International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 14, Number 01  (2019)  






EECACL: Energy Efficient Clustering Algorithm using Cross Layer for WSN
pp. 1-7
Basavaraj G.N and Jaidhar C.D

A Study on Vehicle to Grid Technology and its Scope
pp. 8-13
Mamatha N and Arpita Banik

Audio Signal Performance Analysis using Integer MDCT Algorithm
pp. 14-19
M.Davidson Kamala Dhas and R.Priyadharsini

A Study on Multi Anti L-Fuzzy Normal Subgroup
pp. 20-23
M. Akilesh, M. Govindaraju and A. K.Abdul Hakeema

Enhancing the Accuracy of Bimodal Feature Recognition using Deep Learning Techniques
pp. 24-32
Vidyasree P and Viswanadha Raju

Fractional Order PID Controller Tuning by Frequency Loop-Shaping: Analysis and Applications
pp. 33-51
Khalid Saleh and Mohammad T. Haweel

High-fidelity Patient Simulator Education for South Korean Nursing Students
pp. 52-54
Min Hyang Park RN

Qualitative Analysis of High Gain Small-signal Amplifier with MOSFET Current Mirror
pp. 55-61
SachchidaNand Shukla

Design of an Adaptive Gain variation Sliding Mode Control Algorithm forExtended Non-singular Terminal Sliding Mode Observer based Sensorless PMSM Drive
pp. 62-68
Ganapathy Ram A and Santha KR

Mechanical Characterization of GPL/Polymer Nanocomposite Structure using Finite Element Analysis and SCILAB
pp. 69-78
Dilip Kumar Bagal, Mousumee Ray and Sandeep Bhoi

Discovery of Temporal Association Rules in Multivariate Time Series
pp. 79-84
Dinh Thuan Nguyen and Ba Duy Lam Khuat

The role of Knowledge management requirement on organizations excellence: (A field of study in Jordan; Aqaba Special Authority Zone)
pp. 85-91
Khaled Alrawashdeh and Fawzi Altaany

Task Group Scheduling Algorithm for Mapping a Set of Independent Tasks in Each Group Based on QoS onto Heterogeneous Resources in a Distributed Grid Environment
pp. 92-96
Dr. G.K.Kamalam and B.Anitha

Solving FFLPP Problem with Hexagonal Fuzzy Numbers by New Ranking Method
pp. 97-101
Sanjivani M. Ingle and Kirtiwant P. Ghadle

Design of New Double-Tail Comparator with Low-Voltage Low-Power and Area Efficient
pp. 102-107
Ms. Sheik Shabeena, P. Sushmita, M. Pravallika, D.Rohini, K.Prem Kumar and K. Krishnaveni

Vectors of Identity Matrix are the only Solution for a Special Linear System of Equations and Linear Programming Problems
pp. 108-117
Dr. Enagandula Prasad

A Novel Optimizer Technique for Sentiment Polarity in Social Web Environment
pp. 118-125
K.K. Uma and Dr. K. Meenakshisundaram

Design and Development of Low-cost Portable Centrifuge using Additive Manufacturing
pp. 126-129
Ashish Kumar Patel, Asmita Jha, Pratik More, Rabinder Henry, Amit Patwardhan, Jayant Pawar and Prakash Viswanathan

Design of Gigabit Ethernet Passive Optical Network (GEPON) Based Fiber To The Home (FTTH) Network in Pekanbaru Citraland Housing
pp. 130-136
Wahyuni Khabzli, Muhammad Diono, Emansa Hasri Putra and Noptin Harpawi

Growth and Studies of Cadmium Chloride Doped L-Asparagine Single Crystal
pp. 137-139
M. Selvapandiyan

DOM_CLASSI: An Enhanced Weighting Mechanism for Domain Specific Words Using Frequency Based Probability
pp. 140-148
A. Angelpreethi and Dr. S. BrittoRamesh Kumar

Primitive Idempotent in FC8pn and Corresponding Codes
pp. 149162
Jagbir Singh and Sonu Singh

On I g -closed sets in an Ideal Topological Spaces
pp. 163-165
V.Gopalakrishnan, M. Murugalingam and R. Mariappan

Study on the Damping characteristics of epoxy-Cloisite 30B filled hybrid metal fiber composites
pp. 166-169

Investigation of Thermal, Mechanical, Morphological and Optical Properties of Polyvinyl alcohol Films Reinforced with Buddha Coconut (Sterculia alata) Leaf Fiber
pp. 170-179
Kapil Gulati, Sohan Lal, P.K. Diwan and Sanjiv Arora

