International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 13, Number 06 (2018)  






Zero Inflated Binomial Model for Infant Mortality Data in Indonesia
pp. 3139-3143
Wahyu Bodromurti, Khairil Anwar Notodiputro and Anang Kurnia

Smart System for Monitoring Cardiac Patients Using Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 3144-3149
Puvaneshwari S, Abirami M and Rajasekar G

Numerical solution of Cahn-Hiliard Equation
pp. 3150-3156
A. M. S. Mahdy and N. A. H. Mukhtar

User Influence on Twitter Hashtags Evolution: A Case Study from Career Opportunities Groups
pp. 3157-3164
Layal Abu Daher, Rached Zantout and Islam Elkabani

Experimental Optimization of Nanostructured Nickel Oxide Deposited by Spray Pyrolysis for Solar Cells Application
pp. 3165-3173
Ukoba, O.K, Inambao, F.L. and Eloka-Eboka, A.C.

Paternal Attachment, Role Identity, and Father Involvement in Parenting
pp. 3174-3181
Jeong Jin youn and Kyoung Eun Kim

On the Equations Solved for Droplet Evaporation Simulation
pp. 3182-3186
Suhaila Hussain and Suhaimi Illias

Transportation, Pollution and the Environment
pp. 3187-3199
Maroa Semakula and Freddie Inambao

The Formation, Effects and Control of Oxides of Nitrogen in Diesel Engines
pp. 3200-3209
Maroa Semakula and Prof Freddie Inambao

Analysis of Symbol Error Rate in Amplify And Forward Nakagami-M Cooperative Networks
pp. 3210-3214
Manar Al-Kali and Ali A. Mohammed

Estimating Vegetation Canopy Density in the Lower Chi Basin, Northeast, Thailand Using Landsat Data
pp. 3215-3219
Supunnee Pladsrichuay, Rasamee Suwanwerakamtorn and Nattadon Pannucharoenwong

Selling Smartphones to Generation Z: Understanding Factors Influencing the Purchasing Intention of Smartphone
pp. 3220-3227
Ashraf Bany Mohammed

Investigating the Non-Uniform Boundary Conditions Effects on MHD Free and Mass Convection along a Semi-Infinite Inclined Flat Plate Solar Captor Subjected to Chemical Reaction, Radiation Heat Flux and Internal Heat Generation or Absorption
pp. 3228-3237
A. Ferrah and M. N. Bouaziz

Increased wear Resistance of Parts Electrochemical Alloys based on Iron
pp. 3238-3241
G. V. Guryanov, Yu. E. Kisel, V. A. Bezik, D. A. Bezik, O. E. Shirobokova and N. I. Yakovenko

Dynamic Economic Load Dispatch of Electric Power System Using Direct Method
pp. 3242-3247
Hermagasantos Zein, Jangkung Raharjo and Adi Soeprijanto

Study the Influence of Sintering on the Properties of Porcelain Stoneware Tiles
pp. 3248-3254
Ola Saleh Mahdi

Investigating the Shear Behaviour of Reinforced Concrete Beams during Fires Using Finite Element Analysis
pp. 3255-3261
Mazen Musmar and Anis Shatanawi

Hydrological Modeling of Semi-Arid Region in Ungauged Watershed using AGWA Model
pp. 3262-3271
Adnan Ismae, Saleh Suleiman and Abdulnaser Ahmed

Producer Mobility Support for Information Centric Networking Approaches: A Review
pp. 3272-3280
Muktar Hussaini, Shahrudin Awang Nor and Amran Ahmad

Investigation of Lead-free Solder Strength on Different Nickel-Phosphorous-plated Nickel’s Roughness
pp. 3281-3290
Kok-Tee Lau, Cheng-Guan Ong and M. Zaimi

Securing Information Technology for Banks and Accounting Information Systems
pp. 3291-3300
Shamsi S. Bawaneh

Disease Prevention Manager by Geographic Location
pp. 3301-3310
Camilo Andrés Pinzón Ruiz, Octavio José Salcedo Parra and Miguel J. Espitia R.

Optimal Reduction of Peak Electricity Demand with Control of Air Conditioning
pp. 3311-3320
Asma Rebai1, Salim Haddad and Ridha Kelaiaia

Rotation-invariant Texture Classification by Spectral Transformation of Gabor Filter Features
pp. 3321-3326
Gouchol Pok

The Management of Costs Using Enterprise Resource Planning and Staff Involvement in the Cold Chain Industry
pp. 3327-3336
Chanongkorn Kuntonbutr, Natnarong Jaturat and Howard Combs


Hiding Fingerprint Minutiae in Multiple Facial Images Using BPCS

pp. 3337-3342

Kadhim H. Kuban Alibraheemi

Optimization of the Paddy Rice Husking Process, Increasing the useful Life of the Rollers in Florhuila Plant Campoalegre Mills
pp. 3343-3349
Nelson Corredor Sánchez, Ana Lucia Paque Salazar, Andrés Mauricio Navarrete Ramos, Yeimy Muñoz Calderón and Ruthber Rodriguez Serrezuela

