International Journal of Applied Engineering Research


Volume 3, Number 2  (2008)




Performance Analysis of UPFC Connected to a Network
pp. 159-170

Authors: S.Tara Kalyani and G. Tulasiram Das 


Technical Viability of ‘Kgs’ System Application

pp. 171-178

Authors: Geeta Khare and R.S. Prasad


Atmospheric Barrier Discharge Reactor for Surface Processing

pp. 179-186

Authors: Vijay Nehra, Ashok Kumar, H K Dwivedi and Sandeep K. Arya


An Oversampled FIR Filter Bank design with Uniform and Nonuniform frequency bands for 2D Image

pp. 187-202

Authors: Sangeeta Rajendra Chougule


Experimental investigations into Electrochemical Machining of high carbon high chromium die steel

pp. 203-210

Authors: T. Sekar and R. Marappan


A Modified Image Enhancement Technique for Forensic Crime Image Processing

pp. 211-218

Authors: G.K. Santhalia, Satish Kr Singh, Shishir Kumar and Ajay Kumar


Experimental Estimation of Transient Contact Conductance between Exhaust Valve and its Seat

pp. 219-228

Authors: M.H. Shojaeefard, K. Goudarzi and A. R. Noorpoor


Study of Fuel Injection Pressure Effect on Performance and Fuel Consumption of Diesel Engine Based on Load and Engine Speed

pp. 229-240

Authors: Semin and Rosli Abu Bakar


A New Fault Location Method for Two and Three–Terminal Transmission Lines Accompanied by CT Elimination

pp. 241-256

Authors:  K. G. Firouzjah and A. Sheikholeslami


Dual-Band Sigma-delta ADC for WCDMA/WLAN Receivers

pp. 257-270

Authors: Babita R. Jose, Jimson Mathew and P. Mythili


New Method for Handwritten Arabic Characters Recognition by Using Neural Network

pp. 271-277

Authors: Noureddine ATHAMENA and Djamel MELAAB


Model Based Predictive Control Using Neural Network and Fuzzy Logic

pp. 279-286

Authors: V. Balaji, N. Vasudevan and E. Maheswari


Laboratory study of Waste tires fill used with foundations in expansive soils

pp. 287-304

Authors: Habib Trouzine, Aissa Asroun and Nguyen Thanh Long






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