International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 13, Number 07 (2018)  






Similarity Search using Cluster based Ensemble Classification
pp. 4614-4619
M. Blessa Binolin Pepsi

Comparative Study of Maximum Torque Control by PI ANN of Induction Motor
pp. 4620-4625
G.Srikanth and G.Madhusudhana Rao

A Review of Adaptive Dynamic with Software Architecture
pp. 4626-4632
Sridhar Gummalla and G. Venkateswara Rao

Improved Power Factor of Electrical Generation by using Clustering Neural Network
pp. 4633-4636
Afaf Ahmed Abed

Hall Current Effect on the MHD Flow of Newtonian Fluid through a Porous Medium
pp. 4637-4651
Pudhari Srilatha

MHD Convective Flow of Second Grade Fluid through Porous Medium between Two Vertical Plates with Mass Transfer
pp. 4652-4662
G.Sudarsan Reddy and G.Viswanatha Reddy

A Survey on Recognizing Ailment-Medication Relation using ML in Short Text
pp. 4667-4671
Anand Prakash, Mayank Gupta and A. Meena Priyadharsini

Man in the Middle Attack: Prevention in Wireless LAN
pp. 4672-4671
Andrés Javier Pulido Bernal, Octavio José Salcedo Parra and Roberto Albeiro Pava Díaz

Force and Deformation Analysis for Determination of Optimum Fixture Configuration
pp. 4675-4681
B. Subba Rao, Devaiah Malkapuram and E. Ramjee

Experimental Investigation into Heat Transfer during Swirl Jet Impingement
pp. 4682-4687
N V S Shankar and H Ravi Shankar

A Review of Torque Ripple Control Strategies of Switched Reluctance Motor
pp. 4688-4692
G.Mahalakshmi and Dr. C.Ganesh

Development and validation of an RP-HPLC method for simultaneous determination of sorbic acid, benzoic acid, and natamycin in domestic yogurt in Jordan
pp. 4693-4701
Ala’ Yahya Sirhan, Lukman Bola Abdulra'uf, Ahmad Mostafa, Ahmad Talhouni and Yousef Al-Ebini

Virtual Tier structured Grid based Dynamic Route Adjustment scheme for mobile sink based Wireless Sensor Networks (VTGDRA)
pp. 4702-4707
Gaurav Bathla and Rajneesh Randhawa

The Influence of Contemporary Architectural Criticism Theories on the Local Built Environment
pp. 4708-4718
Salma Dwidar

Performance of Combined Bulk and Per-Tone Transmit Antenna Selection Algorithm with Low-Complexity in Spatial Multiplexing MIMO-OFDM Systems
pp. 4719-4724
Sangchoon Kim

Model Reference Adaptive System for Speed and Position Sensorless Control of PMSM
pp. 4725-4729
Shweta Singh, A.N. Tiwari and S.N. Singh

A Robust Hierarchical approach to Fingerprint matching based on Global and Local Structures
pp. 4730-4739
Shoba Leslie and C.P. Sumathi

Effect of Argan Nut Shell Powder on Thermal and Mechanical Behavior of Compressed Earth Blocks
pp. 4740-4750
Mohamed Tatane, Hassan Elminor, Mohamed Ayeb, Abdellah Lacherai, M’bark Feddaoui, Fatima Ait nouh and Lahcen Boukhattem

Norm Inequalities for Positive Semidefinite Matrices
pp. 4751-4752
Tala .H. Sasa

Machine Learning Techniques for Malware Detection on Android Mobile Platform
pp. 4753-4763
S.Sivasathya and Kush Manohar

Three-dimensional FTn Finite Volume Analysis of Short Pulse Laser Propagation through Biomedical Tissue Phantoms
pp. 4764-4775
Kamel Guedri , Abdessattar Bouzid, Abdelaziz Nasr and Abdulmajeed S. Al-Ghamdi

Optimized Video Image Security and Compression Using DCT and Depth Hexagon Based Search (DHEXBS) Algorithm
pp. 4776-4781
R.Sudhakar and P.V.Venkateswara Rao

Hall Effects on MHD Flow of Second Grade Fluid through Porous Medium with Oscillatory Suction
pp. 4782-4790
B.Lakshmanna and S.Venkateswarlu

Secure Data Access in Cloud with Multi-User Encrypted SQL Operations
pp. 4791-4795
P. Satyanarayana, M.V. Ramanamurthy, S. China Ramu and Mustafa Abdu Lrazzaq Radhi Almusawi