Solving Dynamic Multi-Product Multi-Level Capacitated Lot-Sizing Problems with Modified Part Period Balancing Heuristics Method
pp. 3350-3360
Songwut Prakaiwichien and Vichai Rungreunganun

Coriolis Force and Wall Velocity Effects for MHD Rotating Fluid Past a Semi-Infinite Vertical Moving Plate
pp. 3361-3368
Z. Benharkat and M. N. Bouaziz

IoT Automatic Control System Based on User Command Analysis
pp. 3369-3372
Inshik Kang, Kwanghee Cho and Hoekyung Jung

Feasibility Analysis for Creating a Metrology Laboratory Serving the Agribusiness and Hydrocarbons in the Department of Huila, Colombia
pp. 3373-3378
Néstor Alonso Pachón Pedraza, Jorge Iván Perdomo Montealegre and Ruthber Rodríguez Serrezuela

Deposition and Characterization of Cu2ZnSnS4 Thin Films for Solar Cell Applications
pp. 3379-3388
Nabeel A. Bakr, Sabah A. Salman and Sabreen A. Hameed

Measuring the Competitiveness of Ecommerce by the MCIM Modeling Indicator
pp. 3389-3395
Thanapon Thiradathanapattaradecha, Roungsan Chaisricharoen and Thongchai Yooyativong

The Pillars of Lossless Compression Algorithms a Road Map and Genealogy Tree
pp. 3296-3414
Evon Abu-Taieh

Sensor Node Design with Dynamic Remote Reconfiguration and Analysis
pp. 3415-3424
Hiren Patel and Vipul A. Shah

Block Truncation Coding (BTC) Technique for Regions Image Encryption
pp. 3425-3429
Shaymaa Abed Yasseen Alkufi, Professor Hind Rustum Mohammed and Mohammed S. Mechee

Design and Implementation of a Newly Practical Control Scheme for Damping Furnace Pressure Fluctuations of the Expanded Uong Bi Thermal Power Plant
pp. 3430-3435
Nguyen Ngoc Khoat, Dao Thi Mai Phuong and Dao Van Trong

Promoting Traditional Javanese Architecture Using Architrad Software
pp. 3436-3440
L.M.F. Purwanto, Ridwan Sandjaja and Hermawan

Unravelling Non-Differentiable Manifold Problems based on Lagrange Duality and Wolfe Duality
pp. 3441-3448
Ganesh Kumar Thakur, Bandana Priya and Sudesh Garg

QOS Based Data Privacy Using Pearson Correlation for Secured Wireless Body Area Network
pp. 3449-3460
I.Shanmugapriya and K.Karthikeyan

On Affine Non-Equivalence of Monomial Bi-quadratic Boolean Functions
pp. 3461-3463
Rashmeet Kaur and Deepmala Sharma

Rubber Roller Angular Velocity Affect an Air Flow of Small Rice Husking Machine using Computational Fluid Dynamic
pp. 3464-3468
Ponthep Vengsungnle, Jarinee Jongpluempiti, Nattadon Pannucharoenwong and Snunkhaem Echaroj

Fuzzy Gain Scheduled PI Based Fourth Order Resonant Power Converter with Capacitive Output Filter Converter
pp. 3469-3474
R. Geetha and T.S. Sivakumaran

Database Replication Algorithm Performance in High Speed Networks Under Load Balancing
pp. 3475-3482
Rekh Nath Singh and Raghuraj Singh

Efficient Clustering using Concentric Rings and Rectangular Region Formations in Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 3483-3491
Sumedha Sirsikar and Manoj Chandak

Workers’ Perceptions on the Recruitment of Evaluators in Nigerian Schools
pp. 3492-3499
Ifeyinwa O. Ezenwaji, Baptista C. Chigbu, Kennedy Ololo, Chinwe Enyi, Patricia U. Agu and Elizabeth N. Ebizie

Information and Communication Technology Skills and Job Satisfaction among Academic Staff in Colleges of Education
pp. 3500-3506
Uche D. Asogwa, Angie Oboegbulem, Samuel C. Ugwoke, Francisca C.Okeke, Joseph C. Ugwuanyi and Chinwe F. Diara

Testing and Design of a Web Application using Modern Implementations Technologies
pp. 3507-3511
Al Rubaie Evan Madhi Hamzh

A New Approach for Hybrid BF-pfPSO Technique for Face and Fingerprint Multimodal Biometric System
pp. 3512-3516
N.Gopal and R.K. Selvakumar

Real-Time Elderly Healthcare Monitoring Expert System Using Wireless Sensor Network
pp. 3517-3523
Ibrahim Almarashdeh, Mutasem K. Alsmadi, Tamer Farag, Abdullah S. Albahussain, Usama A Badawi, Njoud Altuwaijri, Hala Almaimoni, Fatima Asiry, Shahad Alowaid, Muneerah Alshabanah, Daniah Alrajhi, Amirah Al Fraihet and Ghaith Jaradat

