International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 13, Number 08 (2018)  





DRLMS Adaptive Beamforming Algorithm for Smart Antenna System
pp. 5585-5588
Debendra Kumar Panda

Energy-Efficient Detection of Compromised Nodes in Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 5589–5599
Minki Kim and Haengrae Cho

Improved Low Vision Image Enhancement Algorithm (ILVIE) for Wireless Multimedia Sensor Network
pp. 5600-5604
Chethan LS and Manjunatha P

Wideband Spectrum Analyzer with Hardware Accelerated Kernel Function Modulation
pp. 5605-5608
I.E. Tarasov and D.S. Potekhin

Modern Approaches and Constructive Solutions for New Oil and Gas Condesate Deposits in Russia
pp. 5609-5613
Viktoriya A. Merkulova, Kiselev Vladislav and Sorokin Viktor

Effects of Laser Parameters on Solidification Cracks Formation during LSM Treatment for AA6061
pp. 5614-5617
Zahraa Abdulsattar and Waleed Al-Ashtari

Comparison Study of PID Controller Tuning using Classical/Analytical Methods
pp. 5618-5625
B Mabu Sarif, D. V. Ashok Kumar and M. Venu Gopala Rao

Untreated Low Cost Inkjet Printed Temperature Sensors -Conditionally Suitable?
pp. 5626-5632
Lutz Sommer and Rinin Parambil Ramachandran

Automatic Speech Attribute Detection of Arabic Language
pp. 5633-5639
Hager Morsy, Mostafa Shahin, Naif Aljohani, Mahmoud Shoman and Sherif Abdou

Absorption and Permeability Studies on Concrete with Pulverized Used Foundry Sand as Mineral Admixture
pp. 5640-5646
Salim.P.M, B.S.R.K.Prasad and Seshadri Sekhar.T

DDoS Attack Detection Based on Network Traffic Phase Coordinates Analysis
pp. 5647-5654
Andrey Evgenievich Krasnov, Evgeniy Nikolaevich Nadezhdin, Vladimir Sergeevich Galayev, Evgenia Andreevna Zykova, Dmitrii Nikolaevich Nikol’skii and Dmitrii Sergeevich Repin

Performance and comparative study of a passive solar still in a forest area between summer and winter conditions in south India
pp. 5655-5660
V. Ramesh Srenyvasan, R.Ajay, V.Ganesh karthikeyan and K.Praveen kumar

In-Vehicle Intelligent Transport System for Preventing Road Accidents Using Internet of Things
pp. 5661-5664
Preethi Govindarajulu and P. Ezhumalai

Review on Different Solar Energy Prediction Modeling Techniques Based on Complexity, Performance time and Accuracy
pp. 5665-5671
Lincy George, Hudhaifa Mazin, Qutaiba Mazi, Maryam A. Al Nofli and Ponnavaiko Murugesan

Production and Property Analysis of Biodiesel from Cotton Seed Oil Using Natural Catalyst
pp. 5672-5679
Thirumurugaveerakumar S, Raghul S, Sam Vimal Kumar S and Ajay R

Security Challenges of Wireless Communications Networks: A Survey
pp. 5680-5692
Gerald K. Ijemaru, Ibrahim A. Adeyanju, Kehinde O. Olusuyi, Temidayo J. Ofusori, 3Ericmoore T. Ngharamike and Adedayo A. Sobowale

Assessment of Influencing Factors in Construction Project Scheduling
pp. 5693-5699
R.Vidhyasri and R.Sivagamasundari

An Experimental Study on Strength Development of Concrete with Optimum Blending of Fly Ash and Granulated Blast Furnace Slag
pp. 5700-5710
Ashok K Sahani, Amiya K Samanta and Dilip K Singhroy

IOT Based Battery Management System
pp. 5711-5714
Harish N, Prashal V and D. Sivakumar

