International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 16, Number 07  (2021)






The Relationship of Leather Puppet Art and Folk Art Usage of Computer Aided Process for Rural Livelihoods
pp. 516-524
Adiseshaiah Sade, Vishweswari Tiwari and Polaiah Bojja

Design and Structural Analysis of Three Component Strain Gauge Balance
pp. 525-537
Guru Sankar Duppada, Nikhil Nalamasu, Naga Saikiranmai Aduri, Navya Arisetty, Ramakrishna Madhira and Suresh Kumar C

Prospects of Hydrogen in HCCI Engines-A Review
pp. 538-551
G. Amba Prasad Rao and T. Karthikeya Sharma

Design of an Active Band-Pass Filter for the Analysis of Electromyographic Signals Derived from the Median Nerve, Using Genetic Algorithms
pp. 552-562
Diego Alejandro Barragán Vargas, Dr. Roberto Ferro Escobar and Ricardo Galán Suarez

Investigations on the Doping Effect of Sodium Thiosulphate on KDP Single Crystals
pp. 563-567
Ramesh Rajendran

Multimodal Cyberbullying Detection using Hybrid Deep Learning Algorithms
pp. 568-574
Dr. Vijayakumar V, Dr Hari Prasad D and Adolf P

Characteristics of the Mechanically-Stimulated Luminescence in II-VI Compounds
pp. 575-589
Manas Sahu

Fatigue Behavior of Kevlar Composite with Graphene Filled Epoxy Resin
pp. 590-597
Vijaya Dharshan GN, Akshay A, Dr. Dalbir Singh Lohchab and Dr. Ganesan C

Social Media Sentiment Analysis of Covid-19: Reopening the Nations
pp. 598-606
Dr. Suboh Alkushyani, Dr. Du'a Alzaleq, Rishabh Yata and Shaharia Chowdhury

CFD Analysis of Fluid Film of Liquid Lubricated Cylindrical Journal Bearing
pp. 607-610
Debaprava Das and Dr Ritesh Kumar Dewangan

Achieving Sustainability through Green Supply Chain Management Practices with Reference to Indian MSMEs
pp. 611-617
Malini T N and D B Srinivas

Implications of Industrial Unrest of Academic Staff Union of Universities in Nigeria
pp. 618-625
Patrick N. NWAJIOHA, Beatrice A. ACHILIKE, Sarah O. EGWU, Francisca N. EDE and Lydia O. AGWU


Mixed Methods Regarding 6 Hats of King Rama Nine's Sufficiency Economy Along With Thaksin's Capitalism: The International Bridge Gap of Business Economics for the Consumption of Chinese Studying Abroad: A Pilot Case Study of Chinese Students in Asia Connect
pp. 626-632
Jie Zheng, Xiangjun Yin, Jiali Hu, Geyue Wang, Shunkai Niu and Sarinrat Yosraveevorakul





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