Adaptive Super-Twisting Sliding Mode Control for Wind Energy Conversion System
pp. 3524-3532
Saïd Boubzizi, Hafedh Abid, Ahmed El hajjaji and Mohamed Chaabane

Categories and Dangers of Social Networking among Nigerian In-school Adolescents
pp. 3533-3539
Joachim C. Omeje, Moses O. Ede, Kizito C. Ibe, Ifeyinwa Manafa, Alexander C. Ezurike, Rifkatu B. Ali, and Eucharia N. Ezeh

Influence of Vehicle Dynamics on Wear of Railway Wheel Profiles
pp. 3540-3549
Nicola Bosso, Antonio Gugliotta and Abdelrahim S. Abeidi

FFT Based Compression approach for Medical Images
pp. 3550-3567
Anitha T G and K Vijayalakshmi

Disease-Treatment Relationship Extraction for Psoriasis from Online Healthcare Forums using NLP and Classification Techniques
pp. 3568-3573
Mamatha Balipa and Balasubramani R

Chi-Square Test to Identify Factors Associated with Health Conditions in Infants of a Colombian Caribbean Root Zone
pp. 3574-3578
Y. Burgos-Pereira, E.A. Bedoya-Marrugo, L.E. Vargas-Ortiz, C.A. Severiche-Sierra and D.D. Sierra-Calderon

Digital Puppetry: Comparative Visual Studies between Javanese & Malaysian Art
pp. 3579-3589
Dahlan Abdul Ghani

The Numerical Results of a Study of Different Materials by Local Radial Point Interpolation Method (LRPIM)
pp. 3590-3597
Jaouad Eddaoudy and Touria Bouziane

Formulation of Geopolymer Cement using Class F Fly Ash for Oil Well Cementing application
pp. 3598-3604
Dinesh Kanesan, Sonny Irawan, Raja Rajeswary Suppiah and Tamil Alagan Kunaisekaran

A Study on the Cosmetics Purchasing Status of Elementary, Middle and High School Students
pp. 3605-3609
Chae-Young Park and Jeong Yeon Park

A Data Management Technique of Hybrid Memory Systems for Energy Aware Flight Control Computing
pp. 3610-3618
Doosan Cho

Dimensionality Reduction of Biometric Features based on Entropy Properties
pp. 3619-3623
Yarob A. M. Istitieh and Mohamed A. El-Sayed

System Dynamics Modeling for Green Open Space Analysis A Case Study of Medan City, Indonesia
pp. 3624-3630
Darwin P Lubis, Mbina Pinem, Nurmala Berutu and Kamarlin Pinem

Genetic Key Guided Neural Deep Learning based Encryption for Online Wireless Communication (GKNDLE)
pp. 3631-3637
Arindam Sarkar

The Effect of Temperature and Inhibitor on Corrosion of Carbon Steel in Acid Solution under Static Study
pp. 3638-3647
Hawraa Khaleel, Adnan A. Ateeq and Amjed A. Ali

EESRM: An Effective Approach to Improve the Performance of Software Re-Engineering
pp. 3648-3654
A. Cathreen Graciamary and M.Chidambaram

Evaluation of Material Hardness, Specific Wear Resistance of Aluminium 7071-TiB2, Cr2O3 Hybrid Composite and Prediction of Specific Wear Resistance by Fuzzy Logic Technique
pp. 3655-3661
Lijin George and D S Robinson Smart

Performance Investigation of Multi-Level Inverter for DFIG during Grid Autoreclosure Operation
pp. 3655-3661
Mahrous Ahmed, Mohamed K. Metwaly and Nagy I. Elkalashy

A fuzzy Classification and Recognition System for Arabic Braille Segmented Characters
pp. 3662-3669
Amer Al Nassiri and Shubair Abdulla

On Some Properties of β-open sets
pp. 3670-3672
Belal Nairat

Enhanced Heat Transfer Performance of a Flat Plate Solar Collector using CuO/water and TiO2/water Nanofluids
pp. 3673-3682
Wisam J. Khudhayer, Habib Ghanbarpourasi, Hassn T. Jalel and Hadi R. Al-Dayyeni

A Novel Approach to Improve the Performance of Grid Systems by Analyzing Attentive Dynamic Load Balancing Algorithm
pp. 3683-3687
Nilesh Korde and Abhijeet Thakare

Critical and Stability of Domination in Fuzzy Graphs
pp. 3688-3691
R.Jahir Hussain and S. Ameena Banu

Analytical Investigation of DG Allocation on Power System Operation
pp. 3692-3699
Ayman Hoballah and Ibrahim B.M. Taha

Conceptual Framework for Water Poverty
pp. 3700-3704
Deen Maqbool Ahmed and Natraj Kranthi

