International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 15, Number 04  (2020)




Physiological and Biochemical Changes in Acacia Mangium Seedlings under Glyphosate Application
pp. 321-327
Nadia da Silva Ramos, Sara Bezerra Bandeira, Flávia Barreira Gonçalves, Gessica Hashimoto de Medeiros, Marciane Cristina Dotto, David Ingsson Oliveira Andrade de, Rita de Cássia Moreira Rodrigues, Karolinne Silva Borges, Hallefy Elias Fernandes, Jéssica Bezerra Bandeira, Simone Pereira Teles, Márcio Silva Melo, Bruno Silva Melo, Eduardo Andrea Lemus Erasmo

Power Optimized Stochastic VANET Routing Protocol for Urban Scenarios
pp. 328-335
Malini, Bhuvaneswari

A Proposed Model for Using Big Data to Develop the Auditor's Report
pp. 336-346
Karima Hassan Mohamed Soliman, Hazar Tawfiq Suleiman AlMohammadi, Sukinah Abdullah AlJishi

Performance and Emission Studies of Blended Plastic Oil Prepared using CuO/CaP Catalyst in Diesel Engine
pp. 347-351
Kambampati Manoj, Sravan Joshkoka, Ramakrishnappa Gari Karthik, P.S. Raghavan

Islanded and Grid-Connected Control in a Microgrid with Wind-PV Hybrid
pp. 352-357
Lucas O. Mogaka, George N. Nyakoe and Michael J. Saulo

Chaos-based Digital Image Encryption Using Unique Iris Features
pp. 358-363
Daniel F. Santos

Analysis the Performance of Vehicles Ad Hoc Network
pp. 364-371
Saed Tarapiah, Dua' Abdallah, Wafa Afaneh, Shadi M.A Attallah

Efficiency - Optimized Approach - Vehicle Classification Features Transfer Learning and Data Augmentation Utilizing Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
pp. 372-376
V.Sowmya, R. Radha

Secure IoT Based on Blockchain: Quantitive Evaluation and Analysis of the Correlation Between Block Mining Time and Blockchain Efficiency
pp. 377-384
Fatimah Hussain Al-Naji, Rachid Zagrouba

Thermal Instability and Heat Transport in a Micropolar Fluid in the presence of Suction-Injection-Combination and Internal Heat Generation
pp. 385-392
Vasudha Yekasi, S Pranesh and Shahnaz Bathul

Performance Analysis of CBLB Algorithm in Simulation and Real Cloud Environment
pp. 393-404
Kshama S B, Shobha K R

SQL Injection Attack Discovery and Defending Mechanism for Multi-Tier Web Applications
pp. 405-408
Dr.M.Jagadeesan, Dr.P.A.Selvaraj2, V.Sanchana

Experimental Investigation on Partial Replacement of Silica Fume and Copper Slag in Concrete
pp. 409-414
K.N.R.Thesarajan, L.Subbaraj, R.Priyavarshiny, N.Ajitha Parvathy

The Impact of ICT in Enhancing the Academic Competency among College Students in Ongkarak District, Thailand
pp. 415-421
Umesh Kumar Shukla

Risk Score Combined Malware Prediction Using Machine Learning Approach
pp. 422-424
Dr. P.A. Selvaraj, Dr.M.Jagadeesan, R.Gowri Sankari

BSE-QP–ICOA for Association Rule Hiding
pp. 425-430
G.Bhavani, Dr.S.Sivakumari




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