International Journal of Applied Engineering Research


Volume 3, Number 8 August (2008)




Hydraulic Exponents for a D-Shaped Tunnel Section

pp. 1019-1028

Authors: M.S. Shivareddy and G.K. Viswanadh


Characterisation and Empirical Correlation Analysis for the Woody Biomass

pp. 1029-1038

Authors: P.K. Srividhya, S. Jayaraj and C. Muraleedharan


Realtime Implementation of Neural Network Augmented Fault Tolerant Flight Controllers for an Advanced Fighter Aircraft on A Target Digital Signal Processor 
pp. 1039-1049
Authors: Nagaraj Ramrao, Abhay A Pashilkar and T.V. Rama Murthy

Predicting Multi Factor Productivity A Comparative Analysis Between The Neural Network and Multiple Regression Jet Mixer
pp. 1051-1059
Authors: M.Gurunathan and S.Narayanan

Fuzzy Circuit Analysis 
pp. 1061-1071
Authors: Hadi Sadoghi Yazdi, M. Pakdaman and Sohrab Effati

Steady State Security and Economic Power Dispatch Using Multiobjective Evolutionary Programming
pp. 1073-1085
Authors: Jayakumar and Thanushkodi

Influence of Machining Parameters in WEDM for Different Workpiece Thickness
pp. 1087-1090
Authors: C.P.S. Prakash and B.J. Ranganath

Experimental Studies on Heat Transfer and Friction Factor Characteristics of Thermosyphon Solar Water Heater System Fitted with Left-Right Twisted Tapes           
pp. 1091-1103
Authors: S. Jaisankar, T.K. Radhakrishnan, K.N. Sheeba and S. Suresh


Mixed Convection Heat and Mass Transfer in Three Dimensional Flow of a Viscous Incompressible Fluid past a Vertical Porous Plate Through a Porous Medium with Periodic Permeability

pp. 1105-1120

Authors: S.S. Das, A. Satapathy, J.K. Das and J.P. Panda


Optimization with Linear Objective and Prohibited Routes under Random Parameters  

pp. 1121-1133

Authors: Shakeel Javaid


The Development of a New Approach to Colour Characterization in Dimension Stone Mining

pp. 1135-1140

Authors: M.A. Saliu




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