PV fed ZETA Converter for LED Application
pp. 3705-3708
B.N.Aarthi, S.Christina, Joshua Ray Sundaraja, Prof. A. Inba Rexy and Prof. J.S. Nancy Mary

Effect of Alkali Treatment on Mechanical, Water Absorption and Chemical Resistance Properties of Cordia-Dichotoma Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Composites
pp. 3709-3715
B. Madhusudhan Reddy, Y. Venkata Mohana Reddy and B. Chandra Mohan Reddy

Investigating the Mechanical Properties of FCC Structured Material Processed by Equal Channel Angular Extrusion
pp. 3716-3718
M. Venkat Reddy, M. Chandra Sekhar Reddy and P. Venkateshwar Reddy

Highly Secure Virtual Identity Approach in Cloud Computing Environment
pp. 3719-3724
Garima Rastogi and Rama Sushil

Survey on Beacon-Enabled IEEE 802.15.4 MAC Mechanisms
pp. 3725-3737
Varsha Bhosale and Seema Ladhe

Adaptive Front-end blocks for Digital Receivers
pp. 3738-3741
Nanda Kishora Holla and Siva Yellampalli

Implementation of a Model of Inventories in Five Mipymes in the City of Neiva, Republic of Colombia
pp. 3742-3747
José Eduardo Martínez Orrego, Jorge Luis Lebro Burgos, Jorge Bernardo Ramírez Zarta and Ruthber Rodriguez Serrezuela

Studying the Engineering Properties of the Remnants of Stone Cutting Factories (RSCF) According to the Industrial and Construction Requirements
pp. 3748-3753
AL-Koli Hamzah, Khalil AL-Bukhaiti, Bi Xiong Li, Khaled Zaidi and Abdulrahman Ali

Evaluation of Mechanical and Tribological Properties of Al 5083 - ZrSiO4 - TiO2 Hybrid Composite
pp. 3754-3758
T. Hariprasad, K.Srinivasan, Channankaiah and S.Rajeshkumar

Three Structures of a Multilayer Artificial Neural Network for Predicting the Solar Radiation of Baghdad City- Iraq
pp. 3759-3766
Abdulrahman Th. Mohammad, khalil I. Mahmood and Dawood S. Mahjoob

Design of an Optimized FBMC Transmitter by using Clock Gating Technique based QAM for Low Area, Power and High Speed Applications
pp. 3767-3771
M.Sivakumar and S.Omkumar

Feedback Control and Stability of the Van der Pol Equation Subjected to External and Parametric Excitation Forces
pp. 3772-3783
M. Sayed, S. K. Elagan, M. Higazy and M. S. Abd Elgafoor

Comparison of Thermal Conductivity Experimental Results of SICP/AL2O3 Ceramic Matrix Composites with Mathematical Modelingy
pp. 3784-3788
Malkapuram Devaiah

K-means cluster algorithm-based evolutionary approach for constrained multi-objective optimization
pp. 3789-3809
A. A. Mousa, M. Higazy and Yousria Abo-Elnaga

Breakdown Voltage of the Transformer Oils under Certain Conditions
pp. 3810-3815
Mosleh M. Alharthi, Sherif S. M. Ghoneim and Ibrahim B. M. Taha

Fractal Fork Shape UWB Monopole Antenna with Ground Deformities
pp. 3816-3821
Shubhi Jain, R K Khanna, Pankaj Kumar Goswami and Harshal Nigam

Comparative Analysis of Big Data Technologies
pp. 3822-3830
Rachit Singhal, Mehak Jain and Shilpa Gupta

Comparative Analysis of Two Stochastic Models on Hardware/Software System Considering Various Kinds of Failures, Errors and Recovery Coverages
pp. 3831-3843
Monu Kumar and Rajeev Kumar

Agent based simulation of mixed algal cultures (two and three species) using biogas as CO2 source
pp. 3844-3851
Rohit Sharma, Nishesh Sharma, Avanish K Tiwari and Ajay Singh

A Novel Approach for Implementing the Bit Inversion Technique to Increase the PSNR of Stego Images and to Remove its Issues
pp. 3852-3860
Waseem Akram and Puneet Kumar

Data Embedding into Image Encryption using the Symmetric Key for RDH in Cloud Storage
pp. 3861-3866
G. Preethi and N.P.Gopalan

Performance Enhancement of Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna using Multiple DGS Technique
pp. 3867-3880
Satyanarayana R and Shankaraiah N

A Study on Trans-Women and their culture in the Post-Modern Society
pp. 3881-3889
Sherly Hephzibah J, Pushpa Nagini Sripada and G.Sankar

An Efficient Software Effort Estimation by Combining Neural Network and Optimization Technique
pp. 3890-3897
Azath. H, P. Amudhavalli, S. Rajalakshmi and M. Marikannan

Moisture Diffusion Studies on Silk Reinforced Composites
pp. 3898-3906
T.Menaka and V.Ramesh Babu

