International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 13, Number 15 (2018)





Investigation of Wear Characteristics of Bio-Active Coating of Al2o3, Egg and Sea Shell Powder on Polyvinylchloride and Polyurethane
pp. 11701-11706
Venkatesh N, Hanumanthraju H G and Aravinda

An Approach to Semantic Search using Domain Ontology and GraphDB.
pp. 11707-11714
Vinayak Prasad Ramavath and Anjali Sudhir Moharir

Performance Analysis of Lossless and Lossy Image Compression Techniques for Human Object
pp. 11715-11723
S.Gomathi and T.Santhanam

A Survey on Multi Criteria Decision Making Recommendation System using Sentiment Analysis
pp. 11724-11729
Gaurav Kumar

Finite Element Analysis of Slender Composite Column Subjected to Eccentric Loading
pp. 11730-11737
Yonas T.Y., Temesgen W. and Senshaw F.W.

Study of Lateral Structural Systems in Tall Buildings
pp. 11738-11754
S .Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy and M.Eadukondalu

PEST Analysis of a Rankine Organic Cycle for Energy Recovery
pp. 11755-11760
Guillermo Valencia Ochoa, Carlos Acevedo Peñaloza and Daniel Mendoza Casseres

The Open Source Software Use Consequences in the Colombian Public Sector
pp. 11761-11764
Yenny Alexandra Avendaño Martinez, Octavio José Salcedo Parra and Miguel J. Espitia R.

A Review and Implementation of Modified DREAM Protocol in VANET
pp. 11765-11769
H.J. Shanthi and E.A. Mary Anita

GIS-based Computational Tools & Techniques for Multidimensional Data Analysis & Visualization
pp. 11770-11775
Sanjay Srivas and P. G. Khot

Test Case Prioritization Using Requirements Clustering
pp. 11776-11780
Rayapureddy Kalyani, Padmanabhuni Sai Mounika, Ravipati Naveen and Gnaneswari Maridu

Effect of Varying Throat Location in Wind Load Response of Natural Draught Hyperboloid Cooling Tower
pp. 11781-11792
S .Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy and Borla.Rajagopal

Ensemble Distributed Noun Attribute Selection based on its First Appearance for Text Document Clustering
pp. 11793-11801

Mixture Pareto Distribution of the Circadian Variation in AMH with PCOS Differs Significantly from Normally Ovulating Women
pp. 11802-11809
P.Velvizhi and S. Lakshmi

Securing Data using Touch Stroke Authentication in the Mobile Cloud
pp. 11810-11815
Ramananda Mallya K and B Srinivasan

Empirical Evaluation of Software Design Patterns using Classification Algorithms based Design Metrics
pp. 11816-11823
Moha Gupta and Satwinder Singh

Implementing Big Data Privacy with MapReduce for Multidimensional Sensitive Data
pp. 11824-11829
Vineetha Venugopal and S.Maria Celestin Vigil

RF MEMS Capacitive Shunt Switch: A study based practical overview
pp. 11830-11838
Surendra K. Waghmare and D. D. Shah

A Novel Six Layered Switched Reluctance Motor with IGBT Controller Design for Torque Improvement and Torque Ripple Reduction
pp. 11839-11843
S.Muruganantham and R.Ashokkumar

Experimental Study on Fibre Reinforced Polymer Concrete
pp. 11844-11856
S .Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy and Vadla Santhosha

Experimental Studies on Mechanical Properties of Bacterial Concrete with Fly Ash
pp. 11857-11870
S .Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy and Ankathi. Ravikiran

Control of Power System Management in Spacecraft using Adaptive RBF
pp. 11871-11876
Sridhar N and Nagaraj Ramrao and Manoj Kumar Singh

Fuzzy Criticalpath Method with Hexagonal and Generalised Hexagonal Fuzzy Numbers Using Ranking Method
pp. 11877-11882
C. Rajendran and M. Ananthanarayanan

Optimal Planning for Aurangabad Municipal Solid Waste through Mixed Integer Linear Programming
pp. 11883-11887
K. N. Chinchodkar and Omprakash S. Jadhav

Generalized Lasso Prediction Based Lyapunov Weighted Round Robin Seamless Scheduling for Big Stream Data Processing
pp. 11888-11900
N. Arunadevi and Vidyaa Thulasiraman

Design of BCD Compressors Using Vinculum Code for Efficient Multiplication
pp. 11901-11904
G.Sreelakshm, Dr. Kaleem Fatima and Dr. B.K.Madhavi

