International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 14, Number 09  (2019)





Numerical Solution of MHD Mixed Convective Boundary Layer Flow of a Nanofluid through a Porous Medium due to an Exponentially Stretching Sheet with Magnetic Field Effect
pp. 2074-2083
G. Bal Reddy, B. Shankar Goud and MN. Raja Shekar

Cluster-Based Hierarchical Message Authentication Code to Secure Data Dissemination in Wireless Sensor Network (CHiMAC)
pp. 2084-2088
Hind A. Alrubaish and Rachid Zagrouba

Super (a, d) - Edge Antimagic Total Labeling of Union of Stars
pp. 2089-2092
C. Palanivelu and N.Neela

Implementation of Algorithm to Detect the Diseases in Fruit Using Image Processing Technique
pp. 2093-2106
Hardik Modi, Meet Patel, Meshwa Patel and Himanshu Patel

Heat and Mass transfer on MHD Rotating flow of a Visco-elastic fluid through porous medium
pp. 2107-2120
Gorakhnath Waghmode and S.V.Suneetha

Distance matrices and Adjacency Matrices of Some families of Graphs
pp. 2121-2125
Sreekumar.K.G and Manilal. K

Effect of non-inertial acceleration on heat transport by Rayleigh-B´enard magnetoconvection in Boussinesq-Stokes suspension with variable heat source
pp. 2126-2133
Ramachandramurthy, V., Uma, D. and Kavitha, N.

Effect of Bulk Viscosity on Interacting Generalized Cosmic Chaplygin Gas Cosmology
pp. 2134-2140
G. S. Khadekar, N. A. Ramtekkar and S. D. Tade

Acoustic Attenuation in a Lossy Dielectric with Electromechanical Coupling
pp. 2141-2142
John Twomey

VLSI Architecture of a Kaiser Bessel Window Function for MIMO system
pp. 2143-2147
M.Bavethra and M.Bavethra

Analysis of AC Transmission System Using Fuzzy Logic Controller for Damping of Low Frequency Oscillations with Interline Power Flow Controller
pp. 2148-2155
Ch.Venkata Krishna Reddy, G.Tulasi Ram Das and K.Krishna Veni

THE YAN: [Self Driving Car Using Deep Learning]
pp. 2156-2161
Ms. Sujeetha, Chitrak Bari, Gareja Prdip and Siddhant Purohit

Structural, Morphological and Luminescence Properties of Dy3+ Doped Calcium Magnesium Silicate Solid Materials
pp. 2162-2166
B. R. Verma, R. N. Baghel, D. P. Bisen, S. Ghosh and V. Jena

1-movable Connected 2-domination in Graphs
pp. 2167-2170
Jocecar Lomarda-Hinampas

A Review on Phishing Attacks
pp. 2171-2175
Akarshita Shankar, Ramesh Shetty and Badari Nath K

Relationships of Some Variants of Domination
pp. 2176-2178
Jocecar Lomarda- Hinampas

Movable Restrained Independent Dominating Sets of a Graph
pp. 2179-2181
Jocecar Lomarda-Hinampas and Renario G. Hinampas, Jr.

On Semicircular Extreme-value distribution
pp. 2182-2187
R. Srinivas and Y. Phani

Campus Placement Prediction Using Supervised Machine Learning Techniques
pp. 2188-2191
Pothuganti Manvitha and Neelam Swaroopa

A Policy to Eradicate Tumor in a Discrete-Continuous Immune Cell-Tumor Cell-Drug Administration Model with the Help of Stability Analysis and Bifurcation Analysis of the Model
pp. 2192-2197
Ranu Paul, Ms. Anusmita Das, Debashish Bhattacharya and Hemanta Kr. Sarmah

Experimental Investigation of Bamboo as a Partial Replacement of Rebar in RC Beams
pp. 2198-2202
Sofia N.K., Abraham Gebre and Xavior Oli Elavan

A Study on Investigation of Micro Silica as Partial Replacement of Cement in Concrete
pp. 2203-2206
Chippada Srinivas, T.Satyavathi and P. Gnana Prakash

Farey Error Correcting Coding Text, Data and Images
pp. 2207-2211
Poornima M, S. Jagannathan, R Chandrasekhar and S.T. Kumara

Computational Solutions for Mixed Convective Radiating Casson Fluid Flow Past An Inclined Flat Plate In Presence of Hall Current
pp. 2212-2227
Ch. Krishna Sagar and G. Srinivas

Design and Analysis of Vented Disc Brake Rotor
pp. 2228-2233
Praharsha Gurram, Shravan Anand Komakula and G. Vinod Kumar

Illustration of Gauss – Seidel Method Using Matlab
pp. 2234-2237
Riyasdeen S, Abbas S and Lenin T

Algorithms Associated with Streaming Data Problems
pp. 2238-2243
Ramesh Balasubramaniam and K. Nandhini

Recommendation System for Student E-Learning Courses
pp. 2244-2246
K.Nasaramma, M.Bangaru .Lakshmi, G.Prasanna Priya and G.HimaBindu

A Decision Tree Algorithm Based Rule Induction Framework: An Approach to Knowledge Mining for Risk Assessment and Product Estimation
pp. 2247-2251
Deepanshu Sharma and Harsh Kumar

Reliability Evaluation of Power System using Monte carlo simulation in Pspice
pp. 2252-2259
Hemansu Patel and Anuradha Deshpande

A Case Study on R: a powerful OSS and data analysis platform
pp. 2260-2269
Ranjan Kumar, Subhash Kumar and Sanjay K. Tiwary

A Two-Dimensional Image Segmentation Method Based on Hybrid Genetic Algorithm with Particle Swarm Optimization and Entropy
pp. 2270-2274
N. Hema Rajini

Importance of Traffic and Transportation Plan in the Context of Land Use Planning for Cities – A Review
pp. 2275-2281
P. Sangaradasse and S. Eswari

A study on Vulnerabilities of Integrating Variable Renewable Energy Resources in Smart Grid Network
pp. 2282-2289






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