International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)




Volume 13, Number 24 (2018)






Studies on Self-Healing Sustainable Concrete Using Bacterial Carbonate Precipitate
pp. 16719-16728
Bharanedharan G, Logesh S, Nishok A.V.K and S. Jayakumar

Development of Drainage-System Maintenance Contents for Integration to Building Technology Programme of Nigerian Polytechnics
pp. 16729-16738
Dr. H.O. Omeje & Dr. G.K.O. Okereke

Assessment of Computer Robotics Programming Needs of Computer Education and Electrical/Electronic Technology Students for Improving Academic Performance in Universities in South Eastern Nigeria
pp. 16739-16746
Dr. B. I. Onah, Dr. Jimoh Bakare, Eze Blessing Ngozi and Uzuegwu Chigozie

Experimental Studies of the Effectiveness of the Design for the Cross-Axle Redistribution of the Weight Load of the Car
pp. 16747-16752
Shchitov S.V, Kuznetsov E.E, Krivutsa Z.F, Polikutina E. S., Kuznetsova O.A, Kucher A.V, Ponomaryov N.V, Dremina S.L. and Goncharuk А.I.

Cross Sectional Observational Study of Asthma with Body Mass Index
pp. 16753-16755
V.K. Gaur and Bhawani Shankar Tanwar

Statistical Analysis of Diabetes in Rural area of Bikaner
pp. 16756-16757
V.K. Gaur and Ajay Kumar Ranga

Statistical Significant of Diabetes with Body Mass Index
pp. 16758-16761
V.K. Gaur and Ajay Kumar Ranga

A Reliability Model on a System with Conditional warranty and Intervention of Higher Authority on Denial of Valid Claim
pp. 16762-16769
Monika Solkhe and GulshanTaneja

Development of Effective Functional Materials Based on Polymer and Carbon Support with Pt-Pd Nanoparticles for Renewable Energy Sources
pp. 16770-16773
Marina V. Lebedeva, Alexey P. Antropov, Alexander V. Ragutkin and Nicolay A. Yashtulov

The Electrode Materials Based on Carbon Nanotubes and Polymer Matrix Modified With Platinum Catalysts for Chemical Power Sources
pp. 16774-16777
Marina V. Lebedeva, Alexey P. Antropov, Alexander V. Ragutkin and Nicolay A. Yashtulov

Secure and Lightweight Trustee-based Scheme to Establish Mutual Authentication in Cloud Computing Environments
pp. 16778-16786
Mr. Sabout Nagaraju and Dr.S.K.V. Jayakumar

A Survey on Partitioning and Hierarchical based Data Mining Clustering Techniques
pp. 16787-16791
M.Kiruthika and Dr. S.Sukumaran

Performance Evaluation Algorithm for Intrusion Detection in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
pp. 16792-16795
V.Asaithambi and Dr. N.Rama

Disruptive Practices in Architecture Design Studios
pp. 16796-16800
Ar. Neerja Babbar and Dr. Prabhjot Kaur

Application of Piezoelectric Beam-Lead Flexure Transducer in Smart Vibration Sensors
pp. 16801-16804
S. V. Lebedev, V.K. Dolya and E. S. Sinyutin

Design and Analysis of TLBO-Fuzzy PID Controller for Automatic Generation Control
pp. 16805-16811
N Vasu and Dr. Darapureddi Vijaya Kumar

ECC based Security Architecture for IoT Cloud Integrated Smart Applications
pp. 16812-16818
T.Daisy Premila Bai

Machine Learning For Credit Card Fraud Detection System
pp. 16819-16824
Lakshmi S V S S and Selvani Deepthi Kavila

Bioremediation of Groundwater: An Overview
pp. 16825-16832
Shivam Mani Tripathi and Shri Ram

Study of Black Hole and Gray Hole Attacks in MANET
pp. 16833-16842
R.Saranya and Dr. R.S.Rajesh

Analytical description of the parameters of the mode of transverse line milling, which provide the required accuracy of the profile of the flow section of the compressor vanes of a gas turbine engine
pp. 16843-16847
Valentin I. Svirschev, Stepan V. Tarasov and Vladislav V. Merezhnikov

Academic Guidance between Theory and Practice: Applied Study for Mining Data on the Applied Studies and Community Service College
pp. 16848-16859
Zyad Thalji

