International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 15, Number 03  (2020)





Parkinson Disease Early Detection using EEG Channels Cross-Correlation
pp. 197-203
Gabriel Silva, Marco Alves, Rui Cunha, Bruno C. Bispo and Pedro M. Rodrigues

A Novel Architecture For Internet of Things in Precision Agriculture
pp. 204-211
Jisha Jayadevan, Smitha M Jasmine and Suresh Kumar N

Slurry Ice Machine Design Production Capacity of 1.3 Tons
pp. 212-215
Dendi Haris, Nasirin, Dahmir Dahlan, Gunadi Zaenal Abidin, Catur Ery Partono, Agus Budihadi

Construction of a Simulation-Based Robot Platform to Apply Various Algorithms
pp. 217-225
DeukKyoung Yoon, Ming Lin and ByeongWoo Kim

Compatibility between Architectural Criticism and Users’ Satisfaction in Evaluating Architectural Works
pp. 226-234
Dr. Mustafa G. Ramadan

Haar Wavelet Collocation Method for Solving the Telegraph Equation with Variable Coefficients
pp. 235-243
Nagaveni K

Study on Utilization of Waste Plywood Dust as Partial Replacement of Sand in HCB Production

pp. 244-248
Sofia N.K., Xavier Oli Elavan P., Filmon A.W. and Salhadin M. O.

Secure Online Payment with Facial Recognition using MTCNN
pp. 249-252
Aria, Varun Agnihotri, Ankit Rohra, Rohit Sekhar


Customer Deposit Prediction Using Neural Network Techniques
pp. 253-258
Ashalata Panigrahi and Manik Chand Patnaik

Optimization of Wawotobi Irrigation Network System Performance
pp. 259-267
Ahmad Syarif Sukri, Andi Bahrun, Samdin, Tupaila Hemon and Hasbullah Syaf

Environmental Sanitation of Traditional Market in Padang and Payakumbuh
pp. 268-273
Aria Gusti and Putri Nilam Sari

Stabilization of Soil Using the Household Plastic Waste
pp. 274-279
Kalaiselvi M, Selvakumar T and Padmasri .G

India's Quest for Energy Security: A Management Perspective
pp. 280-286
Sanjeev Devasthali

Zagreb Polynomials of Graph Operations
pp. 287-293
B. Basavanagoud and Chitra E

Thermophoresis, Heat Source and Hall Current Effects on Dissipative Aligned MHD Convective Flow Embedded in a Porous Medium
pp. 294-311
D.Srinivasa Rao, R.David Kumar and W.Sridhar

Evaluation of Response Reduction Factor of Regular and Irregular Steel Moment Building Frames
pp. 312-319
Mohd Abdul Muteeb Siddiqui and M. A. Azeem





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