International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 14, Number 22  (2019)





Effects of Hall and Heat Transfer on Peristaltic Transport of a Johnson - Segalman Fluid in a Channel
pp. 4090-4099
Venkateswarlu Bhajanthri, Dr. Ravindra and Prof. R. Sivaprasad

Interpretations of the Gricean Conversational Maxims Violations
pp. 4100-4104
Ali Suleiman Awwad, Amer Mohammaed Ayasreh, Nidal Motalq Ayasrah and Nada AL-Sabti

Sustainable Design of Wastewater Treatment Plant in Kibiligi Quater
pp. 4105-4111
Shyaka Eugene and Niyonzima Emery

Using Tasks to Improvise the Soft Skills among Pre-Final Year Engineering Students of Erode District
pp. 4112-4118
Dr. S. Radhika and Ms. S. Nivedha

A Fast Spot Matching Method for Determining Landmark Spot Pairs in 2D- PAGE
pp. 4119-4125
Chan-Myeong Han, Yun-Kyoo Ryoo and Dae-Seong Jeoune

Improving Overhead HV AC Line Performance using Line Surge Arrestors under Lightening Conditions with Economic Analysis
pp. 4126-4135
Eddie Singh and Innocent E. Davidson

IoT based Aquaculture system with Cloud analytics
pp. 4136-4142
Abir Tawfeeq, Hanin Ali Saif Al Wahaibi and Dr.K.Vijayalakshmi

Development of a Specialized Microcircuit for a Magnetic Precision Position Sensor Based on Multipolar Magnetic Technology
pp. 4143-4148
G.V. Prokofiev, V.G. Stakhin, V.V. Misevich, B.L. Krivtz and M.A. Kosolapov

A Survey on Educational Technology in Saudi Arabia
pp. 4149-4160
Hayah M. Abouelnaga, Ahmed B. Metwally, Kamal AlDhmour, Hany Shoshan, Mona Saleh, Loqman A. Mazouz, Hayam Abouelmagd, Sanaa Alsmadi, Rami Aljamaeen, Lubna Eljawad and Asma L. Hamad

Object Oriented Dynamic Metrices in Software Development: A Literature Review
pp. 4161-4172
Ramesh Ponnala and Dr.C.R.K.Reddy

Performance Analysis of Robust Data Hiding Scheme for Video Sequences /Streams
pp. 4173-4180
K.Sridhar, Dr. Syed Abdul Sattar and Dr. M.Chandra Mohan

Design and implementation of a Direct Torque Controller for a Three Phase Induction Motor based on DSP
pp. 4181-4187
Tesfaye Meberate Anteneh, Ayodeji Olalekan Salau, Takele Ferede Agajie and Engidaw Abel Hailu

Dynamic Specification Determination using System Response Processing and Hilbert-Huang Transform Method
pp. 4188-4193
Aryan Yousefyan Kelareh, Pouria Karimi Shahri, Seyed Alireza Khoshnevis, Alireza Valikhani and Shubhankar Chintamani Shindgikar

The Impact of Earnings Quality on Cost of Equity to improve the Investment Decisions: An applied study on the Saudi Stock Market
pp. 4194-4202
Mohamed Nazmy Bekheet, Fathi Abdelrahman Ahmed Faramawi and Amr Nazieh Mahmoud Ezat

Group S3 Cordial Prime Labeling of Some Graphs
pp. 4203-4208
B. Chandra and R. Kala




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