Economic of Distributed Photovoltaic Generation Installed in a Typical Distribution System
pp. 4796-4801
G. Lincy, M. Ponnavaikko and Lenin Anselm

Independent Components Analysis and Support Vector Neural Network for Face Recognition
pp. 4802-4806
Abdulqadir Ismail Abdullah, Mustafa Zuhaer Nayef Al-Dabagh and Mustafa H. Mohammed Alhabib

Flexural Behaviour of Concrete Oneway Slabs Reinforced with Hybrid Frp Bars
pp. 4807-4815
S.Dhipanaravind and R.Sivagamasundari

Effect of Particle Size of Alum Waste Addition on properties of Ordinary Portland Cement Mortar
pp. 4816-4821
H.I.Bendary, M.F.Abadir, H.Moselhy and Ibrahim O.A

Text Document Retrieval through Clustering using Meaningful Frequent Ordered Word Patterns
pp. 4822-4833
Pushpalatha K.P. and G.Raju

Proposed Problem-based Blended Learning in Creative Writing: Self-Regulated Learning in EFL Learners
pp. 4834-4841
Sirikanya Dawilai, Chayapol Kamyod and Wilawan Champakaew

Optimal Location of TCSC for Social Welfare Maximization in Deregulated Electricity Market
pp. 4842-4850
Nguyen Hoang Quoc Viet, Duong Thanh Long, Vo Van La and Truong Viet Anh

Circular Product Design Strategies used by Indian Fashion Designers
Olive Nerurkar

Interpretation of Short Text Using Semantic Knowledge
pp. 4855-4858
Arnav Gupta, Aditya Dave and Anita R

Ultra Wideband Octagonal Fractal Antenna using Minkowski geometry for Wireless Applications
pp. 4859-4864
Vivek R, Yamuna G and Suganthi S

Reliability and Profit Analysis of a System with Effect of Temperature on Operation
pp. 4865-4870
Sheetal, Dalip Singh and Gulshan Taneja

Effect of Exfoliated Graphene Defects on Thermal Conductivity of Water Based Graphene Nanofluids
pp. 4871-4877
A. Arifutzzaman, A. A. Khan, A. F. Ismail, M. Z. Alam and I. I. Yaacob

Remediation of Chromium Contamination in and Around Tamilnadu Chromate Chemicals Limited in SIPCOT industrial estate, Ranipet, Vellore District, Tamilnadu, India
pp. 4878-4883
T. Edwin D Thangam, V. Nehru Kumar and Y. Anitha Vasline

Dual Band Stacked Rectangular Dielectric Resonator Antenna with Elliptical Slot DGS for 5G Application
pp. 4884-4887
K. Jhansi, K. Naga Sravani, N.L.Priyanka and Alekhya Jadda

Micro Study of Hybrid Power System for Rural Electrification- A Case Study
pp. 4888-4896
Sandip Kumar, Mani Kant Paswan and Sudhakar Behera

Track Response according to the Lo cation of Rail Expansion Joint I: Finite Element Analysis
pp. 4897-4901
Kyung-Min Yun, Kyung-Hwan Min, Hyun-Ung Bae and Nam-Hyoung Lim

Track Response according to the Location of R ail Expansion Joint II: Track Geometry Measurement
pp. 4902-4910
Il-Sik Jeon, Kyung-Min Yun, Kyung-Hwan Min and Nam-Hyoung Lim

Design and Analysis of 4-BIT SRAM using Sleepy-Stack with Keeper and Dram Using Microwind
pp. 4911-4914
M.Bhavani, B.Purnima, B.Sruthi, J.Saisree and CH. Manasa

A Report of Oil Spill Recovery Technologies
pp. 4915-4928
Anh Tuan Hoang, Van Viet Pham and Duong Nam Nguyen

Adaptation and Implementation of the PMBOK® for the Development of Software Applications
pp. 4929-4933
Edwar Jacinto G., Holman Montiel A. and Fernando Martínez S.

Experimental and Analytical Study of Strengthening Reinforced Concrete Beams with Openings
pp. 4934-4950
El-Samny M.K., Ezz-ELdeen H.A. and Elsepahy M.S.