Energy Management for on-Grid and Off-Grid Systems Using Hybrid Energy Sources
pp. 3907-3912
S.Pradeep and M.Senthil Kumar

Evaluating the Connecting Members of Cold-Formed Steel Angles under the Tension Load
pp. 3913-3919
A. Paul Makesh and S. Arivalagan

A New Paradigm in Offline Business
pp. 3920-3925
Rudy Harjanto and Margono Setiawan

Experimental Research for Determination of Basic Parameters of Soil Improved By Cement
pp. 3926-3931
Loi Van Bui and Binh Thai Pham

Improvement of Reactive Power Dispatch by Using Hybrid Intelligent Optimization Technique Based on Chaotic and PSO Algorithm
pp. 3932-3938
Ali Nasser Hussain, Ali Abdulabbas Abdullah and Omar Muhammed Neda

The Effect of ISO 9001 to Oman Higher Education Operational Performance: Buraimi University College as a Case Study
pp. 3939-3947
Adalia Martin and Fawaz Ali Thawabieh

GSM-Based Smart Energy Meter with Arduino Uno
pp. 3948-3953
Win Adiyansyah Indra, Fatimah Bt Morad, Norfadzlia Binti Mohd Yusof and Siti Asma Che Aziz

Kinetics of Reduction of El-Dekheila Pellets Fine Waste and Mill Scale Briquettes Using Hydrogen
pp. 3954-3965
E.M. Abdel Hamid, Sh.K. Amin, H.A. Sibak and M.F. Abadir

The Effect of Using Waste Corn Oil on Compression Ignition Engine Performance
pp. 3966-3974
Murtdha. S. Imrana and Hayder J.Kurjib

Design tool of Motor Vehicle Emissions Measurement Devices with Based on Arduino Nano with Android Smartphone Viewer
pp. 3975-3978
Lukman Hakim, Zuriah Sitorus and Muhammad Muzakky Al Maududy

Effect of Cooling Media and Tempering Temperature on the Mechanical Properties of Reinforcement Steel
pp. 3979-3987
Ali A. Hmud, Hamid M. Mahan and Abdaljabar S. Jomah

Decision Making for Hotel Selection using Rough Set Theory: A case study of Indian Hotels
pp. 3988-3998
Haresh Kumar Sharma and Samarjit kar

Heat and Mass Transfer in MHD Unsteady Flow of a Viscous Fluid Past an Infinite Vertical Porous Plate Under Oscillatory Suction Velocity in Presence of a Heat Source
pp. 3999-4006
Dipjyoti Barman

Z-Transform for Deleting Components color Images
pp. 4007-4015
Shaymaa Abed Yasseen Alkufi, Professor Hind Rustum Mohammed and Hawraa Saheb Abo Hamed

PV Based Buck–Boost Voltage/Current Source Inverter using Space Vector Pulse Width Amplitude Modulation Technique
pp. 4016-4025
M. Venkatesham and Rajashekhar Potharaju

Reaction of Fluctuate Embankment Fill on RCC Box type Cross Drain
pp. 4026-4031
D. J. Kadbhane and C. D. Modhera

Grancrete-An Innovative Building Construction Material
pp. 4032-4037
J Prakash Arul Jose, P Rajesh Prasanna and Fleming Prakash

An Accurate Diabetes Prediction System Based on K-means Clustering and Proposed Classification Approach
pp. 4038-4041
Mustafa S. Kadhm, Ikhlas Watan Ghindawi and Duaa Enteesha Mhawi

Feasibility Study of Treatment Technologies for Greywater to Enhance Water Security
pp. 4042-4048
Vandana Singh, Amarjeet Kaur, Tarun Ghawana and N.C.Gupta

The UV-visible, Infrared Spectra and Luminescence Analysis of Lanthanum(III) and Neodymium(III)- (Diphenylamino)3-(2,2- Bipyridyl) Complexes
pp. 4049-4052
Muliadi, Suminar Pratapa, Isnaeni, Alfian Noor and Indah Raya

Influence of Nano-particle on the Wear behaviour of Thin Film Coatings A Review
pp. 4053-4058
Shailesh Kumar Singh, Somnath Chattopadhyaya, A. Pramanik, Sanjeev Kumar and Navendu Gupta

Detection and Analysis of Network Intrusions using Data Mining Approaches
pp. 4059-4066
M. Naga Surya Lakshmi and Y Radhika

Comparative Analysis of B-Series, Au-Outline Gawn Series and Kaplan Series Propeller on Trimaran Ship using Computational Fluid Dynamics Method
pp. 4067-4075
Berlian Arswendo Adietya, Hartono, Adry Zakky and Aulia Windyandari

Design of Flyover Construction based on Fibre Reinforced Concrete and Timber Pile Foundation
pp. 4076-4082
J Prakash Arul Jose, P Rajesh Prasanna and Fleming Prakash

Investigations on Mechanical Strength of Hybrid Basalt/Glass Polyester Composites
pp. 4083-4088
Nayan Patel, Kundan Patel, Piyush Gohil and Vijay Cha

