International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 14, Number 15  (2019)





A New Class of Strongly e* Continuous Functions in Topological Spaces
pp. 3322-3324
S.Padmapriya, T.H.Roshini and C.Vinothini and R.Anuja

Design and Implementation of SRAM Controller on Reconfigurable Platform
pp. 3325-3329
Arun Tigadi and Hansraj Guhilot

A New View on Fuzzy Rough Approach to p-open Sets
pp. 3330-3334
S.Padmapriya, P.Elangomathi, V.Naveena and K.P.Murugan

Effect of Deep cryotreatment on Hardness and Tensile strength of Aluminium 6061-Sic composites
pp. 3335-3339
Raghavendra. S., Satish. N., Ajaykumar B.S. and Girish T.R.

Evaluating the Dynamic Functions for Sustainable Development of Chennai Metropolitan City, India: A System Dynamics Approach
pp. 3340-3355
Adinrayanane Ramamurthy

Classification of Blood Leukemia using Image Pre-Processing, DWT and Probabilistic Neural Network
pp. 3356-3363
Kritika Kalra and Y.S Thakur

Strategies for the Restoration of Slopes in Cusiana River’s Watershed (Colombia)
pp. 3364-3371
Jiménez Oscar, Rincón Juan, Padilla Edgar and Franco Alejandro

Performance Evaluation of Parabolic Dish Collector with Different Reflecting Polymeric Materials
pp. 3372-3380
S. S. Bhende, J. S. Bagi, L. S. Nikam and M. M. Wagh

Application of remote sensing and Geographic Information System (GIS) for the predictability and mapping of Brazzaville's water erosion zones (Congo)
pp. 3381-3395
Narcisse Malanda, Guy Dieudonné Moukandi-Nkaya, Gilbert Nganga, Béthel Aïvan Bagnama Mfoutika, Milse William Nzingou Mouhembe, Florent Boudzoumou and Joseph Mangouende

Ballasted Railways in Senegal - Characterization of Bandia Limestone and Diack Basalt for Use as Ballast Materials
pp. 3396-3405
Libasse SOW


Life Cycle Assessment of Construction Phase of MRT Jakarta Track Structure

pp. 3406-3408

Muhammad Ishaq Arya Suluh, Hadi Sutanto and Isdaryanto Iskandar

A Note on Intuitionistic Fuzzy Closure on the Basis of Reference Function
pp. 3409-3412
Dimacha Dwibrang Mwchahary and Bhimraj Basumatary

Development and Application of GIS Model in the Selection of Cost Effective Road Alignment
pp. 3413-3428
Vaishali Mahavar, Indra Prakash and Binh Thai Pham

Optical and Biological investigations of semi-organic L-Serine Zinc Acetate single crystal grown by solution growth technique
pp. 3429-3434
R. Manickam, V. Chithambaram, S. Shanmugan and G.Srinivasan

Prediction of Compressive Strength of Cement Mortar in Normal and Aggressive Environment Using Artificial Neural Network
pp. 3435-3441
Kavita Verma, Shobha Ram and Alok Verma

TQM, Six sigma and Lean
pp. 3442-3447
Mudit M. Saxena and KVN Srinivas Rao

Analysis of Welding Disabilities on Carbon Steel Pipes with SMAW Reviewed From Radiography Test Results
pp. 3448-3454
Adhyaksa Lumban Gaol, Hadi Sutanto and Widodo Widjaja Basuki

Analysis of a System with Effect of Temperature on Operation in High Temperature Zones
pp. 3455-3459

Accurate Neighborhood Resolving Sets of a Graph
pp. 3460-3463
Reshma, Lalita S. Lamani and B. Sooryanarayana

Heat Balance Integral Solution of Solidification Process of a Liquid over a Rotating Cylinder
pp. 3464-3470
Mustafa H. Almadih, R.V. Seeniraj, Kannan Premnath and Fan-Bill Cheung




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