International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 14, Number 08  (2019)  





Quantum Chemical Computational Method for Altered Brain and Gut Responses to CRH in Patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome
pp. 1758-1763
N.Durgadevi and R.Kavitha

Determination of Thermal Properties and Fire Retardant Ability of Philippine Bamboo as Natural Thermal Insulation
pp. 1764-1771
Teodoro A. Amatosa, Jr., Michael E. Loretero, Michael G. Manilhig Andromeda Dwi Laksono and Yee-wen Yen

Updating and Assessment of the Eastern Nile Model in RiverWare for Reservoir Management
pp. 1772-1781
Asmaa M. Kamel, Doaa Amin and Mohamed M. Nour Eldin

Reduced Differential Transform Method for Solving Multi-Dimensional Time-Fractional Heat Equation with Variable Co-efficient
pp. 1782-1785
S. Padmasekaran and M.G. Rani

Hall effects on peristaltic pumping of a Newtonian fluid in an asymmetric channel with long wavelength approximation
pp. 1786-1791
M. Sreenivasulu and R. Siva Prasad

Screening and Modification of Si-Al Based Catalysts for Enhancing Olefins Selectivity from Methanol as model renewable feed source
pp. 1792-1797
A.O. Kedia, Dinesh Kumar and Neeru Anand

An Efficient Privacy-Preserving Data De-Duplication in Cloud
pp. 1798-1804
Bharanidharan M and Karunakaran E

Analysis of Viscoelastic Hydromagnetic Oscillatory Flow under Radiation and Slip Flow Effects with Concentration
pp. 1805-1817
B.P. Garg and Deepti

Replenishment Policy for Non instantaneous Deteriorating Items with Parabolic demand Pattern and partial backlogging for Queued Customers: Computational Approach
pp. 1818-1827
Dr. D. Chitra

Influence of rice husk ash, Cu, Mg on the mechanical behaviour of Aluminium Matrix hybrid composites
pp. 1828-1834
Ram Narayan Muni, Jujhar Singh, Vineet Kumar and Shubham Sharma

Technological Advancement in Object Oriented Programming Paradigm for Software Development
pp. 1835-1841
Achi Ifeanyi Isaiah, Agwu Chukwuemeka Odi, Alo Uzoma Rita, Anikwe Chioma Verginia and Okemiri Henry Anaya

Performance Analysis of Sparse Unmixing for Hyperspectral Data
pp. 1842-1848
Shivani Jadvani and Nareshkumar M. Patel

Study on Seismic Performance of Tall Buildings with Transfer Plate
pp. 1849-1859
Mohammed Abdul Sameer and M. A. Azeem

Deep learning and Neural Networks for Image Recognition
pp. 1860-1864
A.Balamurali, Rishik Kalita, Jayesh Patil and Nilesh Dutta

Mechanical and Wear Characteristics of Al-Al2O3-SiC Hybrid Metal Matrix Composite Fabricated using Stir casting Process
pp. 1865-1869
Ravikumar. K, Karthikeyan. S and Suresh Kannan I

Web Usage Mining Using Latent Dirichlet Allocation Model
pp. 1870-1876
Padma Priya G and Hemalatha M

Sequential Pattern Mining Databases using High Utility Rare Itemset Mining Algorithm using Temporal
pp. 1877-1880
Priyadharshini S.P and Hemalatha M

Unsteady Peristaltic Transport of MHD Fluid through an Inclined Stenosed Artery with Slip Effect
pp. 1881-1891
Sushila Kumari, Rajbala Rathee and Jagdish Nanda

Web 2.0 Usage among Students for Academic Activities: A study of Computing Undergraduate Students in Pakistan
pp. 1892-1897
Madeeha Saqib, Tooba Nasir, Saqib Saeed, Sardar Zafar Iqbal and Hina Gull

Critical Success Factors for Manufacturing Industries in India: A Case Study Analysis
pp. 1898-1905
S. N. Siddique and S.K.Ganguly

Enhancing Network Path Restoration With Software Defined Networking
pp. 1910-1916
Vidhu Baggan and Surya Narayan Panda

Differentiating the Concept of Internal Marketing and Human Resource Management-a Comparative Study on the Existing Literature
pp. 1917-1922
Bose George P and Prakash Pillai R

An Assessment of Direct and Indirect Emission Reduction Potential of Natural Wetland Systems of Kolkata, India
pp. 1923-1930
Alokananda Banerjee Mukherjee and Suchandra Bardhan

Stock Market Prediction using Linear Regression and Support Vector Machines
pp. 1931-1934
Vaishnavi Gururaj, Shriya V R and Ashwini K

A Review on Emotion Recognition of Speech Signal using Multiclass SVM
pp. 1935-1939
Maitri jani and Neeta Chapatwala

Variation of flow parameters and Magnetic flux in Viscoelastic Magnetic Abrasive Finishing Process
pp. 1940-1946
K. Srinivas, Q. Murtaza and A.K Aggarwal

QRE2PM: QoS Centric, Reliable and Energy-Efficient Routing Protocol for MANET
pp. 1947-1960
Amulya Sakhamuru

Survey Paper on Efficient Modulation Techniques for Physical Layer in Underwater Sensor Network
pp. 1961-1964
Kalpa M and Veena M.B.

Comparison of Different Configurations of MicroBlaze Soft IP Core
pp. 1965-1969
S.Hema Chitra, Sarvesh K and Madhu Preetha BR

Experimental Studies on the Effect of Liquid Nitrogen cooling on the Machining Forces for Machining of Mild steel and Tool steel specimens
pp. 1970-1975
P.V.R Ravindra Reddy, Gollapalli Kiran Kumar, G.Chandra Mohan Reddy and P.Prabhakar Reddy

Enhancing Reliability of Cloud Services Using Mechanism of Dynamic Replication and Migration of Data
pp. 1976-1983
Sandeep Kaur and Kiranbir Kaur

Validating Quality metrics for the View Maintenance Models of Data Warehouse
pp. 1984-1996
Anjana Gosain, Sangeeta Sabharwal and Rolly Gupta

An Ensemble of Deep CNNs for Classification of Breast Histopathology Images
pp. 1997-2001
P Dhivya and S Vasuki

Target Localization Scheme for Underwater Acoustic Sensor Network
pp. 2002-2008
Mitali Patel, Prof. Pritesh Saxena and Chintan Panchal

Comprehensive survey on Blackhole attack with various Detection/Prevention techniques in Ad-hoc network
pp. 2009-2017
Ayasha Malik and Vishal Gupta

Image Fusion and Enhancement Using Total and Nonlocal Total Variation
pp. 2018-2028
W. Sylvia Lilly Jebarani and K. Kavitha

Reversible Data Hiding Scheme using Prediction Error Expansion in Pixel Value Blocking and Ordering
pp. 2029-2037
Satyajit De, Alok Haldar and Biswapati Jana

Development of Open Source Real Time Data Acquisition System
pp. 2038-2042
R. Lakshmi Narayana and K. Nagabhushan Raju

Application of Exact Solution Approach in the Analysis of Thick Rectangular Plate
pp. 2043-2057
Onyeka, F.C., Okafor, F.O. and Onah, H.N.

Technical Analysis on the Public and Private Sector participation in Smart Grid Development: Indian Context
pp. 2058-2063

SMBC: A Security Grading Tool for Accessing the Security at Design Phase of Software Development
pp. 2064-2073
Neha Mahendra and Mohammad Muqeem






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