Delay Dependent Stability Analysis of Generator Excitation Control System
pp. 11905-11908
J.C.Vinitha, J. Sumithra and T. Jesintha Mary

Controller Design for Single Area Load Frequency Control with Time Delays Using Genetic Algorithm
pp. 11909-11916
J. Sumithra, J.C. Vinitha and T. Jesintha Mary

Expansion in Quality of Service of MANET during Route Determination phase By Mobile Software Agent Approach
pp. 11917-11922
Vandna Rani Verma, D.P. Sharma and C.S. Lamba

MHD Flow through Vertical Channel with Porous Medium
pp. 11923-11926
Karuna Dwivedi, R.K. Khare and Ajit Paul

An Adaptive CFAR Processor based on Automatic Censoring Technique for Target Detection in Heterogeneous Environments
pp. 11927-11936
Barkahem Zattouta and Lotfi Messikh

A Preliminary Study on Effectiveness in the Implementation of Bioengineering Works in Eroded Tropical Soils
pp. 11937-11941
Diana Santamaría, María Romero and Carlos Zafra

Analysing The Homogeneity of Means of Data Distributed Over Best Suited Model Using Anom
pp. 11942-11946
K.Sowmya and R.Satya Prasad

A Study on the de-NOx Activity of V2O5-Sb2O3/TiO2 SCR Catalyst at Low Temperature According to the Wash Coating Conditions
pp. 11947-11959
Woo-Jin Na, Young-Jin Cho, Hea-Kyung Park

Bandwidth Enhancement by Corner Truncation in Rectangular Patch Antenna
pp. 11960-11965
M.Ramkumar Prabhu, A.Rajalingam & J.Latha

Comparative Advantage of Louver Shading Device on Window for Residential Building Located at Raipur
pp. 11966-11969
Nisha Netam and Tikeshwar Kumar Sahu

CFD Simulation of External Gear Pump using ANSYS CFX
pp. 11970-11973
P. S. Mali, G. S. Joshi and I. A. Patil

Enhancement of Gain and Bandwidth using EBG Structure for Textile Antenna
pp. 11974-11978
Ramesh Manikonda, RajyaLakshmi Valluri, Mallikarjuna Rao Prudhivi and B. Sada Siva Rao

Assessment of Hussainsagar Lake Water Quality and Treatment Process of Triveni Groups in Hyderabad, Telegana, India
pp. 11979-11983
Durai Arulneyam and R.Premsudha

Smart Healthcare Monitoring using IoT
pp. 11984-11989
Shubham Banka, Isha Madan and S.S. Saranya

Analysis of Four Quadrant Operation of Thruster Motor in an AUV using an Optimized H Infinity Speed Controller
pp. 11990-11995
K. Vinida and Mariamma Chacko

Experimental Investigations on Eco Friendly
pp. 11996-12010
S .Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy and Chodari Ramesh

Allocation of Wavelengths in WDM Networks Considering Residual Dispersion under the Concept of Smart Cities
pp. 12011-12017
Javier E. Sierra, Juan C. Vesga Ferreira and Boris Medina

Treatment of Specific Phobia by using Exposure Therapy through Virtual Reality
pp. 12018-12022
Olga Ramos, Daniel Ríos and Jan Serrano

Kinematic Analysis of the Chickens Lower Limb as Base for Bio-Inspired Robotics
pp. 12023-12028
Dario Amaya, Camilo Salazar, Crhistian Botia and Dylan Poveda

Group analysis of differential equations: A new type of Lie symmetries
pp. 12029–12039
Jacob Manale

Daylight Factor Analysis with Slat Angle Control for Glare Reduction in a Three Storied Office Building
pp. 12040-12046
Badri Narayan Mohapatra, M. Ravi Kumar, Susanta Kumar Mandal and Rashmita Kumari Mohapatra

Performance and Combustion Characteristics of Rice Bran Methyl Ester oil With Different Combustion Chambers by Varying Injection Pressure
pp. 12047-12051
B.Subbarao and E.Ramjee

Vulnerabilities and Attacks on WiFi Networks
pp. 12052-12054
Andrés Javier Pulido Bernal, Octavio José Salcedo Parra and Alberto Acosta López

Development of a Mobile Application that Allows the Search of Lost Pets in Bogota using Geographical Location and Image Recognition
pp. 12055-12062
María Alejandra Ortiz Mora, Octavio José Salcedo Parra and Miguel J. Espitia R.

