International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 13, Number 16 (2018)





Genetic Algorithm based HBCCS Technique for Optimal Resource Allocation in OFDMA-LTE System to Mitigate Interference
pp. 12429-12435
Kethavath Narender and Puttamadappa C

Temperature and Level Controller for Fingerling Pond
pp. 12436-12442
Javier Eduardo Martínez Baquero, Luis Alfredo Rodríguez Umaña and Robinson Jiménez Moreno

Applying Ontologies for Semantic Information Integration on Electronic Medical Records (EMRs)
pp. 12443-12448
Suarez Barón M. J., Ospina Becerra V.E. and Salinas Valencia K.E.

The Forcing Restrained Monophonic Number of a Graph
pp. 12449-12452
P. Arul Paul Sudhahar and C.Bency

Load Characterization Tool for Induction Motors on the Basis of Laboratory Tests
pp. 12453-12457
Fredy H. Martínez S., Holman Montiel A. and Fernando Martínez S.

Determination of the Latent and Sensible Cooling Energy Consumption for Residential Space in a Hot Region Using RLF Method
pp. 12458-12462
Amal El Berry and A. M. Abouel Fotouh

Use of Tannate derived from Tea Waste as Drilling Fluid Additive
pp. 12463-12468
Prasenjit Talukdar, Sudarshana Kalita, Amarjit Pandey, Upasana Dutta and Rituraj Singh

Effectiveness of different Starches as Drilling Fluid Additives in Non Damaging Drilling Fluid
pp. 12469-12474
Prasenjit Talukdar, Sudarshana Kalita, Amarjit Pandey, Upasana Dutta and Rituraj Singh

Optimum inventory control for imperfect quality item with maximum life-time under Quadratic demand and Preservation Technology Investment
pp. 12475-12485
Nita H. Shah, Urmila Chaudhari and Mrudul Y. Jani

Influence of Hall current in the MHD Oscillatory flow of Nanofluid: Application to the Blood flow
pp. 12486–12493
Nirmala P. Ratchagar, V. Balakrishnan and R. Vasanthakumari

An Application of Wilf's Subordinating Factor Sequence on Certain Subclasses of Analytic Functions
pp. 12494-12500
A. H. El-Qadeem and D. A. Mohan

Load Deflection Behaviour of Restrained RC Skew Slabs Using FEM Technique
pp. 12501-12506
Naresh Reddy G N and Muthu K U

On Some Fixed Point Theorems through Weak** Commutative in 2-Metric Space
pp. 12507-12512
Sujatha Kurakula and V. Srinivaskumar

Synthesis and Characterization of Mixed Oxides of Cerium, Copper & Zinc
pp. 12513-12515
Jeyaparatha J. and Clara Jeyageetha J.

Changed Body and Marital Intimacy among Women with Breast Cancer in Korea
pp. 12516-12521
Eun-young Jun, RN and Hyunjin Oh, RN

Design and Development of Mobility Aid for Physically Challenged
pp. 12522-12526
Divya.R, Meghna Murali K.T, R. Manuj and R. Nithya

Development of Native Mobile Application Using Android Studio for Cabs and Some Glimpse of Cross Platform Apps

pp. 12527-12530
Neha Verma, Sarita Kansal and Huned Malvi

2 – Equitable Domination in Fuzzy Graphs
pp. 12531-12535
C. Gurubaran, A. Prasanna and A. Mohamed Ismayil

A Study on Root Properties of Super Hyperbolic GKM algebra(3)71
pp. 12536-12542
G.Uthra and M.Priyanka

Planning of Hybrid Power Supply System based on Renewable Energy using HOMER
pp. 12543-12548
Sabar Nababan, Supriyatna, Abdul Natsir, Ni Made Seniari and Sultan

Characterization of Nanoclays and Incorporation in Copolymer of Styrene-Ethylene-Propylene-Styrene (SEPS)
pp. 12549-12552
M. Acevedo-Morantes, A. Realpe-Jimenez and I. Baldiris-Navarro

CFD: A New Challenge in Bioprocess Engineering
pp. 12553-12559
Lilibeth Niño, Mariana Peñuela and Germán Gelves

Design and analysis of a Dual band Monopole Antenna for resonating between Wi-Fi & Wi-Max Applications
pp. 12570-12590
Prasanna Paga, H.C.Nagaraj and T.S.Rukmini

A Novel Microstrip Slotted Patch Antenna using Different Dielectric Substrates for Multiple Applications
pp. 12591-12596
Jayarenjini N and Unni C

An Extended Extreme Shock Maintenance Model for a Deteriorating System Under Partial Product Process
pp. 12597-12601
U. Rizwan, P. Govindaraju and D. Babu

Power Inadequacy, the Thorn in Economic Growth of Nigeria
pp. 12602-12610
WS Ebhota and PY Tabakov