Efficient Implementation of Selective Image Encryption Technique on Multi-core Reconfigurable System
pp. 5715-5721
Rahul K. Hiware and Dinesh V. Padole

Trust based Genetic Neuro-Fuzzy System for Intrusion Detection and Self Adaptive Firefly integrated Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Secure Routing in MANET
pp. 5722-5735
Ramireddy Kondaiah and Bachala Sathyanarayana

Mixed Pixel Classification by Using Hybridization of Evolutionary Method With Neural Networks
pp. 5736-5744
Sumit Kaura and R.K Bansal

Analysis of a Matched Folded E-plane Tee
pp. 5745-5749
Debendra Kumar Panda

Review on Friction Stir Welding Process
pp. 5750-5758
R V Arunprasad, G Surendhiran, M Ragul, T Soundarrajan, S Moutheepan and S Boopathi

Internet of Things (IoT) based Smart Parking Reservation System using Raspberry-pi
pp. 5759-5765
E. Cassin Thangam, M. Mohan, J. Ganesh and C.V. Sukesh

Statistical Feature Based Image Classification and Retrieval Using Trained Neural Classifiers
pp. 5766-5771
Meenakshi Garg, Manisha Malhotra and Harpal Singh

Petrography and Geochemistry of Urf suite from Aqaba complex, Southern Jordan
pp. 5772-5787
Ali S. Ben Sera and Ghaleb H. Jarrar

Fuzzy Supra b-Open Sets
pp. 5788-5791
J.Srikiruthika and A.Kalaichelvi

Data Analysıs of Natural Language Queryıng Usıng NLP Interface
pp. 5792-5795
Sharath Chander P., J. Soundarya, R. Priyadharsini and B. Bharathi

Design and Evaluation of Integer Dual Tree Complex Wavelet Transform Filter Coefficients for Image processing
pp. 5796-5808
A. Hazarathaiah and B. Prabhakar Rao

Higher Initial Value for Time Demand Analysis
pp. 5809-5814
Saleh Alrashed

To Study the feasibility of Coarse and Fine plastic Aggregates in Concrete
pp. 5815-5822
Bhupesh Kumar Gupta and Satwinder Singh

Comprehensive Survey on Machine Learning Application for Handwriting Recognition
pp. 5823-5830
Yogesh Kumar Das, Pulkit Jain and Sree Kumar K

Using Vibration Analysis to Identify & Correct an Induced Draft Fan’s Foundation Problem of a Pollution Control Device - A Case Study
pp. 5831-5840
Rana Dutta, Jai Prakash Dwivedi, V P Singh and Abhijit Ghosh

Comprehensive Survey on Image Stegnography Using LSB With AES
pp. 5841-5844
Amit Kumar Agrahari, Mayank Sheth and N. Praveen

Comparison and Performance Analysis of Various Low Power Digital design Techniques
pp. 5845-5857
Farah Buch, Anil Bhardwaj, Sumeet Gupta and Gaurav Sharma

Mechanical Characterization of Basalt Fibre Reinforced Polymer Bars for Reinforced Concrete Structures
pp. 5858-5862
P.Thiyagarajan, V.Pavalan and R. Sivagamasundari

An Investigation of Safety Technical Elements in Small and Non-Small-Scale Engineering Industries
pp. 5863-5876
Sebastian Joseph, P.Shanmugasundaram and P.Sivaprakash

Forced Convective Solar Air Heater: Effect of Thermal Storage Materials
pp. 5877-5880
Thokchom Subhaschandra Singh, Tikendra Nath Verma, Md Jahiya, Phuritshabam Keny Singh, Md Kheiruddin, Kh. Ajitkumar, Naorem Wilson Singh and Haobijam Dhanadash Singh

Cost Effective Impact Attenuator for a Formula Student Car
pp. 5881-5888
Paramjotsingh Sardar, Tarun Agrawal, Arshdeepsingh Sardar, Nirav Sodha and Anand Patel

