International Journal of Applied Engineering Research

Volume 1, Number 3 (2006)




Fuzzy Anti-Windup Schemes for PID Controllers
pp. 295-306

Authors: E. Chakir El Alaoui, H. Ayad and S. Doubabi

State Adjustment of an Autopilot Synchronous Machine with Total Observer
pp. 307-313

Authors: Aberrahmane Kechich, Mohamed Sghir Bouchrit and Benyounes Mazari

Stream Function / Vorticity Formulation to Study the Cavity Flows Unstructured Grid Method
pp. 315-329

Authors: Abdellah Belkacem, Hami Omar and Rebhi Mebrouk


Optimal Distribution of The Active and Reactive Powers by The Method of The Genetic Algorithms

pp. 331-345

Authors: Laouer Mohammed, Allali Ahmed, Chaker Abdelkader, Kateb Hocine

Application of ECR Ion Beam Irradiation for Micro Nano Square Hole Fabrication
pp. 347-351

Authors: S.A. Pahlovy, Yao Yingxue, Sadao Momota, M. Kashihara and K. Nishimura

Performance Prediction and Experimental Investigation of Swirl Atomizer for Evaporation of Water at Low Pressure
pp. 353-364

Authors: P. Maniarasana and M.T. Nicholas


A Simulation of Image Transmission: Turbo Codes Combined with JPEG Image Compression
pp. 365-372

Authors: A. Moulay Lakhdar, R. Méliani and M. Kandouci

Double-Diffusive Laminar Natural Convection in A Symmetrical Trapezoidal Enclosure 
pp. 373-391

Authors: Mohamed A. Teamah


Adaptive Probabilities of Crossover and Mutation in Genetic Algorithms for power economic dispatch
pp. 393-408

Authors: A. Laoufi, S. Hadjeri and A.Hazzab

Economic Power Dispatch Using Fuzzy-Genetic Algorithm
pp. 409-426

Authors: A. Laoufi, A Hazzab and M. Rahli


Experimental Investigation and Finite Element Analysis for the Study of Residual Stresses in Roller Burnished Components

pp. 427-436

Authors: K. Eshwara Prasad, R. Murali Krishna, G. Ranga Janardhan, A.V.S Raju and Saeid Nahavandi


Optimal Trajectory Design of RRP Serial Manipulator
Authors:K. Kiran Kumar and P.R. Thyla






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