International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)




Volume 13, Number 21 (2018)






Analysis & Prediction of Road Accident Data for Indian States
pp. 14841-14845
Ashutosh Gupta and A.K. Mishra

Pairwise Fuzzy
σ -First Category Sets
pp. 14846-14848
G.Thangaraj and A.Vinothkumar

5G : A Future Network Society
pp. 14849-14851
S.nandhini, Abhishek, Rahul Kumar and Rahul Kumar

Optimizing WEDM Parameters for Machining of Nimonic-80A alloy using RSM Technique
pp. 14852-14860
Bineet Pal Singh, Jaswinder Singh, Kamaljeet Singh and Charanjit Singh Kalra

Development of an Optimal Inventory Policy for Deteriorating Items with Stock Level and Selling Price Dependent Demand under Trade Credit
pp. 14861-14870
Anupama Sharma, Vipin Kumar, Jyoti Singh and C.B.Gupta

Controller Placement in Scalable SDN Environments
pp. 14871-14875
Smitha Vinod and X. Agnise Kala Rani

Machine Learning Techniques and Smart Grid Applications: A Review
pp. 14876-14885
William Sanchez-Huertas, Víctor Gómez and Cesar Hernández

Optimization Algorithms for Solving Microgrid and Smart Grid Integration Problems
pp. 14886-14892
William Sanchez-Huertas, Víctor Gómez and Cesar Hernández

Determination by means computational calculations the phase stability and structural properties of VN/AlN/VN compound
pp. 14893-14896
Lewys Correa Sánchez, Octavio José Salcedo Parra and Miguel J. Espitia R

Comparative CFD Investigation of Upper Room UVGI Efficacy with Three Different Ventilation Systems
pp. 14897-14902
Mohamad Kanaan and Amine Abou Moughlbay

Development of Natural Fiber Nonwovens for Thermal Insulation
pp. 14903-14907
M. Bhuvaneshwari and K. Sangeetha

Research Effort Evaluation Framework A Prototype Model (Text-Code-Image-Analysis)
pp. 14908-14911
Kamlesh Patil and S.B. Vanjale

Efficient Scene Text Recognition Using Energetic Edge Detectors, LDN Descriptor, Energy Enriched Self Organizing Map
pp. 14912-14917
Beula Bell. T and Jeyakumar M. K

Emerging Trends and Practices in the Educational Field
pp. 14918-14923
M. Ramírez-Sánchez, E. Rivas-Trujillo and C. M. Cardona-Londoño

Behavior in the Use of Bunaken Solar Power Plant
pp. 14924-14929
Sarina Julien Binti, Zainal Fanani, Endah Setyowati and Bagyo Yanuwiadi

Management Platform for a VPP in an Electric System based on Python and DIgSILENT
pp. 14930-14934
Medina García Víctor Hugo, Avella Rincón Camilo Andrés and Rivas Trujillo Edwin

Effect of Longitudinal Surface Roughness on the Performance of Rayleigh Step Bearing
pp. 14935-14941
Paresh I. Andharia and Hardik M. Pandya

Analysis of Simultaneous Equations for the Housing Market in Colombia 1998-2017
pp. 14942-14947
Héctor Javier Fuentes López, Leonardo Emiro Contreras Bravo and Jose Ignacio Rodriguez Molano

Terracotta Separator based Plant Microbial Fuel Cell for Bioelectricity and Catholyte Production
pp. 14948-14955
V Kiran Kumar, K. Man mohan, Sreelakshmi P Manangath and S. Gajalakshmi

Machine Learning based Analysis of Twitter Data to Determine a Person's Mental Health Intuitive Wellbeing
pp. 14956-14963
Rakshitha C L and Gowrishankar S

A Study on Performance Analysis of Distance Estimation RSSI in Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 14964-14968
S.Satheesh and V.Vinoba

MS-EMD based Signal Processing Method for Reduction of Motion Artifacts from PPG Signals
pp. 14969-14973
M. Raghuram, Kosaraju Sivani and K. Ashoka Reddy

Algebraic Properties of PlusWeighted Finite state Machines
pp. 14974–14982
Saridha. S and Rajaretnam. T.