Minimization of Active Transmission Loss in Power Systems using Static Var Compensator
pp. 4951-4959
Matthew Simeon, Wara Samuel Tita, Adejumobi I.A. and Amuta Elizabeth

Top Gate Planner Carbon Nanotube Field Effect Transistor using Nanohub
pp. 4960-4965
G. K. Pandey, U.N. Tripathi and Manish Mishra

Study the weld Region by Friction Stir Welding of AA5086-H32 by Using a FillerAA6061-T6.
pp. 4966-4974
Hatem A. Hassan

A UWB Fractal Slot Patch Antenna with Ground Optimization
pp. 4975-4981
Shubhi Jain, R. K. Khanna and Pankaj K. Goswami

Common Security Attacks on Drones
pp. 4982-4988
Carlos Augusto Tovar Bonilla, Octavio José Salcedo Parra and Jhon Hernán Díaz Forero

Optimized Segmentation of Tissues and Tumors in Medical Images using AFMKM Clustering via Level Set Formulation
pp. 4989-4999
Ch Kalyani, Kama Ramudu and Ganta Raghotham Reddy

Investigation of Electric Power Losses on Primary Distribution Feeder: A Case Study of Sango - Ota Distribution Company, Ogun State, Nigeria
pp. 5000-5003
Ade-Ikuesan, O. O., Okakwu, I. K., Osifeko, M. O. and Olabode, O. E.

Design and Implemetion Vehicles Information System Supported by GSM Network
pp. 5004-5007
Ali Najim Abdullah and Yousif Habeeb Kadhim

Preparation and Characterizations of Poly (vinylidene fluoride) (PVDF)/Ba0.6Sr0.4TiO3 (BST) Nanocomposites
pp. 5008-5013
Sabah A. Salman, Farah T. M. Noori and Aws K. Mohammed

GEM Ternary Blends: Testing emitted NOx-smoke trading off when EGR is applied to the engine
pp. 5014-5021
Miqdam Tariq Chaichan

Design and Parametric studies on Fractal element based Aperture type Curved Frequency Selective Surfaces (FSSs)
pp. 5022-5025
Nurnihar Begam, Sushanta Sarkar, Debasree Sarkar and Partha Pratim Sarkar

Hexagonal DRA with Complementary E-Shaped DGS for Mutual Coupling Reduction
pp. 5026-5028
D.Himaja, N.Ramadevi, B.Jyothirmai and K.Naga priyanka

Mathematical Model of a Synchronous Machine under Complicated Fault Conditions
pp. 5029-5033
Hani Obeid

Negative Sequence Impedance of a Synchronous Machine under Complicated Fault Conditions
pp. 5034-5036
Hani Obeid

An Optimized Secure Hybrid Routing Protocol with Intrusion Detection System
pp. 5041-5047
Divya Sharma

Understanding the Design and Control of VSC-Based HVDC System with Shunt Passive Filters
pp. 5048-5056
Banishree Misra and Byamakesh Nayak

Relative Approach of Firing Angle Optimization Scheme in Grid Connected 7 Level CHB-MLI
pp. 5057-5064
Shazma Khan, Balvinder Singh and Pratibha Singh

Estimation of Goodness of Fit of the HGM and Comparing it with other Models
pp. 5065-5068
I.Siva Aryama, A. Srisaila, SK.Khasim Sherif and Dasari Akash

Application of Lie Symmetry for Mathematical Model of HIV Infection of CD+4 T Cells
pp. 5069-5074
Mohammed S. Mechee and Noor Haitham

A case study on Optimization of Manual activities through Ergonomics interventions
pp. 5075-5080
Varun G raolji, Nihal Siddiqui, Abhishek Nandan and Kaushik Pandya

An Attack-Resilient Computation Algorithm for WSNs
pp. 5081-5086
Anish Soni and Rajneesh Randhawa

PSS and SVC Unified Power Oscillation Damping control for a SMIB model
pp. 5087-5092
Hani A. Al Khazim and Yusuf A. Al Turki

Improving the Performance of Ground Systems in Electric Distribution Network
pp. 5093-5096
Zuhair S. Al-Sagar, Khalid G. Mohammed and Mohammed S. Saleh

Controlling Artificial Hand Using Smart Glove
pp. 5097-5102
Hussein H. Olewi and Wael R. Abdulmajeed

The Potentiality of Domes on Provision of Daylight in Mosques
pp. 5103-5112
Egal K. Aljofi

Fused Deposition Modeling Printed Patterns for Sand Casting in a Nigerian Foundry: A Review
pp. 5113-5119
Anakhu, P. I., Bolu, C. A., Abioye, A. A. and Azeta J.

