International Journal of Applied Engineering Research

Volume 1, Number 2 (2006)




A Switched Reluctance Motors Analyse using Permeance Network Method
pp. 137-152

Authors: B. Bekkouche, A. Chaouch and Y.Mezari

Prediction of Residual Stresses in Roller Burnished Components- A Finite Element Approach
pp. 153-163

Authors: K.E. Prasad, S. Nahavandi, M.H. Mohammed, V.N. Aditya

Efficient Evaluation of Integrals of Order 1/R and LN(1/R) in Boundary Element Method
pp. 165-170

Authors: A. Sahli, B. Labbaci, D. Boutchicha, M. Djermane and O. Rahmani

Earthquake Responses of Masonry Structures

Authors: Mohammed S. Al-Ansari


Effect of Wall Waviness on Heat Transfer by Natural Convection in A Horizontal Wavy Enclosure

pp. 187-201

Authors: Rebhi Mébrouk, Belkacem Abdellah, Slimani Abdelkader and Bouhadef Khadidja


Genetic Algorithm-Based Self-Learning Fuzzy PI Controller for Shunt Active Filter
pp. 203-216

Authors: C. Benachaiba, S. Dib and O. Abdelkhlek

Linear and Nonlinear Thin Shell Analysis Using A Mixed Finite Element with Drilling 
Degrees of Freedom

pp. 217-236

Authors: M. Djermane, A. Chelghoum, B. Amieur and B. Labbaci


Solution of Linear Elastostatic Plane Problems by the Meshless Local Petrov-Galerkin Method
pp. 237-250

Authors: A. Sahli, D. Boutchicha, B. Labbaci, A. Bourdim and O. Rahmani 


Identification of Kinematic Chains and Distinct Mechanisms 

Authors: Ali Hasana, R.A. Khanb, Aas Mohd


Hybrid Genetic Algorithm Method Based Approach to Optimal Load Dispatch
pp. 265-272

Authors: C. Benachaiba, M. Haidas, B. Tahri


Numerical Analysis of Flow and Heat Transfer in the Entrance Region of A Wavy Channel with Thermally Asymmetric Walls
pp. 273-293

Authors: Nabou Mohamed, Bouhadef Khedidja, Zeghmati Belkacem




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