Evaluating the Adverse Drug Reactions Learning Framework Using Novel Text Mining
pp. 14983-14996
K.M. Deepa Lakshmi and A. Prakash

Exchange Market algorithm based Profit Based Unit Commitment for GENCOs Considering Environmental Emissions
pp. 14997-15010
A. Senthilvadivu, K. Gayathri and K. Asokan

Unit Selection to Improve Naturalness in Speech Synthesis
pp. 15011-15015
K.V.N.Sunitha and P. Sunitha Devi

Powering India: The Next-Generation Reforms in Power Distribution Sector
pp. 15016-15034
A Veluchamy, Raju Ganesh Sunder, Rajesh Tripathi and R Mohamed Nafi

Exploratory Data Analysis and Latent Dirichlet Allocation on Yelp Database
pp. 15035-15039
Sairam Kaleru and Srinivasa Rao Dhanikonda

Selection of Multiple Solution Problems through Inhibition (Sum-of-Subsets)
pp. 15040-15046
K. Shyamala and P. Chanthini

Influence of Incessant Strikes on Teachers’ Professional Training: The University of Nigeria Experience
pp. 15047-15055
Igbokwe, Uche Lebechi and Ogbonna, Ikechukwu Matthias

1x3-ZnO/MnO multilayer ab-initio study
pp. 15056-15059
Miguel J. Espitia R, John H. Diaz F and Octavio José Salcedo Parra

The Effect of Sediment Powder Addition on Compressive Strength, Sodium Sulfate Resistance, and Water Absorption in Paving Block
pp. 15060-15067
Ridwan Syah Nuhun, Siti Nurjanah Ahmad, La Welendo and Try Sugiyarto

Application Development with Augmented Reality Technique using Unity 3D and Vuforia
pp. 15068-15071
Xinqi Liu, Young-Ho Sohn and Dong-Won Park

Evaluation of the Extent of School Access Programme’s Contribution to Computer Education Studies in South-East Nigeria
pp. 15072-15077
Kingsley Okoro, Chinwendu Francisca Okeke, Chioma E. Chukwuji, Chijioke Jonathan Olelewe and Nkiruka A. Nwachukwu

A Descriptive Survey on Use of Various Teaching Methods in Social Studies at Basic Education Level in Enugu State, Nigeria
pp. 15078-15082
Nkechinyere C. Edeh, Bernedeth N. Ezegbe, Chimezie Onwurah, Ibwari C. Dike and Uchenna E. Uzodinma

Socio-Cultural Factors Associated with Domestic Violence among Working Couples in Benue State, Nigeria
pp. 15083-15089
Eucharia Nchedo Aye, Jacob Adamu, Nkiru Christiana Ohia, Amobi Julia Onumonu and Theresa Olunwa Oforka

Career Aspirations of Secondary School Students with Visual Impairment in Enugu State, Nigeria
pp. 15090-15095
Samuel E. Ebifa, Liziana N. Onuigbo, Kay C.N. Onyechi and Nkechi Egenti

Obedience of road users before transit control devices - a case study
pp. 15096-15101
Julie Katherine Camacho García, Lorena Ortegón Cáceres and Saieth Baudilio Chaves Pabón

Effect of Reciprocal Peer Tutoring Strategy on Computer Students’ Achievement in Expository Essay Writing: Implication for School Counselling
pp. 15102-15107
Amuche P. Nnamani, Josephine .U. Akabogu, Ann. C. Ulo-bethels and Moses O. Ede

Availability and Extent of Use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Facilities in the Teaching of Oral English in Secondary Schools
pp. 15108-15117
Josephine U. Akabogu, Chinelo P. Attama, Annah C. Uloh-Bethels, Amuche P. Nnamani, Evelyn Ukoha and Moses O. Ede

ARIMA Analysis of the Runoff Curve Number Method in a Sub-urban River Basin
pp. 15118-15123
Daniel Aguilar-Gómez, Lizeth Páez-Rivera and Carlos Zafra-Mejía

Framework for Ranking Big Data Service Providers Using Classical Probability Ranking Principle
pp. 15124-15129
L. Aruna

A Cross-sectional Study on Eating Disorders among Female Undergraduates in a Nigerian University: Implications for Online Nutritional Interventions
pp. 15130-15135
Nkechi Georgina Onyeke, Ngozi Mary Eze, Eunice Ifeyinwa Ugwu, Minaseichinbo Bamson and Amaka Bibian Ezeanwu