Feasibility Study of Sewage Sludge for Thermochemical Conversion
pp. 12611-12615
Kamal Batcha and V.Kirubakaran

Effect of the Sulfonation on Proton Exchange Membrane Synthesized from Polyvinyl Alcohol for Fuel Cell
pp. 12616-12619
Álvaro Realpe Jiménez, Carlos Paredes Gedeón and Alfonso Gómez Castro

Analysis of the Social Impact of a Technological Training Project in Ciudad Bolívar
pp. 12620-12630
Cristian León-Ospina, Cristian Rosas-Aldana, Cesar Hernández and Juan Sanchez

Design of MSW Collection Systems through Peak Generation Coefficients: a Methodological Proposal for Developing Countries
pp. 12631-12637
Carlos Zafra, Álvaro Gutiérrez and Juan Alarcón

A Study on Fuzzy ??-Minimum Edge Wighted Spanning Tree with Cut Property Algorithm
pp. 12638-12643
M.Vijaya and B. Mohanapriyaa

Investigation of Hardness and Crushing of Two Particular Compositions Hybrid Glass-Carbon- Metal-Composites Tubes
pp. 12644-12652
Assistant Prof. Rakesh, Himakshi and Sandeep Malik

Legendrian warped product submanifolds in S-Space forms
pp. 12653-12656
Sanjay Kumar Tiwari

Investigating Behaviour of Multi-Clutch Plate Frictional Materials using ANSYS
pp. 12657-12662
Nishant Dhengre, Ashish Mogra and Ankit Gupta

Effect of Bacillus subtilis on abrasion resistance of Bacterial Concrete
pp. 12663-12666
C.Venkata Siva Rama Prasad and T.V.S.Vara Lakshmi

Sensor That Detects Cardiac Press with Record in Database and email notification
pp. 12667-12673
Fredy Alexander Vargas Alvarado, Octavio José Salcedo Parra and Giovanny Mauricio Tarazona Bermudez

Detection and Correction of Anomalous Propagation in a Meteorological Radar Located in the Colombian Geography Using a Window Filter
pp. 12674-12684
Julián R. Camargo L., Ernesto Gómez Vargas and César A. Perdomo Ch.

Progress in Gasification Research: A Bibliometric Study
pp. 12685-12688
Raúl A. Páez Salcedo, Jorge M. Viloria Sandoval and Guillermo E. Valencia Ochoa

Robust Illumination and Pose Invariant Face Recognition System using Support Vector Machines
pp. 12689–12701
Pradip Panchal and Hiren Mewada

A New Ranking on Generalized Octagonal Fuzzy Numbers
pp. 12702–12709
Kirtiwant P. Ghadle and Sanjivani M. Ingle

Autonomous Vehicles: Levels, Technologies, Impacts and Concerns
pp. 12710-12714
Mohsin Raza

FEA Based Design and Thermal Contact Conductance Analysis of Steel and Al Rough Surfaces
pp. 12715-12724
Sachin Rana and Ashwani Kumar

Adoption of Free and Open Source Software in India
pp. 12725-12731
Ranjan Kumar, Subhash Kumar and Sanjay K. Tiwari

Application of Machine Learning Classification Algorithms on Hepatitis Dataset
pp. 12732-12737
K. Santosh Bhargav, T. Divya Kumari, Dola Sai Siva Bhaskar Thota and Vikas B.

A Comprehensive Review: Techniques of CFO Estimation and Mitigation in OFDM
pp. 12738-12746
R. Ayeswarya and N. Amutha Prabha

Dynamic Method to Predict Features for Amazon Spot Instances
pp. 12747-12752
Richa Dubey and Pragya Pandey

Temperature based ET Method Selection for Burdwan District in WB, INDIA
pp. 12753-12763
Faruk Bin Poyen, Palash Kundu and Apurba Kumar Ghosh

Medical Image Classification Using Hierarchical Clustering and Generalized Gamma Distribution for Effective Identification of Diseases in Brain
pp. 12764-12769
K.Srinivas, P.V.G.D Prasad Reddy and GPS Varma

Minimization of Localization Error in Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 12770-12773
Sudha H.Thimmaiah and Mahadevan G

CP Fuzzy Graph Based Approach for Mining Frequent Itemsets
pp. 12774-12782
S.Venkatesh and S.Sujatha

Review of Early Warning Scoring System as a Primary Diagnostic Tool in Critically ill Patient
pp. 12783-12787
Rutvik K. Shukla and Chetan B. Bhatt

Sentiment Analysis of Movie Review Using Supervised Machine Learning Techniques
pp. 12788-12791
Gurshobit Singh Brar and Asst. Prof. Ankit Sharma

Variability of Wave Energy Flux and Wind during Phailin Cyclone over Bay of Bengal
pp. 12792-12797
Pamarthi Amarendra and Gogineni Bharathi

Speaker Recognition by Gaussian Filter Based Feature Extraction and Proposed Fuzzy Vector Quantization Modelling Technique
pp. 12798-12804
Satyanand Singh

Intrusion Detection in Internet of Things: The Review of Taxonomy
pp. 12805-12812
M. Jagadeesh Babu and A. R Reddy

Numerical Analysis of Forced Convection Heat Transfer on a Straight Finned tube with AL2O3-Water Nano Fluid
pp. 12817-12822
Khudheyer, Ahmed F. and Hameed, Raghad A.