A Study of Mechanical Properties and Conductivity Capability of CU-9NI-3SN ALLOY
pp. 5120-5126
Anh Tuan Hoang, Lan Huong Nguyen and Duong Nam Nguyen

Graphene Doping in a Spherical Glow Discharge
pp. 5127-5131
Dmitry V. Smovzh, Evgeniy V. Boyko, Ilya A. Kostogrud, Victor V. Makotchenko and Salavat Z. Sakhapov

A Density-Aware Protocol for Multihop Clustering in Nonuniformly Deployed Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 5132-5139
Sangil Choi and Sangman Moh

Performance Evaluation of FACTS Controllers for Short Transmission Line
pp. 5140-5153
Sahil Mehta and Surya Prakash

Connectionist Model in Artificial Intelligence
pp. 5154-5159
Pulkit Babbar, Ashi Singhal, Kritika Yadav and Vijay Sharma

A Survey on Cooperative Mobile Robotics
pp. 5160-5166
Abhinav Singh, Harshita Sharma, Neetu Singh and Poonam Katyal

Test Case Retrieval Model by Genetic Algorithm with UML Diagram
pp. 5167-5174
Itti Hooda and Rajender Singh Chhillar

Classifying the Probe attacks Using Machine Learning Techniques in R and Hadoop
pp. 5175-5178
B. V. Praveen, P. Rama Devi, D. Mahita and A. Sudheshna

A Survey of Use and Adoption of Activity Trackers and proposed modifications to develop a Health Monitoring Device for Aged adults
pp. 5179-5182
C. Pradyumna, Aakanksha Saini and M. Pushpalatha

A Survey on Linking of Cell Tracks Using Segmentation
pp. 5183-5189
Mohammad Javeed and Giribabu Kande

Enhancing Medical Data Security in the Cloud Using RBAC-CPABE and ASS
pp. 5190-5196
Gandikota Ramu and Appawala Jayanthi

A Pragmatical Approach on the Rice Fields Demonstrating Increase in Yield and Water Saving by Using Micro Irrigation Technology
pp. 5197-5200
Neeraj Sharma, Rajiv Bansal and Barjinder Singh


An Efficient Reconfigurable Fir Filter based on Twin Precision Multiplier and Low Power Adder
pp. 5201-5206
Sony Sethukumar, Prajeesh R and Manukrishna V R

A Survey on Latest Academic Thinking of Breast Cancer Prognosis
pp. 5207-5215
Ravi Aavula and R. Bhramaramba

Multi Objective Optimization of Anaerobic Digestion of Poultry Litter Using Taguchi Grey Relational Analysis
pp. 5216-5222
Balaji.S, Sakthivel.M, Pasupathy S.A, Karthick Kumar, K and Sukanya.G

Performance Analysis of Sensorless Controlled BLDC Motor Using Direction Independent U-function
pp. 5223-5235
Umesh Kumar Soni, Maloth Naresh and Ramesh Kumar Tripathi

Power Flow Control and Power Quality Improvement in DFIG Based Wind Energy Conversion System Using Neuro Fuzzy System
pp. 5236-5243
Maloth Naresh, Umesh Kumar Soni and Ramesh Kumar Tripathi

Investigation on Static Stress Analysis of Portal Axle Gearbox
pp. 5244-5250
Devan P D, Senthilkumar K M & Arun K K

Study of Mechanical Properties of Bamboo fibers before and after Alkali Treatment
pp. 5251-5255
Sudhakar Behera, Naresh Prasad and Sandip Kumar

A Novel Dynamic Scan Low Power Design for Testability Architecture for System-On-Chip Platform
pp. 5256-5259
John Bedford Solomon, D Jackuline Moni and Y. Amar Babu

An Analytical Method of Prediction of Stability and Experimental Validation using FFT Analyzer in End Milling process
pp. 5260-5264
P. Palanisamy, M. Subramanian and N.P. Manojkumar

Experimental Validation on the Treatment of Contaminated Ground Water at COPR Dump Site
pp. 5265-5270
Vanitha Murugaiyan, S.Selvaraj and P. Kamatchi Selvaraj

