International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 13, Number 18 (2018)





Investigating Signal Power Loss Prediction in A Metropolitan Island Using ADALINE and Multi-Layer Perceptron Back Propagation Network
pp. 13409-13420
Virginia Chika Ebhota, Joseph Isabona and Viranjay M. Srivastava

Copy Move Forgery Detection through Graph Neighborhood Degree
pp. 13421-13427
Prabhash Kumar Singh, Biswapati Jana and Sharmistha Halder (Jana)

r-Generalization of Phi Functions For The Subsets Of {m,m+1,…,n}
pp. 13428-13438
G.Lalitha and G.Kamala

Trends of Using Based Isolation System in High Seismic Regions
pp. 13439-13447
N.H. Hamid, I.F. Azmi and S. Shin

PID Control of a Pneumatic Actuator for Waste Oil Flow on a Globe Valve
pp. 13448-13453
Luis Carlos Ruiz, Dario Amaya H and Jorge Buitrago

Investigation on Novel Nonlinear Optical L-threonine Calcium Chloride Single Crystal Grown by Solution Growth Technique
pp. 13454-13459
R. Vivekanandhan, K. Raju, S. Sahaya Jude Dhas and V. Chithambaram

A Galois Field based Texture Representation for Face Recognition
pp. 13460-13465
Shivashankar S., Medha Kudari and Prakash S. Hiremath

Modal and Stress Analysis of X71A Sport Motorcycle Framebody Virtual Testing Model based on Finite Element Analysis
pp. 13466-13474
Andi Wibowo and Djoko Setyanto

Software Defined Networking: A Paradigm Shift in Networking for Future, Emerging Trends and Applications
pp. 13475-13481
Jayakumar Shanmugam and S.Thanga Ramya

Feed-in-Tariff Mechanism on Wind Farm in Colombia
pp. 13482-13487
Miguel Jiménez-Gómez, Natalia Acevedo-Prins and Miguel Rojas-López

Synthesis of a Proton Exchange Membrane from SEBS Copolymer to Generate Energy in a Fuel Cell
pp. 13488-13491
Álvaro Realpe, Randy Reina and María T. Acevedo

Analog and Digital Sensor Test System using a PSoC5LP
pp. 13492-13500
Julián R. Camargo L., César A. Perdomo Ch. and Nelson E. Vera P.

Agent-based model for the calculation of Simón Bolívar park market value, an approach from the complexity
pp. 13501-13511
Edwin Robert Perez Carvajal and Nelson Obregon Neira

Algorithms Comparison of Planning Processes, Through Proposed Metric
pp. 13512-13516
Vilma Gisela Garcia Garcia, Danilo Alfonso López Sarmiento and Nancy Yaneth Gelvez García

Bandwidth Enhancement of Microstrip Patch Antenna with Octagonal Complementary Split Ring Resonator Array Structure
pp. 13517-13521
V G Ajay, Parvathy A R and Thomaskutty Mathew

Physical Properties of TiNAlN Multilayer ab-initio Study
pp. 13522-13524
Miguel J. Espitia R, José Manuel Florez Pérez and Octavio José Salcedo Parra

Analysis of Employment Data Using Support Vector Machines
pp. 13525-13535
Anatoli Nachev and Teodosi Teodosiev

Estimation of Temperature Dependences of Specific Heat Capacity of Low-Alloy Steels
pp. 13536-13540
E.A. Protopopov, S.S. Dobrykh and A.A. Protopopov

Estimation of Polyterms of a Density of Iron and Low-Alloyed Steels
pp. 13541-13546
E.A. Protopopov, S.S. Dobrykh and A.A. Protopopov

Sulfolane/1,3-dioxolane electrolyte systems for Li-S batteries
pp. 13547-13551
Sukeun Yoon

Slit loaded H- Shaped Microstrip Patch Antenna for 2.4 GHz
pp. 13552-13554
Jaget Singh, B. S. Sohi and Kanav Badhan

Implementation of Confidentiality and Anonymity as Services in an E-Voting System for Educational Institutions
pp. 13555-13565
Felipe Andrés Corredor Chavarro, Cristian David Carranza Homes and Diana Cristina Franco Mora

CFD Study of Tube in Tube Heat Exchanger with Helical Insert of Different Height and Helical Groove
pp. 13566-13573
Anshuman Tiwari, Dr. Parag Mishra and Dr. Ajay Singh

Suction Flowrate Prediction Model for a Boiler Feed Pump
pp. 13574-13577
Gihan Lee, Sanguk Cheon and Sang C. Park

Food Dryer Design and Analysis of Velocity and Temperature Profiles
pp. 13578-13583
Jhersson Castaño-Rodríguez, Darío Amaya and Olga Ramos

Emulation of an Animal Limb with Two Degrees of Freedom using HIL
pp. 13584-13588
Iván Bautista Gutiérrez, Fabián González Téllez and Dario Amaya H.