Design Microstrip Patch Antenna with EMI Rejection Characteristics for Ultra-wide Band Applications
pp. 12063-12072
Manoj Sain and Mukesh Arora

Visual Speech Recognition System with Deep Neural Networks
pp. 12073-12076
Jin Sol Choi, Daeyeol Kim, Sooyoung Cho, Sinwoo Yoo and Chae-Bong Sohn

Effect of Estimation Error on Adaptive L-MRC Receiver over Nakagami-m Fading Channels
pp. 12077-12083
Bhargabjyoti Saikia and Rupaban Subadar

Detection of Misbehaving Node in MANET using Aggressive Routing Scheme
pp. 12084-12088
Raja and J. Thirumaran

Updating Decentralization Policies and Strategies to Manage Urban Development in Informal Settlements
pp. 12089-12098
Mohamed Sanaa Eldeen Mohamed, Mohammed Mohamed Al-Baramljee, Mohamed Reda Hajjaj and Ahmed Said Shalaby

Automated Dry Test on Fuel Petcock
pp. 12099-12103
Mohammed Najith.S, Parthiban. P and Mohan Gandhi, Muthiah C.T

Review of SOA Technologies and Versioning Methods
pp. 12104-12110
Leenus M and Senthil Kumar S

The Effect of Ag+ ION Existence in the Cyanidation Process of Tailing of Cijiwa Gold Ore Process on Gold Recovery
pp. 12111-12114
Esthi Kusdarini, Agus Budianto and Erwin Rangga Fitriawan

A Novel Approach of Inverter Topology of DVR for Mitigation of Voltage Sags and Voltage Swells
pp. 12115-12123
G. Devadasu and M. Sushama

A Novel Face Recognition System Based on Subclass Kernel Nonparametric Discriminant Analysis
pp. 12124-12133
Arbia Soula, Salma Ben Said, Riadh Ksantini and Zied Lachiri

Implementation of Device for the Activation of Automatic Irrigation for Domestic Plants
pp. 12134-12141
Laura Camila Prada Pérez, Octavio José Salcedo Parra and Alberto Acosta López

Ontology Based Semantic Information Retrieval Model for University Domain
pp. 12142-12145
Reshma P K and Lajish V L

Windows Factors Impact on Air Speed and Quality Inside Architectural Spaces
pp. 12146-12156
O. A. Masood, N.M. Guirguis, M. I. Abd Al-Hady and A. A. Fahmi

Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Tensile Strength of Unidirectional Glass/Epoxy Composite Laminates with Different Fiber Percentage
pp. 12157-12160
Sumit Tyagi, Sandeep Kumar and Rakesh

Strength and Durability Studies of Ternary Concrete
pp. 12161-12177
S .Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy and Pappi Reddy Mounika

The Future of Auditing with Application of Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics
pp. 12178-12183
Masud Mansoori and Sumaira Muhmmad Hayat Khan

Importance of Big data in Healthcare System-A Survey
pp. 12184-12187

Exoskeleton Design Controlled by Surface Electromyographic Signals from Upper Limbs
pp. 12188-12193
Luis Alfredo Rodríguez Umaña, Javier Eduardo Martínez Baquero and Robinson Jiménez Moreno

Comparative Study on Design Results of a Multi-storied Building using STAAD PRO and ETABS for Regular and Irregular Plan Configuration
pp. 12194-12201
S .Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy and V.Madhu

A Forecasting model to Predict the Health Impacts in Metropolitan Cities using Data Mining Techniques and Tools
pp. 12202-12208
Asha N and M P Indira Gandhi

Valuation of exotic options through Monte Carlo simulation in the Colombian local market
pp. 12209-12215
Mariana Arango-Franco, Miguel Jiménez-Gómez and Miguel D. Rojas-López

Utilization of Spent RHDM Catalyst Treated at Various Conditions as the de-NOx SCR Catalyst Material
pp. 12216-12222
Jong-Seong Bang and Hea-Kyung Park

Statistical Analysis of the Innovation, Science and Technology Processes in Colombia According to Colciencias
pp. 12223-12228
Vicente Reyes Mozo, Henry Montaña Quintero and Holman Montiel Ariza

Algorithm for the Control of an Autonomous Excavator
pp. 12229-12236
Christian Plaza, Olga Ramos and Dario Amaya

Experimental Study on the Water Absorption and Surface Characteristics of Alkali Treated Pineapple Leaf Fibre and Coconut Husk Fibre
pp. 12237-12243
Mohit Mittal and Rajiv Chaudhary

The Adhesion Component of Shear Strength in Basalt Fiber Reinforced Plastics based on Epoxy Binders
pp. 12244-12258
Orlov M.A., Kalinnikov A.N., Tereshkov A.G. and Shlykova A.N.

