International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 14, Number 14  (2019)





Investigation of the Effect of Directivity Pulses on the Seismic Response of a Curved RC Bridge
pp. 3123-3132
Vassiliki Kardoutsou, Vasileios Angelidakis, Ioannis Psycharis and Ioannis Taflampas

Numerical Illustration for Availability Function of Two Unit Non Identical System using M.L. Estimation.
pp. 3133-3136

Impact of Renewable Energy Generation on Voltage Flicker with Dynamic Load Connected to Distribution Network
pp. 3137-3145
Ayodeji S. Akinyemi and Innocent E. Davidson

Analysis of Greenhouse Gas Source and Sink Balance in Bogor Municipality
pp. 3146-3154
Adenan Muhudi, Arief Sabdo Yuwono and Yudi Chadirin

Modelling Equation of Contraction Coefficient (Cc) and Discharge Coefficient (Cd) for Flow under Sluice Gate Using Cubic Baffle Block and Sill
pp. 3155-3158
Sunik Sunik

Estimation of Technical Efficiency of a Normal Exponential Stochastic Frontier Production Model- An Application in Measuring Technical Efficiency of Schools in Coimbatore and Tirupur districts
pp. 3159-3170
Sangeethamani.S and Mary Louis.L

The Analysis of Control Systems with a High Potential for Robust Stability on the Control Object Output
pp. 3171-3178

Solving Differential Equation by Extended form of Laplace Transform
pp. 3179-3186
Jitendra Kumar Pati

Application of Fuzzy control to Maximum Power Point Tracking of H5 Transformerless Inverter Used in Grid Connected PV Systems
pp. 3187-3194
I. E. Atawi

Effect of Lining Thickness on the Behavior and on the Distance between Two Adjacent Circular Tunnels
pp. 3195-3205

Design of Automatic Sluice Gate Using Level Control
pp. 3206-3210
Anderianes Wira, Djoko Setyanto and Isdaryanto Iskandar

Calculating Optimum Gear Ratios of Mechanical Driven Systems Using Worm-Helical Gearbox and Chain Drive
pp. 3211-3218
Tran Thi Hong, Nguyen Van Cuong, Le Hong Ky, Nguyen Thanh Tu and Vu Ngoc Pi

Solving Integro-Differential Equations by Using Numerical Techniques
pp. 3219-3225
Ahmed A. Hamoud, Nedal M. Mohammed, Kirtiwant P. Ghadle and Satyawan L. Dhondge

On Optimal Solution for Traveling Salesman Problem: Direct Approach
pp. 3226-3230
Susanta Kumar Mohanta

Thermal and Hydraulic Performance of an SCO2 Printed Circuit Heat Exchanger (PCHE) with New Channel Geometry based on a Cosine Curve
pp. 3231-3241
Khaled Alawadhi, Abdulwahab A. Alnaqi, Ahmad E Murad and Esam A.M. Husain

Combined Effects on MHD Convective Flow Over an Infinite Vertical Porous Plate
pp. 3242-3251
L.Rajendra Prasad and G.Viswanatha Reddy

Modeling and Optimization of Process Parameters of Bagasse-based Co-generation Power Plant to improve its Performance at Akluj Sugar Factory
pp. 3252-3260
R.V. Parade, J.S. Bagi, V.V. Gurav and M.M. Wagh

Effect of Lubrication on a Surface parameter of Strip in Cold Rolling with Oil in Water Emulsion
pp. 3261-3267
Deepak Kumar and H. Rajabi

Analysis of Power Quality Disturbances in IEEE 14 Bus Test System
pp. 3268-3273
Swarnabala Upadhyaya

A Survey on Recommender System
pp. 3274-3277
Koyel Datta Gupta

Microstructure and Mechanical Characterization of Iron Based Hardfacing Developed by Submerged Arc Welding
pp. 3278-3282
Deepti Gupta and Kamlesh Kushwah

Wear Resistance of HVOF Sprayed Coatings under Abrasion Wear Testing
pp. 3283-3285
Piyapong Kamkun and Prayoon Surin

Performance Comparison of Different Wavelet Families Based on Vibration Damage Detection of a Timoshenko Beam
pp. 3286-3295
Arun Kumar K and Mallikarjuna Reddy D

Investigation Study about Multi-Biometric System for Identification and Verification
pp. 3296-3300
Mohammad Najim Abdulla, Riyadh Jabbar Albahadili and Ahmed Shamil Noori

Effect on Mechanical and Structural Properties of Rolled Aluminium Alloy 6082 by Using Friction Stir Processing with Silicon Carbide as Particulate Matter
pp. 3301-3303
Rajat Kumar Sahu, Rakesha Sharma C R, Sanjeev S Bidarahalli, Srinivas M V, Nagaprasad K S and Ajay Kumar B S

Analysis of Thermal Energy Storage Systems by Using Nanoparticles
pp. 3304-3310
N.Sudheer Kumar Reddy and R.Meenakshi Reddy

Design a Suspended Access Equipment of Pakubuwono Spring Apartment
pp. 3311-3316
Nurhidayat and Djoko Setyanto




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