Perceived Economic Effects of Onchocerciasis Disease in Ebonyi State, Nigeria: Community Health Counselling Implication
pp. 15136-15142
Prince C.I. Umoke, Maryjoy Umoke, Catherine U. Ene, Christopher C. Arua and Moses Ede

An Investigation of Onchocerciasis Disease in Ebonyi State, Nigeria: Implications for Community Health Counseling Programs
pp. 15143-15148
Prince C.I. Umoke, Maryjoy Umoke, Catherine U. Ene, Christopher C. Arua and Moses Ede

Control Strategies for Nipah Virus
pp. 15149-15163
Nita H. Shah, Niketa D. Trivedi, Foram A. Thakkar and Moksha H. Satia

Data Mining as a Tool for the Environmental Quality Analysis in the Basin of the Macheta River (Colombia)
pp. 15164-15168
López Sánchez, Wilson Ricardo, Rodríguez Miranda, Juan Pablo, Sánchez Céspedes and Juan Manuel

Environmental Quality Assessment in the Bogotá River Basin (Colombia) Using Artificial Neuronal Net - Levenberg Marquardt
pp. 15169-15173
Rodríguez Miranda, Juan Pablo, García Ubaque, Cesar Augusto, Sánchez Céspedes and Juan Manuel

PARTICLE SWITCHING: Artificial Intelligence Technique for the Assessment of Environmental Quality in the Minero River Basin (Cundinamarca, Colombia).
pp. 15174-15178
Rodríguez Miranda, Juan Pablo, García Ubaque, Cesar Augusto, Sánchez Céspedes and Juan Manuel

Weakly 2-Absorbing ideals in Non-Commutative Rings
pp. 15179-15182
Malik Bataineh, Rashid Abu-Dawwas and Odai Masoud

Patient Assistance and Monitoring System An Information Based Approach
pp. 15183-15191
Apoorv Gupta, Ashwini Rajasekhar, Sushant Govindraj, Paras Khare, Pramil Panjawani, Anubhav Khanna and Poonkuzhali R

Forecasting: A Review and Its Application to Handwritten Signatures
pp. 15192-15195
Alpana Deka and Lipi B. Mahanta

Privacy Preserving Ant Colony Optimization based Neural Learning Classifier
pp. 15196–15202
N. G. Nageswari Amma and F. Ramesh Dhanaseelan

Low Complexity Decoding Algorithm for Rotated Quasi Orthogonal Space Time Block Codes for Modified Sphere Decoder
pp. 15203-15211
Priyanka Mishra, Mehboob-ul-Amin and C.K. Shukla

Regulating Green Open Space in Fishing Village of Sukolilo Surabaya
pp. 15212-15217
Broto Wahyono Sulistyo, Wiwik Widyo Widjajanti and Yulfiah

Applicability of Flexible Water Bag Technology in Redistributing Surplus Water to Dry Zone of Sri Lanka
pp. 15218-15228
Nishan Sakalasooriya and B.K.K.Gayathra Perera

The Trends of Optical Data Capturing Techniques and Application Areas
pp. 15229-15235
Chetan Maheshwari and Manisha J Nene

Solution to a Multi Depot Vehicle Routing Problem Using K-means Algorithm, Clarke and Wright Algorithm and Ant Colony Optimization
pp. 15236-15246
Pranavi Singanamala, K. Dharma Reddy and P.Venkataramaiah

Solution to a Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem Using Heuristics and Firefly Algorithm
pp. 15247-15254
Rajulapudi Bala Sai Shankar, K. Dharma Reddy and P. Venkataramaiah

Classification with MapReduce Based Deep Belief Network (MDBN)
pp. 15255-15260
Azhagammal Algarsamy and Ruba Soundar Kathavarayan

Low Speed Operation of CSI fed Induction Motor Drives with MRAS Based Estimation of Stator Resistance
pp. 15261-15269
M.Sivakumar, T.Dhanakodi and N.Panneer Selvam

Study on Machining Response in Wire EDM OF Inconel 625
pp. 15270-15277
G.Archana, K. Dharma Reddy and P.Venkataramaiah

Optimization of Parameters in Thermal Energy Storage System
pp. 15278-15283
Bathala Harshita, K. Dharma Reddy and P. Venkataramaiah

