International Journal of Applied Engineering Research


Volume 3, Number 1 (2008)




An approach towards Offsetting of Object in Nonmanifold 3-D Geometric Modeling
pp. 1-14
Authors: Amod Tiwari, A. Chatterjee, A. Pandey, V. Pathak and S.G. Dhande

A Simulation Model For Cement Production
pp. 15-22
Authors: S.O. Ogbeide

Effective Approaches Towards Design of DDCSRC for SDR
pp. 23-32
Authors: S. Sophia and M Suganthi

Mobile Robot Localization based fusion of ultrasonic sensors and odometers F.
pp. 33-43
Authors: Hendel, W. L. Rahal and N. Berrached

Computation of Available Transfer Capability Using Neural Network
pp. 45-60
Authors: K. Narasimha Rao, K. Kiran Kumar, J. Amarnath and S. Kamakshaiah

Simulation of Surge Effect in Supply Chain for Demand Uncertainty at the End Customer
pp. 61-72
Authors: B. Chandra Mohana Reddy, K. Hemachandra Reddy, C. Nadha Muni Reddy, K. Vijaya Kumar Reddy and B. Durga Prasad

Performance Analysis of ROI compression algorithms of Medical images
pp. 73-88
Authors: V.S. Jayanthi, S. Ashwin and A. Shanmugam

VHDL Simulation of Direct Torque Controlled Induction Motor Drive
pp. 89-98
Authors: G. Pandian and S. Rama Reddy

3-D Finite element models for the prediction of effective transverse thermal conductivity of unidirectional fibre reinforced composites
pp. 99-108
Authors: G. Sambasiva Rao, T. Subramanyam and V. Balakrishna Murthy

Movement Pattern of Metallic Particle in a Single Phase uncoated Gas Insulated Bus duct with Image Charge Effect
pp. 109-120
Authors: K.B. Madhu Sahu, J. Amarnath, K. S. Linga Murthy and B.P. Singh

Finite Element Analysis of Prestressed Concrete Beams Considering Realistic Cable Profile
pp. 121-138
Authors: Saleem Akhtar, K.K. Pathak, S.S. Bhadauria and N. Ramakrishnan

Axisymmetric Vibration of Piezolaminated-CFRP Multilayer Solid Cylinder
pp. 139-148
Authors: E.S. Nehru and A. Dhandapani

CFD Analysis of Low Speed Vertical Axis Wind Turbine with Twisted Blades
pp. 149-159
Authors: Manzoor Hussain M, S Nawazish Mehdi and P. Ram Reddy






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