International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 14, Number 02  (2019)  






Optical Remote Sensing for Biophysical Characterisation in Forests: A Review
pp. 344-354
Indu Indirabai, M.V. Harindranathan Nair, Jaishankar. R. Nair and Rama Rao Nidamanuri

Ensembled Heuristic Iterative Expected Maximization with BrownBoost Data Clustering for Uncertain Data Mining
pp. 355-362
Muruganantham S and Elango N M

A Novel Design and Implementation of Smart Home Security System: Future Perspective
pp. 363-368
Rajiv Kumar and Pooja Mittal

Free and Forced Vibrations by Finite Element Method
pp. 369-372
Nita H. Shah, Ekta Patel and Akanksha Srivastava

Resistivity Method Applied to Aquifer Protection Study in Agbor- Obi and Environs, Delta State, Nigeria
pp. 373-383
Egbai, J.C, Oseji, J.O, Ogala, J.E and Emmanuel, E.D

Using Fuzzy Logic Reasoning Approach in Fuzy Decision Tree to Evaluate Students Performance
pp. 384-389
M. Vijaya and M.Arthi

A Study of Heart Attack Prediction Method using BAN
pp. 390-392
G. Sathya and Dr. D.J. Evanjaline

A Cluster Based Approach for Credit Card Fraud Detection System using Hmm with the Implementation of Big Data Technology
pp. 393-396
M. Sathyapriya and Dr. V. Thiagarasu

Follicle Detection in Digital Ultrasound Images using Adaptive K-means Clustering Algorithm
pp. 397-403
M.Jayanthi Rao and Dr.R.Kiran Kumar

Improvement of Manpower and Equipment Productivity in Indian Construction Projects
pp. 404-409
Venkatesh M.P and Saravana Natarajan P.S

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Cooling by Using the Swirl Flow Technology
pp. 410-414
Ali M. Jawarneh, Ahmad Al-Migdady, Amer Ababneh, Hitham Tlilan and Mohammad Tarawneh

Bi-variate Statistical Approach in Landslide Hazard Zonation: Central Himalayas of Himachal Pradesh, India
pp. 415-428
Laxmi Devi Versain

A Survey on Cloud Computing and Hybrid Cloud
pp. 429-434
M.P.Vaishnnave, K.Suganya Devi and P.Srinivasan

Dry Sliding Wear Behavior of B4C Particulates Reinforced Al7020 Alloy Composites
pp. 435-439
Ravi Prakash M and R Saravanan

MHD Boundary Layer Flow of a Steady Micro polar Fluid along a Stretching Sheet with Binary Chemical Reaction
pp. 440-446
S.Anuradha and R.Punithavalli

Automated Text Clustering and Labeling using Hypernyms
pp. 447-451
Tammishetti Vishnu and Konda Himakireeti

Performance Analysis of Classification algorithms on Parkinson’s Dataset with Voice Attributes
pp. 452-458
T.Swapna and Y.Sravani Devi

Optimization of Outside Unevenness and Substance Elimination Pace in Milling Zirconia Ceramic Material using Taguchi Technique and Regression Analysis
pp. 459-465
Waghoo Parvez and Dr. Vijay Kumar

Review on IoT Based Architecture for Smart Public Transport System
pp. 466-471
J. Jalaney and Dr R.S.Ganesh

Analysis of Correlation using Fractional Fourier Transform in Images
pp. 472-479
Ravi Kant and Prof. V. Rihani

Automated Control System for Crop Yield Prediction using Machine Learning Approach
pp. 480-484
Meeradevi and Monica R Mundada

Magnetohydrodynamic Boundary Layer Flow with Soret/Dufour effects in presence of Heat source and Chemical Reaction
pp. 485-490
Utpal Jyoti Das and Sonam Dorjee

Semiconductor Nanoparticles Theory and Applications
pp. 491-494
Manas Kunar Sahu

Two-Warehouse Inventory Model for Non-Instantaneous Deteriorating Items with Exponential Demand
pp. 495-515
Bidyadhara Bishi, Janardan Behera and Sudhir Kumar Sahu

Vibration of Non-Homogeneous Parallelogram Plate (SSSS) Having Conflicting Bi-illustrative Thickness and Bi-direct Temperature Variation
pp. 516-522
Ashish Kumar Sharma and Manoj Kumar Dhiman

Synchronous and Asynchronous Temperature Modulation of Rayleigh-Benard Chandrasekhar Convection in Couple Stress Fluid using Ginzburg-Landau Model
pp. 523-533
Neha Aanam A and S. Pranesh

Security and Scalability Measurement of Distributed Databases of Cloud Computing
pp. 534-538
Amudha T, Sumithra Devi K A and Saravanan K

Emerging Contaminants in Drinking Water and Wastewater, Effects on Environment and Remediation
pp. 539-546
J K Bwapwa and AT Jaiyeola

A Review on Fault Detection, Diagnosis and Prognosis, in Vibration Measurement through Wavelets on Machine Elements
pp. 547-555
Raparthi Srilakshmi, Ch.Ratnam and Vana Vital rao

Optimizing the Problem Solving in Ordinary Differential Equations using MATLAB
pp. 556-559
Mamta Kumari

Evaluation the Effect of Asphalt Film Thickness on Stripping Resistance
pp. 560-570
Nabil AlKofahi and Taisir Khedaywi

Comparison and Influence of Climate Parameters on Lithium-Ion and Lead-Acid Batteries in a Stand-Alone Photovoltaic Application
pp. 571-578
Eric Korsaga, Charles Wępari Yaguibou, Eric Simonguy, Dominique Bonkoungou, Haidara Savadogo and Zacharie Koalaga

A Review on Mechanical Properties and Tribological Characteristics of Stir Cast Aluminium Metal Matrix Composites
pp. 579-583
K.Rajmohan and M.Vivekanandhan

A survey of Topological Data Analysis Methods for Big Data in Healthcare Intelligence
pp. 584-588
Dr. Milan Joshi and Dhananjay Joshi

Numerical Simulation for the Approximating of Given up Smoking Model in Fractional Order
pp. 589-593
Amr M. S. Mahdy and Ali A. A. El-dahdouh


ID-Based Cryptography and Remote Data Checking for Secure Cloud Data Storage

pp. 594-599

Sasikala M and Dr.Anuratha V






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