Secure Fuzzy Logic to Study the Impact of Knowledge Management Enablers on Organizational Performance through Decision Making Mediator
pp. 16860-16877
Omar Wassef Hijazeen, Samson Oluwaseun Fadiya, Murat Akkaya and Arif Sari

A Note on Intuitionistic Fuzzy Linear Transformations in R-Vector Spaces
pp. 16878-16881
Dr. M. Mary Jansi Rani, K.Jamshida and V. Vimala

Government Enterprise Architecture Repository. An open state supported in TIC information and communication technologies TIC
pp. 16882-16887
Roberto Mauricio Cárdenas Cárdenas

A Statistical Preprocessing based on Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) for Water Data
pp. 16888-16891
Sara Kutty T. K., Dr. M. Hanumanthappa and Ramakrishnan M R

An Enhanced Dynamic Voltage Restorer using Cascaded Multilevel Inverter
pp. 16892-16897
Pravitha P S, Prof.Samina T and Dr.Bishaarathu Beevi

Unlocking Mobile Devices using Improved Face Recognition and Eye Blinking Technique
pp. 16907-16909
Dr. K. Arutselvan, Dr. Sridhathan. C and Dr. M. Senthil Kumar

Strengthening of RCC Beam Using Polymer Modified Ferrocement
pp. 16910-16912
Dr. J.Sahaya Ruben

Effect of Three Phase Short Circuit Faults on the Performance of Wind Farms Employing Doubly-Fed Induction Generators
pp. 16913-16918
Dr. M.Raghavendra Rao and E.Baby

Studies on Combustion of Hard Coke Using Different Additives
pp. 16919-16926
Shyamal Kumar Mondal, Prof. D.D. Pathak and Dr. Jagdish

MHD flow of a Visco-elastic fluid over an unbounded rotating porous plate with Heat source and Chemical reaction
pp. 16927-16938
G V Nagendra prasad, G Nagesh, K Raghunath and Dr R Siva Prasad

Metamaterial Superstrate Antenna Design with Gain Enhancement
pp. 16939-16944
Dr. K.Kavitha and K .Seyatha

Binary Sequences in Chaotic systems: A Review
pp. 16945-16949
K. Chidananda Murthy, Mahalinga.V. Mandi and R. Murali

A Survey on Control Techniques to Stabilize and Control the Non Linear System
pp. 16950-16953
Gomathy S and Prabha Maheswari.M

A Critical Survey on Control Strategies of LVDC Microgrid Systems
pp. 16954-16961
Prtima Gakhar and Rajashekar P Mandi

Modeling and Simulation of 10 kW Grid Connected PV Generation System Using Matlab/Simulink
pp. 16962-16970
MohdIlyas, Shamshad Ali and Mumtaz Ahmad Khan

A Hybrid Algorithm for Malicious Spam Detection in Email through Machine Learning
pp. 16971-16979
Prabha Pandey, Chetan Agrawal and Tehreem Nishat Ansari

A Comparative Analysis of Fuzzy Shortest Travelling Path using Octogonal fuzzy numbers based on Measures of Dispersion
pp. 16980-16983
S. Ramkumar and Dr. M. Ananthanarayanan


Linear and Non-Linear Analysis of Solute-Convection Modulation in A Couple Stress Fluid under Temperature Modulation

pp. 16984-16994

Thriveni K and S Pranesh


Supporting Engineering Students for Success: Perspectives from an Outsider
pp. 16995-17001
Dr. Kehdinga George Fomunyam

Investigation on the Effect of Metakaolin Admixture on the Properties of Concrete

pp. 17002-17008
Simmi Goel and Amita Dhanuka


System Design Using Internet of Things: A Review
pp. 17009-17012
Dr. Monish Gupta

Efficient Energy Distribution System using Internet of Things
pp. 17013-17016
Dr. Monish Gupta

Effect of Radiations on Human Body
pp. 1017-1021
Dr. Monish Gupta


Highly Efficient Solar Power System Design
pp. 17022-17025
Dr. Monish Gupta

Review on Effect of Ionized and Non-Ionized Radiations on Biological Cells
pp. 17031-17034

Dr. Monish Gupta


Broadband Highly Directional Microstrip Patch Antenna Array
pp. 17035-17039
Dr. Monish Gupta


Processing of Satellite Imagery Using Deep Learning Techniques For Developing Land Use Land Cover Images
pp. 17040-17043
Bandaru Venkata Shiva Kumar