Lower Limb Rehabilitation Robotics System Based on BP Neural Network
pp. 5889-5893
Dhurgham Aiham Kadhim Alshakarchi and Firas T. Al-Maliky

Effects on the Performance Characteristics by Altering Different Parameters for Single Cylinder C.I. Engine Blended with Neem Bio-Diesel
pp. 5894-5898
Hardik B. Ramani and Mohammad Israr

Common coupled fixed point in C*-algebras valued metric spaces
pp. 5899-5903
Saleh Omran and Moustafa M. Salama

Simulation and Performance Analysis of a Grid Connected Photovoltaic System in Cold Climate Region of India.
pp. 5904-5908
Madhuchandrika Chattopadhyay and R Rajavel

Comparative Study of Performance of Indirect Mode with PCM and Mixed Mode Solar Dryer for Coriander Leaves
pp. 5909-5919
Prashant Mall and Dheerandra Singh

An Experimental Study on Flyash as Self Healing Material
pp. 5920-5925
RA.B. Depaa and T.Felix Kala

Microstructure Analysis and Compression Strength Investigation of the Copper Reinforced with Nano & Micro Particles of Alumina
pp. 5926-5934
Ghanim Sh. Sadiq, Abdul-Rahman Najim Abd and Ahmed Abbas Ameen

Penetration Testing Using SQL Injection to Recognize the Vulnerable Point on Web Pages
pp. 5935-5942
Adamu Bin Ibrahim and Shri Kant

A Dynamic System for Real-World University Examination Timetabling Problem Using AAC approach Case Study: Taibah University-CCSE
pp. 5943-5954
Anmar F. Abuhamdah

Effect of Pile Spacing On Ultimate Capacity and Load Shearing for Piled Raft Foundation
pp. 5955-5967
Abd El samee, wael nashaat

HRV Analysis for Daignosis: A Review
pp. 5968-5977
Desh Deepak Gautam, V.K. Giri and K.G. Upadhayay

Reactive Power Optimization Based on Artificial Intelligence
pp. 5978-5988
Ali A. Abdullah, Ali Nasser Hussain and Omar Muhammed Neda

Performance Investigation of Multi-Level Inverter for DFIG during Grid Autoreclosure Operation
pp. 5989-5995
Mahrous Ahmed, Mohamed K. Metwaly and Nagy I. Elkalashy

Thermal Conductivity Measurement for Liquid Substance by Thermoelectric Cooler Utilization
pp. 5996-5998
Tri Ayodha Ajiwiguna, Riana Dewi and Mukhammad Ramdlan Kirom

Numerical Investigations of Hydraulic Transients in Pipelines having Centrifugal Pumps
pp. 5999-6003
Riyad Jassim Tilefih

A novel Technique for Electrical Power System Harmonics Identification Based on Blind Source Extraction (BSE)
pp. 6004-6008
Ali Abdulabbas Abdullah Al-Bakry, Ahmed G. Wadday, Naseer Majeed Yasin and Ahmed Jasim Sultan

Study of WiMAX Based Communication Channel Effects on the Ciphered Image Using MAES Algorithm
pp. 6009-6018
Ahmed G. Wadday, Salim M. Wadi and Hayder J. Mohammed Ali A. Abdullah

The Degree of Knowledge Management Production among Departments’ Heads at the Private Jordanian Universities
pp. 6019-6025
Osama Qtaish, Sabreen Al- Sheraided and Maher Abuhamdeh

Dielectric Properties of Cr-Substituted Cobalt Ferrite Nanoparticles Synthesis by Citrate-Gel Auto Combustion Method
pp. 6026-6035
Ali M. Mohammad, Sabah M. Ali Ridha and Tahseen H. Mubarak

Quantitative Evaluation of Forces and Jacobians for Real-Time Garment Simulation with Semi-Implicit Euler Integration and Hardware Assisted Vector Calculation
pp. 6036-6046
Sungmin Kim, Chang Kyu Park, Woong-Ryeol Yu and In Hwan Sul