Čech Closure spaces
pp. 13589–13595
Tresa Mary Chacko and Dr. Susha D.

An Investigation of Vibrations of Linearly Growing Discrete Chain of Atoms in Nano-structures
pp. 13596–13602
S.A. Surulere, A.C. Mkolesia1, M.Y. Shatalov and I. Fedotov

A Conceptual Exploration for the Safe Development of Mobile Devices Software Based on OWASP
pp. 13603-13609
Celio Gil, Luis Baquero, Miguel Hernández and Jesús D. Rodríguez

Experimental Study for Rainfall Infiltration Distribution Beneath Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavement
pp. 13610-13621
Ghadeer Haider Abbas, Thair Jabbar Mizhir Alfatlawi and Abdul Radha I. Ahmed

Numerical Simulation of 3-D One-Way Fluid-Structure Interaction in a Tube with Twisted Tape under Laminar and Turbulent Flow Regime
pp. 13622-13631
Laith J. Habeeb, Fouad A. Saleh and Bassim M. Maajel

A Survey on Multiresolution Based Image Fusion Techniques
pp. 13632-13636
M.Santhalakshmi and S.Sukumaran

Enhancing AODV Routing Protocol to Predict Optimal Path Using Ant Colony Algorithm in MANET
pp. 13637-13646
Mahmoud Abu Zant, Salah Jabareen, Amjad Rattrout and Mohammad Hamarsheh

Design of Wearable Textile Based Microstrip Patch antenna for Bandwidth Enhancement
pp. 13647-13651
Priyesh Jaiswal and Poonam Sinha

Theoretical Investigation of Aspect Ratio of Heliostat to Minimize Capital Cost of Solar Tower Plant
pp. 13652-13659
Rakesh Singhai, Harender and N.D. Banker

A New Efficient Approach to Solve Multi-Objective Transportation Problem in the Fuzzy Environment (Product approach)
pp. 13660-13664
M. Afwat A.E., A.A.M. Salama and N. Farouk

Improved Voltage Regulation of Higher Order DC-DC Converter with Zero Voltage Switching using Digital Controller
pp. 13665-13671
S. P. Pachpor and H. M. Suryawanshi

Study the Rheological Behaviour and Effectiveness of Partially Hydrolyzed Polyacrylamide-Zirconium Acetate Gel System for Enhanced Oil Recovery
pp. 13672-13676
Rituraj Singh and Prasenjit Talukdar

Magnetism of low concentration MT (MT = Ti, V, Cr)-doped AlN zincblende density functional theory study
pp. 13677-13682
Miguel J. Espitia R, John H. Díaz F and Octavio José Salcedo Parra

CEP Support for Detection of Application Layer Attacks
pp. 13683-13688
Balarengadurai Chinnaiah

A Look on Some Applications of Fuzzy VIKOR and Fuzzy AHP Methods on Flood Risk
pp. 13689-13696
Ashoke Kumar Brahma

New Method for Hiding Secret Message and Book in Audio
pp. 13697-13701
Alhussain AKOUM

A Diagonal Optimal Algorithm to Solve Interval Integer Transportation Problem
pp. 13702-13704
M.K.Purushothkumar, M.Ananathanarayanan and S.Dhanasekar

Heat and Mass transfer on MHD flow of Nanofluid with thermal slip effects
pp. 13705-13726

Heat Exchanger Design Modification for Performance Optimization Using CFD Tools
pp. 13727-13733
Srinivasan S, M.E, Seenivasaperumal V, M.E and Manikandan G, M.E

DFT Study of Structural and Electronic Properties of TiN/AlN/TiN Interlayer
pp. 13734-13736
John H. Diaz F, Miguel J. Espitia R and Octavio José Salcedo Parra