Comparison between SKS 3 and SCM 440 Steel Materials for the Location PIN of Welding JIG
pp. 4089-4093
Risman Pandapotan Simarmata, Isdaryanto Iskandar and Hadi Sutanto

Dual Soft Decoding of Linear Block Codes using Ant Colony Optimization
pp. 4094-4101
Ahmed Azouaoui, Hicham Bouzkraoui and Youssef Hadi

Comparative Analysis of Simulation of Different ANN Algorithms for Predicting Drill Flank Wear in the Machining of GFRP Composites
pp. 4102-4108
Sathish Rao U. and Lewlyn L. Raj Rodrigues

Enhancement of Healthcare Using Naïve Bayes Algorithm and Intelligent Datamining of Social Media
pp. 4109-4112
Suraj Kumar, Aman Jain and P. Mahalakshmi

Fractional Equation of Motion for Coupled Field Theory
pp. 4113-4117
Emad K. Jaradat

Design of Common Source Low Noise Amplifier with Inductive Source Degeneration in Deep Submicron CMOS Processes
pp. 4118-4123
Kusuma M.S., S. Shanthala and Cyril Prasanna Raj P.

Evaluation of Grounding System Design for Wind Farm Using COMSOL
pp. 4124-4132
Nehmdoh A. Sabiha and Nagy I. Elkalashy

Fake Profiles Identification in Online Social Networks Using Machine Learning and NLP
pp. 4133-4136
P. Srinivas Rao, Jayadev Gyani and G.Narsimha

A Comparison between Galerkin Weighted Residual and Perturbation Techniques for Penetrative Bénard–Marangoni Ferroconvection via Internal Heating
pp. 4137-4145
H. Nagarathnamma, A. Pavithraa, C. E. Nanjundappa and Suma S. P

Evaluation of Handling Qualities for Level 5 Flight Training Device to Conventional Aircraft Simulator
pp. 4146-4152
Ashok Kuppusamy and Sug Joon Yoon

Micro Mineral Contents in Thai honey
pp. 4153-4156
Saksangawong Chuleeporn, Trevanich Anothai and Tengjaroenkul Bundit

Biodiesel from Restaurant Cooking Oils Using Trans-esterification Process
pp. 4157-4161
Ahmed Boulal, Mostefa Khelafi and Cherif Khelifi

Assessment of Sandcrete Blocks Manufacturers ‘Compliance to Minimum Standard Requirements by Standard Organisation of Nigeria in Southwest, Nigeria
pp. 4162-4172
Adekunle M. Ajao, Babatunde F. Ogunbayo, Kunle E. Ogundipe, Gideon O. Bamigboye, Ayodeji O. Ogunde and Patience F. Tunji-Olayeni

Effect of Defect Layer on the Localized States in 1-D Photonic Crystal
pp. 4173-4174
Anjali Nigam, A.Bhargava, Y.K. Vijay and B.Suthar

A Comprehensive Study of Healthcare Fraud Detection based on Machine Learning
pp. 4175-4178
Shivani S. Waghade and Prof. Aarti M. Karandikar

Power System Analysis for a Utility with Localized Wind Generation: Southern Negros Oriental Case
pp. 4179-4194
Maria Lorena Tuballa and Michael Lochinvar Abundo

Design of an Elevator Monitoring Application using Internet of Things
pp. 4195-4202
Alejandro Duarte Suárez, Octavio José Salcedo Parra and Jhon Hernán Díaz Forero

Two Phase Flow of Newtonian Fluid through Straight Circular Tube with Porous Lining under Transverse Magnetic Field in Both Regions
pp. 4203-4213
K. Shivashanker and Venumadav.K

Implementation of Advanced IDS in Contiki for Highly Secured Wireless Sensor Network
pp. 4214-4218

Classification and Detection of Plant Disease using Feature Extraction Methods
pp. 4219-4226
Shaik Asif Hussain, Raza Hasan and Shaik Javeed Hussain

Towards Increasing and Personalizing of User Experience in the Digital Culture Ecosystem
pp. 4227-4231
Desislava I. Paneva-Marinova, Alexander I. Iliev, Radoslav D. Pavlov and Lubomir Ch. Zlatkov

A Design for Use Cargo Dron
pp. 4232-4238
Christian Rene Castillo Carvajal, Octavio José Salcedo Parra and Miguel J. Espitia R.

