International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 16, Number 04  (2021)





Edge computing vs. Cloud computing: Challenges
pp. 255-259
Sonali Arvind Deshpande and Nilima Kulkarni


Evaluation of Building Techniques in Optimization of Materials: A Comparative Investigation in the Residential Architecture of Kerala
pp. 260-266
NIZAR S. A. and DILI A. S.

Network Intrusion Detection and Prevention
pp. 267-270
Akarshita Shankar and Akshay Shankarb

Interlinking of Thamirabarani and Vaigai River basin based on its possible water quality parameters in South Tamil Nadu, India
pp. 271-277
Dr. S. Bhagavathi Perumal and Prof. S. Kandasamy

Digital Transformation in Higher Education Institutions An Overview
pp. 278-282
R.B. Ravi Varma, I M Umesh, Nagesh Y N and Kumara Swamy K S


Two Oxidative Visible Spectrophotometric Methods For The Determination Of Ceftazidime In Pharmaceutical Formulations Using N-Bromo Succinimide
pp. 283-287

T.S. Reddy and M.L.N.Acharyulu

Theoretical Zero Field Splitting Parameters of Fe3+ doped TlGaSe2 Single Crystal
pp. 288-292

Ram Kripal, Lal Chandra Shukla and Upendra Mani Tripathi

Study of water quality classifications by water quality index of Tamirabarani River Basin, Tirunelveli, South India.
pp. 293-301

Dr. S. Bhagavathi Perumal, Prof. S. Kandasamy and Dr. N.Suganya

Hand Gesture Recognition using TOF camera
pp. 302-307

Jyotirmayee Routray, Sarthak Rout, Jiban Jyoti Panda, Bhabani Shankar Mohapatra and Hitendrita Panda

Reconfiguration of Distribution Networks using a Genetic Algorithm with Rank-Weight Selection and Constrains
pp. 308-315

P.F. Le Roux, Member, IEEE and A.O. Akumu


Prediction of Breast Cancer Using SVM Algorithm
pp. 316-320
Deepika S, Kapilaa Ramanathan and Devi N

Statistical Analysis of the Parameters Influencing the Surface Roughness of Grain Refined and Modified Al-Si Alloys (LM25, LM6 and LM30) using ANOVA
pp. 321-326
Satya Prema and Chandrashekharaiah T M

Designing a Dual Active Transformer DC-DC Forward Converter for DC Micro-Grid Applications Using LTSPICE
pp. 327-331
Afshin Balal, Shah Rukh and Shahab Balali

Delany-Bazley Model - A Powerful Tool in Optimizing the Acoustic Characteristics of Passive Fibrous Sound Absorbers for Noise Reduction Applications
pp. 332-339
Sreeja R






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