Effect of Channel Estimation Errors on the Performance of a M-MRC Receiver over TWDP Fading Channels
pp. 13737-13743
Bhargabjyoti Saikia and Rupaban Subadar

Intelligent Controllers: A Review of the Implications of Design Business Organizations under Intelligent Controller’s Mechanisms
pp. 13744-13753
Ingrid Mariela Castilla Bello, Karen Alejandra Rivera Rojas and Luz Esperanza Bohorquez Arévalo

Single Phase and Resonance Fault Analysis in Highly Resistive Grounding Power Systems in Underground Mining
pp. 13754-13761
Juan David Rivera Niquepa, German Andrés Gutiérrez Patiño and Juan Carlos Castro Galeano

Stereoscopic Vision System for reconstruction of 3D objects
pp. 13762-13766
Robinson Jimenez-Moreno, Javier O. Pinzón-Arenas and César G. Pachón-Suescún

Control System for a Segway
pp. 13767-13771
Jorge Morantes, Diana Espitia, Olguer Morales, Robinson Jiménez and Oscar Aviles

Tank Level Measurement using 3D Vision Systems
pp. 13772-13775
Mauricio Mauledoux, Robinson Jiménez-Moreno and Paola A. Niño S

Engineering by the New Light of Bioethics the Team to Develop Research in the Improving of Life Mechatronic Validation of Tendons of a Finger and its Operation
pp. 13776-13780
Oscar F. Avilés S, Mauricio Mauledoux and Yolanda Guerra

Environmental Quality Assessment using Artificial Neuronal Network (Levenberg Marquard Algorithm) in the Suarez River (Cundinamarca, Colombia).
pp. 13781-13785
Rodríguez Miranda, Juan Pablo, García Ubaque, Cesar Augusto, Sánchez Céspedes and Juan Manuel

Environmental Culture and Solid Waste Disposal at Unidades Tecnológicas de Santander student’s perception, Bucaramanga, Colombia
pp. 13786-13793
Cyril Castex, Mauricio Andrés Ruiz-Ochoa and Juan Pablo Rodríguez Miranda

Biweekly Climate Variability of the Space Scaling Properties of Two Vegetation Indices in the Brazilian Amazon
pp. 13794-13801
Mauricio Andrés Ruiz-Ochoa, Juan Pablo Rodríguez Miranda and Juan Manuel Sánchez Cespedes

Climate Change Mitigation: some reflections for Colombia
pp. 13802-13804
Mauricio Andrés Ruiz-Ochoa, Rodríguez Miranda, Juan Pablo, Sánchez Céspedes and Juan Manuel

Secure Data Aggregation Technique for Wireless Sensor Networks using Iterative Filtering Algorithm
pp. 13805-13811
Avinash Rai and Preetu Patel

A Survey on Online Click Fraud Execution and Analysis
pp. 13812-13816
R.Kayalvizhi, Kapil Khattar and Piya Mishra

On Edge Degree Properties of Middle, Subdivision and Total Bipolar Fuzzy Graphs
pp. 13817-13825
M. Vijaya and V. Mekala

Spectral Based Vegetation discrimination and Forest Health Assessment Using Hyperion (EO-1) in Yelagiri Hills, Tamil Nadu
pp. 13826-13832
Kumaresan P R

Numerical Analysis of Helical Coil Heat Exchanger in the Light of Waste Heat Recovery Applications
pp. 13833-13840
Mukesh Sharma and Jagdeesh Saini

QUEUE with Postponed Customers
pp. 13841–13848
Rinsy Thomas and Susha D.

Differential Transform and Butcher’s fifth order Runge-Kutta Methods for solving the Aedes-Aegypti model
pp. 13849–13858
R. Lavanya and U. K. Shyni

Different Behavior Ferromagnetic of Ti-doped AlN and GaN in Cubic Phase
pp. 13859-13863
Luis C. Sánchez P, Cesar Ortega López and Miguel J. Espitia R

P & PI Level Control of a Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor Through a Globe Valve with a Pneumatic Actuator
pp. 13864-13867
LUIS C. Ruiz C. and DARIO Amaya H.

