International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 15, Number 02  (2020)





Integration of Information Communication and Technology (ICT) tools in English Language Teaching (ELT) from Teacher's Perspective
pp. 108-110
D. Ramya and Dr. A. Robby Sebastian Clement

Research on Effects of Demographic Factors on the English Language Learning Among Tribal High School Students

pp. 111-113
Dr. S. Radhika and Ms. S. Nivedha

Designing and Teaching Technical Communication for Engineering Students: an emphasis on ESP

pp. 114-117
Dr. R. Ganesan

Performance of Air Conditioner System by Using Various Refrigerants

pp. 118-126
P.Srinivas Reddy, P.Ravi Kumar and M.Ravi Kumar

Age Hardening Process Modeling and Optimization of Aluminum Alloy 8011/SiC Particulate Composite for Brake Drum Application using RSM and ANN

pp. 127-130

Optimal Performance Tunnel FET for Low Power Applications

pp. 131-134
Preethi Elizabeth Iype, Dr.Biji Jacob and Dr.Geenu Paul

The Architectural Tools in Reducing Energy Consumption of Residential Buildings in Hot Countries

pp. 135-143
Ayman M. Fathy, Mohamed I. Abdelhady and Fatma Juma

Capacity Analysis of a 4-Lane Intercity Road with varying Shoulders

pp. 144-48
Pankaj Gaur and S.N.Sachdeva

Diversity and Distribution of Aquatic Entamo-fauna in Bonal Reservoir, Gulbarga District, Karnataka, India

pp. 149-156
HalliAnjinappa and K.Vijaykumar

Inventory Model for Deteriorating Items in Green Supply Chain with Credit Period Dependent Demand

pp. 157-172
Smita Rani, Rashid Ali and Anchal Agarwal

Y-index of some graph operations

pp. 173-179
Abdu Alameri, Noman Al-Naggar, Mahmoud Al-Rumaima, Mohammed Alsharafi

Seasonal Fluctuation of Primary Production in Bonal Reservoir, Gulbarga District, Karnataka. India

pp. 180-184
Halli Anjinappa and K.Vijaykumar

Design of Gate All Around Silicon Nanowire FET with Triple Material Gate

pp. 185-188
Anju S, Dr.Biji Jacob and Dr.Geenu Paul

Towards Automatically Generating State Transfer Model Integrated in Adaptive Software Development Process

pp. 189-196
Ngoc-Tho Huynh




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