International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 14, Number 21  (2019)





Hall effects on MHD Oscillatory flow of Non-Newtonian Fluid through porous medium in a Vertical channel with suction/injection
pp. 3960-3967
M.Kalpana and R.Bhuvana Vijaya

A Model to Predict the Strength and Ductile Behavior of Beam-Column Joints Using Hybrid Steel Fibers under Cyclic loading
pp. 3968-3979
K.Madheswaran, Dr. A.Ravichandran, and Dr. S Kothandaraman

Investigating the Causes of inflation in Saudi Arabia: An Application of Autoregressive Distributed Lag (ARDL) Model
pp. 3980-3986
Awad Mohamed Osman, Ahmed Osman Ahmed, Mohammed Nour Eltahir, Anas Satti Mohamed, Ghada M. Alhaj, Osman Saad Shidwan and Mutasem k. Alsmadi

Iris Recognition using Daugman’s Algorithm and ANN
pp. 3987-3995
Richa Chaturvedi and Y.S Thakur

Quadrative Assignment Problems (QAP) using Ant Colony Optimization (ACO)
pp. 3996-4000
Nirmal Jeet Singh and Dr. S. R. Mediratta

Improving Bivariate Hotelling's T2 Chart Using New Robust Estimators (WMOM with Qn) And Bootstrap Data
pp. 4001-4009
Firas Haddad

Platinum-Based Nanocomposite Materials For Autonomous Power Sources
pp. 4010-4013
Marina V. Lebedeva and Nicolay A. Yashtulov

The Polymer Materials as Effective Matrix-Supports in Autonomous Energy Sources
pp. 4014-4018
Marina V. Lebedeva, Alexander V. Ragutkin and Nicolay A. Yashtulov

Study of M/G/1 Feedback Queue with Deterministic Server Vacations
pp. 4019-4026

Advanced Highly Reliable and Accurate Automated Billing System Using Spread Spectrum Technique
pp. 4027-4029
Pragash N. Nagaiyan and Dr. G. Murugesan PhD

Utilization of Line Arrestors to Improve Overhead EHV DC Line Performance under Lightning Conditions
pp. 4030-4041
Eddie Singh and Innocent E. Davidson

A Comparative Analysis of Vehicle Routing Problem in APSRTC Firm
pp. 4042-4046
G.R.Pavan Karthik and Dr. K. Dharma Reddy

Evaluation of the Intensities of Enablers in the Implementation of Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) using Graph Theoretic Approach
pp. 4047-4054
Soumava Mandal and Rajeev Saha

Hall effects on MHD Oscillatory flow of Second grade fluid through Porous medium in a Parallel plate channel
pp. 4055-4066
P.M.Sadiq Basha and N. Nagarathna

Heat and Mass Transport on MHD Free Convective Flow through a Porous Medium Past an Infinite Vertical Plate
pp. 4067-4076
P.M.Sadiq Basha and N. Nagarathna

Ensemble Machine Learning for Leukemia Cancer Diagnosis based on Microarray Datasets
pp. 4077-4084
Nashat Alrefai

Utilization of Coconut Shell in Pack Carburizing Process of ST37 to the Rate of Wear at the Different Cryogenic Treatment
pp. 4085-4089
Agus Suprapto, Ike Widyastuti and Darto




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