International Journal of Applied Engineering Research


Volume 4, Number 10 (2009)





Some Properties of Graphical Partitions
pp. 1851-1856
Authors: Banamali Nath, Bichitra Kalita and Bhaben ch. Kalita

Influence of Process Parameters and Viscosity on Radial Stresses in Fluid Assisted Deep Drawing Process
pp. 1857-1870
Authors: R. Uday Kumar, P. Ravinder Reddy and A. V. Sita Ramaraju

Flow Characteristics of Blood in Microchannel
pp. 1871-1876
Authors: Mohd Nadeem Khan, Mohd Islam and M.M. Hasan

Net Metering Concept: Revolution in Indian Power Scenario
pp. 1877-1885
Authors: Navneet Gupta, R.K. Sharma and Ashish Jasuja

An Approach to Design, Simulate & Synthesize Frequency Meter Using VLSI TECHNOLOGY
pp. 1887-1894
Authors: Abhay Sharma and Bhupindra Singh Chabra

Some Aspects of Designing a Dynamic Cellular Manufacturing System for Deterministic and Stochastic Production Requirements
pp. 1895-1902
Authors: V. Jayakumar and R. Raju

Determination of the Mechanical Properties of Foundry Moulding Sand Bonded with Grade 3 Nigerian Acacia Species Exudates
pp. 1903-1910
Authors: Nuhu A. Ademoh and A.T. Abdullahi

Techno-Economic Analysis Standalone a Solar Thermoelectric Power Generator for Rural Residential Energy Demand
pp. 1911-1919
Authors: M. Eswaramoorthy and S. Shanmugam

Design Methodology and Development of Pressure Swirl Atomizer for Micro Gas Turbine Combustion Chamber
pp. 1921-1929
Authors: Digvijay B. Kulshreshtha, Saurabh B. Dikshit and S. A. Channiwala

A Noval Approch for Characterizatiion of Cardiac Abnormalities Using Sub Band Coding
pp. 1931-1938
Authors: Devendra Kumar Sharma, R. K. Sharma and Suneel Yadav

Fibre Reinforced Composite (FRC) Structures with Potential Applications: Literature Review
pp. 19391954
Author: Hakim S. Sultan Aljibori

Application of Transient Thermal Analysis for the Assessment of Cooling Potential of Moulding Sands during Casting Solidification
pp. 1955-1966
Authors: Durgesh Joshi, Vivek Bajpai, A.V. Subrahmanyam and B. Ravi

Effect of Dependent Variables to the Performance of Water Injection Vacuum Drying System
pp. 1967-1978
Authors: Sumpun Chaitep, Payungsak Boonsit and Pipatpong Watanawanyoo

Effects of Temperature on Tensile Strength of Kevlar Reinforced Composite Materials
pp. 1979-1985
Authors: Sumpun Chaitep, Chaiy Rungsiyakull and Pipatpong Watanawanyoo

Mathematical Analysis, Simulation and Fabrication of Single-Phase High Power Factor AC-DC Buck Converter for Wide Line Voltage Range
pp. 1987-2000
Authors: Mahadev S. Patila, Sanjay P. Patilb and Devendra N. Kyatanavar

Estimation of Optimum Values for the Main Dimensions of A. D.C. Machine by Graphical Method
pp. 2001-2008
Authors: C. Easwarlal,V. Palanisamy, and M.Y. Sanavullah

The Study of Laser Welding Parameters Influence on Fusion Zone Shape and Surface Quality of SUS301L Stainless Steel
pp. 2009-2022
Authors: Wang Hongxiao, Wang Chunsheng, Shi Chunyuan, He Guangzhong, Wang Ting and Xiao Jingfei

Predictions of the Extent of Renal Artery Stenosis in the Context of Rise in Blood Pressure
pp. 2023-2039
Authors: V.V. Shukla, P. M. Padole, R.L. Sonolikar, Shirish Deshpande and H. M. Mardikar

Implementation of Lean Manufacturing In Automotive Manufacturing Plant [TEL]
pp. 2041-2050
Authors: M.M. Ravikumar, K. Marimuthu and D. Chandramohan

Experimental Investigation of Heat Transfer Coefficient of a Refrigerant Mixture in a Fin-And-Tube Evaporator
pp. 2051-2062
Authors: M. Herbert Raj and D. Mohan Lal

Extrusion Process Design for Non- Circular Rods
pp. 2063-2070
Authors: Vikas S. Pagey K.K. Pathak and V.K. Sethi

Analysis of Raft with Frame on Two Layered Foundation
pp. 2071-2084
Authors: K. Natarajan and Vidivelli





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