International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 13, Number 13 (2018)





Unadorned Gabor based Convolutional Neural Network Overrides Transfer Learning Concept
pp. 11012–11017
Jyothi R. L., Abdul Rahiman M. and Anilkumar A.


Trading Strategy on the Future Mini S & P 500

pp. 11018-11024

Luis Ruiz-Franco, Miguel Jiménez-Gómez and Erick Lambis-Alandete

Power Efficient Architecture for Image Scaling Applications
pp. 11025-11029
Narendra.C.P, H.S.Pooja, Chaitra G., Akash Kumar and Akash Deo

Flow Sampling for Network Intrusion Detection –An Acceptance Sampling Approach
pp. 11030-11034
C. Madhusudhana Rao and M.M.Naidu

Adsorption of Copper by Activated Carbon from Thumbai (Leucus aspera) Leaves
pp. 11035-11040
A.Anitha, R.Murugalakshmi and K.Kohilavani

Contour and Digital Terrain Models of Marshes Soil Properties by Using Geographic Information System (GIS)
pp. 11041-11044
Yousif Hussein Khalaf, Nagham Amer Abdulateef and Murtadha Sarhan Satchet

Design and Analysis of Lifting Mechanism in Water Dams Using Composite Materials
pp. 11045-11053
Mukhalad Kadim Nahi

Investigations on Growth and Characterization of Mono-Urea Oxalic Acid Crystals
pp. 11054-11061
T. Manju and P. Selvarajan

Seasonal Variation of Iron in Underground Drinking Water Sources in and around Moradabad City, Uttar Pradesh, India
pp. 11062-11068
Navneet Kumar and D.K.Sinha

Chatter Stability and Tool Wear Prediction during Orthogonal Turning by Considering Sharp Tool
pp. 11069-11076
Anuj Kumar, Munish Kumar and Ranbir Singh

Synthesis, Spectral Characterization of Some Novel Schiff’s base and its Antibacterial Studies
pp. 11077-11086
S. Manikandan and G. Thirunarayanan

Generalisation of Idempotent Fuzzy Matrices
pp. 11087-11090
K.Muthugurupackiam and K.S.Krishnamohan

Analog Signatures to Diagnose Faults in Printed Circuit Boards
pp. 11091-11095
Diego Augusto Cabrera Meza and Robinson Jiménez Moreno

Model Based Testing – A Case Study Approach
pp. 11096-11103
Mettu Sumender Roy and G Samuel Varaprasad Raju

Trend Analysis of Liquid Biofuels Research during the Years 2010 to 2018
pp. 11104-1111
Guillermo E. Valencia, Jorge E. Duarte and Luis G. Obregón

Adsorption Characteristics of Methylene Blue on Some Special Modified Clays
pp. 11112-11122
Omer L. Uyanik, Necla Bektas and Nurseli Uyanik

Computer-Aided Simulation of the Energetic and Exergetic Efficiency of a Two-Stage Cascade Cooling Cycle
pp. 11123-11128
Leonardo Arrieta Mondragón, Guillermo Valencia Ochoa and Gaudy Prada Botía

Impact and Analysis of Civil Works in Order to Improve the Colombian Logistic Performance Index
pp. 11129-11133
Henry Montaña Quintero, Holman Montiel Ariza and Vicente Reyes Mozo

Analysis of Research Trends in Biodiesel as Fuel during Last Decade
pp. 11134-11139
Guillermo E. Valencia, Jorge E. Duarte, Luis G. Obregón, Carlos Acevedo Peñaloza and Daniel Mendoza Casseres5

Modeling Contagion Financial Risk using Entropy Algorithm and Round by Round Model
pp. 11140-11150
Saâd Benbachir, Mohammed El Haddad and Younes Benbachir

A Class of Double Sampling Log Type Estimators for Population Variance Using Two Auxiliary Variable
pp. 11151-11155
Shashi Bhushan and Chandni Kumari

Heat and mass transfer on MHD flow of Non-Newtonian fluid over an infinite vertical porous plate
pp. 11156-11163
K.Raghunath, R.Siva Prasad and G.S.S.Raju

Effect of internal heating on weakly non-linear stability analysis of Rayleigh-Bénard Convection in a vertically oscillating Micropolar fluid
pp. 11164-11171
Vasudha Yekasi, S Pranesh and Shahnaz Bathul

Assessment of Usability of Green Spaces for Low and Higher mobility User in Gated Residential Communities through Accessibility Indicator
pp. 11172-11182
Prashanti Rao

Effect of Nano Silica on the Fresh and Hardened Properties of Cement Mortar
pp. 11183-11188
Akash Kumar and Gurpreet Singh

