches for Network Layer Attacks
pp. 10702-10706
V. Nancy

Empirical Relation for Designing a Bifolded Printed Bent Monopole Antenna
pp. 10707-10713
Mary Rani Abraham and Sona O. Kundukulam

Fast Iterative Channel Estimation with Original Symbol Phase Rotated Secure Transmission against Powerful Massive MIMO Eavesdropper
pp. 10714-10721
Gurpreet Kaur Kohli and Kiranpreet Kaur

Cause Estimation of Neonatal Cry Using Raspberry Pi
pp. 10722-10726
Mahadev S. Patil and Umesh A. Kamerikar

A Method for Reducing the Routing Overhead in Secure Mobile AD HOC Networks
pp. 10727-10732
Kushal joshi and Subodh Mishra

Influence of geotextiles in enhancing the shear strength of Yamuna sand
pp. 10733-10740
Ankur Mudgal, Raju Sarkar and Amit Kumar Shrivastava

HW-SW co-design on Zynq SoC Case Study: Simple Miniature DC Motor Speed Control System
pp. 10741-10748
Sheetal Bhandari and Shashank Pujari

Comparative performance of ZSM-5 and activated carbon supports in alcohol conversion over Fe, Zn and Ni based catalysts
pp. 10749-10752
Mthobisi S. Ndebele and Yusuf M. Isa

Flexure Response of FGM Plate Using Hyperbolic Shear Deformation Theory and Meshfree Approach
pp. 10753-10767
Peeyush Chandra Vishwakarma and JeeootSingh

Overview the Condition of Seawaters Around the Fish Landing Base in Sarang - Indonesia
pp. 10768-10778
Slamet Isworo and Poerna Sri Oetari

Energy Analysis of a Single Cylinder 4-Stroke Diesel Engine Using Diesel and Diesel-Biodiesel Blends
pp. 10779-10788
Prachi Choudhary, Shivangi Sachar, Tanya Khurana, Urvashi jain, Yusuf Parvez and Manoj Soni

Teleoperation of a 6 DOF Anthropomorphic Manipulator: Test of Different Joint Control Techniques
pp. 10789-10795
Cindy T. Rivera, Steven S. Pastor, Oscar F. Avilés S, Mauricio Mauledoux and Oswaldo Rivera

Effect of Substrate Temperature on Structural and Optical Properties of ZnO Thin Films Prepared by APCVD Technique
pp. 10796-10803
Nabeel A. Bakr, Ziad T. Khodair and Adnan M. Saleh

Equilibrium Problem and Convergence Results for a New Implicit Iteration Process in Banach Space
pp. 10804-10818
Anju Panwar and Ravi Parkash Bhokal

Use of Agricultural Waste in the Preparation of Insulating Fireclay Bricks
pp. 10819-10825
Ali.M.Hassan, M.F.Abadir and H.Moselhy

Study of Microphone Array Characteristics and Noise Reduction
pp. 10826-10830
Navin Kumar and Alka Singh

Performance Analysis of Radio over Optical Fiber System with OFDM Using Multiplexing Techniques
pp. 10831-10844
Faris Mohammed Ali, Eman Abd Almalik Abd Ali and Mayada Gamil Tarbul

An Efficient Differential Evolution for Engineering Design Problems
pp. 10845-10854
Raghav Prasad Parouha

Underwater Wireless Sensor Monitoring and Tracking Framework: Dolphin Preserving in the Ganges
pp. 10855-10860
Subrata Sahana and Karan Singh

An Enhanced Framework for Identification and Risks Assessment of Zero-Day Vulnerabilities
pp. 10861-10870
Chanchala Joshi, Umesh Kumar Singh and Dimitris Kanellopoulos

Portfolio of Financial Options as Currency Hedging Strategy in Colombia
pp. 10871-10877
Luis M. Jiménez, Natalia M. Acevedo and Erick Lambis

Analysis of Lossless Compression Methods for Elemental Image Array in Three-Dimensional Integral Imaging
pp. 10878-10881
Hyeonah Jeong and Hoon Yoo

Fast Median Filtering by Use of Fast Localization of Median Value
pp. 10882-10885
Joungeun Bae and Hoon Yoo

A Study on Applications of Wavelets to Data Mining
pp. 10886-10896
Zaheer Abbas and Princess Raina

Corrosion Behavior Studies of Al7075 Reinforced with Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes Metal Matrix Composites in Acidic Medium
pp. 10897-10904
Rajesh M, K.V. Sharma, Shivarudraiah and Mahesha C. R.

Trend Analysis of State Observer Investigations applied to detection, isolation and identification of faults from 2007 to 2017
pp. 10905-10913
Edgardo E. Valencia, Carlos A. Martínez, Guillermo E. Valencia, Jorge E. Duarte and Luis G. Obregón

Modelling and Simulation Analyses for Bending Stresses in Involute Spur Gears by Finite Element Method
pp. 10914-10923
Ashu Jangid and Sandeep Kumar

Optimization of WEDM Parameters for SUPER Ni-718 Using GRA with Neutrosophic Sets
pp. 10924-10930
Y.Rameswara Reddy and B.Chandra Mohana Reddy

Multiple Classifier System for Writer Independent Offline Handwritten Signature Verification using Elliptical Curve Paths for Feature Extraction
pp. 10931-10938
Ashok Kumar and Karamjit Bhatia

An Intelligent Soft Computing Technique for Optimal Power Dispatch of Hydrothermal Systems
pp. 10939-10947
Baburao Pasupulati, Ashok Kumar R and Asokan K

Reliability and Availability Analysis for a Three-Unit Gas Turbine Power Generating System with Seasonal Effect and FCFS Repair Pattern
pp. 10948-10964
Rajesh, Gulshan Taneja and Jagdish Prasad

Selection of Number and Locations of Temperature and Luminosity Sensors in Intelligent Greenhouse
pp. 10965-10971
Suman Lata and H.K.Verma

Case Study of Corrosion Resistance on New Roofing Screws in Corrosive Environments
pp. 10972-10978
Bartolomeus Rante Allo, Hadi Sutanto and Isdaryanto Iskandar

Enhanced Catalytic Activity of Platinum Carbonaceous Materials in Catalytic Wet Air Oxidation of Poly Phenolic Substrate - p-coumaric Acid
pp. 10979-10990
Shahul Hameed Abdul Rahim, Candida Milone, Elpida Piperopoulos and Saveria Santangelo

Effect Of Magnetic Field And Radiation On MHD Heat And Mass Transfer Of Micropolar Fluid Over Stretching Sheet With Soret And Dufour Effects.
pp. 10991-11000
S.R. RaviChandra babu, S. Venkateswarlu and K. Jaya Lakshmi

Fault Diagnosis of an Induction Motor Using Motor Current Signature Analysis
pp. 11002-1008
Swapnali Janrao and Rupalee Ambekar

Design of a Biomass Cook stove with Co-generation Using Thermoelectric Generators
pp. 11009-11012
D.Poornima and S.Sangeetha




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