Development of Electro-Mechanical Contents in Woodwork Machine Maintenance for Capacity Building of Technologists in Nigerian Universities
pp. 13868-13878
Jimoh Bakare, H.O. Omeje & G.K.O. Okereke

Conditions that Facilitate the Emergence of Cooperation in Business Organizations
pp. 13879-13894
Yuli N. Suárez, Laura V. Suárez and Luz E. Bohórquez

Structural Study of TiO2 Nanopowders Obtained in a Planetary Ball Mill
pp. 13895-13897
Luis C. Sánchez P, Miguel J. Espitia R. and Cesar Ortega L.

A Comparative Analysis of Different MRAS Schemes for Speed Sensorless Induction Motor Drives Employing PI and Fuzzy Controllers
pp. 13898-13903
M.Ankarao, M.Vijaya Kumar and K.Trija

Exploration of a Classroom Management Model for Decision-Making in Higher Education (first part)
pp. 13904-13910
Leonardo Emiro Contreras Bravo, José Ignacio Rodríguez Molano and Héctor Javier Fuentes López

Identifying Syntactic Transformations through POS Tag Distribution in Two Languages
pp. 13911-13918
Sonal Khosla and Haridasa Acharya

On three Dimensional Oscillating Flow of Magneto-micropolar Fluid Past an Inclined Plate with Radiation Absorption, Chemical Reaction and Heat Generation
pp. 13919-13931
Sanjib Sengupta and Reshmi Deb


Performance Upper Bounds of High Altitude Platform Systems over a Two-State Switched Channel

pp. 13932-13939

Hien Thi Thu Nguyen, Hung Viet Nguyen and Thang Nhat Le


Classification of Students According to Academic Performance and Socioeconomic Factors in Mathematics Using a Discriminant Multivariate Analysis Technique

pp. 13940-13944

Liliana Margarita Vitola Garrido, Jhon Jairo Feria Díaz and Olga Perna Manrique


Object Recognition in Dynamic Environments with Convolutional Neural Networks

pp. 13945-13949

Robinson Jiménez-Moreno, Oscar Avilés Sánchez and Diana Marcela Ovalle


A New Algorithm to Minimize Names in the Arabic Language

pp. 13950-13960

Zyad Thalji


Performance Measurement of Various Threshold Values for Discrimination Removal and Data Quality Percentage by Different Discrimination Measures

pp. 13961-13968

Manoj Ashok Wakchaure and S.S.Sane


Overload Handling in Replicated Real Time Distributed Databases

pp. 13969-13977

Anil Kumar Gupta and Vishnu Swaroop


Constrains Theory Explained Trough a Serious Game

pp. 13978-13984

Miguel D. Rojas, Diego A. Jurado and Laura M. Londoño


An innovative method for Measurement of Insulation thickness of Fired Solid Rocket Motor

pp. 13985-13988

D Debnath, K B Jadhav, S N Erande, P.T. Gopale, C R Daware and A K Vishwakarma


Effect of Variable Viscosity and Thermal Conductivity on Heat and Mass Transfer Flow of Nanofluid over a Vertical Cone with Chemical Reaction

pp. 13989-14002

S.R. Ravi Chandra Babu, S. Venkateswarlu and K. Jaya Lakshmi


Proposal for Automation of a Bicycle Parking Lot

pp. 14003-14008

Hernán Diaz, Natalia Sanchez, Bryan Contreras, Numar Coy and Ruben Dario Hernandez


Experimental Investigation of the Thermal Performance on a Solar Parabolic trough Collector in the Caribbean Region

pp. 14009-14017

Jainer Rodríguez, Duván Villegas, Guillermo Valencia Ochoa, Marley Vanegas Chamorro and Gaudy Prada Botía


Transition Phase, Structural and Electronic Properties of CrN/AlN Superlattice under Hydrostatic Pressure

pp. 14018-14021

Miguel J. Espitia R., John H. Díaz F. and Octavio José Salcedo Parra

Why Does the Industry Relocate in Colombia?

pp. 14022-14028

Héctor Javier Fuentes López, Leonardo Emiro Contreras Bravo and Jose Ignacio Rodriguez Molano


Cloud Convolution Model for Dynamic Load Balancing Using Genetic Leaning of Neural Network

pp. 14029-14036

Sunita Gond and Shailendra Singh


Comparative study of Nonlinear partial differential equation using honotopy perturbation transform method (HPTM) using He’s polynomial and mixture of Elzaki transform and partial differential transform method (PDTM)

pp. 14037-14040

Indu Ratti





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