Virtual and Remote Labs Using Windows Server and Unity 3D
pp. 12823-12826
Jefry Mora and Dario Amaya

Modelling and Simulation of a Photovoltaic Solar System with Lead-Acid Battery
pp. 12827-12831
Jefry Mora and Dario Amaya

Resistive Lubricant Film Thickness for Ball Bearing 6307 using Design of Experiment for Elliptical Contact Area between Ball & Races
pp. 12832-12838
Ritesh Kumar Dewangan

Enhanced Image Searching in Multiple Databases using Re-ranking Model
pp. 12839-12842
B.Ravinandan, I.M.V.Krishna, B. Lakshmi Ramani and A. Divya

Detecting the patterns of Coronary Artery Disease and Hypertension using Artificial Neural Network
pp. 12843-12845
Rakeshkumar Yadav, Manjusha Deshmukh and R. K. Jain

Quality control system by means of CNN and fuzzy systems
pp. 12846-12853
Carlos Javier Enciso-Aragón, César Giovany Pachón-Suescún and Robinson Jimenez-Moreno

Equilibrium, Kinetic and Thermodynamic Study on Methylene Blue from Aqueous Solution Using Low Cost Adsorbent
pp. 12854-12860
P.Nashira Begum, S.Arivoli and C.Kathiravan

Fractal Based Sigma Delta Modulation Scheme for Multilevel Inverter
pp. 12861-12867
Jeeshma Mary Paul and Biji Jacob

Study of Flow Separation on Airfoil with Bump
pp. 12868-12872
A. Amit Kumar Saraf, B. Mahendra Pratap Singh and C. Tej Singh Chouhanr

Force Field Parameterization of CH4 - ZIF8 using Diversity based Self Adaptive PSO
pp. 12873-12876
S N Gondakar, S T Vasan and Manoj Kumar Singh

Design and Implementation Issues in Ant Colony Optimization
pp. 12877-12882
Mahesh Mulani and Vinod L. Desai

An Automated Attendance Monitering by Using Image Processing Technology
pp. 12883-12886
Mudide. Ramprasad, K.Srinivas and Talari.Gangadhar

Asymptotic Expansions of Legendre Wavelet
pp. 12887-12891
C.P. Pandey and M.M. Dixit

pp. 12892-12910
S. Therasa and T. Rajaretnam

Enhanced Energy-Balanced Lifetime Enhancing Clustering for WSN (EEBLEC)
pp. 12911-12916
Sandip Mandal and Rama Sushil

A Proposed Energy and Performance Aware Cloud Framework for Improving Service Level Agreements (SLAs) in Cloud Datacenters
pp. 12917-12922
Ali Abdullah Hamed Al-Mahruqi, Vallavaraj Athinarayanana, Gordon Morison and Brian G Stewart

Channel equalization in a MIMO system using Sliced Multi Modulus Algorithm
pp. 12923-12927
Sakimalla Prabhakar Girija

Video Surveillance of Abnormal Trajectory analysis and Event Detection
pp. 12928-12931
G R Thejesh Reddy and Veena M B

Experimental Investigation On Mechanical Properties Of Hybrid Fiber Concrete With GGBS
pp. 12932-12940
M.Rajarama, A.Ravichandranb and A.Muthadhic

Efficient Edge-preserving Adaptive Image Denoising using Morphological Operations in Wavelet Domain
pp. 12941-12949
Ram Paul, Singara Singh Kasana and Rajesh Kumar Gupta

FPGA based Object Detection using Background Subtraction and Variable Threshold Technique
pp. 12950-12961
Sridevi N and M Meenakshi

Fuzzy Connectedness in Fuzzy Tri Topological Space
pp. 12962-12967
Ranu Sharma, Bhagyashri A. Deole and band Smita Verma

Study of Mobile Ad hoc Network Routing Protocols in Smart Environment
pp. 12968-12975
Munisha Devi and Nasib Singh Gill

Scratch Detection in Cars Using a Convolutional Neural Network by Means of Transfer Learning
pp. 12976-12982
César Giovany Pachón-Suescún, Paula C. Useche Murillo and Robinson Jimenez-Moreno

Optimization the Continuous Distillation Process of an Aqueous Ethanol Mixture
pp. 12983-12986
José G Serpa-Fajardo, Luis E Ruiz-Meneses and Elvis J Hernández-Ramos




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