International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 14, Number 13  (2019)





Implementation of Maximal Overlap Discrete Wavelet Transform and S-transform for Localization of Power Quality Disturbance Signals
pp. 2989-2994
Swarnabala Upadhyaya

Cluster Sampling to Improve Classifier Accuracy for Categorical Data
pp. 2995-3002
Lakshmi Sreenivasa Reddy D

Survey on Unsolved Informational Security Research Issues and Purported Solutions for Data Security in Public Cloud
pp. 3003-3016
P.Karthik and P.Shanthi Bala

Performance Analysis of Chiller System
pp. 3017-3021
Albert Kasman, Wegie Ruslan and Widodo Basuki

Study of Informal Sector (Street Vendors) in Central Market Area of Yeola, Maharashtra (India) and their Integration in Market Architecture
pp. 3022-3027
Ar. Vaishali Patil, Ar. Jayashree C. Gogte and Ar.Kishor Talnikar

Heat Exchange Trough a Building Wall with an Air Layer Incorporating a Phase Change Material
pp. 3028-3035
Zahra. NAJAM, Mustapha. EL ALAMI and Mostafa NAJAM

Numerical Simulation of Stress Distribution Around a Well due to Fluid Flow in Poroelastic Tight oil and Gas Formation: An Application of Finite Element Method
pp. 3036-3047
H. Zhang, A.R. Shaik and M.M. Rahman

Electricity Generation from Micro Hydro Power Plant at MGM Gandheli Campus, Aurangabad
pp. 3048-3052
Kanchan A. Patil, S.Y, Kishor Talanikar and Sanjay Patil

Front Cover Weight Optimization and Redesign
pp. 3053-3058
Akshay U. Yadav and G.S. Joshi

Impact on Learning Spaces by K-10 School Education Pedagogy
pp. 3059-3065
Kale Dhanashree, S.Y. M. Arch (G), Patil S.B. and DeshmukhMedha

k-Power Domination of Crown Graph
pp. 3066-3068
S.Chandrasekaran and A.Sulthana

Development of Zero Waste Management System Model for Durg City
pp. 3069-3074
Shivanand Kamde, P.K. Ghosh and M.K. Gupta

Reliability Assessment of Continuous Surface Miners - A Technology for Sustainable Growth of Indian Coal Industry
pp. 3075-3080
Hemant Sharad Pande and Manish. D. Uttarwar

A Study on Wavelet Threshold Functions in Denosing
pp. 3081-3096
Zaheer Abbas and Princess Raina

Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) to Predict Overall Heat Transfer Coefficient and Pressure Drop on a Simulated Heat Exchanger
pp. 3097-3103
E. Reynoso-Jardón, A. Tlatelpa-Becerro, R. Rico-Martínez, Calderón-Ramírez M and G. Urquiza

Impact of Lead on the Geotechnical Properties and Adsorption Characteristics of Landfill Liner
pp. 3104-3110
Ajitha A.R, Chandrakaran S and Sheela Evangeline Y

Recognition of Kannada Lip Movements through Wavelets
pp. 3111-3118
Nandini M S, Nagappa U.Bhajantri and Trisiladevi C Nagavi

Construction of Green Matrix for the Solution of a Matrix Differential Equation
pp. 3119-3122
Himanshu Shekhar and Brijendra Kumar Singh






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