Conceptual Model on the Influence of Environmental Awareness on the Effectiveness of Environmental Management System: Case Study of Oman Oil and Gas Operators
pp. 4239-4247
Said Al Suqri, Sagaran Gopal, Yu Hock Oo, Ali Al Harthi and Asif Karim

Adapting the Approach of ‘Management by Projects’ in the Manufacturing Industry: A Conceptual Framework
pp. 4247-4255
Romil S. Al-Adwan

The Use of the Balanced Scorecard Performance Measurement System in Manufacturing Companies
pp. 4256-4262
Romil S. Al-Adwan

Piezoelectric Aluminum Nitride Micro Electromechanical System Resonator for RF Application
pp. 4263-4267
Prasanna P. Deshpande, Pranali M. Talekar, Deepak G. Khushalani and Rajesh S. Pande

Salt Diffusion Enhancement in the Salt Pickled Lime Processing by Ultrasonic Treatment Technique
pp. 4268-4272
N. Naphon and P. Naphon


A study of Preservative Effects of Turmeric (Curcuma longa) on Mashed Potatoes
pp. 4278-4281
Nawal .H.Al -bahtiti

Nature inspired algorithms on Industrial applications: A survey
pp. 4282-4290
Sudhanshu prakash tiwari and Kapil kumar Bansal

Solving of the Task of Kolmogorov-Fisher Type Biological Population in the Regime with Aggravation
pp. 4291-4298
Muhamediyeva D.K.

Modification of M-Test Using Geometric Median Covariance
pp. 4299-4305
Olusegun Kehinde Alo and Shamshuritawati Sharif

Effect of Sn on Thermal Kinetics of the Recrystallization for Mg17Al12 Phase in Mg-Al-Sn Rapidly Solidified Alloy
pp. 4306-4313
Emad M. Ahmed and Sultan E. Alomairy

Factors Affecting Effective use of Safety Wears among Site Operatives: Lessons from Indigenous Firms in South Western Nigeria
pp. 4314-4325
Kunle E. Ogundipe, James D. Owolabi, Abiodun E. Olanipekun, Hezekiah F. Olaniran, Eseohe Akuete and Ayoola Olufunke Fagbenle

Forest Fire Detection using Proportional Conflict Redistribution Rule2
pp. 4326-4332
P. Sudha and A. Murugan

Effect of Carbon Black Nanoparticles on the Optical Properties of poly (ethylene oxide) Films
pp. 4333-4341
Husam Miqdad

3D Morphological Tumor Analysis Based on Magnetic Resonance Images
pp. 4342-4347
Sirwoo Kim

Increasing the Accuracy of NEWFM using a Geometric Graph-Based Gene Selection Algorithm
pp. 4348-4354
Sang-Hong Lee and Seok-Woo Jang

Effect of a New Class of Circulant Matrices on the Colorimetric Classes of the Color Images
pp. 4355-4363
Rasha Najah Mirza and Hind Rustum Mohammed

Methods and Algorithms of Fuzzy Models Construction Assessing the State of the Low-Formalized Processes
pp. 4364-4372
Mukhamedieva D. T. and Begimov O. M

Comparitive Study of Hadoop over Containers and Hadoop Over Virtual Machine
pp. 4373-4378
Avanish Singh, P. Gouthaman, Shivankit Bagla and Abhishek Dey

The Effect of LEAN Methodology on the Quality Management System of Land Drilling Companies
pp. 4379-4384
Ali Malik AL Harthy, Said.M. Al-Saqri, Sagaran Gopal, Yu Hock Oo and Asif M Karim

Preliminary Study: Density Layer Values Estimation of Volcano Hosted Geothermal Area at Tiris Village, Probolinggo Regency, East Java, Indonesia
pp. 4385-4390
Sukir Maryanto, Salman H. Siombone, Andre Prayogo, Tika Yulia and Rendi P.H. Sari

Biometric Cryptosystem to Securing Embedded Sensitive Data
pp. 4391–4402
Abdelkader Belhadri and Ibtissam Benchennane and Mohamed Benyettou

The Implementation of Field Oriented Control for PMSM Drive Based on TMS320F28035 DSP Controller
pp. 4403-4408
Roopa C and S. Sujitha

Simulation Study of Hysteresis Current Controlled Single Phase Inverters for PhotoVoltaic Systems with Reduced Harmonics level
pp. 4409-4414
G. Ganesan @ Subramanian, M.K.Mishra, K.Jayaprakash and P.J.Sureshbabu

Exploring Fuzzy Set Qualitative Comparative Analysis to Health-Related OECD Data
pp. 4415-4422
Kyoungho Choi and Jung Keun Cho

Smart Parking Bay Based on Image processing and Internet of Things
pp. 4423-4427
Vimal A, Yashvanth R and Seetha J

Weight Loss Method for corrosion behaviour of Al-12si-ZrC Composites Using Response Surface Methodology
pp. 4428-4433
C.Fradaric Johna, R.Christu Paulb, S.Christopher Ezhil Singhc, J.Jacobjosed and T.Ramkumare

Analysis of AC Transmission System using Interline Power Flow Controller for damping of low frequency oscillations with PI Controller
pp. 4434-4439
Ch.Venkata Krishna Reddy, K.Krishna Veni and G.Tulasi Ram Das

Comprehensive Modeling of Photovoltaic Array based on Proteus Software
pp. 4440-4447
Ahmed J. Abid, Fawzi M. Al-Naima and Adnan Hussain

