International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 13, Number 19 (2018)





Statistical Analysis of Type-II Progressively Censored Competing Risks Data form Chen Model

pp. 14041-14047

Ali Algarni


Heat Transfer in a Porous Cavity Divided by a Solid Wall

pp. 14048-14059

Abdulwahab A. Alnaqi and Abdullah A.A.A. Al-Rashed


Degree Square Sum Polynomial of some Special Graphs

pp. 14060–14078

B. Basavanagoud and Chitra E


24-Hour Prediction of Solar Irradiance for a Photovoltaic Microgrid Using Neural Networks

pp. 14079-14086

Mauricio Mauledoux, Vladimir P Jiménez, Edilberto Mejía Ruda, Oscar I. Caldas and Oscar F. Avilés S


Comparative Study between Controllers for Tracking Systems in a Microgrid

pp. 14087-14094

Mauricio Mauledoux, Oscar F. Avilés S, Edilberto Mejía Ruda, Oscar I. Caldas and Angie J. Valencia


Voltage Stability Analysis of Radial Distribution System Considering Distribution Generation and Composite Load Modeling

pp. 14095-14101

Vericherla N Malleswari and K. Chandra Sekhar


Adaptive Multitone Noise Cancellation from Speech Signals

pp. 14102-14107

Bashar S. Mohamad-Ali, Ziyad K. Farej and Muhammad K. Jarjes


Magnetic behavior in AlxCr1-xN ternary system: a computational calculation

pp. 14108-14111

Miguel J. Espitia R, José Manuel Florez Pérez and Octavio José Salcedo Parra


Epsilon Support Vector Regression based Controller

pp. 14112-14115

Nicolás Ortiz, Oscar Avilés S. and Robinson Jiménez M.


An Overview of Applications of DSTATCOM

pp. 14116-14127

Avinash Purandare, Dr. N. Gopalakrishnan, Dr. Y.P. Nerkar and Hrishikesh Mehta


A Wide Ranging Comparison of Routing Protocols in Wireless Sensor Network

pp. 14128-14134

Dhiren P. Bhagat and Himanshukumar Soni


Optimized Mathematical Model of Digital Circuit using ANN on FPGA

pp. 14135-14141

Virendra V. Shete, Mangesh Islampurkar and Kishanprasad Gunale


Dynamic Analysis of a Stewart Platform for Lower Human Limb Rehabilitation Using Cad Tools

pp. 14142-14150

Hoffman F. Ramirez G., Oscar F. Avilés S and Mauricio Mauledoux


Convolutional Neural Networks Training for Tools Recognition

pp. 14151-14157

Paula Catalina Useche-Murillo, Javier Orlando Pinzón-Arenas and Robinson Jiménez-Moreno


Lanthanum Cobaltites Obtained by Sol-gel Method at Different Calcination Temperatures

pp. 14158-14160

Juan M. Oviedo C, Luis C. Sánchez P and Miguel J. Espitia R


Calculation of the electronic and magnetic properties of VN/AlN/VN superlattice in the NaCl and wurtzite phases

pp. 14161-14164

César Ortega López, Luis C. Sánchez P and Miguel J. Espitia R


Geospatial Study on Pichavaram Mangroves Region: Remote Sensing and GIS Approach

pp. 14165-14172

P.Kasinatha Pandian


Interference Impact of Mobile Radio Backhaul on Fixed Service

pp. 14173-14176

YeonGyu Park, EunYoung Chang and IlKyoo Lee


Non-Invasive Model for Detection of Extrinsic Risk Factor of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

pp. 14177-14187

Ana C. Rodríguez, Ernesto Gómez and Oscar J. Perdomo


Theoretical Approach and Experimental Studies on the Reliability–Corrosion

pp. 14188-14195

A.Maarouf, K. Elhasnaoui, M. Ouarch and T. El hafi


An Experimental Investigation into the Execution of Microchannel Heat Sinks in Forced Convection Heat Transfer

pp. 14196-14202

Maniratan Singh, Hemant Kumar and Harry Garg


The Effect of Foam in Surface Molten Glass and Use of TNBT for the Combustion Process in Furnace to Temperature and Produced Glass Quality

pp. 14203-14208

Ricky Suranta Adrian Pinem, Hadi Sutanto and Djoko Setyanto


Exploration of Nonlinear Dynamics in Boost MPPT for a Solar PV System

pp. 14209-14217

Subashini. M and Ramaswamy. M


Analysis of the Thermal Comfort Conditions in Terminal Buildings at Domestic Airports in India

pp. 14218-14230

Kanika Malik


Structural, Electrical and Magnetic Properties of Cobalt Copper Ferrite Nanoparticles Prepared by sol–gel method.

pp. 14231-14235

Zena Mohammed Ali Abbas


Analysis of MOS transistor behavior with Forward and Reverse Body biasing in Subthreshold region

pp. 14236-14240

P.Kalyani, M.Madhavi Latha and P.Chandra sekhar


Comparison of Modeling Methodologies for Inverters in Grid-Connected Mode, Controlled by Droop Scheme

pp. 14241-14253

Sergio A. Díaz, Alonso de J. Chica, Fabián Sánchez and César A. Rodríguez


Study of the Substitution Effects of Carbon on the Electronic Properties of AlN and GaN

pp. 14254-14256

Miguel J. Espitia R, John F. Diaz F and Octavio José Salcedo Parra


A Semantic Graph Based Micromodel to Predict Message Propagation for Twitter Users

pp. 14257-14266

Prasanth G Rao, Venkatesha M, Anita Kanavalli, P Deepa Shenoy and Venugopal K R


Wireless Sensor Networks using Dynamic Cluster Head Selection using Fuzzy Interference System

pp. 14267-14272

Avinash Rai and Shrankhla Shrivastava


Scara Robot Path Planning Through flood fill Algorithm

pp. 14273-14281

Julián Esteban Herrera-Benavides, Cesar Giovany Pachon-Suescun and Robinson Jimenez-Moreno


