International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 13, Number 04 (2018)  






The Advantages and Disadvantages of Electronic Games Played by Children Aged (3-6) Years, from Mothers and Kindergarten Teachersí Point of View
pp. 1805-1812
Mohamed M. Al-Hileh and Nedaa S.I. Ibrahim

Mobbing in Tourism Enterprises: The Case of Turkish Riviera
pp. 1813-1819
Demet Tuzunkan

Intelligent Gastro Tumour Segmenter: Methodology and Result Analysis on Segmentation of Gastro Polyp Tumour in Colon Images Using Stepwise Image Processing Techniques
pp. 1820-1826
K.Ramanathan Kalimuthu and Daha Tijjani Abdurrahaman

Design and Performance Evaluation of Boolean based Secret Image Sharing Scheme
pp. 1827-1832
Javvaji V.K. Ratnam, T. Sreenivasulu Reddy and P. Ramana Reddy

An Ultra Low Power Segmented Digital-to-Analog Converter
pp. 1833-1837
Manoj Kumar and Raj Kumar

Hardware Implementation of Discrete /Inverse Discrete Cosine Transform Using Redundant Number System CORDIC Processors
pp. 1838-1842
Jayashri M. Rudagi and Shaila Subbaraman

Enhancing Active LeZi by introducing time as a parameter for Smart Environment Activity Prediction
pp. 1843-1848
Vaskar Deka, Hemangi Goswami and Shikhar Kumar Sarma

Study of Strouhalís Number for Dual Trapezoidal Bluff Body
pp. 1849-1857
Atul S. Bachal and Ramakant Shrivastava

Asynchronous Level Crossing ADC Design for Wearable Devices: A Review
pp. 1858-1865
Anita Antony, Shobha Rekh Paulson and D. Jackuline Moni

A Novel Method to Improve Basic Background Subtraction Methods for Object Detection in Video Surveillance System
pp. 1866-1873
Surender Singh, Ajay Prasad, Kingshuk Srivastava and Suman Bhattacharya

Synthesis of High Performance Polyurethane Films
pp. 1874-1878
Gabriel Peluffo, Karen Patricia Domínguez Martínez and Eduardo Espinosa-Fuentes

Performance comparison of Korean keyword-based document classifiers using convolutional neural networks Ė A case of Science and Technology research report data
pp. 1879-1883
Kwang-Young Kim, Seo-Young Jeong, Jung-Hoon Park, Seok-Hyoung Lee, Hye-Jin Lee3, Jae-Wook Seol, Chul-Su Lim and Jung-Sun Yoon

A computerized solution of expert system aims to detect the language of its users -Applied in Moroccan Tourism-
pp. 1884-1890
I. El haouta, A. Idelhadj, S. Bourekkadi, A. Babounia and S.Khoulji

Savings and Investment Behaviour of Medium Net Worth Truck Operators in Indian Transport Industry
pp. 1891-1895
S. P. Krishnakumar and C. Sundar

Investment Behavior of Medium Net Worth Truck Operators In Indian Transport Industry
pp. 1896-1899
S. P. Krishnakumar and C.Sundar

A Robust Watermarking Scheme Based on DWT and DCT Using Image Gradient
pp. 1900-1907
Salah Mokhnache, Tewfik Bekkouche and Djamel Chikouche

Design Issues of Telugu Emotional Speech System
pp. 1922-1925
D. Nagaraju and R.J. Ramasree

Simulating DC/AC Electric Rotary Converter Machine Using MATLAB
pp. 1926-1930
Khalid G. Mohammed

Steganography on Audio Wave Tenth Layer by Using Signal to Noise Ratio Test and Spectrogram Analyses
pp. 1931-1935
Sumit Kumar Moudgil, Amit Kumar Goel and Manish Sharma

Friction and Wear of Polyvinyl Chloride Filled By Vegetables Oils
pp. 1936-1944
Elhabib O. A., Mohamed M. K. and Ali W. Y.

Design of Moving Simulator Prototype for Driving Training Subsystem Input System
pp. 1945-1950
Neola Layalia Rahmah, Agus Virgono and Randy Erfa Saputra

Role of Simulation in Resolving the Secrets of Dynamical, Complex and Chaotic Physics of Black Holes
pp. 1951-1962
Indrajit Patra and Shri Krishan Rai

A New Similarity-based Method for Assessing Programming Assignments using Symbolic Execution
pp. 1963-1981
Sara Mernissi Arifia, Rachid Ben Abboub and Azeddine Zahic

Optimization of Three Level Inverter based on Fuzzy Logic Control to Improve the System Performance
pp. 1982-1987
Hassan Farhan Rashag

Optimization of Bio-Methane Production from Mesophilic Anaerobic Co-digestion of Pig Manure and Vegetable Residue
pp. 1988-1995
Nattadon Pannucharoenwong

Development of Cytotoxic Compound Derived from Unused Natural Bio-resources
pp. 1996-1999
Seong-Yun Jeong

Theoretical Calculation of Repaired Aerodrome Pavement Deflected Mode Basis
pp. 2000-2005
Vladislav P. Podolsky, Viktor I. Alfyorov, Evgeny V. Makarov and Alexander N. Popov.

Traffic Safety
pp. 2006-2013
Vladislav P. Podolsky, Yury F.Zatzepin and Nataliya A. Bayramova

Nonlinear Finite Element Flexural Analysis of RC Beams
pp. 2014-2020
Mazen Musmar

The Effect Daubechies Wavelet Filter for Enhancement Objects Blur Images in an Environment Containing Noise
pp. 2021-2029
Shaymaa Maki kadham and Hind Rustum Mohammed

Flexural Performance of PVA FRCC Beams under Quasi-static and Low-velocity Impact Loads
pp. 2030-2037

Numerical Solutions of Nonlinear Fractional Fornberg-Whitham Equation by an Accurate Technique
pp. 2038-2045
Mohamed S. Mohamed

Effect of Process Parameters in MIG Welding on Mild Steel IS 2062
pp. 2046-2054
R.SUDARSHAN and M.Devaiah

Event Driven Routing Protocols For Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 2055-2060
Sherif Moussa, Ghada Abdel Halim and Salah Abdel-Mageid

Hybrid Hermitien Model for Skin Burn Images Segmentation
pp. 2061-2067
Shaymaa Maki Kadham and Hind Rustum Mohammed

Correlation between California Bearing Ratio (CBR) and Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP) for soil from Sincelejo city in Colombia
pp. 2068-2071
Fernando Jove Wilches, Jhon Jairo Feria Díaz and Josť Rodrigo Hernandez Ávila

Optimal Power Control Algorithm for Multi-Radio Multi-Channel Wireless Mesh Networks
pp. 2072-2077
Jatinder Singh Saini and Balwinder Singh Sohi






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