Dynamic Placement with Virtual Machine Splitting for Fault Tolerance in Cloud Computing
pp. 11189-11194
Sunila and Kamaljit Kaur

Implementation of Social Group Optimization to Economic Load Dispatch Problem
pp. 11195-11200
G. Madhavi and V. Harika

Unbalanced Voltage Compensation of Grid Integrated PV System with Fuzzy based Novel Seven level Inverter
pp. 11201-11207
T. Lova Lakshmi and M. Gopichand Naik

A Study on Solar Vapor Absorption Refrigeration Opportunities in Tropical Wet and Dry Climate
pp. 11208-11211
Rambhateri and Sndeep kumar

A Study on Efficient Design of Tall Telecommunication & Transmission Pole Bases
pp. 11212-11224
T. Kibriya

Study of Climate Change in Bogota, using Colombia and Global Temperature Data
pp. 11225-11230
A. J. Moreno, Cesar A. Perdomo and Oscar F. Avilés S

Efficient Communication in Underwater Acoustic Networks – A survey
pp. 11231-11235
Vidyalakshmi K, M.Siddappa and B.Shanmukha

Predictive Analysis of Diabetic Retinopathy
pp. 11236-11239
M Jayasanthi and Vaisnavee B K

A Note on Intuitionistic Fuzzy Set on the Basis of Reference Function
pp. 11240-11241
Bhimraj Basumatary and Dimacha Dwibrang Mwchahary

Mathematical Modeling and Simulation Analysis of A DC Motor Based Wind Turbine Emulation System
pp. 11242-11251
Shefali Jagwani and L. Venkatesha

Optimization of Nitrogen Air Separation Plant with Experimental Method
pp. 11252-11260
Alda Lumban Gaol, Djoko Setyanto and Anthony Riman

Adoption of Combinatorial Graph for Inhibitory Process in Optimization Problems
pp. 11261-11266
K. Shyamala, P. Chanthini, R. Krishnan and A. Murugan

A Fuzzy TOPSIS Approach for Evaluating the Quality of Breast Cancer Information on the Internet
pp. 11267-11271
Zuhaira Muhammad Zain

A Look to Different Approaches for the Detection and Correction of Anomalous Propagation in Meteorological Radars for Its Application in Colombia
pp. 11272-11278
Julián R. Camargo L., Ernesto Gómez Vargas and César A. Perdomo Ch.

Performance Evaluation of PPG based multimodal biometric system using modified Min-Max Normalization.
pp. 11279-11284
Girish Rao Salanke N S, M V Vijaya Kumar and Andrews Samraj

Comparison of Different Parameters of the Edge Feed and the Inset Feed Patch Antenna
pp. 11285-11288
Prakash Kuravatti

Data mining and neural networks for the analysis of the correlation coefficient in C-band meteorological radars
pp. 11289-11294
Julián R. Camargo L, Ernesto Gómez Vargas and César A. Perdomo Ch.

Maximum Power Point Tracking Method for PMSG-based Wind Energy Conversion Systems using Torque Observer
pp. 11295-11304
Thanh Van Nguyen and Kyeong-Hwa Kim

Clarifying Determinants of Business Innovation Capabilities for Technology Driven Entrepreneurial Firms
pp. 11305-11315
Ramamurthy Venkatesh and Tarun Kumar Singhal

Performance Analysis of improvement in Clustered Data Migration using Machine Learning Approaches
pp. 11316-11323
S.Venkata Prasad, K.G.Srinivasagan, V.Vivek and V.Manimaran

Securing Wireless Networks Using Trust Based Adaptive Acknowledgement
pp. 11324-11329
Ramakanth Reddy Malladi and A.Govardhan

A Characterization for Topologically Integer Additive Set-Indexers of Graphs II
pp. 11330-11335
Seema Mehra and Puneet

Interval Valued Anti Fuzzy Weak Bi-Ideals of Near Rings
pp. 11336-11339
M.Ramachandran and K.Dhilip kumar

Role of Visual Cryptography Schemes in Information Security: A Review
pp. 11340-11343
Suresh Prasad Kannojia and Jasvant Kumar


Performance Analysis of Evacuated Tube Collector

pp. 11344-11348

Harsh Kadyan


Experimental Investigation and Analysis of Solar Refrigeration System

pp. 11349-11353

Harsh Kadyan and A.K. Berwal


Design of A 12 KWp Grid Connected roof top Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant on school building in the Rohtak District of Haryana

pp. 11354-11361

Harsh Kadyan and Dr. A.K. Berwal





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