International Journal of Applied Engineering Research


Volume 3, Number 6 June (2008)





Speed Sensorless Direct Torque Control and Stator Resistance Estimator of Induction Motor Based MRAS Method
pp. 733-747

Authors: S. Meziane, R. Toufouti, H. Benalla


Analytic and FEM Evaluation of Power Density for Various Types of Double-Sided Axial Flux Slotted PM Motors 
pp. 749-762

Authors: S.A. Gholamian, M. Ardebili and K. Abbaszadeh


Automation of stitch length cams in high speed flat weft knitting machines: Online control system and numerical modeling method
pp. 763-772

Authors: Dariush Semnani, Kamran Matin, Mohammad Sheikhzadeh and Masoud Latifi

Design of a Segment-Stator Induction Motor with Optimum Efficiency
pp. 773-778

Authors: Jihad Al-Khalaf Bani-Younis, Azzeddine Ferrah, Abdelkader Tami and Munir Bouzguenda

Structural Evaluation of Spherical Parachute
pp. 789-800

Authors: Mohammad Sheikhzadeh, Mohsen Shanbeh and Dariush Semnani

A Survey of Voltage and Current Harmonics in Various Industries Connected to a State Electrical Grid

pp. 801-816

Authors: K.R. Valluvan, A.S. Kandasamy and A.M. Natarajan


Approximate Bit Error Probability Analysis For DS-CDMA Systems
pp. 817-822

Authors: D.N. Kyatanavar, R.S. Patil, M.S. Patil and R.G. Zope

Solution of Linear Equations and Performance Analysis on Desktop Computing Systems

pp. 823-828

Authors: K. Sridhar, B. Abirami, A. Rajaraman and T.R. Sivaramakrishnan


Mechanical Properties of High-Strength Concrete with Hybrid Fibre Reinforcement
pp. 829-836

Authors: A. Ravichandran, K. Suguna and P.N. Ragunath


Estimation of Solar Irradiance for PV- ECS based Distributed Power Generation

pp. 837-846

Authors: M. Rizwan and Majid Jamil


A Finite Element Simulation to Longitudinal Impact Waves in Elastic Rods

pp. 847-860

Authors: Hesham A. Elkaranshawy and Nasser S. Bajaba






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