International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 14, Number 12  (2019)





Multi Agent Network-propelled Data Extraction for Protein Research
pp. 2806-2811
S Sulaiha Beevi and K L Shunmuganathan

Application of Fractional Capacitor and Fractional Inductor in Automatic Voltage Regulator
pp. 2812-2816
Madhab Chandra Tripathy

Fabrication of Ferrous based Composites via Different Processes and their Characterization
pp. 2817-2820
S.K.Khuntia and B.P.Samal

Corrosion Behavior of Al-Mg-SiC Composite produced by Modified Stir casting method
pp. 2821-2823
Birajendu Prasad Samal and Sujit Kumar Khuntia

Plane Micropolar Fluid through a Porous Medium: Exact Solution by Hodograph Transformation
pp. 2824-2829
Sayantan Sil and Manoj Kumar

Extracting Multimedia Information and Knowledge Discovery using Web Mining: Challenges and Research Directions
pp. 2830-2836
M. Ravi, M. Ekambaram Naidu and G. Narsimha

Ontology toward Building a Better Electronic Dictionary for the Moroccan Sociolect Language
pp. 2837-2843
Fadoua Mansouri and Sadiq Abdelalim

Simulation and Modeling of DFIG Wind Farm in Wind Energy Conversion System
pp. 2844-2849
Vineet Dahiya and Leena G.

Modelling of PV Arrays- An effective approach
pp. 2850-2854
Atul Kumar, Murari Lal Azad and Rajesh Kumar Chandi

Performance Evaluation of Wind Energy Conversion Systems Employing Space Vector Controlled Doubly-Fed Induction Generators
pp. 2855-2860
M.Raghavendra Rao and M.Ashraf Afrin

Preview of Monomer Molar Equivalency in Polyurethane System: A model study
pp. 2861-2872
Ankit Sharma, Sushil K Sharma and Ashu Rani

An Integrated Vendor-buyer Production Inventory System for Deteriorating Items with Time Varying Demand and Shortages for Buyer
pp. 2873-2882
Savitha and K.K. Achary

Diamine Modified Polysulfone and P-84 Symmetric Membranes for Hydrogen/Carbon Dioxide Separation
pp. 2883-2889
Nur ‘Adilah Abdul Nasir, Mohd Usman Mohd Junaidi, Nur Awanis Hashim and Fathiah Mohamed Zuki Rosiah Rohani

New Simulation and Analysis Backward Pumped Fiber Raman Amplifiers Gain with Minimum Attenuation
pp. 2890-2896
Saber H. Abd Elbaki, Fathy M. Mustafa and Tamer M. Barakat

Review of the Prospects and Challenges in mHealth Implementation in Developing Countries
pp. 2897-2903
Ing. Solomon Nsor-Anabiah, Ugonna Udunwa and Sathish Malathi

FI-IR Spectroscopic and Porosity Studies to Estimate the Firing Temperature of the Clay Brick
pp. 2904-2909
A.Govindasamy, G.Viruthagiri and K.Ramesh

Wavelet Based Adaptive Sliding Mode Control for Delayed Uncertain Non Linear Systems
pp. 2910-2914

Some Applications of Multivalent Functions Defined by Extended Fractional Differintegral Operator
pp. 2915-2924
Vinod Kumar and Prachi Srivastava

Bandwidth Enhancement of 4GHz Probe Fed Rectangle Microstrip Patch Antenna with Diagonal DGS Technique for Wi-Fi Applications
pp. 2925-2934
Satyanarayana R and Shankaraiah

On the Convergence and Stability of New Hybrid Iteration Process in Banach spaces
pp. 2935-2944
Naresh Kumar and Renu Chugh

Estimation of Runoff Using SCS-CN Method and Arcgis for Karjan Reservoir Basin
pp. 2945-2951
Hina Pathan and Geeta S. Joshi

Causes of Coastal Erosion and Environmental Damage on the Sowan Beach of Tuban District
pp. 2952-2959
Marita Ika Joesidawati and Suwarsih

Generalized Invexity and Semi – Continuity In Mathematical Programming
pp. 2960-2967
L.Venkateswara Reddy, Anju Singh and S.P. Pandey

Composite Non Smooth Mathematical Programming Problems with Equilibrium Constraints under Generalized Univexity
pp. 2968-2977
L.Venkateswara Reddy, Anju Singh and S.P. Pandey

Understanding of Redistribution of Stresses and Controlling of Distortion while Machining of Aluminum thin wall parts
pp. 2978-2983
N.Vinaya Kumar and M.Indira Rani


Application of Weighted Fuzzy Exponential J-Divergence Measure in Engiography

pp. 2984-2988

Santosh Kumari, Pratiksha Tiwari and Priti Gupta






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