International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)


Volume 14, Number 16  (2019)





Management Improvisation of Honda Motorcycle Authorized Workshop in Lampung for Business Sustainability
pp. 3472-3477
Wedijanto Widarso, Wegie Ruslan and Ronald Sukwadi

Beyond-Cmos: The near future of information
pp. 3478-3482
Muñoz, Alexander and Lilia Edith Pico Aparicio

A Study on the Changes According to the Adoption of Horizontal Compliance System
pp. 3483-3488
Yeyoung Moon

Number of Symmetrical objects in n-dimensional space with different layers
pp. 3489-3493
A. C. Borah and Kandarpa Tamuly

Calculating Optimum Gear Ratios of Two Step Bevel Helical Reducer
pp. 3494-3499
Tran Thi Hong, Nguyen Van Cuong, Le Hong Ky, Nguyen Khac Tuan and Vu Ngoc Pi

The Significance of self-attention over LSTM in image captioning
pp. 3500-3502
Sreela S R and Sumam Mary Idicula

Comparative Study on Acoustical Behavior of Cement Mortar using Sound-Absorbing Materials
pp. 3503-3507
Danielraj.S, Nagalakshmi.S, Arulpandian.V and Karuppan Chetty Karthick.RM

Analysis Of Potential Unconfined Aquifer And Safe Yield Groundwater Exploitation In Bogor
pp. 3508-3519
Eko Aris Wibowo, Roh Santoso Budi Waspodo and Satyanto Krido Saptomo

Increasing Efficiency of Export Scooter Assembly Line in PT.X
pp. 3520-3525
Aryodewo Sidhiprasetyo, Hadi Sutanto and Djoko Setyanto

Design, Development and Analysis of Power Drive System of Calcination Drum
pp. 3526-3530
Ranjeet Shivaji Powar and G. S. Joshi

Review of Cloud Computing in Low-Income Countries (LICs): Prospects and Challenges
pp. 3531-3536
Mr. Ugonna Udunwa, Ing. Solomon Nsor-Anabiah, Prof. Govind R. Kadambi and Dr. Sathish Malathi

Reliability of Time Dependent Stress- Strength System for Finite Mixture of Distribution
pp. 3537-3540

Effects of Hall and Heat Transfer on the Peristaltic Transport of a Conducting Newtonian Fluid through Porous Medium in a Vertical Asymmetric Channel
pp. 3541-3551
Rudra Ravi Kumar Palegari and R.SivaPrasad

Electro-osmotic and Hall Current Effects on the Nanofluid Flow through Porous Medium with Wall Properties
pp. 3552-3565
Nabil T. M. El-dabe, Galal M. Moatimid, Mohamed A. Hassan and Wessam A. Godh

Analysis of Single Phase Bi-Directional Converter for Improvements in Power Factor and Reduction in Harmonic Distortions
pp. 3566-3572
Rahul Mapari and Rahul Parbat