International Journal of Applied Engineering Research

Volume 1, Number 1  May (2006)




Thermodynamic Analysis of the Flammability Limits of Fuel, Oxygen and Inert Mixtures
pp. 1-7 (7)

Authors: Ahmad Shouman, Nadir Yilmaz, A. Burl Donaldson

A Manufacturing Cell Formation Algorithm with Minimum Inter-Cell Movements 
pp. 9-22 (14)

Authors: A.M. Mukattash, M.B. Adel and Khaldoun K. Tahboub

Dynamically Programmable Cache for Multimedia Applications
pp. 23-35 (13)

Authors: Mouna Nakkar and Paul Franzon

Direct Field-Oriented Control using Backstepping Technique for Induction Motor Speed Control 
pp. 37-50 (14)

Authors: A. Laoufi, A. Hazzab, I. K. Bousserhane, M. Rahli

Real Time Implementation of Fuzzy Gain Scheduling of PI Controller for Induction Machine Control
pp. 51-60 (10)

Authors: A. Hazzab, A. Laoufi, I. K. Bousserhane, M. Rahli

Computational results of a semilinear elliptic equation
pp. 61-70 (10)

Authors: G.A. Afrouzi and S. Khademloo

An existence result on positive solutions for a quasilinear reaction-diffusion system 
pp. 71-76 (6)

Authors: G.A. Afrouzi and S.H. Rasouli

Correlation of The Flammability Limits of Hydrocarbons With the Equivalence Ratio
pp. 77-85 (9)

Authors: A. Burl Donaldson, Nadir Yilmaz, Ahmad Shouman

A New Design of Domestic Gases Storage Water Heater to Increase Heat Efficiency
Authors: M. Gorji, A. A. Bastani and N. Qorbani
pp. 87-97 (11)

Minimax inequality for a special class of functionals and its application for elliptic equations involving the p-Laplacian with Dirichlet boundary condition
pp. 99-109 (11)

Authors: G.A. Afrouzi and S. Heidarkhani

Existence of three solutions for a boundary value problem in N-dimensional case
pp. 111-117 (7)

Authors: G.A. Afrouzi and S. Heidarkhani

Use of the Belt Skimmer to Recover Oil following Accidental Spills - Laboratory Studies Defining Environmental Parameters
pp. 119-134 (16)

Authors: Sadek Z. Kassab, Ahmed A. Abdel Naby, and Ali Azouz




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