Experimental Evaluation of Particle Separation Efficiency for Dielectrophoretic Flows Passing through a Microfluidic Device
pp. 6047-6051
Jae Heon Lee, Haider Ali, Kyung Won Kim, Gun Woo Noh, Moon Kyu Kwak, Jung Goo Hong and Cheol Woo Park

Multiple Regression to Estimate the Lifespan of a Traffic Signal Controller
pp. 6052-6055
Jimyoung Park, Joong Soon Jang and Sang C. Park

Review and Analysis of Crack Detection and Classification Techniques based on Crack Types
pp. 6056-6062
Sheerin Sitara. N., Kavitha. S. and Raghuraman. G.

Design of a S-Band Vessel Monitoring System Using Satellites
pp. 6063-6068
The Anh Nguyen Dinh, Minh Ngo Duc and Duong Bach Gia

Analysis of the Correlation between Thermal Sensations and Brain Waves via EEG Measurements
pp. 6069-6075
J.R. Lim, G.H. Baek and E.S. Jeon

On Intuitionistic Fuzzy β Generalized α Connectedness
pp. 6076-6080
Gomathi M and Jayanthi D

Facial Expression Recognition using Moments Invariants and Modified Hidden Markov Model
pp. 6081-6088
Mayur Rahul, Narendra Kohli and Rashi Agarwal

Digital Marketing & SMEs: An Identification of Research Gap via Archives of Past Research
pp. 6089-6097
Devesh Nigam, Priyanka Pradhan and C.K. Tiwari

Performance Evaluation of Three-Phase Induction Motor Drive Fed from Z-Source Inverter
pp. 6098-6109
Mahima Sharma and Mahendra Lalwani

Analyzing the Effect of Ramp Load on Closed Loop Buck Boost Fed DC Drive with PI Controller
pp. 6110-6117
G. Ramu, Umme Salma and Ch Dharma Raj

A Review for Compressive Sensing (CS) Scheme in Cluster Based Wireless Sensor Network
pp. 6118-6124
P. Venkat Rao and Ch. Balaswamy

Adaptive Protocol for Management Internet of Things Systems: Analysis, Design and Performance Evaluation
pp. 6125-6137
Omar Said, Alaa Elnashar and Osama Elshakankiry

Time-Based Proxy Re-Encryption for User Revocation with Reduced UAKs in Cloud Storage
pp. 6138-6150
VenkataVara Prasad, Lokeswari Y. Venkataramana and Pandiyan Muthuraj

Techno-Economic Analysis of Biogas Power Plant from POME (Palm Oil Mill Effluent)
pp. 6151-6157
Misri Gozan, Nadjib Aulawy, Siti Fauziyah Rahman and Rachmawan Budiarto

Integration of IOT and Data Analytics: Performance Analysis System for Outdoor Sports using Electromyography and Image Data
pp. 6158-6164
B. Swaminathan, R. Rahul, S. Ragul and M. Ramavel

SIPS: A Framework to Run Serial Algorithms in Parallel Systems using Abstract Syntax Tree
pp. 6165-6176
Anil Kumar, Hardeep Singh and Navdeep Singh

Control Algorithms for the Optimization of Energy Storage Systems Management in Urban Transport Systems
pp. 6177-6182
Lucia Sparavigna

The Study of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Rupture Risk using Fluid-Structure Interaction
pp. 6183-6187
Taewon Seo, Guek-don Shin and Do-Il Kim

A Review on Vibration-Based Fault Diagnosis in Rolling Element Bearings
pp. 6188-6192
B. M. Vamsi Krishna and Manish Vishwakarma

Analysis of Elastic Scattering of
α Particles on 70, 72, 74, 76 Ge targets at ELab=25MeV
pp. 6193-6196
Amane .I. Istaiti