Heat and Mass Transfer Effects on MHD Free Convective Flow over a Permeable Stretching Surface with Suction, Viscous Dissipation and Heat Generation in the Presence of Chemical Reaction
pp. 5271-5280
M. Dhanalakshmi and K. Jayarami Reddy

Performance Parameters Characteristics of PMEDM: A Review
pp. 5281-5290
Hardaha Rajkumar and Manish Vishwakamra

Effective Prevention Mechanism for IP flooding using Wireshark based on Network Traffic Analysis
pp. 5291-5295
Sathis Kumar, Kavitha, Dinesh kumar and Mohan kumar

Some Control Strategies in a Flexible Manufacturing System-A Simulation Perspective
pp. 5296-5303
Amrik Singh, Dr. Jagtar Singh and Dr. Mohammed Ali

Preliminary studies of Newly Conceptualized Intershaft Squeeze Film Damper (ISSFD) Rings
pp. 5304-5310
H.M.Shivaprasad and G.Giridhara

Data Analysis of Heart Disease Dataset using Hadoop and Impala with MYSQL
pp. 5311-5315
Niha Beera, Nysha Chaparala and Jaya Lakshmi Gundabathina

Non Darcian Approach to Flow of an Incompressible Viscous Fluid between Two Semi-Infinite Parallel Plates Partially Filled with Highly Porous Medium under Transverse Magnetic Field Applied only in the Clear Region
pp. 5316-5320
Dr. Shiva Shanker K and Venumadav.K

System for Intelligent Tourist Information using Machine Learning Techniques
pp. 5321-5327
R. Sai Ganga, P. Chandra Prakash Reddy and B. Chandra Mohan

Experimental Study of Copper Slag on Mechanical Properties of Concrete
pp. 5328-5331
Ch. Srinivas, V. Naveen kumar and E. Vinod

Abundant Solutions with Distinct Physical S tructure for Nonlinear Integro and Partial Differential Equations
pp. 5332-5345
Taher A. Nofal and Khaled A Gepreel

Operation of Utility Services in Multi Storey Buildings: A Review
pp. 5346-5347
Nuruddeen Mohammed Lawal and Isha Chandra

Programming a Mobile Robot to Navigate a Known Area Utilizing Resources from the Cloud
pp. 5348-5353
Muhammad Lutfi bin Hamdan and Sami Salama Hussen Hajjaj

A Systematic Approach to Reduce the Load Energy Consumption in Cloud Mining
pp. 5354-5359
B. Rama Ganesh and L. Venkateswara Reddy

Drug Release and Kinetic Study of Tamoxifen Citrate conjugated with Magnetite Nanoparticle for Drug Delivery Application
pp. 5360-5369
Emmellie Laura Albert, Yuki Shirosaki, and Che Azurahanim Che Abdullah

Numerical Simulation of Fatigue Crack Propagation in a Steel Railway Wheel
pp. 5370-5377
A. Nebgui, A. El Kinani, M. Haterbouch, O. Oussouaddi and A. Zeghloul,

A New 3-D Rational Fraction Chaotic Map with Symmetry
pp. 5378-5383
M. Mammeri

A Survey on Applications of Data Mining Techniques
pp. 5384-5392
B V Chowdary and Y. Radhika

Natural Frequency Estimation of a Free Vibrated Robotic Arm Using Artificial Intelligence
pp. 5393-5399
Israa Rafie Shareef, Iman Ahmed Zayer and Mohammed Yahya Edrees

A Low-Cost Portable Device for Combined Hemodialysis and Ultrafiltration
pp. 5400-5403
Muhammad Aamir Panhwar, Fazil Panhwar, Gang Zhao and Nasrallah Pirzada

Vector Control of Wind Turbine Conversion chain Variable Speed Based on DFIG Using MPPT Strategy
pp. 5404-5410
Becheri Houcine, Bousserhane Ismail.K, Bouchiba Bousmaha, Harrouz Abdelkader and Belbekri Tahar

Effect of Carbon Black Nanoparticles on the Thermal Properties of Poly (ethylene oxide) Films
pp. 5411-5417
Husam Miqdad

Improved Cluster Head Determination in Heterogeneous Wireless Network
pp. 5418-5422
Alok Misra and D.S. Yadav

Comparisons and Evaluation Performance Criteria of Software Agents’ Platforms for E-Commerce
pp. 5423-5427
Faiz Al Shrouf, Aysh Alhroob, Khalil Al-Shqeerat and Yaser Al-Kubaisi