Total S - Irregularity in Cartesian Product of S -Valued Graphs
pp. 180-186
M.Sundar and M.Chandramouleeswaran

Immobilizing Lipase Catalyst for Biofuel Production A Potential Path to a Greener Tomorrow
pp. 187-191
Tirthankar Sen and Suchismita Majumdar

Comparison Analysis of the Gmaw Pulsed Welding Process on Gmaw Modified Short Circuit in Offshore Piping System
pp. 192-201
Zakwan Hilmy, Heri Supomo and Achmad Zubaydi

Tuning PID Controllers for DC Motor by Using Microcomputer
pp. 202-206
Ali Mohammed Ali, Dr. Ali Hussein Mohammed and Dr Hassan M. Alwan

An Algorithmic Approach to Solve Fuzzy Assignment Problem
pp. 207-211
S. Muruganandam and K. Hema

Epistemological Reflection of Science and Technology Leading to the Integration of Science, Technology and Engineering
pp. 212-219
Jimmy William Ramírez Cano and William Manuel Mora Penagos

Numerical Investigation on Effect of Orientation and Rotation on Liquid-Vapor Phase Change around a Cylinder in Staggered Arrangement
pp. 220-227
Ravi Pullepudi and S. K. Maharana

Miscibility Studies of Poly Ethylene oxide / Resol Type Phenolic Resin blends by viscosity, ultrasonic velocity and polarized optical microscope methods
pp. 228-231
G. Krishnakishore

Development of Copper Oxide nanofluid for Engine Cooling System
pp. 232-234
Prakash.V, Jayant Pawar, Ashish kumar Patel, Amit Patwardhan and Rabinder Henry

Development of Non-Submersible Capacitive Sensor for Water Level Detection
pp. 235-239
Asmita, Amit Patwardhan, Prakash Vishwanathan, Jayant Pawar, Ashish Pate, Rabinder Henry and Pratik More

AC and DC caracteristics of simulated Doped Graphene Field Effect Transistor (GFET) Frequency Multipliyer
pp. 240-245
Rohit Nimje, Rabinder Henry, Amit Patwardhan, Jayant Pawar, Prakash Viswanathan, Ashish Kumar Patel and Pratik More

Design and Fabrication of Tube Rotatory Mixer using Additive Manufacturing
pp. 246-249
Ashish Kumar Patel, Rabinder Henry, Asmita Jha, Prakash Viswanathan, Amit Patwardhan, Jayant Pawar and Pratik More

Review and Comparison of Computational Integral Imaging Reconstruction
pp. 250-253
Joungeun Bae and Hoon Yoo

A Single-vendor Single-buyer Integrated Model for Deteriorating Items with Partial Backlogging and Price-dependent Market Demand
pp. 254-261
Sreelekha Biswas and Bibhas C. Giri

Finite Element Analysis of Free Convection Heat Transfer Flow in a Vertical Conical Annular Porous Medium
pp. 262-277
G Suresh Babu, G Nagesh, K Raghunath and Dr R Siva Prasad

Strategic Implementation of Reallocation and Security Protocols for Cloud Storage
pp. 278-283
B.Ramaganesh and Dr. L.Venkateswara Reddy

Unsteady MHD Convective flow of Rivlin-Ericksen Fluid over an Infinite Vertical Porous Plate with Absorption Effect and Variable Suction
pp. 284-295
B.Veera Sankar and B.Rama Bhupal Reddy

The Recent Systematic Approaches of 3D Printing Technologies
pp. 296-303
Naman Kansal and Jayant Chauhan

Effective Approaches for 3D printing on Grapheme based Nanocomposites
pp. 304-307
Mohit Verma, Avichal Chaudhary, Keshav and Amit Verma

Non-Invasive Measurement of Stress Levels in Knee Implants
pp. 308-312
P Sampurna Lakshmi, D Swetha and J.Jyothirmai

Optimization of Material Removal Rate in Wire-EDM using Genetic Algorithms
pp. 313-315
G Daniel, Dr. Girishkumar and Dr Ali-Ul-Hasan-Rizvi


Thermal Diffusion and Radiation Effects on Steady MHD Free Convective Poiseuille Fow between Two Vertical Porous Plates

pp. 316-324

Deepjyoti Kalita


Kulli-Basava Indices of Graphs

pp. 325 - 342

B. Basavanagoud and Praveen Jakkannavar






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