Statistical Analysis of the Pressure Profile Variations of Hydraulic Circuit in CNC Machine
pp. 15284-15289
Ramesh. S, S. Denis Ashok and Shanmukha Nagaraj

Mathematical Modeling of Blood Flow through an Inclined Axially Non-Symmetric Stenosed Catheterized Artery with Body Acceleration
pp. 15290-15298
Lukendra Kakati, Nazibuddin Ahmed and Karabi Dutta Choudhury

Age and Birth Order as Factors for Parental Stress of Children with Autism and Coping strategies
pp. 15299-15309
Joy. I. Anyanwu, N. O. Obiyo, L. T. Ugwuanyi, V. Adikwu, J. C. Ubah & M. I. Obata and Mkpoikanke Sunday Otu

Influence of Vocational Education on Prison Inmates’ Interest in Vocational Activities in Enugu State, Nigeria
pp. 15310-15316
Joy I. Anyanwu, Kay C. N. Onyechi, Victoria Adikwu, Bernedeth N. Ezegbe and Mkpoikanke Sunday Otu

Website Usability Evaluation through Sentiment Analysis of the User Population of the IRCTC Website
pp. 15317-15328
Rinku Sharma Dixit and Shailee Choudhary

Calibration Approach-Based Estimator under Minimum Entropy Distance Function VIS-À-VIS T2 -Class of Estimator
pp. 15329-15342
Piyush Kant Rai, G.C. Tikkiwal, Alka and Sweta Singh

Using Story telling Technique in Developing Language in Children with Autism in Nigeria: Perceptions and challenges
pp. 15343-15350
L .T. Ugwuanyi, J. C. Ubah, M.I. Obatta, G.N. Adama, T. A. Adaka, J. Nwabueze, Afusat Ejide B. and Mkpoikanke S. Otu

A Reliability Model for the Progression of Chronic Heart Failure
pp. 15351-15355
Meenaxi, Dalip Singh and Narender Singh

Cardio Vascular Disease Diagnosis Using Data Mining Techniques and ANFIS Approach
pp. 15356-15361
B.Shuriya and A.Rajendran

Special D(k2+1) Dio-quadruples Involving k-Jacobsthal and k- Jacobsthal Lucas Numbers
pp. 15362-15364
G.Srividhya and T.Ragunathan

A Study on STEAM Program Based on Measurement of Sugar Concentration in Korean Coffee Commercial Drinks Using Portable Refractometer (II)
pp. 15365-15372
Young-Tae Kong

The Development and Revising of the LTTS Programs for Lower Elementary Students
pp. 15373-15382
Mi-Young Lee and Young-Tae Kong

A Chronological Review on Digital Watermarking
pp. 15383-15385
Aditi Indoriya and Sharma O. P.

Big Data Analytics in Data Mining – A Review
pp. 15386-15396
M.Uma and V. Baby Deepa

Introducing a Sub Process and Stage Oriented Risk Analysis Model for Software Projects and applying it with a Case Study
pp. 15397-15403
Rajendrani Mukherjee, Aurghyadip Kundu and Rintesh Ghosh

Design and Implementation of Automated Prototype for Classification of Peach
pp. 15404-15409
Javier Eduardo Martínez Baquero, Luis Alfredo Rodríguez Umaña and Robinson Jiménez Moreno

Design of Controller PID and Stability Analysis for Drying of Corn´s Grain
pp. 15410-15416
Javier Eduardo Martínez Baquero, Felipe Andrés Corredor Chavarro and Robinson Jiménez Moreno

New Marker for Vascular Health based on the Poincare Plot Analysis using Acceleration Plethysmogram
pp. 15417-15423
Jeom Keun Kim and Jae Mok Ahn


On β* -Convergence Nets and Filters

pp. 15424-15430

P. Maragatha Meenakshi and J. Sathya


Impact of Time Management on Productivity of Private Secondary Schools in Education District V, Lagos State

pp. 15431-15438

Chioma E. Chukwuji, Grace Oshun, Ijeoma J. Chukwuemeka-Nworu, Chinwendu Francisca Okeke and Patricia U. Agu


An Effective Single Core Photonic Crystal Fiber For Minimum Dispersion
pp. 15439-15442

Trimesh Kumar and Om Prakash Sharma





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