High Performance AXI Protocol Based Improved DDR3 Memory Controller With Improved Memory Bandwidth
pp. 4448-4452
Manoj Gupta and Ashok Kumar Nagawat

Elastic Multi-Controller based BCube Connected Crossbars (BCCC) for Higher Energy Efficiency
pp. 4453-4458
Ms. S. Brindha and N. K. Sakthivel

Optimization of Corrosion Performance on nano ZrC particles reinforced with Al-12si alloy Using RSM Design
pp. 4459-4463
C.Fradaric John, R.Christu Paul, S.Christopher Ezhil Singh, J.Jacobjose, T.Ramkumar and P.Sengottuvel

IARE-BuildIT Tool: A Case Study of an Online Platform Approach to Improve Coding Skills
pp. 4464-4470
Gandikota Ramu

High Speed VLSI Architecture for Squaring Binary Numbers Using Yavadunam Sutra and Bit Reduction Technique
pp. 4471-4474
A.Deepa and C.N.Marimuthu

Single Phase Asymmetrical Cascaded MLI with Extreme Output Voltage Levels to Switch Ratio
pp. 4475-4483
Mahrous Ahmed, Essam Hendawi and Mohamed K. Metwaly

Analyzing the Effect of Dimples on Wind Turbine Efficiency Using CFD
pp. 4484-4489
Arun K.K, Navaneeth V.R, Sam Vimal Kumar S and Ajay R

Estimation for Unknown Parameters of the Extended Burr Type-XII Distribution Based on Type-I Hybrid Progressive Censoring Scheme
pp. 4490-4497
M.M. Amein and Neveen Sayed-Ahmed

Assessing Acceptability Criteria of Building Technologies to Design Appropriate Housing Schemes by Government of India for Economically Weaker Section
pp. 4498-4512
Nilanjan Sengupta

A Development of Mechanical Arm for Weight Scale Calibration
pp. 4513-4517
Pattaraweerin Woraratsoontorn

Convective Heat Transfer inside a Fluid-Filled Rectangular Cavity
pp. 4518-4526
Raden Rinova Sisworo, Masato Hasegawa and Nobuyoshi Kawabata

Minimizing Analogy Errors with the Help of Fuzzy
pp. 4527-4530
D.Manikavelan and R.Ponnusamy

Numerical Analysis and Empirical Correlations to Predict SMD of Pressure Swirl Atomizer for Small Scale Gas Turbine Combustion Chamber
pp. 4531-4537
S.B. Dikshit, D.B. Kulshreshtha and S.A. Channiwala

Dielectric Properties of Mixed Ferrite (Mn0.4Zn0.6Fe2O4 and Co0.4Zn0.6Fe2O4) Composites
pp. 4538-4541
S.Ragini, S.Bharadwaj, Suman Kumar Burnwal and S.R.Murthy

Energy Characteristics of Multi Structure Truck RUPD under Collision
pp. 4542-4549
Tapan Jain and Neeraj Kumar

Experimental Study on behavior of Pervious Concrete in Strength and Permeability by Changing Different Parameters
pp. 4550-4554
Sujeet Kumar Saha, Shaik Niyazuddin Guntakalb and S. Senthil Selvanc

A Novel Approach in Offshore Wind Generation Scheme and Implementation of MEPT and MMPT Methods
pp. 4555-4560
M.Arun, M.Jagadeesh Kumar, T. Tamizhazhagan and N.Thanigai Arasu

Studies on Environmental Burdens in Reactive Dyeing of Cotton Fabric Pretreated with Cationic Agent
pp. 4561-4567
M.Anandhan, N.Vasiraja, J. Thanikachalam and Suresh R

Cloud Environment: A Review on Dynamic Resource Allocation Schemes
pp. 4568-4575
P. Prathap Nayudu and K. Raja Sekhar

Performance Analysis of Anomaly Detection of KDD Cup Dataset in R Environment
pp. 4576-4582
Anitha Patil and Srikanth Yada M

Comparative Analysis of Vertical Handover Algorithms
pp. 4583-4587
Mahesh Navale and S. Bhavani

Design of Complex IEEE Floating Point Multiplier for FFT Applications
pp. 4588-4592
J.Abirami, SharmilaHemanandh, V.Divyashree and R.Krithika

Lean Design Strategy of Waste Minimization in Construction Industries
pp. 4593-4598
J Prakash Arul Jose, P Rajesh Prasanna and Fleming Prakash


Stay Connected – Internet of Things

pp. 4599-4605

Osama Abdul Jaleel Ali, Samir Qaisar Ajmi and Sarmad Hmzah Ali


Synthesis, Characterization and Optical Properties of ZnSe Nanoparticles

pp. 4606-4609
Anil Yadav, S. P. Nehra and Dinesh Patidar


Numerical Ways for Solving Fuzzy Differential Equations

pp. 4610-4613

Mayada Abualhomos







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