International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 14, Number 06  (2019)  






On b-Colouring of Central Graph of Cubic Graph and Sunlet Graph
pp. 1208-1211
S.Karthikeyan and U.Mary

Two Heterogeneous Servers Queueing-Inventory System with Sharing Finite Buffer and a Flexible Server
pp. 1212-1219
S. Jehoashan Kingsly, S. Padmasekaran and K. Jeganathan

An Extensive Review on Sensing as a Service Paradigm in IoT: Architecture, Research Challenges, Lessons Learned and Future Directions
pp. 1220-1243
Sampath Kumar Y R and Champa H N

CPW fed Apollonian Gasket Fractal antenna loaded with Tri-mode ERR for Multiband Operations
pp. 1244-1254
Jayarenjini N and Unni Cb

Closed-form Solution of the Combined Average SNR in General Selection Combiner
pp. 1255-1258
Ahmad M. Al-Nimrat

Novel Image Label Indexing Approach to Explore Efficient Medical Image Retrieval
pp. 1259-1264
Shaik. Jakeer Hussain and Dr. R. Kiran Kumar

Assessment of Bio-Gas from Municipal Solid Waste for Generation of Electricity– A case study of Agartala city
pp. 1265-1268
Sukanta Chakraborty, Dr. Kaberi Majumdar, Dr. Manish Pal, & Dr. Pankaj Kumar Roy

Ranking of the seven wastes (Muda) for Lean Six Sigma Implementation in Indian SMEs
pp. 1269-1274
Ramkumar P N, Dr. Satish K P and Praveen V Venugopal

Implementation of Variable Duty Cycle Ring Oscillator for Unique Identification
pp. 1275-1279
N.Sivasankari, B.Balambiga and P.Indumathi

Potential production of bio-ethanol from woody biomass feedstocks
pp. 1280-1286
Claudia E. Soto-Álvarez, Felipa-de-Jesús Rodríguez-Flores, Javier López-Miranda, Marco Jiménez-Gómez and José Návar

Cost Analysis to a Reliability Model for an Optical Communication Process with Bidirectional and Non-Revertible 1+1 Protection Switching Scheme
pp. 1287-1292
Anil Kumar Taneja

Performance Analysis of Cooperative MIMO Schemes in HF (High Frequency) Communication Systems
pp. 1293-1296
Nila Pratiwi, S.T and Dr. Ir. Hartono Siswono, M.T

Study of Improvement in Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of LM25 Alloy with the Addition of Grain Refiners / Modifier
pp. 1297-1300
Satya Prema, Chandrashekharaiah T M and Farida Begum P

A Special Study on Homo Cordial Labeling of Alternate Triangular Belt Graph
pp. 1301-1304
S.Sriram and Dr. R.Govindarajan

Design and Analysis of Adaptive Artificial Learning Architecture to Model Non-Linear Systems using Different Activation Functions
pp. 1305-1312
R.Rathinasabapathy and M.Ravindran

Non-Archimedean Approximation of MIQD and MIQA Functional Equations
pp. 1313-1318
Eena Gupta, Renu Chugh and B.V. Senthil Kumar

Effect of Suction and Injection on Unsteady Solute Transfer in a Micropolar Fluid under the Influence of Magnetic Field
pp. 1319-1323
Venkataswamy K V, Indira Ramarao and Jagadeesha S

Removal of malachite green and toluidine blue dyes from aqueous solution using a clay-biochar composite of bentonite and sweet sorghum bagasse
pp. 1324-1333
Fosso-Kankeu E., Potgieter J. and Waanders F.B.

Development of a Quantitative Model to Integrate the Network KPIs and Commercial KPIs to Evaluate the Financial Performance of MTN Ghana
pp. 1334-1339
Bismark Maka and N. Suresh

Performance Analysis of Best Speckle Filter for Noise Reduction in Ultrasound Medical Images
pp. 1340-1351
Ahmed S.Bafaraj

Study on Noise Level and Its Effects in the Commercial Area of Bengaluru City
pp. 1352-1356
Manjunatha.P.S, Sudhakar Reddy.M, Ramachandra N.U and Gopalakrishna.R

Analysis of Fraud Detection and Prevention Strategies in the Indian Public Sector
pp. 1357-1367
Geetu Singal, B.S. Nagi, and Aparna Prashant Goyal

Impact of Social Media Usage on Married Couple Behavior a Pilot Study in Middle East
pp. 1368-1378
Hina Gull, Sardar Zafar Iqbal, Saeed Hussein Al_Qahtani, Reem A. Alassaf and Mahi M. Kamaleldin

Common Categories and Data for Application Interoperability
pp. 1379-1383
Kalaiselvi Arunachalam and Gopinath Ganapathy

On Metric-Like Spaces: A Survey
pp. 1390-1395

Metric-Like Spaces and Related Fixed Point Theorems with its Various Types
pp. 1396-1399

Performance and Area Optimization of VLSI Floorplanning Systems Using Optimization in Bat Algorithms
pp. 1400-1404
G.Sujatha and Dr. Narayanam Balaji

IoT Based Water and Air Quality Monitoring System and Analysis
pp. 1405-1409
Dr. S.Shanthi, T. Gopi, and C. Vidhyesh

Maximal Spreading Sequences
pp. 1410-1419
M. Dileep Reddy, P.Sudeshna and G.Venkatesh

Case for Conservation of the Sustainable Vernacular Weavers’ Settlement at Nuapatna, Odisha
pp. 1420-1425
Dr. Sudha Panda and Prof. Chandana Parida

Effect of Li2SO4 on the Structure and Properties of Lithium Lead Borate Glasses Containing Neodymium Ions
pp. 1426-1430
K.R.Sardar pasha, V.C. Veeranna Gowda, N. Hanumantharaju and C. Narayana Reddy







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