International Journal of Applied Engineering Research


Volume 2, Number 2 June (2007)




Experimental Investigation Of The Dynamics Response Of Squeeze Film Dampers Made Of Teflon and Carbon/epoxy
Authors: Asad A. Khalid, W. Faris, A. Albagul and Godem A. Ismail

Minimized Torque Ripple in Direct Torque Control of Induction Machines 
Authors: A. Sivasubramanian and P. Sangeetha

Computational analysis and experimental Investigation of multi entry mixing nozzle 
Authors: D.S. Robinson Smart and T.P.Lukose

Modelling for Exit Gas Composition of A 10 MW Afbc Power Plant Using Rice Husk Particles
Ravi Inder Singh, S.K. Mohapatra and D. Gangacharyulu

Three Phase Mathematical Modeling of Catalytic Fluidized Bed Reactors Using Bubble Growth along Bed Height
Authors: Ravi Inder Singh, S. K. Mohapatra and D. Gangacharyulu


Vegetable Oil of Ricinodendron as Fuel for Design and Operating of Internal Combustion Engines
Authors: Akichi Agboué and Bokra Yobou


Shells as Bridge Decks

Authors: Mohammed S. Al-Ansari and Husham A. Bader


Optimal Allocation of Machines and Buffers in Transfer Line-Flow Systems Under Reliability-Space and Cost Constraints
Authors: A. Laoufi, A. Zeblah, S. Hadjeri, M. Rahli, Y. Massim and E. Chatelet

A Lyapunov Function-Based Procedure to Design Output Feedback Tracking Controllers for Euler-Lagrange Systems
Authors: Javier Moreno-Valenzuela

An Involutive Fuzzy Complement Edge Operator
Authors: Amar Nishad T.M., Govindan V.K. and Abraham T. Mathew

Maximizing of Gasoline Product in IRAN-ARAK-SHAZAND Refinery Company by Optimization of Operating Conditions of Atmospheric Distillation Column with The viewpoint of Energy consumption
Authors: A.R. Moghadassi, E. Joudaki, A.R. Fazlali and S.M. Hosseini


Measures used to improve thermal atmosphere of poultry house in Tangier
Authors: M. Ahachad, R. Belarbi, N. Bouaziz, A. Draoui and F. Allard


The detection of inter turn stator fault in a doubly fed induction machine by a neural network
Authors: Amel Ourici


Dynamic Buckling Analysis of Thin Shells Using a Drilling Finite Element
M. Djermane and A. Chelghoum




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