International Journal of Applied Engineering Research


Volume 3, Number 3 March (2008)




Study of Complex Gate structures in Quantum Cellular Automata Technology
pp. 305-319

Authors: E.N. Ganesh, Lal Kishore and M.J.S. Rangachar

Detection of crack in a transient stepped rotor system using continuous wavelet transform
pp. 321-332

Authors: C Nagaraju, K Narayana Rao and K Mallikarjuna Rao

Var/Voltage control by Particle Swarm Optimization method : Application in the Western Algerian transmission system
pp. 333-344

Authors: Saliha Chettih, Mounir Khiat and Abdelkader Chaker

Performances of Fuzzy Controler on the Vector Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
pp. 345-358

Authors: Kaddour Hachemi, Benyounes. Mazari, Abdelkader Mezouar and Mohammed Laouer

A New Fuzzy Indirect Rotor Field Oriented Control Scheme Based Speed Sensorless Induction Machine Drive Feed Through an Ameliorate Three Level Voltage Inverter
pp. 359-368

Authors: K. Abed, K. Nabti and H. Benalla

Computing the Stress Concentration Factor in Bolted Joint Using FEM
pp. 369-387

Authors: K.H. Muhammad-Tandur and Irfan Anjum Magami

A Comparative Analysis of Combustion, Performance and Emission Characteristics of Blends of Methyl Ester of Jatropha Oil and Diesel in Di Diesel Engine
pp. 389-398

Authors: M. Sundaresan, S. Chandarasekaran and L. Saravanakumar

Experimental Investigation of Heat Transfer Performance of Double Pipe U-Bend Heat Exchanger using Full Length Twisted Tape
pp. 399-407

Authors: Anil Singh Yadav

A Review on Cold Forging Die Design and Die Design Process
pp. 409-430

Authors: Khaleed Hussain. M. T, Z. Samad, S. Sahudin, A.R. Othman, A.B. Abdullah and A. R. Ab-Kadir

Analysis of Impact of HMIPv6 Architectures on Packet Delivery Cost

pp. 431-439

Authors: Sapna Gambhir, M. N. Doja and Moin Uddin

Analysis of Thick Skew Laminate with Elliptical Cutout Subjected to Non-Linear Temperature Distribution: Major Axis of Ellipse Parallel to Inclined Side
pp. 441-450

Authors: MSR Niranjan Kumar, MMM Sarcar, V. Bala Krishna Murthy and K. Mohana Rao

Development of Performance Evaluation System for Screening Unit of a Paper Plant

pp. 451-460

Authors: Rajiv Khanduja, P.C. Tewari and Dinesh Kumar





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