International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 15, Number 07  (2020)





Analysis and Detection of Malware Using Intrusion Detection Technique for a Private Cloud
pp. 628-630
Bhagya Roy and Dr. Joby P P

Mobile Fire Evacuation System for Buildings
pp. 631-633
Ms.Anju V John

Influence of Curcumin and Ginger in Primary Dysmenorrhea: A Review
pp. 634-638
Siti Fauziyah Rahman, Gilar Wisnu Hardi, Muhammad Artha Jabatsudewa Maras and Yori Rachmia Riva

Decomposition Characteristics of Organic Solid Waste from Traditional Market by Black Soldier Fly Larvae (Hermetia illucens L.)
pp. 639-647
Priscilia Dana Mentari, Lia Nurulalia, Idat Galih Permana and Arief Sabdo Yuwono

Design of Polar Code for High Altitude Platform Station based Communication Systems
pp. 648-653
Hien Thi Thu Nguyen and Tra Thanh Nguyen

Performance of an Active Still Coupled With CPC
pp. 654-658
Vinothkumar R, S Ramu, K Arumugam amd R Srinivasan

Darcy-Benard Marangoni Convection in a Composite Layer Comprising of Couple Stress Fluid
pp. 659-671
R. Sumithra and Shyamala Venkatraman

The Crystallization Process Research of Al Metal by Molecular Dynamics Methods
pp. 672-681
Dung Nguyen Trong and Hue Dang Thi Minh

Investigation on Mechanical Properties of Microwave Welded Al6061-Graphite Metal Matrix Composites
pp. 682-689
Zaheerabbas B. Kandagal, V.G. Akkimardi and A.N. Sonnad

Study on the Behavior of Geopolymer Bricks Under Different Curing Temperatures and Alkaline Solution Concentrations
pp. 690-694
S.Sasikumar, Dr. M. Natarajan, Dr. N. Balasundaram and Dr.V.Karthik

Control of Wind driven Doubly Fed Induction Generator Under Unbalanced Grid Voltage Conditions
pp. 695-699
T.Samina, A.Bisharathu Beevi and S.RamaIyer

Performance of Sequential Monte Carlo Receiver in Presence of IEEE 802.11 Interference
pp. 700-705
Alhaj-Saleh A. Odat and Omar H. Al-zoubi

The Most Influential Countries in Publications of Seaweed to Biofuels
pp. 706-715
Donaji Jiménez-Islas, Miriam Edith Pérez-Romero and Martha Beatríz Florez-Romero

Emission Reduction of Diesel Engine by Using DPF, DOC and Injecting Hydrazine Hydrate in Exhaust Pipe
pp. 716-720
Nagaprasad K.S and D. Madhu

Quality Improvement of Microscopic Images for the Detection of Megaloblasticanemia

pp. 721-729
Hariharan S.

A Review of Natural Zeolites and Their Applications: Environmental and Industrial Perspectives
pp. 730-734
Gilar Wisnu Hardi, Muhammad Artha Jabatsudewa Maras, Yori Rachmia Riva, and Siti Fauziyah Rahman

Success of Online Teaching and Learning in Higher Education-Covid 19 Pandemic: A Case Study Valley View University, Ghana
pp. 735-738
Sudhakar Murugesan and Dr. Nalini Chidambaram

Building Wi-Fi Mesh Networks to Improve Security, Data Rate, Bandwidth and Range
pp. 739-748
Abhishek Baburaj and Dr. K.R Shobha

Theory of Laser ML in Coloured Alkali Halide Crystals and II-VI Semiconductors
pp. 749-754
Manas Kumar Sahu

Graph Theory Algorithm to Find Minimum Cost Power Flow Path in Deregulated Scenario under Line Outage Contingency
pp. 755-761
Mr. Prakash Kerur and Dr. R.L. Chakrasali




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