International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 14, Number 23  (2019)





Access Control Schemes in Cloud: Taxonomy and Performance
pp. 4209-4220
Sabitha, S. and Rajasree, M. S.

The Effectiveness of the Decision Making of the Saudi Arabian Universities Applied Colleges’ Faculties Boards and Departmental Council
pp. 4221-4227
Anas Satti Satti Mohammed, Ghada Mohamed Alhaj, Awad Mohamed Osman, Ahmed Osman Ahmed, Mohammedl nour Eltahir Ahmed, Manal Mohamed EL Mekebbaty, Osman Saad Shidwan and Mutasem K. Alsmadi

The Association Between Corporate Governance and Online Sustainability Disclosure in Saudi Banks Sector
pp. 4228-4237
Amr Nazieh Mahmoud Ezat, Karima Hassan Mohamed Soliman and Amal Essam Zaki Abdulkareem

Motion Detection in Low ResolutionVideo Surveillance Data to Provide Personal Privacy
pp. 4251-4255
K.RangaNarayana and Dr.G.Venkateswara Rao

Efficient Recovery of Structrual Health Monitoring Signal based on Kronecker Compressive Sensing
pp. 4256-4261
Sandeep Reddy Surakanti, Seyed Alireza Khoshnevis, Hamed Ahani and Vahid Izadi

Development of Foreign Direct Investment and Recent Economic Blocs in Emerging Countrie
pp. 4271-4278
Mahmoud Abdelaziz Touny, Mostafa Ahmed Radwan, Amr Nazieh Ezat, Khaled Alsaeed Qamar, Mahmoud Hussein Alayis and Fatma Yousef Elshinawy

The Impact of an Independent Board of Directors on the Audit Quality: An Analysis of FTSE 100 Listed Companies in the UK
pp. 4279-4293
Maher Abulaila, Mohammed Aldawghan, Amr Nazieh Mahmoud Ezat, Ahmed Mohamed Farhan Mohamed and Abdallah Ammar Hendaoui

Measuring Earnings Quality in Saudi Arabia Insurance Companies
pp. 4294-4309
Amr Nazieh Mahmoud Ezat, Ahmed Mohamed Farhan Mohamed, Maher Abulaila, Samir Abdulwahab Nafee Jaradat, Abdalla Zahri Amin and Sayed Hassan Abdelmajeed

Experimental Study of Iceberg Motions near a Fixed Structure
pp. 4310-4324
Tanvir Sayeed and Faisal Althobiani

A Simulator for Training Path-Following Agents Using Reinforcement Learning
pp. 4325-4328
Jo Myoung Kang, Hyunsuk Chang and Byung Joon Park

The Role of the Central Banks in the Marketing of Banking Services Applied to Sudan Central and Commercial Banks
pp. 4329-4336
Osman Saad Shidwan, Ghada Mohamed Alhaj, Abuaraki Osman Ahmed Abdalla, Awad Mohamed Osman, Ahmed Osman Ahmed, Mohammedl nour Eltahir Ahmed, Manal Mohamed EL Mekebbaty, Anas Satti Satti Mohammed and Mutasem K. Alsmadi

An Experimental Study to Reduce Double Chip Defects in the Pelletizing Process of Polyethylene Terephthalate
pp. 4337-4343
Irwan Wipraseno, Hadi Sutanto and Isdaryanto Iskandar

A Proposed Design of Electromagnetic Steering Dampers for Multiple Segments of Motorcycles
pp. 4344-4348
Zaid Waghoo, Pratik Vaje, Aswin Padmanabhan and Ameya J More

Measuring the Elasticities of Poverty Indicators to Growth and the Degree of Inequality of Income Distribution “An applied study on the Egyptian economy
pp. 4349-4354
Mostafa A. Radwan and Fatma Y. Elshinawy

The Information and Communication Technology Directors’, Head-teachers’, Teachers’ and Students’ Perspectives on the Factors that lead to Saudi Arabian Secondary Schools implementing successfully Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
pp. 4355-4365
Mohamed M. Elmetwaly, Saleh M. Shehata, Amira S. Elshorbagy and Moustafa A. Elnadi

Build-To-Order Requirements Model of the Automotive Supply Chain via Systems Engineering Concept
pp. 4366-4378
Khadija Rahoum and Hicham Jamouli

Analyzing Impact of Weather Forecasting Through Deep Learning in Agricultural Crop Model Predictions
pp. 4379-4386
Naveen L and Mohan H S

Hybrid Genetic Algorithm with Tabu Search with Back-Propagation Algorithm for Fish Classification: Determining the Appropriate Feature Set
pp. 4387-4396
Mutasem K. Alsmadi




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