The Role and Function Analysis of Community Related to Domestic Waste Water Treatment System in Makasar City
pp. 6197-6203
Winarno Arifin, Soemarno, Amin Setyo Leksono and Hanafi

Study and Assessment of Causes and Effects of Delay in Large Public Construction Projects in Jordan
pp. 6204-6210
Ghanim A. Bekr

Numerical Modelling for Traditional Fishing Vessel Prediction of Resistance by CFD Approach
pp. 6211-6215
Aldias Bahatmaka and Dong Joon Kim

Proposal of Aerial Cable Car as an Alternative Means of Public Transport in Kigali City
pp. 6216-6224
Leopold Mbereyaho, Aloys Dushimimana and Alexis Nzapfakumunsi

Algebraic Topological Approach for Grid generation of certain manifolds
pp. 6225-6233
Moustafa M. Salama, M. Higazy and Saleh Omran

Multi-Resolution Wavelet PID Speed and Current Controllers of BLDC Motor Based on Invasive Weed Optimization Technique
pp. 6234-6243
Abbas K. Kadhim and Adel A. Obed

Cloud Computing for Vehicular Communication Support
pp. 6244-6247
Abdullah Saleh Al-Saleh

Study of Road Traffic Noise Sound Pressure Levels in Varanasi City, India
pp. 6248-6252
Kanakabandi Shalini and Brind Kumar

Comparative Study on Steam Distillation and Hydro-Distillation Methods for Agarwood Oil Extraction
pp. 6253-6256
N.R.M., Nasardin, M.A.M., Hanafiah, M., Zainon, M., Ibrahim, A.A., Zulkefle and A.I.A., Rahman

Sea Ad hoc Network (SANET) Challenges and Development
pp. 6257-6261
Hadeel Mohammed Taher

Model for Collaborative Supply Chain an Empirical Study of Moroccan Firms
pp. 6262-6273
Elnouaman Samadi and Ismail Kassou

Silice in the Sandblasting Industry: a review from Occupational Safety and Health
pp. 6274-6281
D.D. Sierra-Calderon, C.A. Severiche-Sierra, E.A. Bedoya-Marrugo, M. de J. Meza-Aleman and E.A. Espinosa-Fuentes

Wind Shear Coefficients and Energy Yields Estimations: Namibia Case Study of Arid Coastal and Inland Locations
pp. 6282-6296
Maduako E. Okorie, Freddie Inambao, Zivayi Chiguvare and Nnenesi Kgabi

Forgetting Factor Adjustment in RLS Adaptive Volterra Filter using a New Peak Value-RMS Product Method: Loudspeaker Distortion Modeling Case
pp. 6297-6305
Abdelmoudjib Benkada, Abdelhafid Kaddour and Saïd Karoui

Novel Z-Source High Frequency High Power Factor AC-DC Converter
pp. 6306-6314
Sangita H Deshmukh, Medha Giri, Vinay T Barhate and D R Tutakne

Optimization of the Maintenance and Productivity of Industrial Organization
pp. 6315-6324
Mohamed Er-Ratby and Mustapha Mabrouki

Architecture, Routing Protocols and Data Aggregation in Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks – A Review Based Description
pp. 6325-6331
Ruby D and Jeyachidra J

Design and Simulation of the High Sensitivity Detection of Hemoglobin (Hb) Concentration in Human Blood by The Core-shell Enhanced Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR)-Based Biosensor
pp. 6332-6339
Widayanti, Kamsul Abraha and Agung Bambang Setio Utomo

Forming Conditions of Technogenic Gold-bearing Objects and Technological Properties of Gold from Gold Extraction Plant Tailings
pp. 6340-6347
Irina V. Shadrunova, Olga E. Gorlova, Natalia N. Orekhova and Vera A. Žilina

Transverse Vibrate Analysis and Optimization for a Tuck Cab
pp. 6348-6352
Shunming Li and Kun Xu

Resource Potential of Stale Flotation Tails of Copper-Oxygen Ores with and Possibe Gold and Silver Extraction
pp. 6353-6357
Medyanik N.L., Leontieva E.V., Mishurina O.A. and Shadrunova I.V.

