International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 16, Number 06  (2021)





Comparative Study of Adsorption of Different Dyes from Aqueous Media Onto Physically Activated Carbon: Isotherm, Kinetic and Thermodynamic Parameter
pp. 441-446
Dr.M.Karthika and Dr.M.Vasuki

Wind Turbine Yaw Angle Controller using Artificial Neural Networks Implemented on Embedded System
pp. 447-458
David Esteban Albadan Molano, Diego Alejandro Barragán Vargas and Jorge Enrique Salamanca

5G-IOT Architecture of Distribution Transformer Parameter Fault Detection System
pp. 459-462
P. Sampurna Lakshmi, C. Abhishek, K. Shiva Shankar, G. Vijay and Y. Harsha

Kidney stones detection using Image proccesing technique
pp. 463-465
Jyothirmai Joshi, Sai Nikitha, Viswa Chandrika, Sindhu and Jahnvi

A Novel Image Encryption Based on Feedback Carry Shift Register and Blockchain for Secure Communication
pp. 466-477
Malika Acharya and Rama Shankar Sharma

pp. 478-483
Sowmya Vara, Vaishnavi Palli and Guru Sankar Duppada

Science and Engineering Provide the Most Effective Solutions to Humanity’s Foremost Problem
pp. 484-486
Robert M. Brooks

Energy Audit for Air Conditioning System of Office Building in Jakarta
pp. 487-490
Widharto, Arka Dwinanda Soewono and Marten Darmawan

Static and Dynamic Analysis of a Deep Hole Internal Grinding Shaft Tool
pp. 491-496
Muhammad Jawad Ahmad, Zhu Xianglong, Kangrenke and Dongzhigang

Stabilizing an Inverted Pendulum with a Virtual Video Sensor
pp. 497-501
Joseph Lupton, Brendon Ortolano, Josiah Keane and Michael Reynolds, PhD

Study the Effect of Fiber Length on Mechanical Properties of Rock Fiber Reinforced Concrete
pp. 502-508
El-Sayed M. El-Refaie, Sherin El Essawy, Elham M. Hegazi and Karim El-Adham

Path Follower & Obstacle Avoidance Smart Robot Vehicle: Applications of Arduino Programming
pp. 509-515
Kirtik Ayush and Ronojay Biswas





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