International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 14, Number 19  (2019)





Studies on Tribological characterization of Carbon Nanotube reinforced with 6061 Aluminium Alloy Metal Matrix Composites coated with Nickel
pp. 3721-3729
Srinivasan R and H.K.Shivananad

Traffic Violations for Safe Speed System
pp. 3730-3733
Ola Marwan Aseem

Estimate Costs Management in Construction Projects
pp. 3734-3741
Mahmoud Fadhel Idan and Sara Nazar Dheyab

Develop the Communication Satellite Structure under Space Environments
pp. 3742-3748
Mahmoud Fadhel Idan

Determination of Tensile Strength of Composite Laminates with Multiple Holes
pp. 3749-3755
Aditya Ashok Khemchandani, Kameshwaran and J. Vasanth

Fuzzy Anti Inner Product Space
pp. 3756-3762
Parijat Sinha

The Adhesive Wear Behaviour of UHMWPE for Knee Replacement Applications
pp. 3763-3769
Ayedh Alajmi, J. G. Alotaibi, Meshari Alrashidi and B.F. Yousif

An Experimental Investigation on Strength Properties of Concrete with Nano Silica Using Manufactured Sand
pp. 3774-3777
K. Rajasekhar and G.Prasanna Kumar

A Study of Saudi English Foreign Language (EFL) Learners: Impact of Timed Reading on Learners’ Reading Speed and Level of Comprehension
pp. 3778-3782
Ahlem Saleh Debbabi, Ranya Saeed Mahmmood Alsheyokh, Rula Khader Mohammed Al Kous, Sihem Alaya Aouididi Maimoun, Mohammed Mahmoud Humiedan and Mozaffar Mansoor

Structural and Mechanicals Behaviors of Single Crystals Silicon – Gold Alloy– Atomic Simulation Study
pp. 3783-3786
Sfia. El Joumani, Abdellah.Tahiri, Mohamed Idiri and B.Boubeker

Excess Properties and Partial Molar Volume of Binary Mixtures of Amides with O-Chloroaniline
pp. 3787-3796
T.Kalimulla and Shaik. Babu

The Challenge of Using Building Information Modelling in Developing Countries: The Case of the Republic of Congo
pp. 3797-3807
Narcisse Malanda, Marceline Blanche Manjia, Fonbeyin Henry Abanda and Paul Louzolo-Kimbembe

Identification of Inflating Pressure for a Diseased Artery During Stenting: FE Analysis
pp. 3808-3813
Hashim V, Resmi SL, Dileep PN and Fasin Ahammad

Enhancing Performance of Educational Data Using Big Data and Hadoop
pp. 3814-3819
Abdullah M. Alghamdi and Fahad A. Alghamdi





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