Competitive Biosorptive Removal of a Basic Dye From Ternary Dye Mixture Using Sawdust

pp. 14282-14290

Giwa Abdur-Rahim, Abdulsalam Khadijat, Wewers Francois and Aderibigbe Deborah


Software Defect Prediction using Ant Colony Optimization

pp. 14291-14297

Kiran Kumar B., Jayadev Gyani and Narsimha G


Algorithmic Analysis of Execution Plans – Using different algorithms to find the least performing queries

pp. 14298-14302

Sharad Narayan Sharma and Akshar Dhondiyal


A New Approach to Hide Secret Message and Book in Rgb Image

pp. 14303-14307

Alhussain AKOUM


Real Time Face Detection and Segmentation

pp. 14308-14312

Alhussain AKOUM


Anomalous Attacker Evidence and Detection System in WSN

pp. 14313-14322

B. Srinivasa Rao and P. Premchand


Analysis of the Inadequacies in Existing Practices and Factors Affecting Domestic Energy Demand in Ghana

pp. 14323-14333

Ruhiya Abubakar, Prof. S.R. Shankapul, Amevi acakpovi, Ussif William Ayinga and Patrick Acheampong


Comparative study of Leaf Disease Diagnosis system using Texture features and Deep Learning Features
pp. 14334–14340
Ashwini T Sapkal and Uday V Kulkarni

Magnetic properties induced by Mn atom in ZnO from theoretical study
pp. 14341-14344
Miguel J. Espitia R, Juan M. Oviedo C and Luis C. Sánchez P

New Urban Regeneration for the City of Amman Using Sustainable Urban Design Principles: Al-Abdali Area As a Case Study
pp. 14345-14358
Rami Khaled Al Shawabkeh

Control Scheme for a Stand-Alone Wind Energy Conversion System for Better Efficiency of Battery Storage
pp. 14359-14364
Dr. S.Ezhilarasan, V. Ananthapadmanabhan and Dr. P.Avirajamanjula

Performance analysis by Implementation of Microencapsulated PCM in Domestic Refrigerator: A novel Approach
pp. 14365-14371
Prashant Geete, H P Singh and Sunil K Somani

Photocatalytic Degradation of Methyl Red using CeO2, TiO2 and CeO2-TiO2 Nanocomposite
pp. 14372-14377
C.B. Mane, R.V. Khobare, R.P. Patild and R.P. Pawar

Water Level Prediction Using Artificial Neural Network Model
pp. 14378-14381
Jenny Marcela Moreno Castillo, Juan Manuel Sanchez Cspedes and Helbert Eduardo Espitia Cuchango

Experimental and theoretical investigation of Young’s modulus of uni-directional jute/epoxy composite laminates with different fiber volume fraction
pp. 14382-14385
Ashish, Rakesh and Sandeep Kumar

A Preliminary Study to Forecast the Leachate and Biogas Generation in a Municipal Solid Waste Landfill in Latin America
pp. 14386-14392
Víctor Gutiérrez-Gil, Carlos Zafra-Mejía and Juan Alarcón-Hincapié

Tendon Type Robotic Gripper with Frictional Self-Locking Mechanism
pp. 14393-14401
Somer Nacy, Wisam Abbood and Kostantinos Dermitzakis

Verification as a Service (VaaS): A Trusted Multipurpose Service for Accounting, Billing Verification and Approval of Consumed Resources at Low Computational Overhead to Enhance the Cloud Usability
pp. 14402-14410
Himadri Biswas and Debabrata Sarddar

Evaluation of Profile Based Personalized Web Search Using KNN and ECC
pp. 14411-14416
S. Dhinakaran and J. Thirumaran

Impact of Teledentistry Programs on Dental Service in Rural Areas: A Systematic Review
pp. 14417-14423
Cristhian Madrid Troconis, Julio R. Ribón and Plinio Puello

Experimental Investigation on a Mini Hibrid Wind Turbine
pp. 14424-14430
R.M Di Tommaso and E. Nino

Design and Development of Recommender System for Target Marketing of Higher Education Institution Using EDM
pp. 14431-14437
S. JothiLakshmi and M.Thangaraj

Static adsorption of dodecyl alkyl sulfate onto kaolinite: an experimental investigation for enhanced oil recovery purposes
pp. 14438-14446
Jestril Ebaga-Ololo and Bohyun Chon

Exploring Navigation using Deep Reinforcement Learning
pp. 14447-14450
Tegg Taekyong Sung, Changhyung Kim, Kyunghak Lee and Chae-Bong Sohn

Synthesis for a Knee Rehabilitation Mechanism Applying Genetic Algorithms
pp. 14451-14456
Jorge Araque, César Peña and Gonzalo Moreno

Interaction System using Kinect Sensor for Development of Human-Virtual Objects Game
pp. 14457-14460
Gankhuyag Ochirsum, Young-Ho Sohn and Dong Won Park

Design, Analysis and Economic Investigation of Standalone Roof Top Solar PV System for Rural India
pp. 14461-14468
Adithya Ballaji, Ananda M H, K Narayan Swamy and Venkatesh Murthy B S

The Film Effect on the Impact Behavior of the Coating Glass Plate by Higher-Order Finite Element
pp. 14469-14472
Ho Duck Kang, Kook Chan Ahn and Chul Jin Moon

Realization of FIR Filter Architecture in Transpose Form Type-II Configuration for Reconfigurable Applications
pp. 14473-14478
A. Madan Mohan Reddy and D. Lalitha Kumari





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