International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 15, Number 10  (2020)





Energy Efficient Approximate Multiplier Using Adiabatic Logic
pp. 960-965
M. Giridhar Reddy, A.V.N.Tilak and P. Prathyusha

Early Detection of Transformer Winding Defects by FRA Method with Statistical Analysis Support
pp. 966-977
G.U. Nnachi, A.O. Akumu, D.V. Nicoale and A.F. Nnachia

Atom Bond Organization Theory and a New Intermolecular Force for Applications Such as Ultrahydrophobic Materials
pp. 978-989
Thirunavukkarasu. A. and Janakarajan Ramkumar

Identifying Flexible Pavement Distresses Using Spectro Radiometry Classification on Worldview 3 Images
pp. 990-995
Indira Pachón-Cendales MSc, Alexander Ariza-Pastrana PhD and Wilmar Fernández-Gómez PhD

Use of Fuzzy Logic for Modeling the Effect of Climate on the Reproductive Phenology of a Tropical Tree
pp. 996-1008
Doris Huertas and Ángela Parrado-Rosselli

The Impact of Relative Keyword Indexing System Instead of KWIC Indexing System on Retrieval
Sandip Ghosh

EOQ Model for both Ameliorating and Deteriorating Items with Cubic Demand and Shortages
pp. 1015-1024
Dr. Biswaranjan Mandal

M/G/1 Feedback Queue When Server is Off and on Vacation
pp. 1025-1028
S.Shanmugasundaram and G.Sivaram

Electronic Platform that Supports and Combines Students and Small Projects
pp. 1029-1038
Sara M. Aldajani, Hind Y. Alasiri, Hana S. Alqahtani, Manaheel Albogmay and Yazan M. Alomari

Optimal Scheduling of Delivery Plans in an Integrated Vendor - Buyer Inventory Model with Constant Deterioration and Three Phase Ramp Type Demand
pp. 1039-1048
Savitha and Dr. K. K. Achary





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