Building Vitality Productive Correspondence Protocol to Remote Micro-Sensor Networks
pp. 6358-6360
Mohammed Mahdi Salih Altufaili

Definition Errors in Sprocket Ring on Passages at Gear Shaving

pp. 6361-6363
Mohammed Hamdan

Optimization of the Regularization of the Solution of the Plate Vibration Problem
pp. 6364-6368
A. Fargana, A. A. Rakhimov, A. A. Khan and T. B. H. Hassan

Structural, Magnetic and Electrical Properties of Ba2Mg2Fe28O46 (Mg2X) hexaferrites
pp. 6369-6379
Tahseen H. Mubarak, Olfat A. Mahmood and Zahraa J. Hamakhan

Application of Data Steganographic Method in Video Sequences Using Histogram Shifting in the Discrete Wavelet Transform
pp. 6380-6387
Mohammed A. AlZain and Jehad F. Al-Amri

Fabrication of micro-nano-mechanical structures for sensing application
pp. 6388-6393
N Sharma, M Hooda and S K Sharma

Issues in Chhattisgarhi to Hindi Rule Based Machine Translation System
pp. 6394-6398
Vikas Pandey, M.V Padmavati and Ramesh Kumar

MHD Visco-elastic Fluid Flow over a Stretching Sheet
pp. 6399-6410
V. Dhanalaxmi

Comparison of Different Transforms For Earlier Detection of Breast Cancer by Using Mammogram Images
pp. 6411-6413
B.Kiran Bala and S.Audithan

Performance of Ad hoc On-Demand Distance Vector Routing
pp. 6414-6418
K.Uday Kumar Reddy, P.Subbaiah and A.Madhavi

Coagulant Activity from Moringa oleifera seed for Raw Water Treatment from Reservoirs
pp. 6419-6423
Jhon Jairo Feria Díaz, Liliana Vitola Garrido and Wilson Rosado Mercado

Pattern generation based Reverse engineering on Database Relation scheme using Enhanced Association rule mining
pp. 6424-6432
J. M. Dhayashankar and A. V. Ramani

Evaluation of Phycoremediation Potentials of Microalgae with Reference to Textile Dyeing Industrial Effluent
pp. 6440-6445
M.Anandhan, R.Saravana Sathiya Prabhahar, J.Thanikachalam and T.Arunraj

Joining of SS316-SS316 through microwave hybrid heating by using Nickel nano-powder

pp. 6446-6449
Pawan Soni, Shankar Sehgal, Harmesh Kumar and Amrinder Pal Singh

Benefits of Electrocoagulation in Treatment of Wastewater: Removal of Fe and Mn metals, oil and grease and COD: three case studies
pp. 6450-6462
Warren. Reátegui- Romero, Lisveth.V.Flores-Del Pino, José. L. Guerrero-Guevara, Josué. Castro-Torres, Luis .M. Rea-Marcos, María.E. King –Santos and Ricardo. Yuli-Posadas

Centralized Sensing and Scheduling in Multi-User Cognitive Radio Networks
pp. 6463-6471
V. Hamsadhwani, K. Lakshmi and Arun Pachai Kannu

Detection and Recognition of Human Emotion using Neural Network
pp. 6472-6477
J. Jayapradha Soumya Sharma and Yash Dugar

Enhancement of Underwater Images based on PCA Fusion
pp. 6487-6492
S.Selva Nidhyananthan and R.Sindhuja

Implementation of Image Processing Techniques for Identifying Different Stages of Lung Cancer
pp. 6493-6499
Anjali Sevani, Hardik Modi, Sagar Patel and Himanshu Patel








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