International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 14, Number 10  (2019)





Fracture Toughness on a Thin Film from Plastic Zone
pp. 2290-2295
Abhishek Chandramohan

Double Clustering Approach for Predicting Comorbidity Condition in Cardio Vascular Diseases
pp. 2296-2302
N.Devi and P.Leela Rani

An Exploration of Failure Prediction and Failure Detection in a Cloud Based Environment
pp. 2303-2309
Kranthi Kumar. K, K.S. Sai Sushmitha and R. Rindha Reddy

Fuel wood and Fodder Consumption Pattern in Gostu Gad Watershed, Pauri Garhwal, Uttarakh
pp. 2310-2314
M.K. Parmar and R.S. Negi

A Fuzzy Logic Controlled Solar Power Generation with Integrated Maximum Power Point Tracking using Multi-level inverter
pp. 2315-2326
A.Ravi, S.Murugan, J. Daniel Sathiyaraj and R.Aandal

The Effect of Internal Heat Generation on the Onset of Rayleigh–Bénard Electro Convection in a Micropolar Fluid
pp. 2327-2335
Mohamed El Hadramy Oumar, Noor Arshika S and S Pranesh

Flow of Stratified Incompressible Viscous Fluid through Porous Medium between Two Semi-Infinite Parallel Plates
pp. 2336-2238
Shiva Shankar K.

An Analysis of Web User Behavior using Hybrid Algorithm based on Sequential Pattern Mining
pp. 2339-2346
Sheetal Sahu, Rajendra Gupta and Amit Dutta

Developing Production Process of e-learning Courses: A four Phase Model
pp. 2347-2358
Manal A. Abdel-Fattah, Osama.E. EMAM and Baraa A. Abdel-Hady

An Investigation of the Influence of Inter-Wheel Differentials on the Kinetic and Dynamic of 4WD Vehicle
pp. 2359-2367
Nguyen Khac Tuan

Analysis of a Power Supported System with Two Types of Repair Pattern and Forced Reduction in its Operational Time
pp. 2368-2376
Gurvinder Singh and Gulshan Taneja

Performance Determination of Photovoltaic AC Water-Pumping System Using a Boost Converter Controlled by PI Regulator
pp. 2377-2382
Eric Simonguy, Eric Korsaga, Jean M’boliguipa, Toussaint T. Guingané and Zacharie Koalaga

Simulation-based comparative analysis on the effect of Black-hole attack and Rushing attack on the mobile ad-hoc network
pp. 2383-2387
Ratnadip Kuri, Syful Islam, Md. Javed Hossain and Md Humayun Kabir

High Empirical Study of IRIS Region Recognition Using RED Algorithm Based Discrete wavelet Transform
pp. 2388-2398
Ala’a K. Al-Azzawi

Swell Classification Analysis for Re-engineering Expansive Soil using Agricultural Waste Materials
pp. 2399-2404
Jovelyn D. Bastasa, April Joy B. Roxas, Kaeselle D. Sagayap, Roi Rafael L. Salurio, Jayzle O. Sampayan, Hanjin L. Taniñasa, Marlon D. Sobreviga, Dinah Fe T. Olitan and Teodoro A. Amatosa, Jr.

Non Darcian Approach to Flow of Stratified Incompressible Viscous Fluid between Two Semi-Infinite Parallel Plates Partially Filled with Highly Porous Medium Under Transverse Magnetic Field Applied Only in the Clear Region
pp. 2405-2407
Shiva Shanker K

A Study of Thermal Effect on the Ferrofluid Lubrication of a Rough Porous Exponential Slider Bearing Considering Slip Velocity
pp. 2408-2416
Sheetal Amrutbhai Patel, Ashokkumar Revidas Patel and Gunamani Deheri

Survey for Anomaly Detection of IoT Botnets Using Machine Learning Auto-Encoders
pp. 2417-2421
Reem Alhajri, Rachid Zagrouba and Fahd Al-Haidari

THD Analysis and Comparison of Different Cascaded Multilevel Inverters for Improving the Quality of Energy
pp. 2422-2429
Manoj Kumar Sahu, Jagan Mohana Rao Malla, Madhusmita Biswal and Sribatsa Behera

Spatial Analysis of Robotic Arm with Constrained Joints
pp. 2430-2435
Shravan Anand Komakula

Conjunctive variety of l-fuzzy languages
pp. 2436-2441
Ajitha Kumari K and Ramesh Kumar P

A Realibility Model of Two- Unit Non-identical Cold Standby System under the Influence of Snow Storm Causing Rescue Operation
pp. 2442-2448
Narender Singh, Dalip Singh and Sheetal

Exact solutions for nonlinear integro-partial differential equations using the (G'/G, 1/G)-expansion method
pp. 2449-2461
Ameana Awad Al-Sekhary and Khaled A. Gepreel

A Compendium of Deep Learning Frameworks
pp. 2462-2465
K. Mary Sudha Rani

Static and Modal Analysis of High-Speed Disperser
pp. 2466-2469
Parth B Damor and Dipal Patel

Heart Disease Prediction and Alert System Using BAN
pp. 2470-2473
G.Sathya and D.J. Evanjaline

An Investigation on Wind Energy Potential in Nalut, Libya, using Weibull Distribution
pp. 2474-2482
Youssef Kassem, Hüseyin Gökçekuş and Mohamed A. AbuGharara

Evaluation of the Wind Energy Potential in Libya's Eastern Mediterranean Coast Area Using Weibull Distribution Function
pp. 2483-2491
Youssef Kassem, Hüseyin Gökçekuş and Ramzi Aateg Faraj

Risk Centric Threat Modeling- A Misuse Case based approach
pp. 2492-2506
Malik Nadeem Anwar and Mohammed Nazir

Haar Wavelet Based Numerical Method for the Solution of Multidimensional Stochastic Integral Equations
pp. 2507-2521
S. C. Shiralashetti and Lata Lamani






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