International Journal of Applied Engineering Research


Volume 3, Number 10 October (2008)




Monotonic and Cyclic Behaviour of Steel 42 CD 4 

pp. 1252-1266
Authors: D. Chaouch, A. Sadok, S. Benyebka and A. Chaouch

Reliable Distortionless JPEG Image Transmission Over Mimo System Using Antenna Selection

pp. 1267-1273
Authors: R.Deepa and K.Baskaran

Emissions and performance Curves of Emulsified E-Diesel in DI Engine 
pp. 1275-1286

Authors: Venkata Hanumantha Rao, Ram Sudheer Voleti and Venkata Ramesh Chaganti

On the Performance of Rake Receivers for the UWB System in a Realistic Exponential-Lognormal Model

pp. 1287-1302
Authors: Jyoteesh Malhotra, Ajay K. Sharma and R.S. Kaler

Process Parameter Optimization and Characterization of Friction Stir Welding of Aluminum Alloys

pp. 1303-1316
Authors: S. Vijayan and R. Raju

Iterative Wavelet Thresholding for Suppression of Speckle Noise From Magnetic Resonance Images

pp. 1317-1328
Authors: S. Sudha, G.R.Suresh and Dr.R.Sukanesh

Feasibility Studies on Solar Photo Degradation of Phenol 

pp. 1329-1336

Authors: S.Shanmuga Priya, M.Premalatha and N.Anantharaman

An Experimental and CFD Investigation of the Effect of Nozzle Inclination and Twisting in a Double Jet Mixed Tank

pp. 1337-1352
Authors: Raja Thiruvengadam, P. Kalaichelvi. and N. Ananthraman

Optimization of Interamplifier Separation in WDM Transmission Systems in The Presence of Fibre Nonlinearities

pp. 1353-1375
Authors: Gurmeet Kaur, M.L.Singh and M.S.Patterh

A Material Handling Problem for The Utilization of Single Agvs in Machine Modules by Linear Programming Approach

pp. 1377-1386
Authors: V. Sai Srikanth and D. Nageswara Rao

Optimal Power Flow with FACTS Devices by Exponential Evolutionary Programming Approach

pp. 1387-1400
Authors: Jayakumar and Thanushkodi

Hydro Magnetic Flows Through A Vertical Wavy Porous Channel with Travelling Thermal Waves

pp. 1401-1414
Authors: R. Muthuraj and S. Srinivas

Enigma and Growth of Business Incubators in India

pp. 1415-1423
Authors: Nitin Singla, Dinesh Khanduja and Sahib Sartaj Singh




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