Simultaneous Reuse of Three Types of Wastes in the Preparation of Ecofriendly Ceramic Floor Tiles
pp. 5428-5435
M.G. Elmahgary, Sh.K. Amin, El Sh. M. Sadek, O.A. Ibrahim and M.F. Abadir

Performance Evaluation and Damping Characteristics of Hydro-Pneumatic Regenerative Suspension System
pp. 5436-5442
Magdy N. Awad, Mohamed Ib. Sokar, Saber A. Rabbo and M.E. El-Arabi

Hardware Implementation of NoC based MPSoC Prototype using FPGA
pp. 5443-5451
Raaed Faleh Hassan and Riyam Layth Khaleel

A Study on Calculation of Rutting Depth of Pavement Asphalt Concrete Layer In Under Vietnam Conditions
pp. 5452-5457
Cao-Thang Pham, Hoang-Long Nguyen, Nam-Hung Tran and Trung-Hieu Vu

Mitigating Black Hole Attacks in MANETs Using a Trust-Based Threshold Mechanism
pp. 5458-5463
Biswaraj Sen, Moirangthem Goldie Meitei, Kalpana Sharma, Mrinal Kanti Ghose and Sanku Sinha

An Improvement of Genetic Algorithm for Location-routing Problem
pp. 5464-5471
Apichat Buakla and Sirichai Tanratanawong

Apply Markov Decision Process with Variable Discrete Random Demand Problem
pp. 5472-5476
Adisak Nowneow, Vichai Rungreunganun and Prungsak Uttaphut

Performance Analysis in WLAN Networks using 802.11ac Technology
pp. 5477-5483
Héctor Manuel Herrera Herrera, Octavio José Salcedo Parra and Julio Barón Velandia

Advanced Testing Methods for Reversible Logic

pp. 5484-5490
G. Vamsi Krishna, G. Srinivasa Rao and Y. Amar Babu

Computer Audit Programs (Software) And A New Variables Sampling Concept A Proposed Approach Empirical Study
pp. 5491-5500
Jammel Mohammed Ali Mona

A New Application of Extreemum-Seeking Algorithm for PMSG-Wind turbine via Linear Quadratic Regulator
pp. 5501-5507
Dinh Chung, Phan and Thi Minh Dung, Tran

Goodness of Fit Tests of Laplace Distribution Using Selective Order Statistics
pp. 5508-5514
Sameer Ahmad Hasan Al-Subh

Evaluation of Key Success Factors in Project Management of Information Systems and Selection of Operators using Analytical Hierarchy Process
pp. 5515-5521
Kunyaluk Nuchprayoon and Chayathach Phuaksaman

Modelling a Spiral Porous Fin with Temperature Dependent and Independent Thermal Conductivity
pp. 5522-5527
N. Daradji and M. N. Bouaziz

Applications of Nano-Fluid in Nuclear Power Plants within a Future Vision
pp. 5528-5533
Malek Khalaf Albzeirat, Muhammad Iqbal Hussain, Rosmaini Ahmad, Falah Mustafa Al-Saraireh and Alaa Salahuddin1 and Nazih Bin-Abdun

Date/Time Operated Two Axis Solar Radiation Tracking System for Baghdad City
pp. 5534-5537
Anas Lateef Mahmood

A Design and Fabrication of Heat Exchanger for Recovering Exhaust Gas Energy from Small Diesel Engine Fueled with Preheated Bio-oils
pp. 5538-5545
Anh Tuan Hoang

Design and Implementation of Indirect Control for an LCL-filtered Grid-connected Inverter with Reduced Number of Sensor
pp. 5546-5553
Ngoc-Bao Lai and Kyeong-Hwa Kim

Dynamic Analysis of a Single MEMS Vibratory Gyroscope with Decoupling Connection between Driving Frame and Sensing Proof Mass
pp. 5554-5561
Vu Van The, Tran Quang Dung and Chu Duc Trinh

Content Based Image Retrieval Using K-Means Algorithm
pp. 5562-5564
Shubhi Misra and Atul Kumar Verma

2D Array Structure for Pattern Mining
pp. 5565-5574
Salah Alghyaline and Tariq Alwada’n

An Enhanced Technique for Recognition of Disguised Face Images Using Granular Approach
pp. 5575-5584
Jayasree M, N K Narayanan, Kabeer V and Arun C R







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