Investigation of Optimal Denoising Filter for MRI Images
pp. 12264-12271
Ch. Rajasekhara Rao, M N V S S Kumar and G Sasi Bhushana Rao

The Connected Total Monophonic Domination Number of a Graph
pp. 12272-12276
P. Arul Paul Sudhahar and A. J. Bertilla Jaushal

Succinct Data Structures and Big Data
pp. 12277-12282
Vinesh kumar, Udai Shankar and Rakesh Kumar

Design of SiC MOSFET based High Efficiency Inverter for Solar PV Applications
pp. 12283-12288
Monika Agarwal and Haroon Ashfaq

Multi View Cluster Approach to Explore Multi Objective Attributes based on Similarity Measure for High Dimensional Data
pp. 12289-12295
Deena Babu Mandru and Y.K. Sundara Krishna

Global Stability Analysis on the Transmission Dynamics of Zika Virus
pp. 12296-12303
Buddhadeo Mahato and Bimal Kumar Mishra

Design and Development of Neural Fuzzy Controller for Boost Dc - Dc Converters
pp. 12304-12310
Neethu Raj.R, P.Sreejaya and N.Albert Singh

Comparative Analysis of a Diagrid Structure and a Conventional Structure with Chevron Bracing
pp. 12311-12317
Mohammed Abdul Rafey and M. A. Azeem

An Improved Method of Measuring Spatial Resolution of the Computed Tomography from ESF based on CT phantom images
pp. 12318-12325
Almahdi M. Alshweikh, Kus Kusminarto and Gede B. Suparta

An Efficient Algorithm for High Utility Pattern Mining from Transactional Databases
pp. 12326-12330
Vandan Tewari and Anita Panwar

Experimental Investigations on Friction Stir Welding Process to Join Aluminum Alloys
pp. 12331-12339
Bazani Shaik, G. Harinath Gowd and B. Durgaprasad

Analysis & Process Mapping for Fitment of Foot Brake Valves to Visually Aid Assembly Process
pp. 12340-12343
Venkataboopathym, Vigneshkumarg and Sivasankaran P

Bayesian Approach in Assessing the Lifetime Performance Index of Exponential Lifetimes Distribution with an Adaptive Hybrid Type-II Progressive Censoring Sample
pp. 12344-12352
Neveen Sayed-Ahmed

Medical Image Steganography using Dynamic Decision Tree, Piecewise Linear Chaotic Map, and Hybrid Cryptosystem
pp. 12353-12363
Mamta Jain

Comparative Analysis of Stator Resistance Estimators in DTC-CSI Fed IM Drive
pp. 12364-12372
M.Sivakumar, T.Thanakodi and N.Panneer Selvam

Data Security Using Nested Randomization and Lossless Compression Techniques
pp. 12373-12378
LavanyaKandikunta, B. Hari Chandana and T. Bhaskar Reddy

Texture Classification For Fake Indian Currency Detection
pp. 12379-12387
B. Hari Chandana, Lavanya Kandikunta and T. Bhaskar Reddy

Supervised Learning Based System for Classification of Wikipedia Articles
pp. 12388-12395
Raghavendra S, Lingaraju G M and Shekar sivasubramanian

Numerical Solutions of the Boundary-Layer Axisymmetric Flow over a Nonlinear Stretching Sheet by Spline Collocation Method
pp. 12396-12401
Umesh Patel and H.D.Doctor


An Multipath Routing approach for Delay and Data Integrity using DCN in WSN

pp. 12402-12409

Deepak CMehetre, S.Emilada.Roslin and Sanjeev J Wagh


Overview of Plant Pollinators, Including Apoidae (Hymenoptera, Apoidea) in two Regions in Algeria

pp. 12410-12416

Fella Bouti, Belkacem Aimene Boulaouad, Mohamed Laid Berkani and Salaheddine Doumandji



pp. 12417-12421

G. Thangaraj and J.Premkumar


Understanding Personalization of Recommender System: A Domain Perspective

pp. 12422-12428

S.Ephina Thendral and C.Valliyammai





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