International Journal of Applied Engineering Research


Volume 2, Number 4 December (2007)




Simulation and Implementation of Interline Power Flow Controller System 

pp. 557-568
Authors: S. Sankar and S. Ramareddy

Thermal Modeling of Double Slope Solar Still by Using Inner Glass Cover Temperature
pp. 569-584

Authors: S.K. Shukla and A.K. Rai

Domino Logic Circuit with Reduced Leakage and Improved Noise Margin

pp. 585-593
H. Mangalam and K. Gunavathi

Compact Finite Difference Investigation of Pressure Field Governed by a Three Dimensional Wave Equation

pp. 595-607
M. J. Maghrebi, M. Farzaneh and M. Shariati

A Novel Design of Absorber to Eliminate Sun–Traction Mechanism in the East–West Direction in Paraboloidal Dish Concentrators

pp. 609-623
Authors: Shanmugam S and Christ Raj W

Effect of Shape Imperfections and Geometry on the Performance of Pipe Bends
pp. 625-635

Authors: A.R. Veerappan and S. Shanmugam

An Experimental Investigation of Initiation, Propagation and the Fatigue Life of Modified Coach Peel (MCP) Spot Weld Specimens

pp. 637-657
M. Shariati and M. J. Maghrebi

Predicting The Total Pipeline Voltage Installed in High Voltage Ac Corridors by Using an Artificial Neural Network

pp. 659-669
A. Al-Badi, K. Ellithy and S. Al-Alawi

Stochastic Fractional Transhipment Programming

pp. 671-683
Authors: Shakeel Javaid

Experimental Investigation of Incompressible Flow around Delta Wing-Slender Body Combinations

pp. 685-698
Authors: Ashraf A. Omar, Sri Suresh K. A/L Subaran, Yusmy Ibrahim and Ahmed Syazwan Mohamad

Comparative Simulation of Pipeline Potential nearby Cables and Power Lines-practical case study

pp. 699-707
Authors: A. H. Al-Badi

Modelling the Dynamic Interaction «Power System – Lamp». Application to High Pressure Mercury Gas-Discharge Lamps

pp. 709-719
Mohammad ZIANE, Karim MEDLES, Mohammad ADJOUDJ, Farid MILOUA,

Measurements of Power System Nominal Voltage, Frequency and Voltage Flicker Parameters

pp. 721-735
A.M. Alkandari and S.A. Soliman






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